Dear Coolj…

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Prior Bumble has a letter for Coolj.

There are so many things I want to say to my strong and beloved successor. I didn’t have time to pass on all the wisdom I wanted to for him, and to let him know how proud I am of him. Thus I decided to do it here, so it will forever be remembered on this blog.

Coolj, my son,

Which Hawaiian shirt should I buy?

(Dragons fighting pirates this time)

Update: I’ve already bought three of them.

Can you pick one more for me, coolj?


Happy National Puzzle Day!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP has a puzzle contest just for the occasion!

We figured we would give the army something fun to do today, so complete the following puzzle and DM Col. MicrowaveableHamster a screenshot of how much time it took you. Fastest time will get $20 BBs!

You can have multiple attempts, and we will accept whatever your fastest time is! No cheating by changing the puzzle piece count though…

Have fun!

The Feddiegate 3.0 Files

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Missed Feddiegate and want to rehash all the juicy details? Join in and inspect the notes of Reporter Arne!

Detective Vector Images (over 22,000)

As evidence about who is behind Feddiegate 3.0 piles up, Reporter Arne steps into the spotlight to bring you the latest updates on the Feddiegate fiasco.

On January 15th, Red Baron Opino3 publicly stepped down as host of the Feddies after receiving a letter warning him that a terrible thing that would happen to him if he were to go through with it.

The Feddiegate 3.0 conspiracy became public and the #feddiegate channel was reopened; to learn more about this, see RFCP’s previous blog. It was on this day that Commissar Hamster noticed a payment of $200,000 Bumble Bucks made to Gen. Sillabye in the RFCP bank spreadsheet, but she did not yet come forward about the exchange. 

While there weren’t any clues at this time, shots were fired between all soldiers, as friend turned on friend and suspicions started to arise about who the perpetrator was. Major Randomplayer10 tried to organize a Minecraft Bow Duel between Field Marshal Justin and Commander Coolj, with the condition that the loser would expose all that he knew about the Feddiegate. However, it devolved into mayhem soon after, as none of the participants confessed and nothing was accomplished.

Nonsense was still being thrown in the air on January 16th; including theories about fake Arne clones and involvement from past advisers. All of the accusations came to a crashing halt as a mysterious visitor with the username 66105108108121 joined the server. The user sent several cryptic messages, that were later discovered to be written in binary speech, in our #general chat.

66105108108121 stated that RFCP’s Feddies were corrupted to the core and introduced himself as a mysterious informant who had somehow penetrated our security system. They said that they would help solve the mystery, but only in clues as they feared for their life. The investigator team quickly ripped the clues apart, and Uncle Satchmo and I (Major Arne) found out a hidden clue referring to the musical play Hamilton.

Hamilton is a historical musical about the life of Alexander Hamilton. [SPOILER ALERT] At one point in the play, the protagonist, Maria, has an affair. When Reynolds, the husband of the woman involved in the affair, finds out, he blackmails Hamilton into paying him so he will keep the affair secret. In the letter, he wrote “I hope this letter finds you in good health,” which can be found in the blackmail letter Opino3 received as well.

To add to the symbolism, 66105108108121 stated “Who knows how to say no?” which sounds like the title of a song in which the affair takes place called “Say No to This.” This led to a theory in which Opino3 is accused of having an affair with Sillabye (since she is a Hamilton fan), pissing former Red Baron Jamie (his husband) off, causing him to blackmail Opino, like how it was depicted in the musical. When asked about it, 66105108108121 replied that both had a secret, but Silla had a bigger one.

Silla however, debunked the theory by stating that Opino hated Furbies, so they couldn’t possibly ever have a relationship, or even an affair. This put everyone back to square one, and led to a bunch of nonsense theories about various things including: the number four, Coolj, apes, Nicki Minaj, and April Fool’s pranks (due to some pings Opino made) while she slept.

By January 17th, no advancements had been made, but it was revealed that one of the first messages that 66105108108121 made sent an icon that meant “Micro,” drawing suspicion to our own Micro, Col. Microwaveable Hamster. However, all of the evidence and clues seemed to be going nowhere. The one key thing that was found this day was 66105108108121’s suggestion to “follow the money and see where it goes.”

