Something I Never Wanted to Write

I have spent the last hour sitting here immobile and staring at my screen. I have cried, and my heart is broken.

Tonight, I was informed that our officer, sixteen-year-old Colonel DatBoiRiven, has died.

I received a PM from his account this evening at around 8:00 p.m. EST. The messenger was his brother. Boi had asked his brother in his final moments to contact me. Me. Fucking wannabe-military-commander-undeserving-unworthy me.

No words come to me.

Colonel Boi was the amazing artist behind all of RFCP’s many logos and medals. He was loyal to me when four of my soldiers mocked and harassed me. His kindness and innocence could be felt by everyone at RFCP. Boi loved art, and he loved the outdoors. He was so happy to have gotten a summer job as Chic-Fil-A, wearing the cow suit and hugging children. He messaged me almost every night about the nice people he met. One of Boi’s favorite things on RFCP was “3 a.m. Prior,” the version of me after 3:00 a.m. that broke character and got interesting. He used to wait for it to turn 3:00 on the dot and celebrate the hour.

Boi’s brother will be sending me one of his drawings in the mail, so I have something to hold onto.

Out of respect for the family, I will not be providing more details.

But I have chosen how RFCP is going to react to this heartbreak.

The memorial and honor of our officer’s life will take place at RFCP’s tournament battle with EGCP on Thursday, 3:00 pm EST.

RFCP will be doing no formations. We will sit-in, and we will exclusively chant love, respect, and grief for Colonel Boi. We will accept the loss this consequentially means for us. We invite all of CPA to attend this event, to come together, and we know our EGCP brothers will have our backs at this decision.

UPDATE: The admins of CPA have graciously offered to sponsor a community-wide memorial at 6pm EST on Thursday. ALL attendees will meet at Northern Lights (RFCP Capital) and wear the RFCP uniform for this special occasion.

Who am I?

Who am I? That a sixteen year old dying boy in the hospital would reach out to his brother and tell him to message ME. Prior. Before he left this earth.

I will never forget this until the day I die, until the day no one calls me Commander, but some of you will remember.

“He was a soldier. Your brother,” I said. “…in my head. I know it means nothing to some. But it’s real to me.”

“I know it is to you, ” his brother replied.

“I loved my sweet Colonel Boi.”

RFCP will honor him. We will honor him. We will honor him.

At ease, Colonel Boi.

— Prior Bumble

Xing Pulls a Cruel Prank on Prior Bumble

Please read until the end for the official statement from Prior Bumble following this matter.

Late last night, after the army retired to its Discord chats following a hard night’s recruitment, Lieutenant Kailey pinged Commander Prior: “Um sir?” Prior was getting ready for bed; turning electronics off and moving dishes to the sink. Confused, Prior opened his Discord again to see many pings for him in the “new-recruits” channel, and his blood turned to ice.

There, in the “new-recruits,” was a bright white name: CollinZFresh.

Anyone who knows Commander Prior well, and who has read his website for RFCP, knows who CollinZfresh is (see the “History of RFCP” tab). Collin is Prior’s former leader from the People’s Republic Army in 2008. For ten years, Prior has searched the Internet for Collin in hopes to reunite. He never succeeded. Prior’s reverence and love for Collin is overwhelmingly evident in everything about the RFCP, so much so that even RFCP soldiers know how profound this moment was about to be.

Everyone online at RFCP hushed when Prior arrived to meet CollinZFresh. The soldiers moved to a different channel to commentate on the encounter so Prior and Collin could talk without interruption.

Prior’s stunned elation was real. But something also felt different to Prior. Collin was speaking differently. He was never so cautious and formal. He was the type to bust into a chat and say, “Hey, what’s up, is Prior here? Thanks man. Dude! It’s Collin!” This was not matching the dialect of this newfound CollinZfresh (also, Prior noticed that the F was capitalized in CollinZFresh whereas the original username was CollinZfresh). The soldiers expressed their hesitation on the separate channel:

And back on the other channel, an emotional and shaky Prior tried to investigate. He knew that there needed to be some validation that after a decade, his old leader truly did find him. So Prior asked questions only Collin would know.

“What was on our flag that people criticized us for?” Prior asked.

