• The Recon Federation of Club Penguin is an official Club Penguin Army founded by Prior Bumble, a CPA Legend and original army veteran from 2008. We are one of the strongest and most renowned armies of the modern era. Join us today! 

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Sun–Er, Monday Funday: Volume 2, Issue 3

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Same great newspaper, on a Monday this week! Read on for a detailed rundown of our week in the third edition of our second volume of Sunday-Funday, written by your favorite rodent-lover, Editor HamsterloverL! In this week’s edition, read on for news on a VERY special celebration coming up in the RFCP server!!!!!

As the RFCP approaches its second anniversary, it is time to reflect on our past, present, and future.  Join us as we celebrate our extensive army history with a HUGE week-long celebration, culminating with an even BIGGER party on June 5th!

A Brief History of RFCP

Prior Bumble: the man, the myth, and the legend (literally) who started it all.  Sure, we all know that!  But what some of our newer members may not know is the story behind the incredible founder of the RFCP.  

Picture this:

It is June 5th, 2019 at around 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. On a warm, early summer evening, one dark purple penguin decides to log onto Club Penguin Rewritten, unaware of the incredible legacy that he will begin within mere minutes.  Waddling into the Command Room of the Elite Penguin Force, he decides to spend the evening playing the classic Club Penguin tower defense game, System Defender.  While playing the game, he notices that the table in front of him has filled up.  All but one seat at the Command Room table is taken…

Our predominant purple protagonist naturally takes the seat at the head of the table.  The room goes quiet, as confused penguins look at one another, anxiously wondering what will happen next.  One brave voice emerges from the silence: “Uhhh, someone say something.”

These four words sparked a fire inside of our hero.  Taking a deep breath, Prior Bumble knew what needed to be done.  With his most authoritative voice, from his days as Second-in-Command of the People’s Republic Army (PRA), Prior began barking out orders to the rest of the penguins at the table.  Instantly captivated by his dominance, penguins began flocking from all over the island to follow his orders.  Cries of “Sir! Prior, sir!” resonated throughout the EPF room, as these followers engaged in these tasks based on strategic spying missions. The Recon Federation of Club Penguin was born: named after the militaristic spying operations that characterize reconnaissance.

Within days, the RFCP’s following became too massive for in-game operations, and a Discord server was created to better organize the strategies of the organization on June 11th, 2019.  The organization’s first major conflict would occur shortly after, when it seemed that the RFCP had competition with a new gang: The Mopia.  When these light blue penguins began taking over the sacred land of the iceberg, the RFCP would not sit idly.  

With force, and then diplomatic action, being taken to reclaim the sacred ground, the RFCP had cemented its legacy as an army to be reckoned with.  Soon enough, Prior Bumble and the RFCP sealed the deal by entering the Club Penguin Army Community as an official army.  

The rest is history!

Note:  The history of the RFCP is much more extensive than what is listed here, visit the RFCP history page here to read the complete history.

Celebrating 2 Years of RFCP

Most armies fail to survive their first week or even month.  But the Recon Federation’s major accomplishment of surviving 2 years even throughout countless conflicts is a cause to celebrate!  Several RFCP veterans who remember the first anniversary celebration vividly have come together to plan an even greater celebration for our amazing troops who make our incredible army possible! 

Art courtesy of General Microhamster!

Many of these events stem from the culture and lore of the army, such as an original EPF-styled roleplay, a reenactment of our first war with the Lime Green Army, and a celebration at the official restaurant of RFCP: Lucky’s Bar!  Join us for these incredible moments of history! 

Interview with Prior

Q: How does it feel being the founder of an army that has reached 2 years of activity?

A: I am full of pride. Many armies created in this modern age do not survive more than a few months if not weeks. RFCP is a bold and historic exception. Our longevity, in the face of unprecedented opposition, is a miraculous and powerful achievement that no one can take away from us. 

Q: When you originally created RFCP, were you expecting it to turn into a legacy? 

A: Goddamn right I was.

RFCP Fun Facts

  • The triangle in the center of the RFCP flag is not red, as is commonly thought. It is actually a shade of reddish brown-hex code #862007 to be exact!
  • The army that the RFCP had the most wars with was the LGA: with a whopping total of 3 wars IN A ROW!!! (We won them all–even LGA, now our ally, concedes this).
  • While the RFCP has had 3 people take the role of Commander throughout its history, there have been 5 people with the prestigious role of Commissar, 2 of which unprecedentedly held the rank at the same time!
  • Ever wonder who has the most roles in the entire army?  That honor goes to General Sillabye who has an INCREDIBLE total of 71 roles!!!!  Generals Anilia and Microhamster come in next with 60 and 58 roles respectively.  Oddly enough, our own Commander Coolj only has 37 roles!

Puzzles and Games 

Find Prior!

Meme of the Week

Leave us a comment below and let us know what YOU want to see in future editions of the paper! Happy Second Anniversary to the RFCP!


RFCP Sees Red

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Former RFCP Commissar, Redovyco, has come out of retirement! Read on for a full exclusive interview with Red to discover what the beloved veteran has been up to, and see what he has to say about his plans for the future of RFCP!

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Blogging 101

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Do you want to know how blogs are made? What are the different types of blogs? Are you wondering how you can post things on the RFCP website? Read on for an exclusive look!

Chalk Board Clipart | Free download on ClipArtMag
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Another Idyllic Bob Ross Painting Night

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Bob Ross Painting Nights have been an RFCP staple of friendly fun for quite some time! Join Arne to learn more about this relaxing tradition!

Ahhhhh, Bob Ross. A cultural icon indeed. With his butter-smooth voice and a classy yet simple art style, he is quite the legend. I didn’t have the pleasure of growing up with The Joy of Painting series, but I wish I did!  If that were the case, I’d paint on a big canvas, instead of doing digital photoshop on Canva. Although he passed away over 26 years ago, he is still remembered by people all over the internet, RFCP included!

