A Dream of RFCP: the Army Enters Subconscious Battlefields

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For thousands of years, dreams have captured the curiosity of mankind. Psychoanalysts like Sigmund Freud have used dreams as windows into the vaults of our subconscious identities, desires, and fears. Others on the more metaphysical side of life consider dreams to be glimpses of another dimension, and maybe even afterlife.

When something we together created, like RFCP, becomes significant enough to so many individuals that it exists not exclusively in the physical world but also occupies the dreams of others, it enters into a new type of life–one that transcends beyond material perspective. It becomes an entity and a feeling; an extension of who you are, and a new color available for the universe to paint with. In other words, once soldiers start dreaming of RFCP, RFCP is no longer something to experience, but rather a way to experience other things. Like subconscious activity.

In addition to being a diligent historian chronicling events both in our army and in the physical past, Prior Bumble is an archivist of his own dreams.

“I view dreams as just another legitimate field of history,” says Commander Prior. “Dreams occur in time and space. History is everything which has occurred.”

That belief is identical to the one Prior argues in his thesis that Club Penguin armies could be viewed academically as a discipline of history. And he practices record keeping of his dreams too.

So far, he has filled three whole journals of his nightly dreams, taking note of most-frequently appearing topics and figures (in 2016, it was gambling, for instance), and correlating his dreams to dates and seasons in search for connections. Often he includes sketches of what he saw, and a title for the dream as well.

The page above from one of his journals displays a dream he’d had on June 9, 2019, four days after founding RFCP.

Would you expect the man who dreams each night, whose passion for RFCP is rivaled by none, to dream of this army?

If you said yes, you’d be right.

“But I haven’t recorded those dreams yet,” says Commander Prior. “I don’t know why. I feel like they’re extensions of this experience I’m still having, and I’m not ready to chronicle them as reflections. Perhaps the time for that soon comes.”

He remembers them each, though. Prior Bumble says he’s dreamed of meeting Sage from Mopia in a backyard gathering of many CPA leaders, and another time he dreamed of being in a foxhole in combat with Cena. But there are two RFCP dreams he’s agreed to write down in detail for the first time ever, just for the blog.

“One occurred last fall, and the other, last night. The one from yesterday I call Ring of War. The other, Prophecy of Chainpro.”

Read on for this RFCP blog exclusive.

Ring of War

I dreamed RFCP and ACP warred on an island in the shape of a ring. RFCP controlled one half of the ring, and ACP controlled the other half, as well as two sets of islands. In the center of the ring was a tunnel, and one province that we made an uneasy agreement to alternate possession of day by day.

The island itself was enclosed in greenhouse walls and roof. It was tropical; palms, black soil, and steamy thick air. Perfect weather for Prior Bumble attire. That night, it was ACP’s turn to control the center. Our robotic sentinels in the guard post rolled about and ensured the ACP just past the wall didn’t enter our half of the ring through the automatic doors.

There’d been talk that ACP (for some reason led again by Kailey310) was complaining about RFCP’s raids. They also demonstrated laziness, arrogance, and privilege, as usual. Notice how they occupied islands we did not, and they let valuable freeland lay about in their domain without claiming it. Pressure grew on me to attack.

After pacing the entire length of our half of the ring in thought, I made my choice. I ordered an Air Force strike of the Gillian Islands. Opino3 was to lead the assault.

Our EU took off and bombed the islands while I watched through a porthole. Pride in the RFCP and in my dear Commissar Opino3 coursed through me.

Once the deed was done, I walked the ruins of the island and met a grinning Opino next to his battered plane. That’s when a strange man approached; he said it was time for Opino to tell the truth.

“What do you mean?” I said.

And, because I am very gay for Opino, it was revealed to me that Opino was a ghost whose true home was Heaven. He’d decided to return to the world and take a mortal form only because he loved RFCP and myself so much. Opino shifted his weight, smile a little dimmer, and confirmed it was true. My main concern with this news was questioning whether someone from Heaven was still allowed to despise our enemies. Opino’s reaction was the equivalent of:

Prophecy of Chainpro

This dream took place on September 24, 2019, a few days after I enlisted Chainpro as RFCP General.