The newfound Collin replied that it was a red flag.

“But what was ON the flag though? You made it. What was ON the flag that we got heat for?”

The answer Prior sought was a certain symbol. Prior then asked Collin to name some of our soldiers, quickly.

At this hesitation, Collin made a reluctant confession.

Prior and the soldiers’ level of belief was at an all-time low. Prior was about to discard this user as a fraud when Collin said something that would be surprising for anyone else to know.

The hack referred to the PRA website being hacked and almost destroyed, before a few valiant PRA-supporters recovered some of it.

Back with the RFCP soldiers on the other channel, skepticism continued to circulate:

And then, Prior made a rapid appearance to the RFCP channel with only one order:

Following his demand, the RFCP soldiers began pinging Commissar Redovyco (082), Prior’s beloved second-in-command, to arrive and observe what was happening.

Back with Prior and Collin:

Collin wished to PM with Redovyco, but Prior was not convinced enough to send Collin off to PM’s. He continued to probe, but his heart still grasped for hope that it truly was him.

And then Prior said,

“Collin, look around you. Look at the RFCP. Look at me now. It is clear I have not forgotten you. I am the leader now. You’re in my territory now, but all my soldiers know you because they know how deeply I loved and revered you.”

Then Prior thought of a true and final test to prove his identity. It would involve showing a bunch of photos and having Collin choose the one that was relevant to the PRA, something he could not possibly forget because it is physically with Collin to this day. Prior said, “Will you allow me to do this test?” And just like that, “CollinZFresh” backpedaled and hastened for escape.

“I need to think about it,” he said, and then tried to bid farewells.

Emotion arrested Prior.

“I don’t want you to go,” Prior said. “Don’t. I don’t want to lose you for ten years again.”

But “CollinZFresh” left.

Back in the RFCP soldier chat watching all of this:

Commissar Redovyco proceeded to counsel the Commander in his wounded and confused emotional state, while Lieutenant Kailey launched a valiant reconnaissance effort to get to the bottom of this mystery. She cross-checked his name in every record she had access to, and even compiled a transcript of the conversation with notes as to how long it took the newfound Collin to answer. She stayed up late and rose early to deal with this.

It spooked Prior to his core. As a sufferer of PTSD in his real life, the thought that, if this isn’t Collin, someone somewhere out there sought to so personally mess with his head provoked his terror responses. He woke and abruptly sent this in an @ everyone to his soldiers:

And he slept.

In the morning, the truth was revealed:

RFCP reeled once more.

When Prior woke, the news hit him, as did the comfort of his soldiers.

“I don’t want to see you shaken,” said the Commissar in PM. “….it was Xing.”

“This isn’t the end,” another soldier PM’ed him. “He’ll turn up for real someday. Until then you have us, and we love you dearly.”

Prior wishes to make this official statement now to all the readers an all his soldiers:

“You have witnessed a moment I have longed for for ten long years, and what I would say if I met my old leader face to face. My feelings were humbled and arrested. My speech caught in my throat. I trembled. It was a side of your Commander softer and more vulnerable than many of you may have ever seen. Now we know the truth. Someone sought to terrorize and sabotage my head using my affections as the weapon. Xing was behind this. Xing whom I still believe has humanity within him, can be redeemed, but who has delivered a blow to the chief of the RFCP. I am embarrassed. I am regretful to have called him ‘sir.’ Never again will you see your Commander surrender such submission. Even if the real Collin came forth, joyful our reunion would be, but he is not the leader now. I am. My place is here. Not for a second have I, or would I, consider leaving RFCP to become his Commissar again if ever he returned and reawakened the PRA. I am Prior Bumble, Commander-in-Chief of the RFCP, and no one is my sir. My beloved Autocrat CollinZfresh remains my leader in my heart, but only in my heart. And maybe not even entirely at that. In many ways, I have risen and overshadowed Autocrat Collin. He would be proud of me, and I am proud of all I have created. I am shaken, but undaunted. I am offended, but unbroken. You may rest assured that your leader is stronger than ever. I will lead you with steadiness and confidence until my last day.”

And he sent this note to Xing:

CollinZfresh, the real one, is still out there somewhere. Unaware that his second-in-command is now a great leader, unaware of how cherished him name is among a new generation of soldiers he may never know.