One of our more unprecedented but most beloved traditions actually involves Bob Ross’s legacy. No, I’m not talking about my effort to sell Bob Ross branded energy drinks in my personal shop. Instead, at the top of our perpetual Bob Ross posthumous memorial is RFCP’s renowned Bob Ross painting events.

So how do they work? Every month or so we will pick a theme and livestream one of Bob Ross’s acclaimed The Joy of Painting episodes in the RFCP voice chat.  Each soldier tries their best to follow along with the video by painting with Bob Ross on the best digital drawing tool ever created by a human being: Microsoft Paint Online. Our most recent painting night was on the 17th of February, where we (for a second time with this episode!) created artwork based on our very own capital, Northern Lights. And, just like our own capital, many of these recreations are beautiful works of art!  So that got me thinking, what started these Bob Ross painting nights?

So I dug up the archive, as I tend to do, and created a compilation of every single Bob Ross event that we have had. Documentation of Bob Ross themed events dates back to November 2019, when our first painting party occurred in General Anilia’s igloo. At this point, the events were solely on Club Penguin so there was no artwork created on Microsoft Paint yet. 

A few months later a poll was posted, asking if we should do more Bob Ross events.  The participants had to actually draw misty hills, which came out great for the most part!  Here is a sample!

Commander Prior liked it quite a lot and decided that these events should happen more frequently. In fact, he randomly posted a Bob Ross event on news on the 30th of May, briefly explaining how to follow along so that even those unfamiliar with the tradition could join in.  During the event, participants would watch a classic The Joy of Painting episode, and then everyone would try to paint a tropical seascape. And it’s clear to see that our dear soldiers have talent.

Bob Ross Competitions would be gone for a month until the Snazzy Summer competition rolled around. General Anilia, as leader of The Chocolate Frogs, decided that it was a good time to challenge her team members to a Bob Ross contest on who could draw the best scene of mountains at sunset. 

After summer was over and autumn began, Bob Ross competitions returned once more, although not as well attended as in the past. However, the competitors that did participate made amazing paintings. It was clear to see that painting nights would stand the test of time!

September 10th was better for Bob Ross competitions with a max of 9 including Commander Prior Bumble himself. The topic this time was winter. While most of the art created was beautiful as always, Field Marshal Justin took the cake with this masterpiece.

Then Bob Ross competitions were gone for 4 whole months. It was a really long wait, but they made their triumphant return and arrival to the new year on February 17th, 2021. This was a special event because this time we return to paint our very own capital server: Northern Lights!  

Painting is relaxing. And while it’s not for everyone, Bob Ross taught a generation that painting is more than just spilling some liquid on surfaces: it is an art.  No matter if we are professionals or not, making “happy accidents” is just part of the process. Rest in peace, Bob. You may now paint the skies with the angels. RFCP salutes you. 

What do YOU think about the Bob Ross painting nights?  What would YOU want to paint next?

Senior Reporter

RFCP’s Fun “Hunger Games Simulator”–And Instructions to Make Your Own!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Ever wanted to see what would happen if RFCP soldiers fought in the Hunger Games? Read on to learn more about RFCP’s new Hunger Games Simulator Channel!

Hunger Games Simulations are a fun and interactive way to pass time!  Whenever there is a dull moment in the chat, I fire these bad boys up. You may have seen a couple of these simulations running live, but what you probably don’t know is how the algorithm is used to simulate people, companies, food, and other objects all simultaneously competing against one another. Well, I’m here to explain it. 

Way back when in mid-2019, during my Rebel Penguin Federation heyday (don’t judge me please), I discovered this website called Brantsteele. Brantsteele is a website where you can simulate various competitions such as American Idol, Total Drama, MasterChef, Glee Project, Survivor, and the star of our show: The Hunger Games. Most of these aren’t that customizable, but Hunger Games gives you, the user, full control over the cast and their details.

We will go step by step on how to make the Hunger Game simulations of your dreams. The first step is obviously opening up Brantsteele, but you can do it quicker by googling “Hunger Games Simulator” and clicking the Brantsteele link. There you’ll be greeted by a page with the original Hunger Games movie characters and their names. If you don’t want to have this cast for your simulation, scroll downwards and hit the button that says “Edit Cast.”

You will be able to edit the 24 participants, but you can make the cast bigger by clicking the “Adjust Size” button, which is to the left of the “Edit Cast” button. Once in the cast customizations menu, you have the opportunity to fill in the blanks with the name of the character of your choosing. The first space is for the name, and the one below is for an optional nickname. 

Once that’s done you can add a URL for an image to represent each character if you would like. To the right, you can even choose the gender of your character. This will change the pronouns used with said character. You can also choose if your character will come from another show or will be inspired by real Hunger Games participants like Katniss or Peeta, however, it’s also largely optional and it can always just be skipped.

Rinse and repeat for your 24 participants, and you will find some more customization options. If you don’t want images at all, hit that option. If you want special death images, there’s an option for that as well. I recommend hitting the make nicknames the same as names button to prevent confusion down the line or having to fill every name twice.

Then you can press your enter key or the submit button to start your simulation. You will be returned to that original menu, which should now be showing the participants you chose. To begin the killing sequence, hit the proceed button. You will be able to move forward between days and nights within the simulation. The page will then reset and a bunch of text explaining the whereabouts of each character during the twelve hours will pop up.

You will start at the bloodbath, which is the day your participants will arrive on the battlefield. They may get resources from the cornucopia, but the algorithm won’t remember later down the line what they collected or grabbed across the game in general. What the algorithm will remember is who dies. Deaths may happen via suicide, accidents, or straight-up murder. The kill counter will also be kept in check across the entire game and will be shown at the end of each round.