I dreamed I sat in a glass bottom boat where fish swam beneath my shoes. It was a restaurant of sorts; one could catch the fish themselves through a little ice-fishing-like hole and then cook it on a table in front of them. I attempted to catch a few reddish fish, but threw them back, as did the woman across from me.

I left the boat and entered a large, spacious wooden room. My soldiers were scattered around, and Chainpro arrived. I greeted him and shook his hand (firmly). Then, he told me he was going to leave RFCP. Confused, I asked him why, and asked him to reconsider. He would not. The wooden walls around me began to break down. He climbed onto a vessel-like platform, and some of my soldiers gravitated towards him (and not towards me). They intended to go with him.

Dumbfounded, I protested. Some reconsidered and departed from his vessel, but three of my soldiers went with him–I remember who, but won’t divulge which three. Tumbling comforted me in my sorrow. And the dream split into two, like a page ripping.

This dream particularly is powerful and ironic. Chainpro ended up betraying the army to revive ACP with McHappy only a couple weeks later, and, indeed, some RFCP soldiers eventually defected to ACP out of spite.

RFCP in Everyone’s Dreams

As readers can see, RFCP has evolved into a breathing, substantive element that exists beyond the physical and assumes roles in our subconscious battlefields, and therefore, our very selves. But it isn’t just the Commander who dreams of RFCP. Below is an anonymous compilation of dreams other active duty soldiers have had about our creation.

I had a dream where we were in a different VR version of club penguin called “Club Penguin: Conquer the Summit” which was a first person fighting game and we all would spend hours together in that game hanging out in our base and we even had a whole war against ACP in it. We won ofc

I had a dream yesterday that i had went into someone’s mansion of a sort that was for an enemy (almost like being a spy in a server except it was real life and it was like huge houses) and I was like spying in an enemy’s house. It had the whole ‘RFCP spy’ vibe to it. It had the feeling like it was RFCP and I was real life working for them, like I was spying again.

[I dreamed] the entire army was meeting together in real life and we were all dressed up in our uniforms and while I don’t remember what everyone looked like, I remember we had a good time. Everyone got crazy like during our parties on club penguin so it honestly felt like everyone was realistic lol.[4:25 PM]I think I’m addicted to RFCP lmao

I remember seeing a giant base. Like, an Area 51 base, decked out in RFCP attire. Just, an amazing place. I couldn’t believe my eyes. This giant facility, just, in front of me!

[I dreamed] we were in a Disney hotel and there was a screening of Gravity Falls. As we were watching, I kept hearing yelling of people making fun of the characters or telling them to work harder. So then after the movie I go out to the lobby and I see Raider, Cena, Opino, and Pixie all hanging out. I hear Raider saying how Soos [a character from the movie] wasn’t patrolling enough. As I was walking out with them, we go to the arcade and find people playing Club Penguin. We were like, “Wow, you guys sound like people we know.” It ended up being Drewls, Aqua, and [Prior Bumble]. Even in my dream, Prior was a nice and caring human because I remember he bought a little girl ice cream. We all ended up having a sleepover. When I fell asleep in my dream, I woke up in real life and then immediately went to patrol so Raider didn’t yell at me XD

One time, I dreamed we were all playing video games and everyone was really good except me.

I dreamed I woke up on what could really only be described as being the real life version of the iceberg. So I “woke up” as my penguin, and there were like all these lime green penguins (I just like…knew it was LGA) and, of course, our army was there. I’m talking THOUSANDS of penguin people…Pengpino [Opino3] was yelling at me to get in formation. So obviously I do, right? So I’m in formation and it’s like Prior was sitting on the CGI-looking Aqua Grabber giving this badass speech, and we’re all, like, yelling “YEAH!” and shit like that as Prior goes through getting hyped, and then Prior was like, “CHARGE!” So we all, like, mass ran at the green people as they ran at us, and it was like…insanity. We were doing formations and yelling random stuff (like dream gibberish that made sense somehow, you ever do that?). And, like, every time we would do a formation, the greenies would gradually get smaller and smaller in number until it was, like, just us there and we were all looking around like, “Well, what now?” And PengRaider [Raider] told me to do a patrol, so I was like “okay” and opened my map to hit up the Dojo, but when I room-changed, I woke up.