But most of all, unaware of how much he meant to Prior Bumble.


RFCP rings the bells of peace on this day, and walks away with three servers once owned by LGA.

May we go forth with thunder in such a way that we leave history no choice but to realize this was the first of many wars RFCP emerged victor from.

The Federation Vexation

When Commander Prior founded RFCP on June 5, 2019, he did not know the Rebel Penguin Federation. RFCP did not grow into an actual army until a little less than two weeks after its founding, and did not enter the arena of world politics until then.

And yet, controversy surrounds our use of the word “Federation” in our name.

Rebel Penguin Federation began in 2007, a year before Prior enlisted in the People’s Republic Army under CollinZFresh. One of RPF’s original leaders, Elmikey, is still active today (although Queenieliz is the current RPF leader).

Prior has clearly stated that he was not familiar with RPF when he founded RFCP and christened its name. Although RPF operated when Prior served in the PRA, the ten long years stretched between then and now forced RPF to entirely elude his memory, if he knew them at all.

But not all does seem to be good.

Indeed the community was bigger, and Prior was younger. His old army, the PRA, entangled with the likes of ACP (Army of Club Penguin) and the Nachos, not so much the RPF. We appreciate the support and understanding from most in the community about this coincidence. It should also be noted that PZF (Pizza Federation) exists as well. The word is popular for army names, so much so that PZF is seeking to rebrand itself as Pizza Empire in the near future to lessen the pool of “Federations.”

Why bring up these conflicts with RPF?

RFCP has found itself grinding shoulders with the #1 Top Ten army this past week. Our dearest allies, EGCP, are bitter enemies with RPF, and RPF is aiding our bitter enemies, LGA. This doesn’t meant that RFCP and RPF are exactly sworn opponents. But it’s complicated.

Earlier this week, a novelty army was formed by Cena called the PG-Family Friendly Disney-Initiated Cuddle Kittens. Its aim was to aggravate and poke fun at LGA and RPF.

RFCP participated in one of its battles, as Prior likes Cena and the group amused him.

There was even a love session: the Cuddle Kittens bunched up on Memmaw and said “CUDDLE PARTY!!!!” This pleased RFCP.

The chants grew aggressive, however, and Commander Prior ordered his soldiers to stand down when they became too vulgar.

We still love Cena and the CK, but the call ended up being a wise one. CPA admins enforced a 48 hour ban on all who participated in these chants. Later, Queenlieliz private-messaged Prior a heartfelt thanks for refusing to use the chants.

Nonetheless, after the ban, the Cuddle Kittens reformed as the Cuddlers of War. RFCP remains amused and affectionate.

Turmoil between the two Federations reared again as the RPF Strike Force scheduled an unprecedented invasion of RFCP’s server, Deep Freeze, on Wednesday, July 24th, 2019, at 6:30 p.m. EST. The rooms were: Iceberg, Mine Interior, Docks.

Provoking the ire of the EGCP, RPF drew RFCP’s strongest ally to our aid, and we maxed 34 against them by the end of the battle. It was declared a tie originally, and then revised to an RFCP victory. Overall, the battle was clean, but Prior led with berserk determination, and under an enormous amount of pressure. Not only were the eyes of the #1 ranked army upon his leadership, but the eyes of the mighty EGCP following his orders as well. With numbers neck and neck, the results of the invasion rest on tactics and formations alone, which is the last thing a commander in the command seat wants to hear, as everything comes down to his skill at ordering. Occasionally, Edu14463 of the EGCP encouraged Prior to go faster, and, sweating, he did.

As referenced in the screenshot of Prior’s orders, a quarter through the last room’s fighting at the docks, the CPATG server crashed and booted everyone off. After switching to a different server, Prior opened with “THE SERVER CRASHED UNDER OUR MIGHT.”

It was ruled ultimately that RFCP, by a close margin, lost only the Mine Exterior room and won the other two, emerging with a successful defense.

Prior can understand why RFCP lost the Mine. The Commander studied the video of his own performance and marked two grim mistakes.

