The Retirement of General Tumbling

This post will be short, for it is too painful to write. Our dearest General Tumbling has become inundated with in-real-life obligations, and decided he must retire. He let Commander Prior know yesterday, and was explicit that no negative feelings about the army or Prior were present in his decision. He has even stated he may return in the future and would accept the rank again if Commander Prior consents.

General Tumbling on CPR, known for his trademark fedora

General Tumbling has been with the army since the War of Smoke and Sour. He is the recipient of both the Medal of Valor and the CollinZfresh Peace Prize.

Prominent accomplishments of General Tumbling include the signing of the Constitution, the “Ahhh, the infamous ? ” tactic, establishing the RFCP officer uniform, and, perhaps best of all, standing by Prior through every storm.

“There is no officer who could pop into my DMs and counsel me better than General Tumbling,” said Prior. “His words, though rare, were wise, thoughtful, compassionate, and often challenging. I listened to him always, because I knew that doing so would make me a better leader.”

Tumbling referred to himself as the “tin can” officer, for being immune to the roller coaster of emotions Club Penguin Armies often ensures. But this never stopped Commander Prior from chasing him with affection, to the point of their relationship being a major meme.

About this running joke of how obvious Prior’s adoration of the General was, the soldiers had much to say:

“It has always been very obvious, no homo though. When Prior got engaged to Sidie I was worried for her. She had some serious competition.” — Sha

Known for his coy humor and his love of anime, Tumbling’s presence in the Discord was sparse but drew attention upon his every arrival. His leading was much admired by Prior for being creative and fast.

“General Tumbling is a tin can as he describes himself, yet the perfect soldier of the RFCP,” said Commissar Red.

In a glorious and meaningful last event, General Tumbling led the first and possibly only battle in the War of East and West against the Wild Ninjas on Glacier (CPATG) today.

RFCP maxed 16 (although 18 logged on throughout!), and enjoyed being under Tumbling’s sure command one final time.

And Prior couldn’t help but order this, to Tumbling’s iconic embarrassment:

We hope he comes back home soon.

Erat ipso sacra, General Tumbling.