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Sunday Funday Returns! August 2021 Edition

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Join us for a NEW edition of a completely redesigned Sunday (butreleasedonMondaythistime) Funday: now in monthly editions!

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The 5th Semiannual Feddies

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA— As the Recon Federation of Club Penguin server returns to normal after the 5th semiannual Feddies Awards, Gen. MicroHamster presents a recap of the awards ceremony and a special surprise for all the winners!

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Look A Meme

Getting Ready for Your Feddie? You Better!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—It’s official! RFCP’s traditional semiannual award show is back yet again for another round! To hype it up, this points recounts all the facts on the origins of this incredible event, and announces details for the upcoming one!

It’s about time!

The Feddies Award Ceremony has been the Recon Federation of Club Penguin’s take on the Oscars and a staple of RFCP culture ever since its inception back in August of 2019!  At each show, we bestow awards from over 20 categories to our incredibly hardworking and deserving soldiers via public user voting, using the totally unhackable Google Forms. (We don’t have much of a budget, Gen. MicroHam keeps wasting it on new microwaves).

However, to some of our newest soldiers, the Feddies is a strange concept.  So what exactly are the Feddies and how did the RFCP start this twice-yearly tradition?

During the Golden Age of RFCP, back in the summer of 2019, a soldier came up with the idea of having RFCP’s very own award show.  After all, if celebrities could do it, what was stopping Prior?  On July 28th, 2019, the first of the Feddies was announced to the #news channel with a lineup of awards for both soldiers and allies alike.  This award list soon evolved into a full-blown roster accompanied by an entertainment show, and this became a tradition every August and January.  The first Feddies occurred on August 11th, 2019 and had 4 sequels!  This August will be the 5th semiannual Feddies!

Of course, the Feddies haven’t always been smooth sailing.  From the second Feddies on, there have been suspicious scandals known as Feddigate (a combination of “Feddie” and “Watergate”).  

Some of the awards lineup changes every year, but there are some classic awards that have stuck around, such as the RFCP Legend award: the most prestigious award (the equivalent to Best Picture if you will), which has been won by Commander Prior Bumble, obviously, retired General Tumbling, and Commissar Hamster. Other standout awards include the CollinZFresh Peace Prize (named after Prior Bumble’s own PRA Commander), the Warrior Award (for extreme bravery), The Innovation Award, (for new army innovations), and the Reconnaissance Award (for extraordinary recon work). This time around the list will have 27 awards, being:

1. CollinZFresh Peace Prize

2. Warrior Award

3. Innovation Award

4. Reconnaissance Award

5. RFCP Legend

6.  Patriotic Trooper

7.  Most Dedicated Patroller

8.  Shopaholic

9.  Dankest Memer Award

10.  RFCP Vampire Award

11.  Sleepyhead Award

12.  Funniest Officer Award

13.  Scariest Officer Award

14.  The RedbackAWARD

15.  Sunshine Award

16. Fashionista Award

17.  Savvy Status Award 

18.  The Harbinger of Chaos

19.  Golden Pen Award

20.  Golden Paintbrush Award

21.  Chatterbox Award

22.  Nicki Minaj Award

23.  Sussiest Baka Award

24.  Mad Mod Award

25.  Biggest Rise Award

26.  Officer of the Year

27.  Soldier of the Year

After voting on a theme for the event, the soldiers ended up choosing a disco motif for the venue this time around. The ceremony will be hosted Saturday, August 7th. There will be various surprise guest hosts and of course our very own Prior Bumble will make an appearance to hand out RFCP Legend! 

The best part about the Feddies?  To choose who will receive each award, we will host a Google Form with each of the categories where YOU can nominate someone or something for each category. It is very important that you fill out this poll in #news as soon as possible!  There will be a second poll later this week to choose the winners from these nominees.  We need YOUR nominations!!!  

Who will win the Feddies this time around? It’s up to you to choose.  Well, as long as a fourth Feddiegate doesn’t come around to mess it up…

Are YOU excited for the 5th semiannual Feddies Awards?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Sunday Funday Volume 2, Issue 4: Anniversary Update!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—After an incredibly busy anniversary week for RFCP, Editor Hamster is here to recap our amazing second birthday in this long blog! Yep, we are using the same headline as last week’s paper, because we just aren’t done talking about this awesome celebration! Read on to hear about all of the festivities that truly made the anniversary week memorable!