First was the newspaper conundrum that took place in the Mines. Prior called for the soldiers to START READING THE NEWSPAPER so we can show we are bored of RPF. He failed to make it clear that this was an action, not a chant. This mistake led to some confusion and messiness, although it was eventually executed as desired.

The second mistake Prior saw in his command was allowing a jumbled F (Federation) Formation stand for too long and be crowded out by the enemy. In a situation where soldiers fail to perform a disciplined formation, the formation must be quickly replaced or adapted.

The stronger move, as indicated in the blueprint below, would have been to abandon the formation and move troops to occupy the open space RPF left at the bottom of the room.

Prior was tense for the remainder of the night, devoted to scrutinizing the video of the battle General Cabin provided and waiting without breath for the decision of the admins.

RFCP represented fondly immediately after this event to EGCP’s invasion of an LGA server. Familiar faces (RPF disguised as LGA) were met there, and we were proud to support EGCP into a glorious victory. Our favorite tactic of theirs was:

Long live the NVA. RFCP is swiftly on its way to being a prominent NVA big brother. We rage on together.

Transcript of Prior’s battle speech:





























The Ultimate Alliance….?

On Saturday, July 20th, 2019, RFCP was approached by two small armies to become a Big Brother in what they called the “Ultimate Alliance.” The armies were Dragons of Club Penguin (led by Lapis and Rose) and the Light Blue Army (led by Hyper).

Commander Prior brought this proposal to the officers in the restricted command room channel, and it was discussed. RFCP replied with these terms, and the Ultimate Alliance accepted. The officers of RFCP were pleased to see that our successes and growing strengths attracted smaller armies (which we once were not too long ago). The Big Brother situation reflects that of the New Viking Alliance, in which EGCP is our Big Brother. Make no mistake that RFCP seeks to be in the Big Brother position as well.

All was quiet for a while. But then things took an odd turn. Suddenly Prior noticed that Zeke of the LGA joined the Ultimate Alliance discord. Shortly after, Hyper of the Light Blue Army, without consulting Lapis and Rose, declared that the Ultimate Alliance would become a colony under LGA.

Hyper was then heard to say, “I send Prior on his shit.” The announcement soon came to us:

While it is easy to wield fury at Hyper and the Light Blue Army, we know how the LGA manipulates, and Prior tried to extend empathy.

Ultimately, the Ultimate Alliance disbanded because of the friction between the armies at the prospect of becoming an LGA colony. However, Light Blue Army still joins Cosmic Army in an alliance with LGA. These political events tell us much about how the LGA is on the prowl for new support. Just this morning, Cosmic Army, much less capable than LGA, transferred a server to them, probably in exchange for continued alliance.

Prior values grit, and, in discussing it with the NVA leaders, found this to be a weak move difficult to respect.

What is the takeaway here? It is important for us to understand and study the shuffling of allegiances that is occurring as the War of Smoke and Sour continues to brew. It is also important to conclude that the increase of foreign figures approaching the RFCP intrigued to work with us proves our rapidly rising power and stature in the field of CPA. Just this week, we have been approached by a Club Penguin Online League executive eager to have us join their army league instead of CPA one. Two secretive identities have also reached out with proposals. We have had members join our discord seeking to enlist without even having been recruited. Prior has earned a reputation among the foreign powers.

We are even becoming highly renowned in-game on CPR, even when we are not present.

But most importantly to Prior is how he is reputed among his soldiers, the ones he loves.

That, to him, is the ultimate alliance.

Round Two of the Summer Circuit Tournament

All of CPA has entered into the second week, round two, of the Summer Circuit Tournament. RFCP is 2-1 today as we have won against our allies, Green Street Gang, with a max of 10 vs. GSG’s max of 4. This adds 3 points to our standings, which you can add to this table:

It got off to a rocky start, as the judges forgot about the battle and did not show until about ten minutes past start time after all of CPA pinged them! The battle took place on Mammoth, CPATG, at 5:30 p.m. EST in rooms Ski Village, Beach, and Cove.

We were pleased to keep the competition so friendly between RFCP and GSG:

This reflects RFCP’s tradition of passionate and heartfelt support for its allies. Yesterday, 9 RFCP soldiers showed up to assist PZF in its defense against RPF. As the PZF leader, R3TRO, could not attend, RFCP made up 8 out of the total of 14 PZF troops.