I had a dream that we did an RFCP meet up. Prior, Coolj, Cena, Mikan, Raider, Opino, and Red were there. We were at the grocery store (don’t ask me why) and I threw onions at Red and he was very upset. But we didn’t care that we were at a grocery store because we wanted to hang out and the location didn’t matter. But Prior wouldn’t let me get Funko Pops, and I was sad, and then Mikan and Raider started eating the grapes and Prior got angry at them because they didn’t buy them. And it was a nice dream because it felt like we were a family grocery shopping, but Opino didn’t fit in the baby seat of the shopping cart. Ccoolj and Cena were there, but they didn’t do anything. I just remember them being in the dream.

[I dreamed] I was walking up these little stairs, and Prior passed me by the side and turned. I stopped and turned too. I waved, Prior waved. Crossed his arms and, like, a flash in my brain of “RFCP” passed. As a thought. So, by default, I see a stranger in a dream and a flash of RFCP. Must be Prior. And then he turned and left and I turned and went to the edge with my boyfriend waiting there. And the rest of the dream changed completely.

And here are a few screenshots of other highly random instances of RFCP appearing in highly random people’s dreams, this one a total stranger who is friends in real life with one of our soldiers:

Even former or on-leave soldiers dreamed of us.

I’m sure she enjoyed that dream.

At the end of the day, we as dreamers conclude the significance of the dreams. But the fact that these dreams exist, period, alludes to RFCP achieving something greater, and holding some sort of meaning in our beings when we aren’t fully awake.

You decide what that significance is.

Dream on, RFCP. Dream on.

Protected: “Nicki Minaj on Ice” Tour Debuts at RFCP

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Protected: Testing 123!

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Flash Apocalypse? RFCP becomes First Ever Army to Use an HTML CPPS

Let it be known for the record books (and for the academic thesis on Club Penguin armies Prior Bumble is currently writing).

RFCP is hereby the first army in history to use an HTML cpps.

The cpps, constructed by RFCP Admiral Pyxel, was a gift to Club Penguin Warfare league. Now, it is in Pyxel’s private possession, and he, of course, let RFCP be the first army to battle on the HTML-run site.

While its landscape is familiar at first glance, and of course everyone was overjoyed to see Billy Bot Thorton in the flesh again, users will find that the cpps requires some getting used to. For instance, arrow keys rather than click-to-move are used. Penguins do not waddle, but instead glide and make use of rigid formations and custom emojis.

Most importantly of all, this cpps, just as the original Club Penguin Warfare league promised, will survive the Flash apocalypse of 2021, when Flash products will stop being supported by browsers. That includes all current Club Penguin private servers, CPATG among it.

Throughout army history, being the first to adapt to new technology norms has been significant. As gamers of an earlier generation’s creation, many in our community resist change. In the original army era, the late 2000s, Digg 3 theme blogs were the tradition–and you’ll remember how Prior struggled with WordPress customer service a few weeks ago to make RFCP blog reflect the iconic army blog theme.

But without change and adaptation, our culture will die. Indeed, we had to adapt to private servers like CPR and CPO after Disney abandoned the original Club Penguin. We also migrated from xat to Discord. Xat, for ages, was the traditional communication platform for Club Penguin armies.

The United Republic of Penguins (URP), founded by our very own Brigadier rosefarri, was the first recorded army to use Discord. Discord was created in May 2015 and URP signed up in July 2015, followed shortly after by RPF.

These technological milestones, and the first armies to achieve them, are historically significant to our culture, mainly because our culture is entirely digital.