Lead banker Commissar Hamster was called into the equation on January 18th, when she finally revealed what she knew about the mysterious $200,000 Bumble Buck transfer to Gen. Sillabye. I interviewed Sillabye, and she confessed that the money was given to her to “do her part and stay silent,” which we thought meant writing Opino’s blackmail. The transfer of the exorbitant amount of money took place on the 14th, a day where no other action happened at the bank. 

January 19th seemed to be the busiest day in Feddiegate history. The day started with an obvious declaration: “Only the Commander can give such a big amount of money to others.” All eyes immediately turned to our own Commander Coolj, but he refused to talk or cooperate with questioning. 66105108108121 then stated that every officer wasn’t necessarily in the clear, but the biggest advancement was the confirmation of 66105108108121’s real name, Billy. Billy also confirmed that the RFCP Bankers and the other suspects we already had (Silla, Opino, Coolj, and Ham) are or could be guilty.

Billy started sending cryptic messages and pictures with missing parts, soon revealed to be a puzzle. The puzzle was a series of messages sent to three people: DemonTFC, Randomplayer, and Satchmo. The messages contained more binary code, and included screenshots from the bank. These screenshots with the bank ID numbers correlated with that of the accounts of three different suspects: CoolJ, Hamster, and Opino.

Click to enlarge

This evidence led to the confirmation and reconfirmation that Sillabye was being blackmailed. Many people started speculating and drawing baseless conclusions on other members in the army, but interrogations soon devolved into chaotic roleplay and once again, nothing was achieved.

Coolj accused Coffee of using the Billy account as a cover, which was a load of barnacles, but it still convinced Random to try and set up another bow duel. Everything immediately came to order when new evidence was literally laid on the table when a hicom member leaked the Officer to-do-list. Billy had previously said that the payment Silla received could crash the economy, which was mentioned in the list, but the Officer to-do-list said they had to convince Opino that the $200k wouldn’t destroy the economy.

Uncle Satch stated the following: “Coolj transferred the money to Silla to send the letter. Coolj does not have access to the bank spreadsheet, so he had Ham, the only active banker, transfer the money.” A few minutes later, Billy declared that he needed a meeting with the three key players of the investigation: Arne, Satchmo, and Randomplayer. Satch created a group chat, where Billy spilled a landfill’s worth of beans. 

Billy claimed that we had the culprits, but not their reasons and causes; that we needed to find the truth, ping him, spread it, and stop their plan. Billy also stated that if we failed, they would accelerate their plan.

Meanwhile, Gen. Anilia claimed to have found a letter in the trash with suspicious writing on it. It was heavily crossed out with black ink, but it read as it follows:

More empty paranoia was thrown around, but after a while, what was decided to have been deciphered from the letter was:

A theory that Opino set up Feddiegate 3.0 just to get himself out of hosting the Feddies was then brought forth by Uncle Satchmo. Satchmo reasoned that Coolj had decided Opino would be the host of the Feddies, without consulting Opino about the decision. When Opino found out, he confronted Coolj and told him that he didn’t want to host the Feddies. Coolj, scared of being taken for a fool, created this whole plan. With the help of Hamster, he was able to transfer Silla’s blackmail money without anyone knowing it was him. In writing the letter, he was careful to add a Hamilton reference to it so that Silla looked even more suspicious, considering that  she is a big Hamilton fan.

To finish up the day, Sillabye gave us two major advancements for the investigation. She posted a semi-crumpled up piece of paper that had been sent to her a few days before. It read as it follows:

The second advancement was a declaration that the puzzle was almost complete; we just needed to assemble all of the pieces.

Uncle Satchmo then arrested all three of our main suspects and interrogated Commander Coolj, who instead of answering questions, demanded that Silla pay her rent for her Furby channel, #ohgoshwhydidweletsillahaveafurbychannel

January 20th was our final day of Feddiegate 3.0. By 11:35 AM EST, I decided that we had enough information, so I spoke with Random and tried to leak the hypothesis to the world and crack the case. Despite this, Random wasn’t convinced with our current hypothesis put forth by Satchmo, and it was decided that we would not go forward just yet. The information however, was still put in #feddiegate, and in the most MVP moment of the investigation, Satchmo put all of the pieces together and formed our definitive hypothesis:

“Coolj wanted Opino to host the Feddies so he decided he was gonna be the host. Opino then told Coolj he didn’t want to host. Coolj, not wanting to take the blame for partially ruining the Feddies, decided to blackmail Silla, who has not been paying her rent. Silla, who has access to the bank, added 200k BB to her account so that people would eventually find out she was blackmailed. She then created the fake HiCOM meeting report trying to show who blackmailed her in secret. While writing it, she accidentally wrote the wrong date. 