Despite the ceasefire in the War of Smoke and Sour, which ends Thursday, RFCP has kept extremely busy planning classified training events, establishing a new (also classified) division called Zero Cap Alpha (which cannot be discussed at this time), holding recruitment events, working with our allies and prominent figures, and strengthening the evergreen bond between our soldiers.

Our next tournament battle will be a challenging one, our friends (but not quite active allies), Mopia:

And then we shall face off against the Pizza Federation. Prior remembers when all of RFCP were bitter after that first invasion of theirs against our server! Now we will have a friendly match.

A final update on the Summer Circuit Tournament will be made on Friday, recapping the matches and complete results.

An Interview with Corporal Kailey310

At the time this interview was conducted, Corporal Kailey310 was only an Agent in the RFCP, the army’s lowest rank (not counting the non-combat rank of Enlisted). In a bold move, this rookie Agent private-messaged the Commander himself and proposed she be interviewed. She had just emerged from her first battle, and felt the brand-new perspective would be compelling. Commander Prior agreed, and hopes this interview can illuminate RFCP to newer members.

Q: Welcome to RFCP! You are a brand new soldier. Can you tell us about your first impressions of RFCP? Give it to us straight!

A: I really appreciate how family oriented RFCP is. I felt very welcome right away. I was really surprised how comfortable it is right away. It truly is a family.

Q: What is the first thing a potential new soldier should know about being in a Club Penguin army?

A: It takes a lot of dedication. It’s not the kind of thing you can give only half of your effort for. Come to meeings, come to battles, and celebrate with everyone! You always have to give 110%! The effort is truly worth it!

Q: Did you ever think you’d fall into something like this?

A: Absolutely not. I’ve always seen armies advertising and just rolled my eyes. I probably would have never joined if I didn’t literally fall into it. I was looking at igloos and stumbled upon a gathering. I was like “Oh everyone is dressed up, that’s cool!”, so I dressed up too. Before I knew it I was taking orders and yelling ERAT IPSO SACRA!

Q: Is Prior the legendary and untouchable figure some seem to stake his reputation as? Or is it a myth?

A: Honestly, not when you get to know him. Sure he is untouchable to the enemy, but not to his agents. He’s really approachable, encouraging, and makes sure to listen to everyone’s ideas. Don’t get the wrong idea though! As a leader he is indeed untouchable! If I were the enemy. I’d be shaking in my boots!

Q: Your first battle was today. Describe the emotions of Club Penguin warfare.

A: It was hectic but really exciting! Our best moment is when we scattered and broke up the enemy’s formation! I felt really proud of everyone and very accomplished.

Q: What are your goals personally in RFCP?

A: I want to move up in the ranks! I thrive off of leadership roles. When the battle is raging and we need to push harder, I want to be the one encouraging it and leading the fight. I want to be someone everyone can count on and look up to. I’ll get there someday but for now I’ve got a lot to learn.

Q: Anything you want to say to our readers, especially newbies to RFCP?

A: Even if you don’t think being in an army is right for you, give it a shot! You might surprise yourself, and we will too. ERAT IPSO SACRA!

RFCP Gets a P.O. Box

Commander Prior Bumble has opened an official PO Box for the Recon Federation of Club Penguin.

“Our soldiers have the right to submit official documents and letters physically to their army,” said Prior. “This address goes directly to me and adds a level of seriousness to our organization.”

Prior reminds the readers that P.O. boxes are not free.

Starting immediately, not only all RFCP enlisted, but anyone who operates with the army, are welcome to utilize the mailing address of the army.

Address RFCP mail to:

Commander Prior Bumble

PO Box 747

Centreville, VA 20122

Everyone may preserve their privacy by opting to not put a return address on what they send (but understand this risks the parcel being lost in the mail, so write with clear, careful penmanship). It is asked that if you do use a return address, you use your penguin username and not your real name.

It is requested that you let Prior know when you have sent something so a trip can be planned to pick it up.

The irony of “747” doesn’t go unmissed. Is an RFCP air force in the future?