Every character will do something every round. They could kill someone, sleep, get their camp raided, hold truces, nearly die, run, sprain an ankle, search for water, commit suicide, receive something from a sponsor, travel to high ground, discover a cave, step on a landmine, and many more options! Now between all this death and dismay some arena events could happen.

These can be harmful such as a volcano showing up, dangerous creatures spawning, massive fires, poisonous gas, natural disasters, or even the arena’s border rapidly contracting.  However, there are more peaceful random events that occur as well such as “The Feast”, which is a calm and less deadly alternative to the cornucopia/bloodbath. Here, participants can choose to get more resources towards the end of a round.  After several rounds, only one character will remain and will be crowned as the winner. 

Prior picks flowers.

If you want to share your own simulation, head over to the #hunger-games-simulator channel (owned by me) and share it with me! I’m a sucker for these. You can also visit the channel during EST mornings for more fun simulations hosted by me. I always host RFCP Themed Hunger Games and some others midweek, and I like to ping participating users as it goes.

Hunger Games simulations are a fun way to waste some time and have fun at the hilarious things that could happen. I hope this inspires you to try them for yourself, and join my club down here in the Hunger Games Simulator Channel!

What do YOU think about the Hunger Games Simulator Website?  Are YOU excited to try it out?  Leave us a comment below letting us know your thoughts!

Senior Reporter

The 2021 RFCP Olympics

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Missed the key moments of our recent tournament? Read on for a recap of the RFCP Olympics!

Olympic symbols - Wikipedia

After wrapping up our 4th semiannual Feddies award show, the next big thing on the horizon for RFCP seemed unclear. February came, and with it some fresh announcements, such as soldier promotions and new blogs, but nothing quite monumental.

This soon took a blazing turn when a torch was left unattended in #news.  A fire soon broke out in the server, as well as a slew of rumors about what this fire could symbolize.

The conspiracy grew until Uncle Satchmo, the Feddiegate 3.0 MVP, forced a statement from Commander Coolj regarding said torch. The Commander revealed on February 6th that the torch was not an ordinary torch, but the symbol of the Olympics!

The first ever RFCP Olympics would begin on February 8th!

While RFCP has held past army-wide contests such as the Snazzy Summer Contest in 2020, what marked this contest notably different was that soldiers could choose their own team in the same spirit as representing countries in the Olympics. 

The teams were The Bumblenators, led by Col. MicroHam, Team Erat Ipso Sacra, led by Commissar Hamster, Art Club, led by Gen. Anilia, and The Vuvuzela Raiders, led by–you guessed it–Maj. Arne

All four teams were assigned roles and private channels that could only be seen by people with said roles, and of course server Guardians.  Each soldier would be able to choose their team prior (!!!!) to the event in the #polls channel.

A schedule featuring 12 events across 6 days (two every day) accompanied the Olympics. All events took place at either 7:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m. EST. A point system was implemented, in which winning a gold medal would earn 300 points, a silver medal would earn 200 points, and a bronze would earn 100 points. All medals and their points would be shared within the team, and the team with the most points would win the Olympics!

Click to enlarge

Before the start of the competition, 28 soldiers joined each team. There were 6 soldiers each for The Bumblenators and Team Erat Ipso Sacra, and 9 each for Art Club and The Vuvuzela Raiders. Team Erat Ipso Sacra featured a blue uniform, Art Club wore Pink, The Vuvuzela Raiders wore orange and blue, and The Bumblenators wore sparkly purple–and they even had a logo!

The first event took place on the 8th of February, and it was a fun Skribbl.io competition. Naturally, it was won by Art Club, with Anilia claiming the gold medal, while the silver went to Maj. Aqua from the Vuvuzela Raiders, and the bronze medal went to good ol’ Sgt. Krispy, from Team Erat Ipso Sacra. Also I had a stroke while drawing on my phone during the event.

Two hours later, a four-way practice battle took place, which was won by Team Erat Ipso Sacra, followed by The Vuvuzela Raiders, and then the Bumblenators, causing a tie for first place between the Vuvuzela Raiders and Team Erat Ipso Sacra.  This ended Day 1 of the competition with The Bumblenators rock bottom and Art Club in third place.

Day 2 started with the 100 Meter Scroll. While there was a general confusion about how it would play out in the beginning, the rules became more clear during the event.  On the 100 meter scroll website, you had to scroll downwards an excruciatingly long amount. The gold medal went to Aqua, who completed the scroll in just 3 seconds, prompting some controversy, and the silver medal went to his teammate Maj. Randomplayer10, both from the Vuvuzela Raiders, sending them 500 points clear off the top. Uncle Satchmo got a second bronze medal for The Bumblenators.

At 9:00 p.m., soldiers were greeted with another race, this time across Club Penguin Rewritten Island. Participants would race from the Cove all the way up to the Mountain, and then back down again. Agent Stitches was the hero of the round for Team Erat Ipso Sacra, hitting the top 3 twice and earning the Gold Medal. Retired Field Marshal JoshAfter scored a silver for the Vuvuzela Raiders and the Bumblenators received the bronze thanks to MicroHam.

Gunshot! The race begins!

Day 3 started with a tie for last place between Art Club and the Bumblenators, while Team Erat Ipso Sacra sought to dethrone the reigning Vuvuzela Raiders. A wild Jackbox party took place in voice chat at 7:00 p.m. EST, in which the Vuvuzela Raiders lighted the game up, winning 700 points and the gold medal for their efforts, while the Bumblenators won a silver medal, thus beating Art Class for third place, and lastly, Team Erat Ipso Sacra received the bronze medal.

A surfing competition on Ukahala took place 2 hours later, and participants were required to play in competition mode, take a screenshot of their score, and submit said screenshot to Commissar Hamsterlover or Commander Coolj. The deadline was 2:00 p.m. EST the following day to accommodate different time zones. The gold medal went to The Bumblenators, thanks to Colonel MicroHam, earning their first gold medal. The silver went to the Vuvuzela Raiders and the bronze went to Art Club, being their second medal in general.