“The letter that Anilia found in the trash is from Coolj. In the letter, which was written for Ham, Coolj claims that Silla runs the bank, not Ham. “Silla will take the fall. I know she’s your friend, but stop having sympathy. She runs the bank anyway.” Ham made us believe that Silla is taking a break from running the bank. If she’s taking a break then why is she still getting payed for it? She’s still getting paid because she still runs it. Throughout this entire investigation, a mysterious account by the name of 66105108108121 has been giving us clues. After decoding the name, we were able to deduce that this was no other than Billy Bot Thorton [throwback to Feddiegate 2.0!], who was actually was the one helping us the entire time. He wanted to expose Coolj, Ham, and Opino for what they have done.”

12:52 PM. JustinTFC, after my request, pinged the entire server, and I, Arne, presented Satchmo’s hypothesis, thus ending Feddiegate 3.0. Then Billy came along and was like, “Welp you screwed up a bit.”

But he then confirmed that we did uncover the main mystery and that he was proud of us. After some initial skepticism and a brief trial against all three of our culprits, the Feddiegate 3.0 conspiracy was considered finalized and we were ready to enjoy a peaceful awards ceremony this 23rd of January. The end.

[3.0, actually! We’re fixing that ;)]

What are YOUR theories about Feddiegate 3.0? Tell us your theories and suspicions in the comments!


The 4th Semi-Annual Feddie’s Awards

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP members joined in celebration on January 23rd, 2021 as they attended the 4th semi-annual RFCP Feddie’s Awards!

After a lot of scrambling to get everything sorted following the removal of Adobe Flash and the shut down of many Club Penguin CPPS’s (but not Ukahala!), RFCP members and friends were finally able to host and attend the 4th semi-annual Feddie Awards. Members across the server were in attendance, both on Club Penguin and watching via a live-stream run by Gen. Sillabye in the RFCP Discord server.

The awards show maxed 22 and was hosted by our beloved, Prior Bumble.

The in-game Feddies was hosted on Col. MicroHamster’s igloo. However, when Red Baron Opino3 was announced as the winner for “Scariest Officer,” Prior feigned indignance and dropped the mic, leaving the room. A moment later, he messaged one of us and said “LOL. I’m locked out…” Technical difficulties prevented him from getting back in, and the second half of the awards was moved to Gen. Anilia’s igloo.

First half venue
Second hald venue

In preparation for the big day, we had two rounds of voting this go-around. The first round of voting was open-option, where members of the RFCP could vote for whoever they thought was most deserving of each award. From there, the top answers were put into a multiple choice format of the top four responses by category, for the second round of voting.


Best Custom Role: Furby Cult, Fruit Snacks Gang, Billy Bot Thornton Simp, Ashley Greene’s Simp

Best Furby Emote: All of them!, FurbyCrawl, PraiseFurby, Stop Silla- you have a problem, and making this an award is an abuse of power


Best Moment: Kicking Templar’s butts!, the C A N A D A blog, Thanksgiving, Silla reading the constitution backwards! (and dying inside)

Anti-Flash Award: DabOn*, Reap*, Bearz, Tophat

Foodie Fiend Award: Arne, Cookie, DJChorusKid, Spookywitchandmacaroni

Nicki Minaj Award: Sillabye, Rose(Bruh), Emma, Chloe

Ke$ha Award: October, Aqua, Arne, Krispy

Vampire Award: Emma, Chloe, Tophat, Sorrest

Dank Memer Award: Don, Arne, Spooky, Rose(Bruh)