RFCP started the day with a friendly (but losing) tournament battle with our dear friends, the EGCP. Prior granted General Sha the command for this battle, and encouraged tossing them some looooove tactics. Tactics included: “We are EDUcated” and “WE LOVE EGCP.” EGCP replied with “FULL RESPECT TO OUR RFCP BROTHERS.”

But then real business began.

Only thirty minutes later, LGA attempted to invade our capital, Northern Lights. Prior, obliged to an appointment in real life, asked his dear friend and fellow leader, feliks of the EGCP, to assist his officers in leading this battle. The rally for our defense was overwhelming. RFCP maxed 24 and crushed in the first room, responding to offenses of the LGA with rapid speed. “AND PRIOR IS SCARED” LGA chanted….

Then a bizarre event occurred. As RFCP entered the next room, the Ski Village, LGA troops began to disappear. They rage-quit.

LGA leader, Zeke, stormed to the CPA Discord and said “Not fighting five armies.” They called it a “strategic retreat,” and the battle was ours. Red Rebellion swept in to “put the LGA remaining out of their misery.”

This launched almost all of CPA into a heated argument, however. Accusations against the RFCP included that we are making it “no fun” by calling upon our allies. And yet, LGA has allied with the top dog of the army world, Rebel Penguin Federation. RPF on CPATG only have a small strike force, however, which maxes about 20 compared to their CPR maxes of about 50.

To RFCP, it felt like the ire was only raised once we began to win, and it felt like our army was being criticized for having friends, something Prior feels LGA struggles with due to their volatile behavior.

The War of Smoke and Sour, and this Defense of Northern Lights, evoked such discussion that the admin DMT posted about it on the CPA blog.

Although Prior disagrees with much here, he feels it is important that it be read by RFCP soldiers to understand the tension of our political situation. He also acknowledges that DMT revised his blog since the original posting to address inaccurate and negative representations of the Commander that Prior pointed out. Emboldened comments are Prior’s additions.

The blog post is below:

KLONDIKE, Club Penguin Armies Offices- Over the past few months, the community has realized the importance of foreign affairs in the army scene.  However, are armies abusing their relations?

The DMT Doctrine is an editorial series that comes from the mind of CPA Spokesperson and Administrator DMT.  Thus, the concepts conveyed in this article do not represent the viewpoints of Club Penguin Armies as an organization.

As of writing this, the dust has settled on the latest battle in the war dubbed “the war of smoke and sour”.Lime Green Army’s invasion of Northern Lights from the Recon Federation empire was unsuccessful after an early forfeit from the attackers.  In the wake of the ending, a flurry of messages rolled into the battle room from both sides.  LGA leader, Zeke, had had it with the war.  He made his troops log off early because, in his words, “we’re tired of fighting a whole alliance”.  Emotions running high, the conversation ended with more questions than answers.

Roughly two weeks ago, RFCP leader Prior Bumble messaged me privately, asking how wars work.  I explained the process of declaring a war, and how the declaring army declares the terms in a war.  Whilst providing the example of a common condition being “no allies”, Prior interjected, asking if allies were welcome.  A bit puzzled, I said yes.  Just like that, the declaration rolled in, with Prior adding “allies are welcome!”  Just a few days later, Recon Federation joined the New Viking Alliance.

For me, it was foreign concept to not only allow, but to encourage allies in a war.  In the original community, wars were used to test the strength of singular armies.  War battles were a showcase of which army was stronger and which army was lead better.  Back then, we had no server map, and land designations were hard to come by.  Most armies had their capital and a small handful of servers they recognized as their own, but that was it.  The one thing that fueled wars was pride.  Armies fought to prove that their army was better than their enemy.  Evidently, things have changed.

When allies would get involved in wars, it would be as separate entities scheduling their own invasions.  Their would be some crossover troops, yes, but armies never had their entire player-base back their allies in a battle.  Actually, their were alliance battles, but these battles went under the name of the respective alliances.  Alliances such as the Red Dawn Alliance, the Triple Entente, and the Great Alliance would host events as a single group, with their own alliance uniform.  Armies were represented by their own users, not by their allies.