Day 4 had an intense start with a typing competition from 7:00-9:00 p.m. EST, and you’d think I would do moderately well, being a blogger!  Unfortunately, not the case! The winner was Gen. Anilia from Art Club at a whopping 85 words per minute, followed by Josh from the Vuvuzela Raiders, and Team Erat Ipso Sacra rolled in for a bronze medal. Except we must report, a mysterious user named Rick Riordan beat Josh in one instance…

The Vuvuzela Raiders had already crossed the 2200 points barrier, and a victory for them could finish the other team’s chances at winning the competition, but when a Jet Pack Adventure competition for the highest score rolled around, they got their first bronze medal, as the Bumblenators won the gold, while the silver medal went to Team Erat Ipso Sacra, allowing both of teams to cross the 1100 points threshold, thus tying them for second place.

Day 5 started off with a recruiting competition, where the format changed slightly.  Instead of medals rewarding points to each team, every new soldier recruited would award the recruiter’s team with 100 points!. It lasted for a whopping 48 hours to accommodate the difficulty of recruitment as well as those in various time zones! A server called the RFCP Invite Party with the Userphone bot in it was created to make said efforts easier for teams.  Each team received their own server where they could DM recruit soldiers.

But while it happened, a dancing competition took place in Ukahala two hours after the start of the recruiting contest. The winners were Team Erat Ipso Sacra, thanks to an inspired Hamster bringing 8000 points in, followed by Random from the Vuvuzela Raiders, who didn’t do too bad with 6000 points. 

Day 6 would end the competitions with a sled racing tournament at 9:00 p.m. EST. Team Erat Ipso Sacra brought the heat to Ukahala, as Club Penguin Rewritten’s Sled Racing minigame was still under development (Ukahala 1, CPR 0). They brought the gold medal home, while the Vuvuzela Raiders in typical fashion went home with the silver, and Art Club got a bronze medal.

The Olympics Closing Ceremonies took place the 15th of February at 7:00 p.m. EST, garnering a max of 16 soldiers. The recruit points were tallied up and a count was made. The results? Well, I could tell you what they were, but I’ll let the scores speak for themselves!

Looking past the salad of reactions, the Olympics came to a close, the winners celebrated, and everyone congratulated each other.  The Vuvuzela Raiders had surpassed the competition with a whopping 2700 points!  In second place came Team Erat Ipso Sacra with their 1800 points.  The Bumblenators were in third place with 1100 points, and Art Club painted their way to last place. The Olympics proved to be a great success, raising maxes, bringing in new soldiers, and stood as an example of how RFCP loves friendly competition!  No matter who wins or loses, we always place the importance of our family first! 

What did YOU think about the first ever RFCP Olympics?  Leave us a comment below with your thoughts!

Senior Reporter

RFCP-U Seeks to Educate All in RFCP and CPA

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–Class is back in session!  Read on to learn all about the classes that RFCP University has had to offer! Written by Maj. Arne and Cmdr. Prior.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image0.png

RFCP University, or RFCP-U for short, is one of the army’s many fun divisions, and one of only two open to the non-enlisted public! It was founded on January 9th, 2020, and hosted its first class one week later. This is our first ever blog about RFCP-U, though, and we intend to introduce all this institute of learning has provided our server.

I personally have delved once or twice into RFCP-U’s curriculum (by contributing to a detailed Bumble ancestors timeline), and can attest it’s a cool way to learn about our culture as an army. So I was asked to do some fun research, and compile all the policies and every single class taught to this day into one place so you too can learn about RFCP-U!

The Policies

On January 9th, 2020, Commander Prior Bumble released the plans for RFCP University along with revealing the very first four classes!  Similar to real university classes, each had its own lecture as well as a final exam that, upon passing, would award the soldier with credits toward earning an RFCP-U degree.

There were originally 3 departments: Warfare (WRFR), History (HST), and Culture (CLTR). All focused on RFCP and Club Penguin Armies education–what does effective CPA warfare look like (WRFR)? What happened during the early days of RFCP’s founding (HST)? What elements define RFCP’s familial culture (CLTR)? Then, in May 2020, a fourth department was added–Penguin Latin (PENGL), dedicated exclusively to teaching our army’s unique language. Recently, there have been talks about adding a fifth department, Constitutional Law (CNLW), to train lawyers of our Constitution. We’ll keep you posted!

RFCP-U offers 3 degrees: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate.

“Bachelor’s,” “Master’s,” or “Doctorate” will fill in the blanks of these degrees, accordingly. Degrees came with new perks, but also new mandates:


Pass at least 3 classes, including from at least 2 different departments.

  • Gives you a personalized degree
  • Earns you an RFCP-U Graduate Discord role
  • Awards one-time payment of $500 BB
  • Is required to become an Officer


Pass at least 5 classes, including from at least 3 departments.

  • Gives you a new personalized degree
  • Earns you access to a private channel called #scholars-lounge
  • Awards one-time payment of $500 BB
  • Is required to become a General


Pass at least 8 classes, including at least one from every department.

  • Gives you a new, premium degree
  • Enables you to be referred to as “Dr.” after you retire if you prefer
  • Your name is listed on the website
  • Awards one-time payment of $500 BB
  • Permits you to TEACH an RFCP-U class as a Professor, earning $600 BB a class and the Professor role on Discord
  • Bestows editing perms on the RFCP wiki

If someone feels they know enough to be exempt from this requirement, they may request a 1 on 1 test with Prior Bumble to see if they place out.

The degree is then signed by the Commander and the Dean.

Speaking of, the first Dean appointed by Prior Bumble remains the current Dean–former Commissar Redovyco, now addressed as Dr. Red. Having completed his thesis in RFCP History with a focus on the People’s Republic Army, Dr. Red is an intellectual passionate about teaching and archiving. Archiving, in fact, is one of the University’s missions as well.

