RFCP Sacks PIC Capital; PIC Admits Defeat and Apologizes

This season of relentless raids by the RFCP against PIC and LGA has formally been dubbed the Campaign of Rectification. It’s picked up the attention of CPAM reporters and other armies alike. In addition to the raids, RFCP scheduled an aggressive slate of invasions on PIC, starting with PIC capital, and RFCP’s historic first ever server, Beanie (CPR). The battle ruled 2-1 in favor of RFCP by CPAM judge 2funky3.

The battle was covered well by CPAM reporter Max!, also ACP hicom. We enjoy his articles despite him being a follower of the clover, and reblog his coverage below:

Thanks, Felix Raycher. :salute:

Since the posting of RFCP’s assertion of justification in these raids, providing evidence for serious crimes committed by PIC enlisted, PIC decided to ban the accused parties. Pleased, Commander Prior approached PIC to extend the offer of coming to terms with a resolution.

PIC in these discussions did not push back; all Confederation representatives were eager to appease and end the debilitating raids. Prior Bumble, using much of Proditor’s own language, proposed the following official monument of PIC’s defeat as the price of ending the campaign, and PIC accepted and signed:

PIC, as part of the terms, published it on their blog:

RFCP hicom rejoiced in solidifying PIC’s submission.

But of course, Prior couldn’t leave matters without insisting on his dominance over them just one more time…

And so ends the Campaign of Rectification….for PIC.

This campaign continues against LGA, who remains on our attack list, full force.

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  1. Your spies don’t need to remain. It’s over.

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