That is why we are proud to announce to the world that the Recon Federation of Club Penguin became the first ever army on record to use an HTML cpps.

The cpps was commissioned by the army in late 2019, and the army first set boots on the ground in the spring of 2020.

RFCP Sacks PIC Capital; PIC Admits Defeat and Apologizes

This season of relentless raids by the RFCP against PIC and LGA has formally been dubbed the Campaign of Rectification. It’s picked up the attention of CPAM reporters and other armies alike. In addition to the raids, RFCP scheduled an aggressive slate of invasions on PIC, starting with PIC capital, and RFCP’s historic first ever server, Beanie (CPR). The battle ruled 2-1 in favor of RFCP by CPAM judge 2funky3.

The battle was covered well by CPAM reporter Max!, also ACP hicom. We enjoy his articles despite him being a follower of the clover, and reblog his coverage below:

Thanks, Felix Raycher. :salute:

Since the posting of RFCP’s assertion of justification in these raids, providing evidence for serious crimes committed by PIC enlisted, PIC decided to ban the accused parties. Pleased, Commander Prior approached PIC to extend the offer of coming to terms with a resolution.

PIC in these discussions did not push back; all Confederation representatives were eager to appease and end the debilitating raids. Prior Bumble, using much of Proditor’s own language, proposed the following official monument of PIC’s defeat as the price of ending the campaign, and PIC accepted and signed:

PIC, as part of the terms, published it on their blog:

RFCP hicom rejoiced in solidifying PIC’s submission.

But of course, Prior couldn’t leave matters without insisting on his dominance over them just one more time…

And so ends the Campaign of Rectification….for PIC.

This campaign continues against LGA, who remains on our attack list, full force.

RFCP Top Ten/Top Twenty Rankings

This week, RFCP scored #5 in CPAM Top Ten, and #15 in the Universal Top Twenty, which includes all armies in existence, including CPO armies.

CPAM Ranking:

We scored perfect on event quality and tactics. Our Navy’s growth (AUSIA) has helped us stay in the top 5 among gargantuan armies. The #5 ranking is consistent with our ranking from last week in CPAM.

The Golden Guardians managed to achieve the #4 spot we aimed for this week, but our efforts ensured we were not forced to surrender our position and sink in the Top Ten. Stand strong!

Universal Top Twenty:

Commander Prior is proud of you. Being listed on the Universal Top Twenty is a huge mark of prestige and success. We made the cut to be listed among every army existence. Notice LGA, PIC, PZF, etc. absent from ranking on that global list.

Top Tens award a unique AUSIA point curve, in order to reward multi-divisional armies as an important feature of a thriving military. In other words, armies rank better when they are not strictly performing with their U.S. division. That means our Navy, led by the stellar Admiral Pyxel, is really pulling our weight in the Top Ten/Top Twenty. Assist him. Take this as a call to funnel our energy into more naval events for the grand RFCP.

And keep up those sharp tactics.

Erat ipso sacra.

We Are Justified: RFCP Response to PIC Hypocrisy and Claim of “Innocence,” with Evidence

[We issue a maturity warning on some of the evidence presented in this publication]

Hey, it’s Sha. RFCP 3ic.

Let’s have a little chat. 

I’m sure all of you have read PIC’s cry to CPAM and CPAC for help, and while their feigning of innocence is excellent theater, it is all one big inescapable lie. 

This document’s purpose is to show RFCP’s justification for the campaign against PIC and to expose the untruthfulness of PIC’s propaganda with objective evidence. 

That’s right, the People’s Imperial Confederation, with their entire chest, called themselves innocent.

So let’s set the record straight.


  1. PIC Premier threatened to dox 8 year old girl associated with RFCP. PIC did nothing.
  2. Current PIC hicom doxxing and making fun of a special needs minor from the CPA community; PIC 1ic laughing along.
  3. Current PIC enlisted making Nazi jokes and dangerously harassing Prior Bumble.

And more. 