The Classes

Name: WRFR 102: Allied and Enemy Leaders
Prof. Prior Bumble
January 17, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. EST
Required Reading: Prior’s chart (below)
Course Description:
This course will go over the political atmosphere in which RFCP resides, with emphasis on who the key players are in all relevant foreign entities. Prior Bumble’s relationships with them, and his strategic negotiations with them, will be examined

An artifact for the first RFCP-U class. Some things here have clearly changed, but this document for the most part upholds surprisingly well.

Name: HST 3100: Warring with Limes
Prof. Prior Bumble
January 18, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. EST
Required Reading: “4-4 in the War of Smoke and Sour!”, History of RFCP Chapters 5 and 7, The Treaty of Smog and Citrus
Course Description:
This course examines the three international conflicts RFCP had with the Lime Green Army, from the War of Smoke and Sour to the Whack-A-Mole War

Name: CLTR 101: Culture and Crossroads
Prof. Prior Bumble
January 19, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. EST
Required Reading: “Something I Never Wanted to Write”, “The Flower of Forgetfulness”, “Four Commanders that Inspire Prior’s Leadership”
Course Description:
This class will examine how RFCP built such a unique culture, especially when it was faced with crossroads and decisions. It will go over all of RFCP’s non-militant events like the Feddies and the funeral of Col. Boi. It will also scrutinize traits of the army that have led others to calling it a cult.

Name: HST 4000: Introduction to the PRA
Dean Redovyco
January 19, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. EST
Required Reading: CollinZfresh’s CPA Wiki Page, PRA’s original website, PRA’s revival website, An alternative PRA revival, Exchange on Blackburnt’s (contemporary of CollinZfresh) army website, CPSB website
Course Description:
This course will educate students on Prior Bumble’s first army from 2008. It will include details on CollinZfresh, Prior’s service in the army, and OG Club Penguin warfare

Name: WRFR 4100: Errors and Executions
Prof. Prior Bumble
January 20, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. EST
Required Reading: Watch https://youtu.be/dqlf3CWu_zo
Course Description:
Students will examine what makes a battle “look” strong, and what mistakes can lead to downfall in combat. Key tactics that RFCP have used will be studied, including ones that were memed or controversial.

Name: CLTR 2010: Penguin Latin / PENGL 100: Penguin Latin Overview (cross-listed)
Prof. Prior Bumble
January 22, 2020
Required Reading: “Penguin Latin”, RFCP Nation page (Penguin Latin section), “So Much Has Happened…” (Prior Bumble Goes to the Desert section), and start your own journal of Penguin Latin with a lexicon,
Course Description:
This course will go over the lore behind Penguin Latin, including fact versus legend. It will familiarize students with every known phrase, and significant uses of the language in RFCP history and culture.

Name: WRFR 4000: Red Wave
Dean Redovyco
January 24, 2020
Required Reading: Watch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbW4cbxuZZo
Course Description: Learn RFCP’s signature tactic. Our class objective will be accomplished by discussing the origins of Red Wave (which was codenamed Crimson Tide), studying videos of it performed, and going online and practicing it as a practical evaluation.

Name: HST 101: RFCP Origins
Prof. Prior Bumble
January 24, 2020
Required Reading: History of RFCP, Chapters 1-3, “The Treaty of Soap”, “The Great Schism”, “The Battle of the Berg”
Course Description: This course will examine the circumstances that gave birth to the RFCP, as well as its earliest events such as the Mopia Conflict and the Great Schism. Origins of key symbols and identities will also be discussed.

Name: HST 1260: History of the Servers: From Northern Lights to Mammoth
Prof. Prior Bumble
February 17, 2020
Required Reading: “Know Your Homeland: An Overview of RFCP’s Sixteen Servers”
Course Description:
This course will study the individual histories of the territories under RFCP’s jurisdiction, including modern history, details of acquisition, and older CPA activity which took place on these lands. Historic capitals, major events, and the theory of server control will be examined.

Name: HST 9420: Omega Security
Prof. Prior Bumble
April 13, 2020
Required Reading: “Latest Events and Server Wars”, “Command Room Gains Outside Hire”
Course Description:
Learn about the first organization ever to work with and recognize RFCP in its infancy. This secret organization is not an army! What’s the story with RFCP’s relationship with them?

Name: CLTR 6969: RFCP Memes
Guest Lecturer, Shallissa
April 13, 2020
Required Reading: None
Course Description: What are RFCP’s iconic copypastas, memes, and authors thereof? What do those memes have to do with our culture? The most famous media will be covered.

Name: PENGL 101: Conversational Basics | LAB: PENGL 102
Guest Lecturer, rosaferri
May 17, 2020 at 7:30 p.m. EST, LAB at 7:45 p.m. EST | Again on June 6, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. EST
Required Reading: Lexicon of Penguin Latin
Course Description: Learn to hold conversations in Penguin Latin and understand its linguistic theory. Rather than focusing on the culture of Penguin Latin, this course will exclusively teach the vocabulary, phonics, and translations necessary to use the language. The LAB for this class, PENGL 102, will advance comprehension and fluency in Penguin Latin. The class will look at how to combine words to make new meanings and shed light on connotations and metaphors. The LAB is a mandatory partner to this class and together they will equal one course’s credits’ worth.

Name: CLTR 909: Coding
Guest Lecturer, JustinTFC
May 17, 2020 at 9:00 p.m. EST
Required Reading: None
Course Description: The modern Club Penguin world is full of computer coding! Learn how to code and use HTML.

Name: CLTR 7500: The Psychology of Prior Bumble
Guest Lecturer, Shallissa
June 4, 2020
Required Reading: Prior Bumble CPA Wiki page, especially the quotes
Course Description: This course will examine Prior Bumble’s psyche. It will offer an overview of psychological characteristics, including the heartwarming and the controversial. His fatherly, hotheaded, and serious natures will be discussed, as well as the ways he has been compared to Elmikey. The class will seek to understand him rather than judge him, acknowledging motivations, his personal background, and case studies that illustrate who he is.

