The 4th Semi-Annual Feddie’s Awards

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP members joined in celebration on January 23rd, 2021 as they attended the 4th semi-annual RFCP Feddie’s Awards!

After a lot of scrambling to get everything sorted following the removal of Adobe Flash and the shut down of many Club Penguin CPPS’s (but not Ukahala!), RFCP members and friends were finally able to host and attend the 4th semi-annual Feddie Awards. Members across the server were in attendance, both on Club Penguin and watching via a live-stream run by Gen. Sillabye in the RFCP Discord server.

The awards show maxed 22 and was hosted by our beloved, Prior Bumble.

The in-game Feddies was hosted on Col. MicroHamster’s igloo. However, when Red Baron Opino3 was announced as the winner for “Scariest Officer,” Prior feigned indignance and dropped the mic, leaving the room. A moment later, he messaged one of us and said “LOL. I’m locked out…” Technical difficulties prevented him from getting back in, and the second half of the awards was moved to Gen. Anilia’s igloo.

First half venue
Second hald venue

In preparation for the big day, we had two rounds of voting this go-around. The first round of voting was open-option, where members of the RFCP could vote for whoever they thought was most deserving of each award. From there, the top answers were put into a multiple choice format of the top four responses by category, for the second round of voting.


Best Custom Role: Furby Cult, Fruit Snacks Gang, Billy Bot Thornton Simp, Ashley Greene’s Simp

Best Furby Emote: All of them!, FurbyCrawl, PraiseFurby, Stop Silla- you have a problem, and making this an award is an abuse of power


Best Moment: Kicking Templar’s butts!, the C A N A D A blog, Thanksgiving, Silla reading the constitution backwards! (and dying inside)

Anti-Flash Award: DabOn*, Reap*, Bearz, Tophat

Foodie Fiend Award: Arne, Cookie, DJChorusKid, Spookywitchandmacaroni

Nicki Minaj Award: Sillabye, Rose(Bruh), Emma, Chloe

Ke$ha Award: October, Aqua, Arne, Krispy

Vampire Award: Emma, Chloe, Tophat, Sorrest

Dank Memer Award: Don, Arne, Spooky, Rose(Bruh)

Patroller Award: Don, Reap*, RandomPlayer, X_Ry

Sunshine Award: Coffee, RandomPlayer, Nellie, CCJay

Hostest with the Mostest: October, L1ghtning, Cookie, Bearz

RedBackAwards: Coffee, Aqua, Mikan, Sorrest

Patriotic Trooper Award: X_Ry, Reap*, CCJay, DJChorusKid

Recruitment Kings and Queens: RandomPlayer, L1ghtning, DemonTFC, Krispy

Biggest Rise: DabOn*, JustinTFC, CCJay, Spooky

Innovation Award: CoolJ, HamsterLover, Reap*, BlackWhiteBear

Soldier of the Year: ShyGuy, October, DemonTFC, Dani

Officer Awards

Scariest Officer: ShyGuy, DabOn*, JustinTFC, Opino

Officer of the Year: Don, MicroHamster, Sillabye, JustinTFC

Reconissance Award: Anilia, Dani, MicroHamster, Sillabye

Warrior Award: DemonTFC, Coffee, MicroHamster, HamsterLover

ColinZFresh Award: Anilia, CoolJ, Dani, ShyGuy

RFCP Legend: Anilia, CoolJ, HamsterLover, Opino

*the person retired prior to the awards and was not eligible to win a Feddie


jennifer lopez and the oscar goes to GIF by The Academy Awards

Best Custom Role: Furby Cult

Best Furby Emote: All of them! And stop Silla you have a problem, and making this an award is an abuse of power.


Best Moment: Silla reading the constitution backwards! (and dying inside)

Anti-Flash Award: Tophat

Foodie Fiend Award: Arne and Cookie

Nicki Minaj Award: Silla and Chloe

Ke$ha Award: October and Krispy

Vampire Award: Emma

Dank Memer Award: Arne and Rose

Patroller Award: RandomPlayer

Sunshine Award: Nellie

Hostest with the Mostest: October

RedBackAwards: Aqua

Patriotic Trooper Award: DJChorusKid

Recruitment Kings and Queens: Demon

Biggest Rise: JustinTFC

Innovation Award: BlackWhiteBear

Soldier of the Year: ShyGuy

Officer Awards

Scariest Officer: Opino

Officer of the Year: Silla

Reconissance Award: MicroHamster

Warrior Award: Coffee

ColinZFresh Award: Anilia

RFCP Legend: HamsterLover

Special Mentions

Dearest Advisor Award: Satchmo

While the next Feddies are six months away, you can be brushing up on your memes or recruiting for the next awards season and another chance at the big trophies and RFCP Legend! Maybe you’ll win another award, or get your first ever Feddie! With everyone already eyeing the awards for August, the 5th semi-annual Feddies is sure to go off without a hitch.

After all, there can’t possibly be FIVE Feddiegates in a row…Can there?

Leave us a comment below and tell us your thoughts on the outcome of the 4th Semi-Annual Feddie’s Awards!

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article mistakenly states that there have now been four feddiegate scandals. In fact, there was no feddiegate at the very first Feddie Awards. So this latest feddiegate is the third.

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  1. There will be a 5th Feddiegate.

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