Different than what the Confederation would like you to believe, they are far from being in the clear. One of the only things that was truthful in that plea was their admission of being fragile. That, they most certainly are.

The Confederation says that they have not intentionally done a single thing to publicly attack Prior Bumble and the RFCP, and that instead we are the ones who are demonizing them and exaggerating. However, this can’t possibly be true. 

PIC was revived and reformed by the very people who have relentlessly attacked our leader and other soldiers in the Recon Federation. Their leader, Chairwoman Eva, who claims to have only been a part of a “personal unease” with Prior is not only the root start of the entire ordeal, but has put people who have offended and attacked us repeatedly in positions of power and clearance within her army. Katsuki, Cobra, Luca, Manu, Major Kommander Phoebe, and the Chairwoman’s girlfriend- and new Kommander- Emma. All of these people are far from sinless. The Chairwoman has even used the un-banning and banning of a dangerous individual as a bargaining chip in response to our raids. Our raiding is justified. As it was stated in a previous blog, they know what they did.

Now, we’re going to tell all of you, lovely readers of the RFCP blog, exactly why these individuals should not be trusted. We know you’re out there, enlisted and non enlisted readers alike, we have the stats to show for it. 

Let’s begin.

    Let’s start with Luca AKA LuckyLuigi, he is an ex-RFCP Lieutenant  (you’ll begin to notice a pattern when you look at PIC’s ex armies) and he is an ex PIC Premier. Shortly after he left us, he became filled with rage and wanted to destroy us. We were kind of dumbfounded at the sudden anger if I am being honest. We never instigated any kind of conflict with him. We wished him nothing but the best. The PIC hicom recently reached out to Prior Bumble to help Luca during a medical situation, and Prior helped them. Luca’s messages back to him were of unnecessary anger and rage.

We are just very confused as to where this anger has come from. About three weeks ago, a PIC soldier reached out to members of the Priortorian Guard. They sent our guards pages of screenshots where Luca discussed members of my family. He addressed many of them by name, and made comments regarding my 8 year old sister. He specifically said he was going to dox me.

Colin (Cena) as you know is also RFCP.

Two members of the Priortorian Guard actually reached out to a PIC hicom member to tell them what was going on. They explained the severity of the situation and showed the screenshots. The PIC hicom member said they would let the other hicom know. We never heard anything back and PIC never took action. They instead left him in his high standing rank and kicked it under the rug (as usual). 

But Luca is still your Premier as of 5/11, 10pm EST:

Today I am faced (because of PIC) with the fear of someone possibly doxxing my underage siblings. PIC has been radio silent about this whole situation, I never received an apology for what Luca did. Luca (in this same server) also made very extremely vulgar comments and sent very terrible memes. Due to the severity of these comments I will not be including them in the blog, but they exist. 

I am now going to be moving on to Katsuki. Oh, where to begin. Most recently she was seen harassing a young special needs member of the army community on social media. She found the victim’s identity and went straight to their Instagram. She then spammed the poor kid with DMs, and called them by their Discord name. The child was terrified and threatened to go to the police. Kat continued the harassment, all while sending screenshots of the interaction to the PIC main chat. She didn’t block out the victim’s user name, so their identity and social media account was publicly exposed to the entirety of PIC. PIC’s very own Kommander Phoebe, is seen in a screenshot laughing at the interaction. PIC never moderated it.

Kat unfortunately exposed her own Instagram page in the screenshots as well. The Priortorian Guard visited her page to find images of the victims face edited onto memes (which were captioned with offensive, sexual, and racist language). She tagged her victim in the comments of the post. As of 5/11 at 11 pm EST, the images are still up. The red scribbles are our own additions to protect the victim, not PIC’s.

CPAM community: if you saw an army’s hicom doing this, would you call us unjustified for attacking?

Kat, a member of their hicom, is not a good person and she has made countless attacks towards Prior’s family as well. She is friends with people who like to doxx and bully. RFCP does not agree with her in PIC hicom, she shouldn’t even be allowed in armies at all. Especially after the social media bullying. 

