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Flash Apocalypse? RFCP becomes First Ever Army to Use an HTML CPPS

Let it be known for the record books (and for the academic thesis on Club Penguin armies Prior Bumble is currently writing).

RFCP is hereby the first army in history to use an HTML cpps.

The cpps, constructed by RFCP Admiral Pyxel, was a gift to Club Penguin Warfare league. Now, it is in Pyxel’s private possession, and he, of course, let RFCP be the first army to battle on the HTML-run site.

While its landscape is familiar at first glance, and of course everyone was overjoyed to see Billy Bot Thorton in the flesh again, users will find that the cpps requires some getting used to. For instance, arrow keys rather than click-to-move are used. Penguins do not waddle, but instead glide and make use of rigid formations and custom emojis.

Most importantly of all, this cpps, just as the original Club Penguin Warfare league promised, will survive the Flash apocalypse of 2021, when Flash products will stop being supported by browsers. That includes all current Club Penguin private servers, CPATG among it.

Throughout army history, being the first to adapt to new technology norms has been significant. As gamers of an earlier generation’s creation, many in our community resist change. In the original army era, the late 2000s, Digg 3 theme blogs were the tradition–and you’ll remember how Prior struggled with WordPress customer service a few weeks ago to make RFCP blog reflect the iconic army blog theme.

But without change and adaptation, our culture will die. Indeed, we had to adapt to private servers like CPR and CPO after Disney abandoned the original Club Penguin. We also migrated from xat to Discord. Xat, for ages, was the traditional communication platform for Club Penguin armies.

The United Republic of Penguins (URP), founded by our very own Brigadier rosefarri, was the first recorded army to use Discord. Discord was created in May 2015 and URP signed up in July 2015, followed shortly after by RPF.

These technological milestones, and the first armies to achieve them, are historically significant to our culture, mainly because our culture is entirely digital.

That is why we are proud to announce to the world that the Recon Federation of Club Penguin became the first ever army on record to use an HTML cpps.

The cpps was commissioned by the army in late 2019, and the army first set boots on the ground in the spring of 2020.

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