Patroller Award: Don, Reap*, RandomPlayer, X_Ry

Sunshine Award: Coffee, RandomPlayer, Nellie, CCJay

Hostest with the Mostest: October, L1ghtning, Cookie, Bearz

RedBackAwards: Coffee, Aqua, Mikan, Sorrest

Patriotic Trooper Award: X_Ry, Reap*, CCJay, DJChorusKid

Recruitment Kings and Queens: RandomPlayer, L1ghtning, DemonTFC, Krispy

Biggest Rise: DabOn*, JustinTFC, CCJay, Spooky

Innovation Award: CoolJ, HamsterLover, Reap*, BlackWhiteBear

Soldier of the Year: ShyGuy, October, DemonTFC, Dani

Officer Awards

Scariest Officer: ShyGuy, DabOn*, JustinTFC, Opino

Officer of the Year: Don, MicroHamster, Sillabye, JustinTFC

Reconissance Award: Anilia, Dani, MicroHamster, Sillabye

Warrior Award: DemonTFC, Coffee, MicroHamster, HamsterLover

ColinZFresh Award: Anilia, CoolJ, Dani, ShyGuy

RFCP Legend: Anilia, CoolJ, HamsterLover, Opino

*the person retired prior to the awards and was not eligible to win a Feddie


jennifer lopez and the oscar goes to GIF by The Academy Awards

Best Custom Role: Furby Cult

Best Furby Emote: All of them! And stop Silla you have a problem, and making this an award is an abuse of power.


Best Moment: Silla reading the constitution backwards! (and dying inside)

Anti-Flash Award: Tophat

Foodie Fiend Award: Arne and Cookie

Nicki Minaj Award: Silla and Chloe

Ke$ha Award: October and Krispy

Vampire Award: Emma

Dank Memer Award: Arne and Rose

Patroller Award: RandomPlayer

Sunshine Award: Nellie

Hostest with the Mostest: October

RedBackAwards: Aqua

Patriotic Trooper Award: DJChorusKid

Recruitment Kings and Queens: Demon

Biggest Rise: JustinTFC

Innovation Award: BlackWhiteBear

Soldier of the Year: ShyGuy

Officer Awards

Scariest Officer: Opino

Officer of the Year: Silla

Reconissance Award: MicroHamster

Warrior Award: Coffee

ColinZFresh Award: Anilia

RFCP Legend: HamsterLover

Special Mentions

Dearest Advisor Award: Satchmo

While the next Feddies are six months away, you can be brushing up on your memes or recruiting for the next awards season and another chance at the big trophies and RFCP Legend! Maybe you’ll win another award, or get your first ever Feddie! With everyone already eyeing the awards for August, the 5th semi-annual Feddies is sure to go off without a hitch.

After all, there can’t possibly be FIVE Feddiegates in a row…Can there?

Leave us a comment below and tell us your thoughts on the outcome of the 4th Semi-Annual Feddie’s Awards!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article mistakenly states that there have now been four feddiegate scandals. In fact, there was no feddiegate at the very first Feddie Awards. So this latest feddiegate is the third.

The Feddiegate Fallout

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Has Feddiegate gone too far? A stolen identity, some Constitution confusion, and RFCP’s newest news anchor emerges out of the darkness to tell the tale.

It started with a dare, but not just any dare: a dare so daring that it dared to be dared.

Last night, General Sillabye set out to complete the winning dare: reading the entire RFCP Constitution… backwards.

It took an hour and 47 minutes total, including talking time between amendments, for the dare to be officially completed. During the backwards reading there were some interesting words and phrases that popped up, providing a bit of comedic relief to Silla’s apparent mental anguish. One of the most notable word pairings was “Buck Bumble,” a backwards reading of “Bumble buck” that took on a life of its own when given a personality to fit the name.

Many asked and requested that someone give Buck Bumble life, and Microwaveable Hamster stepped up to the task, presenting RFCP with its very own creation: me, Buck Bumble.

Yes, I’m quite dashing looking, aren’t I?

I’m sure many of you have noticed by now in reading and looking at the screenshots of the chat provided thus far, that something seems out of sorts in the RFCP server, and I’m not just talking about Silla’s brain after reading the entire constitution backwards. If you look closely you can see that many members of the RFCP have changed their nicknames and profile photos to make a mockery of their own Commander, Coolj.

The change took place during the backwards reading of the RFCP Constitution, leading many to speculate that the reasoning behind the change was to point the finger at Commander Coolj for writing the infamous letter threatening Red Baron Opino3 not to announce the Feddies Awards. Perhaps the backwards reading of the Constitution was just a ploy, and people were discussing how to overthrow their Commander?