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Sun–Er, Monday Funday: Volume 2, Issue 3

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Same great newspaper, on a Monday this week! Read on for a detailed rundown of our week in the third edition of our second volume of Sunday-Funday, written by your favorite rodent-lover, Editor HamsterloverL! In this week’s edition, read on for news on a VERY special celebration coming up in the RFCP server!!!!!

As the RFCP approaches its second anniversary, it is time to reflect on our past, present, and future.  Join us as we celebrate our extensive army history with a HUGE week-long celebration, culminating with an even BIGGER party on June 5th!

A Brief History of RFCP

Prior Bumble: the man, the myth, and the legend (literally) who started it all.  Sure, we all know that!  But what some of our newer members may not know is the story behind the incredible founder of the RFCP.  

Picture this:

It is June 5th, 2019 at around 9:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. On a warm, early summer evening, one dark purple penguin decides to log onto Club Penguin Rewritten, unaware of the incredible legacy that he will begin within mere minutes.  Waddling into the Command Room of the Elite Penguin Force, he decides to spend the evening playing the classic Club Penguin tower defense game, System Defender.  While playing the game, he notices that the table in front of him has filled up.  All but one seat at the Command Room table is taken…

Our predominant purple protagonist naturally takes the seat at the head of the table.  The room goes quiet, as confused penguins look at one another, anxiously wondering what will happen next.  One brave voice emerges from the silence: “Uhhh, someone say something.”

These four words sparked a fire inside of our hero.  Taking a deep breath, Prior Bumble knew what needed to be done.  With his most authoritative voice, from his days as Second-in-Command of the People’s Republic Army (PRA), Prior began barking out orders to the rest of the penguins at the table.  Instantly captivated by his dominance, penguins began flocking from all over the island to follow his orders.  Cries of “Sir! Prior, sir!” resonated throughout the EPF room, as these followers engaged in these tasks based on strategic spying missions. The Recon Federation of Club Penguin was born: named after the militaristic spying operations that characterize reconnaissance.

Within days, the RFCP’s following became too massive for in-game operations, and a Discord server was created to better organize the strategies of the organization on June 11th, 2019.  The organization’s first major conflict would occur shortly after, when it seemed that the RFCP had competition with a new gang: The Mopia.  When these light blue penguins began taking over the sacred land of the iceberg, the RFCP would not sit idly.  

With force, and then diplomatic action, being taken to reclaim the sacred ground, the RFCP had cemented its legacy as an army to be reckoned with.  Soon enough, Prior Bumble and the RFCP sealed the deal by entering the Club Penguin Army Community as an official army.  

The rest is history!

Note:  The history of the RFCP is much more extensive than what is listed here, visit the RFCP history page here to read the complete history.

Celebrating 2 Years of RFCP

Most armies fail to survive their first week or even month.  But the Recon Federation’s major accomplishment of surviving 2 years even throughout countless conflicts is a cause to celebrate!  Several RFCP veterans who remember the first anniversary celebration vividly have come together to plan an even greater celebration for our amazing troops who make our incredible army possible! 

Art courtesy of General Microhamster!

Many of these events stem from the culture and lore of the army, such as an original EPF-styled roleplay, a reenactment of our first war with the Lime Green Army, and a celebration at the official restaurant of RFCP: Lucky’s Bar!  Join us for these incredible moments of history! 

Interview with Prior

Q: How does it feel being the founder of an army that has reached 2 years of activity?

A: I am full of pride. Many armies created in this modern age do not survive more than a few months if not weeks. RFCP is a bold and historic exception. Our longevity, in the face of unprecedented opposition, is a miraculous and powerful achievement that no one can take away from us. 

Q: When you originally created RFCP, were you expecting it to turn into a legacy? 

A: Goddamn right I was.

RFCP Fun Facts

  • The triangle in the center of the RFCP flag is not red, as is commonly thought. It is actually a shade of reddish brown-hex code #862007 to be exact!
  • The army that the RFCP had the most wars with was the LGA: with a whopping total of 3 wars IN A ROW!!! (We won them all–even LGA, now our ally, concedes this).
  • While the RFCP has had 3 people take the role of Commander throughout its history, there have been 5 people with the prestigious role of Commissar, 2 of which unprecedentedly held the rank at the same time!
  • Ever wonder who has the most roles in the entire army?  That honor goes to General Sillabye who has an INCREDIBLE total of 71 roles!!!!  Generals Anilia and Microhamster come in next with 60 and 58 roles respectively.  Oddly enough, our own Commander Coolj only has 37 roles!