The war of smoke and sour has had all the emotions of a war from days past, but the presence of allies greatly influences these emotions of anger and hatred.  The war no longer feels like Recon Federation vs Lime Green Army, but an open ended battle where anyone can support any side they liked.  I’m always aware of when a battle is ready to start, because the allies of the respective armies ping their discord servers to help their allies out.  Thirty minutes will pass, and I will strap in to judge another battle where I will be criticized and ridiculed regardless of what I judge.

It’s tiring, but there’s nothing to be done about it.

This is where the question arises: do allied battles lose integrity?  The answer will depend on who is asked.  If someone asked me, I would say yes, because allied battles go against what I’ve thought war was all about.  If someone asked another, perhaps they would say no, because armies are just taking advantage of their foreign affairs.  It’s not an easy question to answer, and it falls back to the complicated mess of subjectivity that is present in many problems within the community.  When going on the facts, allied battles are perfectly legal and do not break any physical rule.  But do they break a moral law?

I’m inclined to believe so.

I’m doing my best to not attack individual armies in this post, but I find it quite silly when an army posts a training session that gets ten troops, and then posts a land battle that gets twenty five troops.  Honestly speaking, it’s deceitful.  Those troops are not a part of the army, they are simply under the guise of the uniform.  I guess that makes it physically “clear”, but it still strikes me the wrong way.  How can someone call that “their army” when over half the troops are not registered within the army?  How can that army hold sole possession of a server that was earned by a collective group of armies?

As much as armies are about foreign affairs, they’re about images and morals too.  The community experienced this with the Templars.  Despite their claims of being clean, the tainted history of the Templars brought their downfall within the community, resulting in their death.  In the same way, the morals and image of the Army of Club Penguin were thrown into a loop after leading the charge in the acts of “Order 67”.  More information can be found out about that event in time HERE and HERE.  Point being, the way others in the community perceive other armies is a big deal.  The actions that armies take, and the people who represent it, shape their future interactions in the community.

This war will go down in history as the first war in the Club Penguin Armies v2 Era, but it will be remembered as the war that demonstrated the stance on allied battles.  The majority of the community has made it clear they are O.K. with the idea of fully allied wars.  Maybe there’s an army out there that shares my sentiments that will remember this war, and declare war on the attackers down the road with a no ally rule.  The image of the Recon Federation (LGA has continuously expressed their disdain for allied battles) will now be viewed as an army that rose to power on their strong connections, but that’s it.  Perhaps I’m struggling to accept the changing climate in the community, as I am just an administrator of a news site.  What I say will not have as much power as an army leader.

I present to the new community an idea from days past.  Building an army becomes much more fun when the leaders must rely on recruiting instead of allies for success.  Judging the strength of the army makes the community interactive, and it gives leaders a reality check on their grasp on the community.  If every army relies on their allies, are we really an army community anymore?


Comments quickly bombarded the post:

There was even an incidence where a troll posing as RFCP sergeant, Rareanimal, left a comment saying, “I completely agree with Greeny!” RFCP was appalled at how low this was.

Nonetheless, after our victory which climbed us to a tie stance in the War of Smoke and Sour, RFCP proposed a 1 week ceasefire with LGA ending on Thursday, July 25th, so both armies could focus on the second week of the Summer Circuit tournament.

LGA agreed.

Victory at the Battle of Deep Freeze


Recon Federation of Club Penguin clashed with Lime Green Army in the seventh battle of the War of Smoke and Sour at 10:00pm EST, July 17, 2019. The rooms were:

:00 Plaza

:10 Iceberg

:20 Ship Hold

RFCP had a rocky start. A miscommunication between the Commander and the General resulted in troops heading into the Parlor for the first minute of the battle. Prior shook the building shouting for their return. We then formed a somewhat wobbly = formation and used the bottom line to complete chants of the top line.

Then, the battle was ours. We stormed the iceberg (Erat Ipso Sacra!), numbers building, and then, we brought a hurricane to the ship hold, rocketing to a max of 27.

The judges ruled 2-1 that RFCP won, making the War of Smoke and Sour a close 3-4 overall, but it is not over. It rages on.

Prior went haywire upon victory….

….and “Sweet Victory” was sung at Lucky’s.







@HamsterloverL A MOUNTAIN IN YOU.

@Kailey310 AND IN YOU

@Lucky Quinn RIVERS IN YOU

@Mr. Moody STORMS