I Read Every Single Blog Post in One Sitting and Why You Should Too: Part 1

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—You heard me. I read every single blog post (almost 300 posts) in one sitting and I’m here to talk about it.

After wondering how to dig through the Discord server archive for a yet-to-be-published blog post, I decided to also investigate the website archive of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin’s (RFCP). I thought about casually scrolling through the RFCP website just so I could find ONE feisty or interesting throwback post to read.

But I




Yup. First, it was just so easy. My original instinct was to just read a blog post, select the previous one, and rinse and repeat for 2 hours, but then I saw the archive files; they’re much simpler than the Discord ones. As you can see in the image below, there’s a category for each month starting at the conception of the RFCP.

You can see all the blog posts in each month, or you could just search for specific ones using the search box and typing in key words.

So, first it was so easy. But then, second, it was so INTERESTING. At the time, I thought to myself, “I’ll read some old blogs and call it a day.” Nope! I READ THROUGH THE ENTIRE WEBSITE FOR THREE HOURS. EVERY. SINGLE. POST. EVER.

It is full of AWESOME history and writing and if you have not read every single post from the beginning, you’re missing out.

Here is a straightforward guide to the first three months, with clickable links to the posts that grab your attention!

Three days after the founding of RFCP, Prior Bumble created the blog and made its first-ever post. Our first ever blog post was fittingly named “Welcome to the RFCP!”

Reports of battles against an army called the Mopia during the Mopia Conflict were the first conflict that RFCP had participated in.  A treaty with one RomanPrincey to defend the cove was signed (she would later join RFCP and become a Colonel before her retirement).  Reports on the mass mutiny known as the Great Schism, and Prior Bumble impersonators followed shortly after. This was the peach fuzz era of RFCP, where most of our activity was in-game based, such as when we had a hospital for wounded soldiers. The blog was a form of news, like almost any blog in Club Penguin Armies.

Redovyco was soon named as the new Commissar after the Schism, a server named Antarctica got sieged, and ex-soldier Cabin made a recruitment trailer for the army. All of this happened during the first month of RFCP as an army, in June of  2019. Are you still with us? Good. July features two really unknown facts: The Erat Ipso Sacra motto didn’t debut until almost a month after our army did, and we struck a deal with one King Cake to be our permanent strawberry.

Four days later we officially joined the New Viking Alliance, causing tensions with the Lime Green Army (LGA). We declared war on them shortly after. This war was the War of Smoke and Sour: the very first war that RFCP participated in. Penguin Latin was confirmed as the official language of the RFCP  the very next day. While the war raged on, a council between the officers was held to decide some goals and tactics for the war.

Mid July brought with it the Golden Age of RFCP and many changes.  From the introduction of the corporal, sergeant, and major ranks, the challenge of the Summer Circuit tournament (a contest introduced by the Club Penguin Armies league), and the continuation of the War of Smoke and Sour, we had our flippers full. As the war continued through the Summer Circuit, we agreed to a one-week ceasefire for the duration of the tournament. When it ended, we smacked LGA to tie the war, and then Prior opened a P.O. Box.

Aftter the war was tied, a pair of small armies asked us to ally with and protect them, to which we happily agreed; but then they backstabbed and replaced us with LGA of all armies, thus canceling the alliance. Some controversy regarding the use of the word “federation” in army names (like ours) and the Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF) later emerged as well.  We also signed a one-month peace treaty with LGA, where they also gave us a shiny new server.

However it wasn’t all happiness, as RFCP was informed about the death of Colonel DatBoiRiven.

His memorial was hosted two days later, where over a hundred of the communities’ soldiers joined us as we mourned. It was touching even if it all was a hoax in the end. Then the very next day the Mopia dipped from Club Penguin Rewritten due to concerns over its safety after CPR got security breached big time, so they gave us the server Marshmallow. Prior also used his iconic Marching Band hat as RFCP leader for the first time four days later.

A week later we would see an editorial on the August Army Deadlock, where there was little movement on the server map. An attempt to merge the Club Penguin Online Army League and CPA was also tried and failed. Eventually, to make the map more interesting, 23 new servers would be added to Club Penguin Armies: The Game (the league-wide Club Penguin Private Server) to try and wake folks up.

Soon, our dear friend Cena founded an RFCP colony named the Duck Defenders to assist us in invading a few servers, but LGA swooped in and attacked two of the servers we wanted, alongside having the Cosmic Army mass invade Green Street Gang servers to gift them back to them or the RPF. So we swooped in, took care of GSG’s last servers, and soft-announced that we would fight LGA again the second that treaty expired.

While we waited, we wrote our official constitution.  It’s a long one not gonna lie, sitting at 3,712 words. Four days later we had a nice swap deal with RPF for the servers Hockey and Chinook.

The next day we swore in Chainpro to be our new general, and officers got their new specific officer uniform that you may or may have not seen before. And with that ends our summary of the first three months of RFCP blogs and news. If you don’t think that’s cool enough to inspire you to read the whole blog yourself too, I don’t know what to tell you!

Please note, I did skip interviews and short stories that were posted in order to make this long summary a bit shorter, and to show you all the more important details.

Anyways that’s it for today. Watch out for part 2 and 3 coming later this month!

Did YOU learn about something new? Let me know in #general-chat and in the comments.

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