Now let’s move on to Cobra (AKA Cobi uwu) 

This is all I have to say on the matter.

This was in the PIC server. Several of RFCP’s soldiers are Jewish. PIC chairwoman has a history of being tolerant of Nazi jokes.

And let’s not forget this from Cob, who terrorized a 9 year old RFCP soldier when no mods were on:

Not to mention that Cob is actively harassing Prior Bumble in group chats and in servers. Cob said he is “just here to watch” as doxxers flooded into an old group chat Prior was in and spammed photos of his house. Ask Pookie for confirmation of that incident, and ask us for screenshots of Cob’s involvement. We would rather not publish images of a house online.

I shouldn’t have to explain our anger towards him any further. 

Eva, Emma and Phoebe, it’s your turn now. Let me just break this down.

  1. You tore apart one of my real life relationships (with a boy I really loved btw)
  2. You brought unnecessary drama into our army during your time in RFCP. 
  3. You literally house all of the troops that wanted to rebel against RFCP in extremely personal and dangerous ways. Reminder that Wikiboy’s (Rowan, your former soldier as well) open letter against RFCP came before this one! We hadn’t spoken to him in like a month but it was still necessary to shit on us again I guess. 

You are the sole reason why Prior has faced endless personal harassment since January. 

You have done all of these things, and on top of that, you are allowing terrible people into your army and server. We associate PIC with pure toxicity. 90% of your hicom has been involved in harassment towards RFCP soldiers/Prior Bumble in one shape or another. You allow your hicom to engage in direct attacks towards innocent children, you allow your hicom to doxx, you allow your hicom to associate themselves with people who are NOT good. Tell me girls, how are we not supposed to be angry at you? We have never received an apology for anything

Do not sit there and tell me Kommandresses that you have not engaged in toxic attacks towards RFCP soldiers during these raids. Don’t try to be Little-Miss-Perfects. I believe Eva’s CPATG account received a 24h ban after a comment she made to me. 

Eva did not apologize to me for her comments during the raid. Keep in mind that Prior Bumble apologized for the behavior of his soldier’s toxic commentary during a recent raid. The soldier was punished. But we got dead silence from PIC.

Your call to action to the entire community against us is hypocritical and cowardly. We are totally aware that the mob mentality against RFCP will never go away. We get it; please hurry up and write open letter number #9.

We get we’re disliked by a large percent of the community, most of whom have never actually held a conversation with Prior Bumble (who’s a much friendlier guy than I am–I have many times said I know I am not perfect and can be aggressive. I’ve said some pretty bad things as well). One of his terms for peace with you (the other being a server you said you could care less about) was literally just a public apology from PIC and admission of defeat. You don’t need to raise hell in CPAM trying to get a million rules changed just because you don’t like terms that honestly wouldn’t kill your army at all. 

But we are here to assert that PIC is not innocent and RFCP NEVER ATTACKS FOR NO REASON. We are not bloodthirsty tyrants who declare war because we feel like it. Our moral compass is just as important to us as you claim yours is to you. 

We are justified in these raids, and would be doing them whether you were a tiny new army or a huge, powerful one. Justice is justice. 

Readers, please consider our points critically and we hope you will come to understand this matter is not as black and white as it is made out to be. Please reconsider your allegiances. Thank you. 

How Popular is the RFCP Blog? Stats Released

On the right side widget bar, viewers can now see that the blog has been active for every month in a full year. Today we release insider stats to the public to see just how far our reach has extended.

Our blog is known for being well-read beyond its target audience of RFCP enlisted. It circulates in CPAM as well as other army Discords, and has several non-enlisted subscribers.

^ Says Orange (Chaos 1ic) after gobbling up our post ten minutes after it’s published.

Let’s see if we can prove him wrong with numbers too!