Name: CLTR 555: Trolling License Seminar
Guest Lecturer, Coolj
June 12, 2020
Required Reading: None
Course Description: This course will go over how to troll, stand up for yourself, grow some balls, and how to beat a troll.

Completing this class immediately rendered the student this permit. Just for fun, of course. No genuine intent to use hurtful words is allowed in RFCP!

Name: WRFR 4200: How to Lead with Speed
Guest Lecturer, HamsterloverL
July 19, 2020 9:00 p.m. EST
Required Reading: None
Course Description: Learn to get orders out without pause and lead the most efficiently. Practical exam.

Name: CLTR 1111: RFCP in the Real World
Prof. Prior Bumble
August 25, 2020
Required Reading: “RFCP Raises $222 for Coronavirus Relief”, “HISTORIC AND BREAKING! The “ECHO” Established on RFCP’s One-Year Anniversary”, “Soldiers Celebrate RFCP Anniversary Week with Real Life Monuments!”
Course Description: In this class, we will study times RFCP was more than a digital organization and transcended into real life. This includes RFCP responding to real-life needs, expressing itself in the real world, and establishing a future of real-world relevance.

Name: CLTR 8675: Online Safety
Guest Lecturer, JustinTFC
November 3, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. EST
Required Reading: The #resources channel under Support in the RFCP Discord
Course Description: Learn how to be safe online, how to securely interact with others and protect your information (such as with a VPS), and what to do when something doesn’t seem quite right. RFCP cares about you.

Name: WRFR 2021: Recruiting without Flash
Guest Lecturer, Anilia
January 14, 2021
Required Reading: The #resources channel under Support in the RFCP Discord
Course Description: Just because Flash stops doesn’t mean we stop! Learn to recruit for RFCP in other ways besides on Club Penguin.

Name: HST 7007: The Lineage of Prior Bumble
Guest Lecturer, Arne
January 27, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. EST
Required Reading: “Official Tree of the Bumble Bloodline” and all ancestor stories from the blog (Hamilton, Eugegard, Woodrow Bumble, etc.)
Course Description: This course will study the patriarchal line of Prior Bumble from his spiritual father, CollinZfresh, to military ancestors before that, all the way to the Grey Bears of Int’ai’uto.

Name: CLTR 998: The RFCP Constitution I [There have been talks of opening a law school, in which case this course would be cross-listed]
Guest Lecturer, Anilia
February 27, 2021 at 8:00 p.m. EST
Required Reading: The Constitution of the RFCP (no Amendments)
Course Description: This course will dissect the RFCP Constitution–its objectives, powers, and rights bestowed–and allow for open discussion. This class focuses only on the original Constitution. Amendments will be examined in The RFCP Constitution II.

Class is in Session!

All classes, as shown below, require you to register your enrollment.

Classes tend to include a syllabus at the beginning outlining how the next hour of class will look for the students. The, the presiding Professor holds office hours for about 30 minutes after class concludes to answer any questions. Having TAs are also possible, but so far there have been none.

The class policies always include raising hands if you have a question, encouraging notetaking, and enforcing an honor-system for the closed-book, closed-note exam at the end.

Attendance is checked at the end of class, too!

Some classes are very serious, such as the shockingly deep analysis of the organization labeled Omega Security, but sometimes the University allows informal, silly lessons as well.

When retired Brigadier Rose became passionate about Penguin Latin (the official language of RFCP), she decided to teach basic Penguin Latin. It also inspired Prior to begin periodic classes on Intermediate Penguin Latin.  These lessons brought the deep culture of the Great Grey Bears to the entire army. This is a great example of how RFCP-U takes pre-existing passions and makes curriculums out of them!

Classes were not always straightforward lectures and exams, as you may have observed.  After a month-long hiatus, the RFCP-U semester of July 2020 would greet us with a class on How to Lead with Speed. In this class, besides memorizing formations and battle tactics, there was a physical exam where soldiers had to successfully lead the army for 10 minutes straight! A similar class to this was the Red Wave class, also ending in a practical evaluation.

The #rfcp-u chat also hosted a live reading of the RFCP History page of the blog with book club styled discussion!  Prior Bumble prompted questions to the soldier body for five days straight after each chapter of the history.  


Of course, none of us can forget the first RFCP-U Graduation, where Michelle Obama gave the commencement speech.

In this first RFCP-U ceremony, the following degrees were awarded:

Doctorate: HamsterLover, Pixie Masters: ShyGuy, CC, Sillabye Bachelor’s: Anilia, Coolj, Pancake, Liam, LilCoffeeBean



The history of the RFCP University is as deep as the history of RFCP itself.  Each semester proves that RFCP-U remains an important part of RFCP culture, educating our soldiers about the customs of our great army. 

All classes are pinned in the #rfcp-u channel if you want to refresh or take the class remotely (you will still have to pass an evaluation from a Professor if you want the credit towards the degree). There will be many more classes in the future as well, and students can expect some of the ones above they may have missed to be repeated, so keep an eye out!

What RFCP-U classes have YOU attended?  What classes would YOU look forward to?  Leave us a comment below and let us know your thoughts!

Editor’s Note: This is a live post that will be updated as more classes are added past the posting date. Many thanks to our great teachers and to Arne for his research!

Valentine’s Day is Upon Us! But How Did it Get Here?

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Colonel Shy Guy hits RFCP with a lovely blog (wink wink) on a very special day. Learn about the history of Valentine’s Day and what RFCP is doing to celebrate.

Ahh yes, Valentine’s Day! A beautiful day (to some) to be alive. Aside from the fact that we’re in a pandemic and are required to stay 6 feet apart, we can still see our loved ones (virtually of course) and still send lots of affection!