Puzzles and Games 

Find Prior!

Meme of the Week

Leave us a comment below and let us know what YOU want to see in future editions of the paper! Happy Second Anniversary to the RFCP!


RFCP Sees Red

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Former RFCP Commissar, Redovyco, has come out of retirement! Read on for a full exclusive interview with Red to discover what the beloved veteran has been up to, and see what he has to say about his plans for the future of RFCP!

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Blogging 101

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Do you want to know how blogs are made? What are the different types of blogs? Are you wondering how you can post things on the RFCP website? Read on for an exclusive look!

Chalk Board Clipart | Free download on ClipArtMag
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Another Idyllic Bob Ross Painting Night

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Bob Ross Painting Nights have been an RFCP staple of friendly fun for quite some time! Join Arne to learn more about this relaxing tradition!

Ahhhhh, Bob Ross. A cultural icon indeed. With his butter-smooth voice and a classy yet simple art style, he is quite the legend. I didn’t have the pleasure of growing up with The Joy of Painting series, but I wish I did!  If that were the case, I’d paint on a big canvas, instead of doing digital photoshop on Canva. Although he passed away over 26 years ago, he is still remembered by people all over the internet, RFCP included!

One of our more unprecedented but most beloved traditions actually involves Bob Ross’s legacy. No, I’m not talking about my effort to sell Bob Ross branded energy drinks in my personal shop. Instead, at the top of our perpetual Bob Ross posthumous memorial is RFCP’s renowned Bob Ross painting events.

So how do they work? Every month or so we will pick a theme and livestream one of Bob Ross’s acclaimed The Joy of Painting episodes in the RFCP voice chat.  Each soldier tries their best to follow along with the video by painting with Bob Ross on the best digital drawing tool ever created by a human being: Microsoft Paint Online. Our most recent painting night was on the 17th of February, where we (for a second time with this episode!) created artwork based on our very own capital, Northern Lights. And, just like our own capital, many of these recreations are beautiful works of art!  So that got me thinking, what started these Bob Ross painting nights?

So I dug up the archive, as I tend to do, and created a compilation of every single Bob Ross event that we have had. Documentation of Bob Ross themed events dates back to November 2019, when our first painting party occurred in General Anilia’s igloo. At this point, the events were solely on Club Penguin so there was no artwork created on Microsoft Paint yet. 

A few months later a poll was posted, asking if we should do more Bob Ross events.  The participants had to actually draw misty hills, which came out great for the most part!  Here is a sample!

Commander Prior liked it quite a lot and decided that these events should happen more frequently. In fact, he randomly posted a Bob Ross event on news on the 30th of May, briefly explaining how to follow along so that even those unfamiliar with the tradition could join in.  During the event, participants would watch a classic The Joy of Painting episode, and then everyone would try to paint a tropical seascape. And it’s clear to see that our dear soldiers have talent.

Bob Ross Competitions would be gone for a month until the Snazzy Summer competition rolled around. General Anilia, as leader of The Chocolate Frogs, decided that it was a good time to challenge her team members to a Bob Ross contest on who could draw the best scene of mountains at sunset. 

After summer was over and autumn began, Bob Ross competitions returned once more, although not as well attended as in the past. However, the competitors that did participate made amazing paintings. It was clear to see that painting nights would stand the test of time!

September 10th was better for Bob Ross competitions with a max of 9 including Commander Prior Bumble himself. The topic this time was winter. While most of the art created was beautiful as always, Field Marshal Justin took the cake with this masterpiece.

Then Bob Ross competitions were gone for 4 whole months. It was a really long wait, but they made their triumphant return and arrival to the new year on February 17th, 2021. This was a special event because this time we return to paint our very own capital server: Northern Lights!  

Painting is relaxing. And while it’s not for everyone, Bob Ross taught a generation that painting is more than just spilling some liquid on surfaces: it is an art.  No matter if we are professionals or not, making “happy accidents” is just part of the process. Rest in peace, Bob. You may now paint the skies with the angels. RFCP salutes you. 

What do YOU think about the Bob Ross painting nights?  What would YOU want to paint next?

Senior Reporter