RFCP Blog Stats to Date

Hits: 21,907 and growing

Day Most Frequented: Tuesday (17% of total views)

Time Most Frequented: 9:00 p.m. EST (9% of total views)

Countries Reached: 76

Top Ten Countries:


  • 91 posts were published in 2019, and 53 posts (including this one) have been published so far in 2020.
  • There were 2,685 visitors in 2019 and so far there are 3,203 visitors in 2020. We thus have increased our viewership but 518 readers this year.
  • The most read post of all time is “Something I Never Wanted to Write,” Prior’s personal elegy to a deceased RFCP hicom, with 334 interactions

Our history page, a thorough documentation of all army conflict involving RFCP (and a prologue of Prior Bumble in the 2008 army, PRA) has a total of 1,362 views.

Out top five referring websites that bring us traffic are:

  1. The CPA Wiki
  2. The RFCP Trailer video on YouTube
  3. clubpenguinarmies.com
  4. The RFCP official Twitter
  5. The RFCP official Instagram

A reminder to all as well that RFCP blog (and army!) is not a revival, but an original creation built from dust under a year ago. It has one author (the RFCP reporter, Doug, of course…).

We aren’t posting to compete with anyone, but to celebrate how amazing our sphere of influence has become! Be proud and commend yourselves on being part of an incredible blog supporting an even more incredible organization. Erat ipso sacra!


NORTHERN LIGHTS, CPATG–CPAM leaders respond to RFCP’s unparalleled raid aggression by considering a total removal of an historic part of army culture. Read to the end to see the crazy twist that began one of RFCP’s raid campaigns.

That’s right–RFCP’s incessant campaign to raid every single LGA and PIC event has caused uproar among CPAM leader circles. Last night, Tymatt proposed a BAN of raids in response to RFCP’s aggression, and discussion erupted.

Tymatt demanded that CPAM purge RFCP from the army community.

Emcee, Ayan (CPAM administrators), and Ultipenguinj (RPF), political opponents of Prior Bumble, fairly defended RFCP’s right to raid as part of a decade-old tradition in army culture. How can an army news site or an army league ban conflict?

Still, tensions have been high ever since an RFCP soldier took insults too far of his own volition at the last PIC raid, unbeknownst to RFCP hicom.

Amidst RFCP raiding PIC and a few LGA renegades, PZF surprise-logged in to support and uplift RFCP spirits.

After learning about the isolated incident where an RFCP soldier got carried away, as Emcee stated above, Prior reached out to apologize and the soldier was punished. However, Prior posted a rigorous argument in the leaders channel to the absurd proposals.

IMPORTANT screenshot, please read in full.

Some leaders in CPAM supported Tymatt’s rage.

The vote was offered to the leaders with two options initially: Ban raids entirely, or do not ban raids and only prosecute out-of-line behavior at raids. RFCP is in full support of the second option! No shady shit should be at raids; that is why Prior apologized twice! But raids themselves cannot be administratively abolished.

Within minutes, the vote was 10-5, the ban in the lead, with Commander voting for the second option, of course. The vote was revised to what you see at the beginning of this post to add a third option: allow only one raid a day. Now the vote stands at 10-3-13. Prior did not change his vote.

Meanwhile, PIC leaders–Eva invited Emma and Pho (LMAOOOOOOOOOO) to “Commander” with her–laid back and watched as they let other people attempt to resolve their army issues for them.

Then “Commander” Pho contributed the to conversation with authoritative remarks:

And the best quote:

No shit, PIC “Commanders.”

You can’t do anything for yourselves.

The RFCP blog now adds one more piece of amusement to this story of perhaps the most aggressive raid campaign in CPA history. We find it funny (truly, not in a salty way) that the instigating moment of this campaign began when a certain Koloway popped into Prior’s DMs with an offensive screenshot from Karma and basically said, “Here, boy! FETCH!”

HOORAH! indeed bro. We went howling.

CPA is at a bizarre crossroads in army history. A frightening percentage of army leaders are in favor of making in-game conflict itself in a pseudo-military community punishable. If RFCP is remembered by time for, among other reasons, being the army that raided so hard that raids were banned after being a part of army culture for ten years, may we be both proud of our intensity and horrified for the future of penguin warfare.