But a common question may come to mind on this day: HOW did Valentine’s Day become a thing and WHY is it a day for celebrating love and loved ones?

Way back in 3rd century Rome, there was a priest named Valentine of Terni. He lived in the time of Emperor Claudius II. This emperor outlawed marriage in Rome because he thought romance would distract his soldiers from their devotion to national service. Valentine, a brave believer, would secretly officiate weddings against the Roman Emperor’s wishes, which eventually would lead to his imprisonment.  While imprisoned, some say he fell in love with a young girl.  He would often write her love letters signed “From Your Valentine,” which is one theory of how the tradition of sending Valentines came to be. Others say that Christian followers of his threw little gifts over the prison walls for him, giving origin to the exchange of small presents on this day.

Valentine was executed on February 14th, c. 270 CE, and was canonized as a saint by the Roman Catholic Church for giving his life for the sacrament of marriage. We celebrate his feast day on February 14th as a result. 

St. Valentine

Over time, Valentine’s Day became a commercialized holiday, straying far from its origins of being a saint’s Feast Day.  A large number of modern traditions owe themselves to Shakespeare’s contributions.  Throughout his romanticized writings, Shakespeare popularized the concept of sending Valentine’s Day cards and gifts to loved ones.  While Valentine’s traditions have changed greatly over time, the concept of showing our love to those we care about has stood strong.  

So how can we as an army celebrate this tradition? Well, last week Col. Microwaveable Hamster announced that soldiers and Officers can give out VIRTUAL VALENTINES to one another!

Upon clicking the link, you would be led to a Google Form where you could anonymously send a nice message to anyone in the server!!!!!!  

You will be asked for the name of the person you would like to send your message to, the actual message itself (must be appropriate of course), whether you wish to remain anonymous or not, and if you have any special requests.  If you choose to not include your name, your message will be sent anonymously by the RFCP Secret Cupids!  

The RFCP Secret Cupids will use their special Valentine’s powers to make your message into a memorable gift that the recipient will treasure forever!  They will be magically sent to the recipient on February 14th!  I wasn’t supposed to reveal the finished product until Valentine’s Day, but I managed to steal a sample…shhh…

This is a wonderful way of celebrating this fine tradition, so I encourage all members of RFCP to write a Virtual Valentine to someone in the army to brighten their day! You all have until today to fill one out.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day.

With love,


What do YOU think about the Virtual Valentines?  Are YOU looking forward to sending one to a special someone?  Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!

Arne’s Guide to Colombia: Food and Money

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—RFCP is proud to celebrate the diversity of its soldiers. This is an educational and cultural piece about Major Arne’s home country! Prepare to be swept away to a tropical paradise!

This blog is part of our RFCP Marines outreach! The Marines are our Spanish-speaking division. If you consider yourself primarily Spanish-speaking or just want to learn more, please reach out to Vizconde Don!

Ahhhhh, Colombia. A country of nature, cultures, variety, kindness, resourcefulness, landscapes, biodiversity, happiness, cheap taxis, coffee, historical sites, rice, corn, artisanal products, and wild Arnes roaming around.

While things aren’t all happy down here, it’s an attractive place. There’s a little something for everyone here. From beaches to mountains, deserts to metropolises, historic sites to massive plantations, shopping malls to island getaways, forests and tropical weather 12 months a year, there is much to love about Colombia! To quote Morshu, “You want it, it’s yours, my friend.”

But if you want to truly enjoy your time, you will need some advice. So as a qualified Colombian native, I’m here to explain to you how to survive in my beautiful country. The first issue we will tackle regards money and food.  The most important thing to keep in mind regarding money is the conversion value.  When you trade an American dollar, you receive around 3.500 Colombian pesos. 

That might make you think either our economy is in shambles or your dollars are worth quite a lot. Both are correct, but the huge number has to do with the fact that we’re one of the few countries that used this system in which almost everything has like three extra zeros attached to it. Here in Colombia, a million pesos is standard one month salary for some professions, while a million dollars in the U.S. would be lifechanging.

There are coins that we don’t have fun nicknames for as well like the 50 pesos coin, the 100 pesos coin, the 200 pesos coin, the 500 pesos coin, and the 1000 pesos coin, which is what I call the fat oreo (since it looks like two coins glued together). 1000 pesos is pretty much a pretty standard money amount, and it is also considered the first bill. For bills we have the 1.000, 2.000, 5.000, 10.000, 20.000, and 50,000 bills as well as the recently introduced elusive 100.000 bill.

Most food in restaurant chains such as McDonald’s (of course we have those here!) will retail between 20.000 and 10.000 pesos, but it can go up to 30.000 in some more high-end places. Speaking of which, what other U.S. fast food chains do we have in Colombia? Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Papa John’s, Little Caesar’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, Panda Express, and Subway are some of the American comforts that you can find in Colombia as well. We still are missing out on many chains like Popeye’s, Jimmy John’s, Sonic Drive In, Arby’s, Chick-Fil-A, and Carl’s Jr, but we make up for it with our own fast food chains! 

There’s La Lucerna, (lah-loo-ser-nah), a dessert place with some gourmet food; Frisby, the biggest fried chicken chain in the country; and burger chains such as Presto, Sayonara, and Del Rodeo. El Corral is a higher-end burger chain; Crepes and Waffles is fine dining for the broke; Kei-Zaki is sushi and japanese food; Mis Carnes has traditional Colombian foods as well as some wacky menu items; and QBano sells sub sandwiches.

There’s many I didn’t cover, but we have several rich options in traditional food as well. We have the classic empanada, a cheap dough-based dish that’s stuffed with meat, chicken, or cheese, and then deep fried. Some regions may pair them with a juice made out of sugarcane called guarapo. There’s also the bandeja paisa, which is beans served with avocado, the chorizo, which is like a fat sausage, egg, rice, and chicharrones which is a type of fried pork. 