General Silla has yet to comment on the claims, and at the time of questioning her, another bomb was dropped on our RFCP friends: a mysterious and confusing new user had joined their server.

The messages sent by the user were all in code, but with Colonel CoffeeBean’s help translating, they worked out most of what the stranger was saying.

The full translation of the messages can be found in the newly-revived #feddiegate channel in the server. Most notably, Commander Coolj was absent at the time user 6610510810812 entered the server; could they have waited until he was gone to enter, or was the mysterious helper Coolj in disguise? Commander Coolj has not yet commented on these accusations, but rest assured, Buck Bumble is here to keep you informed on all the latest news. Now, back to Colonel Shy Guy for the weather.

Republican News Anchor with a Moustache
Channel 4 News at 6

What do YOU think about the series of bizarre behavior taking place in the RFCP server following the revelation of another Feddiegate Scandal? Leave us a comment below to let us know your thoughts!


Feddiegate 3.0

Northern Lights, Ukahala: As the 4th semi-annual RFCP Feddie Awards approaches, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin is struck by yet another round of Feddiegate!

Many of you have been around for a while and know all about the Feddie Awards, but for our newest RFCP family members and friends who may be confused, Commissar Hamster has provided an explanation:

In essence, the Feddies are the Oscars of the RFCP, but many of you are probably asking yourselves, what is Feddiegate?” Simply put, Feddiegate is the RFCP equivalent of Watergate. It is a sabotage, or series of sabotages, made up by someone to prevent or delay the Feddies.

Earlier this evening, General Sillabye made an announcement that brought forth many questions, most of which are still unanswered:

It appears that the RFCP has once again been plagued by the nuisance that is Feddiegate. This seems to be corroborated by the reopening of RFCP’s old #feddiegate channel in our server; a channel in which we discuss Feddiegate occurrences and potential suspects.

So far, our suspect list seems to be a decent size, but we will need your help to figure out who exactly is behind the Feddiegate 4.0 scandal.

The Suspects:

Silla- Rumor has it that Opino doesn’t like Furbies, and everyone knows Silla loves Furbies so much, she has an entire channel devoted to the fuzzy creatures. Silla is also a talented writer, so the threatening note could easily have come from her.

Hamster- The Old Commissar vs the New Commissar? This is a tale as old as time. Could Hamster be feeling threatened by the reemergence of an old RFCP favorite, Opino?

Coolj- Coolj and Opino are close friends, but could there be some secret bad blood between the ex-RFCP-commander the current commander?

Anilia- Anilia is always sus. How is it that someone so in-the-know about everything happening in the RFCP has no clue who the culprit behind Feddiegate could be?

Billy Bot Thornton- Never trust a bot–they’re always up to something. Let us not forget that Billy was a prime suspect for our last Feddiegate scandal.

The New Host- Could the new host have tried to manipulate their way into becoming the host?

I, MicroHamster, will be reporting in as we get more information on this developing story. In the meantime, don’t forget to cast your votes for the Feddies! You can find the link in the RFCP server. Voting closes soon, so make sure you get your votes in!

Who do YOU think is behind the Feddiegate scandal? Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts!


RFCP’s CPPS, Ukahala, is the First (and Currently Only) Club Penguin Server to Run After Flash

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: If you want to play Club Penguin right now, RFCP’s Ukahala is the only option.

On January 12, 2021, every CPPS from Club Penguin Rewritten to crashed. Adobe Flash officially expired on this date, and CPR’s HTML5 version of the game also was not working.

“Adobe has removed Flash Player download pages from its site. Adobe blocked Flash content from running in Flash Player beginning January 12, 2021.
Club Penguin Rewritten’s HTML5 CPPS

But today, January 14th, 2021, after Prior Bumble and WaddleOn developer blackwhitebear8 spent all of yesterday working, Ukahala is running.

As of right now, RFCP’s personal CPPS is the first and only Club Penguin server alive following the Flash Apocalypse. This is an historic moment to celebrated, and one that will surely be recorded and remembered by army textbooks.

Ukahala runs on a downloadable client and behaves like an application. Once downloaded and running, the client will make a desktop shortcut (our official flag) on your PC and pull up Club Penguin when clicked.

All accounts already existing on Ukahala will work, too!

The download for Ukahala is a simple link, and runs for Windows. However, Linux and Mac clients are coming within the next few days!

By authority of Prior Bumble, who paid for and commissioned the CPPS, only himself (owner of RFCP), Commander, and Commissar may distribute this link. Please contact Cmdr. Coolj or Commissar Hamsterlover (henceforth with Prior referred to as the “Three Keyholders”) to receive the download link and begin playing! All soldiers bearing the link thereafter may NOT share it.

“I, Prior Bumble, have installed this client myself and promise to my soldiers and kin that it is safe and virus-free, and collects no identifying data of any sort. My army and followers who truly know me know that my word is trustworthy. As father of this army, it is my honor to provide.”

Quick FAQ:

Q: Is the download link to Ukahala safe?

A: 100%

Q: Is Ukahala still only for RFCP?

A: At the moment, yes. We are, however, conscientious of the fact that we have the only working CPPS in existence right now, and we may be looking to help others in the army community.

Q: Can any rank get access?

A: We will slowly tier access to Ukahala starting with higher ranks strictly for security reasons. Ultimate discretion is at the whim of the Keyholders.

Q: When will this become our main location for events?

A: Almost immediately. We are asking all of our soldiers to have Ukahala downloaded within 48 hours or so.

Q: I’m new or need to register a new account.

A: Same as before, only Prior Bumble can make accounts. If your request is approved by hicom, your new account penguin name, registration email, and password (both of the latter can and should be alternative, disposable information) must be sent to Prior.

Q: I can’t get it to work.

A: Make sure you copy and paste the link into a new tab on Chrome and press enter. Then, make sure to bypass any restrictions from your antivirus or pop-up blockers. Click run. If you continue to have trouble, please contact one of the Three Key Holders.

Q: What if we get hacked/attacked/leaked/raided?

A: It is very easy for us to remake this now that we have the code in place. It can be up again in just a few hours, with a new link replacing the leaked one.

Q: I am not a member of RFCP, but I want to play Club Penguin.

A: Please get in touch with an RFCP soldier (or if you do not know any soldier personally, comment here with your Discord name and ID tag and one will get in touch with you). That soldier must then contact an officer, who will escalate the request to Prior Bumble. You may be welcome!

Recon Federation of Club Penguin, you have made history once again.

Welcome home.

Prior Bumble Gets a Fish Tank

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: If you’re wondering what Prior has been up to while RFCP forges on, read our latest op-ed. You’ll also have an opportunity to name one of the tank inhabitants!

We all fondly remember Starfish Prior.

And anyone who remembers the old war leader knows he loved animals. So it should not come as much of a surprise that he has introduced a saltwater aquarium to his life, and he has expressed a desire to share this joy with the army he still loves.

Nature Coral HD Backgrounds.

Uncle Cena was the first to know, via text message, of this new development in Prior’s life.

But it did not always go well.

Indeed, building a saltwater reef tank may harmonize with Prior’s Hawaiian shirt vibe, but it is a lot of work and research.

So far, the 60 gallon hexagon tank includes:

1 Blue Spotted Puffer

2 Clownfish

1 Cleaner Shrimp

1 Sea Cucumber

1 Anemone (which is an asshole)

2 Hermit Crabs

2 Emerald Crabs

2 Conchs

2 Snails

3 Sponges

3 Coral

1 Sand Sifting Starfish

Let’s introduce you to a few of the gang! *Names subject to change if a better name is discovered, obviously.

Beers the Puffer

Prior’s pufferfish is named Beers. Beers has a very sweet disposition and likes to hover in place low on the sand bed much like an aquatic hummingbird. He does nip at the starfish sometimes, but is very unsuccessful at annoying anything, because no one takes him seriously. Prior has not seen him inflate at all yet. Beers is named after the librarian crewmember of the same name on board the RMS Queen Mary.

The RMS Queen Mary - DreamreaderDreamreader

Rongo the Ocellaris Clownfish

Rongo is named after the Polynesian god of agriculture. He loves to swim near the other clownfish and look down on this orange sponge and green candy-cane coral. He is a good little dude.

Murdoch the Dark Ocellaris Clownfish

No one messes with Murdoch, named after the First Mate of the Titanic. She is next to a yellow sponge and the green sea cucumber on the left. The cucumber is named De$hawn.