Some other options are ajiaco and sancocho, two rich creamy vegetable-based soups.  The ajiaco has a more intense flavour based on an ingredient named guasca, while the sancocho is more based on the yucca. We also have some fun fruits like the passion fruit and chalupa, two yellow fruits that are really sour and grow in tropical environments. There’s also the guanabana and the guayaba, which are both sweet but the guayaba is much more sour and acidy overall.

Guayabas can be condensed into these red rectangular candies which I actually like quite a bit. Then there’s pitaya, which looks kinda like a yellow dragon fruit. Most of these are kinda cheap, except pitaya, which can get quite expensive. Also don’t worry about when each fruit reaches its peak season, because ALL seasons are optimal fruit seasons in Colombia!

Due to a phenomenon called the equatorial line, which is a strip across the middle of the world encompassing most of South America, down here there’s no such thing as the regular season calendar. No snow, no sun until 10:00 p.m., no leaves falling everywhere, just an eternal season comparable to spring in the Northern Hemisphere.

What Line? | the imaginaryLine

So, next summer, think about booking a trip down to Colombia, but only if you’re vaccinated or did a COVID test. Please. Safety first, folks!

What do YOU think about Colombia? Let us know what YOU think the most interesting food is in the comment section below!

Senior Reporter

What it Takes to Run an RFCP Channel

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALASo you think you have what it takes to run your own RFCP channel?  Read on to find out!

Picture this: one day, #general-chat is slow and you’re bored, wishing for something to do. While searching the server, you head on over to the RFCP Store, where you gawk at all the things you want to buy but can’t afford yet. The opportunities seem endless!  Along with real RFCP merchandise like pillows, snow globes, magnets, apparel, and pens, there are virtual prizes such as Discord Nitro, personalized roles, memes, copypastas, Amazon gift cards, even a date with an Officer!  Isn’t capitalism amazing?

But one product may catch your attention more than any other. 

Arguably one of the most coveted RFCP prizes is one’s very own custom RFCP Channel.  Many soldiers dream of having their very own channel to showcase their passions.  We’ve already seen a few examples of the lucky soldiers who opened up their channels: from astronomy to fun facts to even cooking. There are countless possibilities!

For the low, low, down payment of $2,000 Bumble Bucks, this offer could be yours! (Hey, I said it was attention-grabbing!). Now, as any mother would tell her six-year-old kid who found a dog on the street on the way home, taking care of something is a big responsibility. But nevertheless, the possibility of having a channel for your own shenanigans is quite an interesting one, and so many soldiers do take on the lease.

So if you had the funds and decided you wanted to purchase your own channel, what would be expected of you next? After forking out the large sum of your down payment to a banker, you would have the honor of naming your channel (within reason…) and being added to a neat little group chat with all the other channel owners. However, your responsibility would not end there.  

You may see that some users who had purchased their own channels, most notably Col. Shy Guy’s #astronomy and Vizconde Don’s #fun-facts, had been closed.  This is because of a rent system, in which you have to pay a sum of $150 Bumble Bucks every two weeks, totaling $300 Bumble Bucks monthly.  Each payment you fail to pay will stack up and become debt. Once you’ve accumulated enough debt, your channel can and will be shut down indefinitely until you pay said debt.

Business Debt - Can it Really be a Good Thing? | Anglo ...

If you ever find yourself in debt, don’t despair!  Firstly, it is unconstitutional in the RFCP for ANY channel to be permanently deleted–all are archived and visible only to the Commander and Prior Bumble (when he is not serving as Commander). So your channel is safe and waiting for you when you’re ready to take it back! Secondly, it is very possible to get yourself out of debt by making some Bumble Bucks by patrolling or recruiting! Fortunately, Shy Guy was able to pay off his debt and now has his channel back, but Don is sadly still stuck in I-own-a-channel-but-I-can’t-use-it purgatory.

My own channel, #hunger-games-simulator, which I own alongside Maj. Djchoruskid,  was archived back in January due to user disinterest and lack of funding.  Recently, it was reopened and freed of its debt, once the whopping $600 Bumble Bucks were paid off. There’s also Col. Microwaveable Hamster’s #cookie-cooking channel to share food and recipes, which hasn’t been archived or fallen in debt, thanks to a stable funding base (even if I use that channel more than Sgt. Cookie herself).

So it may all look like doom, gloom, debt, and bankruptcy, but I’m here to offer a couple of solutions so you too can earn enough money to pay the channel rent after you buy your own channel:

  • Doing 3 patrols each day for five days will net you the money in a third of the time you have available to pay off the channel.
  • Releasing a single blog post will earn you $200 Bumble Bucks, with $50 to spare after paying off one rent payment.
  • Recruit 6 soldiers. It may be tedious, but you’re helping the army at the same time you make $25 Bumble Bucks per soldier recruited.
  • Keep an eye out for contests, tournaments, or events with rewards. Most pay you for participating!
  • Officer rewards/gifts. Officers can give you some Bumble Bucks for many reasons, like hosting Twilight themed Hunger Games. Right, Don?
  • Mix and match any of the above!

Always make sure to tell a banker when you’ve completed any of those tasks, so they can give you the money you earned. Another point to note is that soldiers in debt are not restricted to the 3 patrols per day rule, meaning they can grind nonstop as well. By recruiting 10 soldiers in a day, you will be rewarded with an EXTRA $500 Bumble Bucks as a bonus to the $25/each! (Try bringing that stash in, I challenge you!).

Running a channel is a fun responsibility–that is, when you aren’t stuck in a pit of financial despair and unpaid rent. But with all of these solutions, you should be in the clear!

Would YOU want to run an RFCP channel?  Think YOU could keep up with the responsibility?  Leave us a comment below to let us know your thoughts!

Senior Reporter