Rev the Hermit Crab

Uncle Cena got to name Rev. Rev is the smallest hermit crab, but the most deadly. He has already toppled the giant red sponge which is about 30x his size. Rev is pretty bad ass.

Harvey the Hermit Crab

The bigger hermit crab is named Harvey. Prior once had a land hermit crab named Herbert that he loved dearly, so the H theme is living on.

This is Harvey with a couple of unnamed snails. We genuinely aren’t sure what’s going on here.

Windex the Cleaner Shrimp

Windex loves to clean and usually hangs around that red sponge or on the live purple rock.

Elton the Starfish

Sand Sifter Starfish - YouTube

This is actually a rare photo of Elton’s species, because he is a diva and only lives underneath the sand where we can’t see him.

BUT THERE ARE STILL FOURTEEN LIVING THINGS THAT NEED NAMES. Snails, conchs, crabs, and the new fish on their way soon.

Prior would love for YOU, the army, to propose and vote on names much like you did on choosing a neck tie for him. He will use one of the fishy names on an inhabitant in the tank and show you all. It makes him happy to share a little bit of this happiness with you too.

Happy New Year from RFCP!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: With good wishes to all for a fresh start, RFCP looks ahead on reasons to hope in the new year.

The first post of 2021!

The Recon Federation wants to extend a warm blessing to all its readers for renewal and strength as we say goodbye to 2020 in the physical world. Here in the world of armies, soldiers have much to look forward to.

January means we will soon hold our winter Feddie Awards! Will FEDDIEGATE strike again? Who will be honored at the ceremonies? It is perhaps the most anticipated event in the RFCP. If you’d like to help plan it, reach out to Gen. Anilia.

This month has also been selected by Prior Bumble as his prayer month for his soldiers–a tradition he observes twice a year (and has decided to continue despite retirement), much like the Feddies. Soldiers may reserve a night this month, and (if they want) specify a particular intention in their heart which they would like Prior to pray for. He will set aside an unbroken 10 minutes to pray for you. Please contact Col. Microham if you’d like a night to be remembered.

Finally, January will witness some interesting new developments in the governmental structure of RFCP and its divisions. Stay tuned for our bloggers to report!

Our best from the RFCP family online to yours at home. 2020 was rough, we know, so truly…Happy New Year! Even to all you lieutenants:

What are YOUR resolutions for the New Year, both in the material world and in RFCP? Comment below!

RFCP Holiday Fun (Prior Forgot to Post This… Bah, Humbug!)

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: As penguins across the globe celebrate Christmas, RFCP shares some puzzles that are sure to spread holiday cheer!

In some way, shape, or form, approximately 2 billion people in more than 160 countries are celebrated Christmas this year! Our friends, both in RFCP and in the army community itself, are spread out across the world and there are many holiday observances. With all of the different occasions taking place in December, there are many that are overlooked, or just simply unheard of in various parts of the globe due to cultural or religious differences.

Below, there is a word search with some of the various holidays in December listed to find. As you can see, there are several reasons for people to be celebrating this December!



Across the globe, holiday movies are a staple in many households. According to a poll, approximately 60% of American households watch at least one Christmas or holiday movie in preparation of the holiday season.

Below, I have badly explained a few film plots to some of the more popular Christmas and holiday movies; fill out the Crisscross puzzle as you solve them!

7. Santa fails to make reindeer fly in a court room (4 words)
8. Festive son travels to meet his birth father for Christmas

1. Children have no concept of “stranger danger” (2 words)
2. Misunderstood boy hopes to save Christmas with a BB gun (2 words)
3. Girl dreams of mice and ballet
4. Man with heart problems steals Christmas presents
5. Bullied child saves Christmas and has a song written about him
6. Irresponsible parents forget their son at home (2 words)

Children and families everywhere also set out cookies and milk in anticipation of Santa’s arrival, but did you know that the tradition actually stems from the 1930s, during the Great Depression? Many parents tried to teach their children that it was just as important to give to others and show gratitude for the gifts they received on Christmas during that time of extreme economic hardship, and the message is still carried on today.

Help Puffle Claus get to the milk and cookies!

Regardless of where you are in the world, or what holidays you observe during this December month, RFCP wishes you all a happy and safe holiday season!

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