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Ex-Hater of the RFCP DELETES his “Open Letter,” is Welcomed Back into the Server

Sunday, July 12th, 2020

And just like that, words of anger and accusation are wiped clean from the Internet, and peace and brotherhood emerge from it.

Rowan Alden (aka, Gabriel Laurent), known to many as the CPA Wikipedia curator, did not leave his Brigadier position in RFCP on good terms. He joined PIC, an army once full of ex-Recon, and published a two-part open letter against RFCP.

After time passed and RFCP released its two letters of defense and evidence against unjust claims, Rowan’s heart began to change.

He deleted his open letter.

Prior and Rowan reunited over DMs. While Rowan typed, Prior silenced him with action, not words.

The two embraced, and the love and old friendship flowed sweetly. Shortly after, Rowan was invited “home” to join the server again. He was extended a job offer on RFCP’s upcoming Wikipedia fandom site (a Wiki just like CPA’s, but dedicated entirely to RFCP history and lore). And he’s been active there, reveling in old pals and in the uplifting chat, ever since.

“I misjudged you [Prior] and I misjudged RFCP,” said Rowan.

Later, Rowan agreed to give an interview about this turning tide. Such a decision did not come easy. Rowan hesitated, knowing the stigma of supporting RFCP he would face from the larger community. But it didn’t take him long to go from a place of trepidation to one of, You know what? Yes. I’ll do it.

RFCP supports him, acknowledges his courage, honors him, and loves him.

Please take the time to read his interview below:

Q: It’s really brave of you to speak out about your support of RFCP. Thank you for being here.

You recently took down your “open letter” article criticizing RFCP. Can you tell us why?

A: Thanks for having me! I took down my open letter simply because I felt that it didn’t represent where I stood now where RFCP and Prior are concerned. I don’t necessarily regret writing it–it was a huge help in venting my problems back then–but I regret publishing it for the world to see. I think we could have done all of this a lot earlier if I hadn’t posted the letter and caused more problems, which could honestly have been resolved within DMs.

Q: How would you describe the current atmosphere of RFCP, now that you’ve been welcomed back into the server?

A: It’s a very positive place! I think it’s a lot better compared to how it occasionally could be at times back in the day; I haven’t seen a single argument, or any form of blow up. I haven’t seen anyone not following the NSFW rules, which is amazing compared to how things sometimes got back in the day.

Q: What do you think the larger CPA community misunderstands about RFCP? How about Prior Bumble?

A: I think that what most people get wrong is that it’s now July 2020. It’s been more than half a year since everything that happened. It’d be nice if people would stop judging RFCP by mistakes it made coming on for a year ago when they have clearly been putting the effort in to do things right. As for Prior himself, I think people should learn to judge his character by their own experiences instead of secondhand accounts (not to mention outdated accounts, since again the majority of stuff happened over half a year ago).

Q: What are you doing now in the army community?

A: Personally, I retired about a month ago after some months in another army’s HICOM. I’m not up to much these days; I monitor the wiki (cue the wikiboy jokes) as ever, but besides that, I’m more interested in keeping the friendships I’ve made here. They’re what matter to me now.

Q: What future do you hope to see for RFCP?

A: In an ideal world, it’d be nice to see RFCP become a part of CPAH again, but I don’t see that happening, really. CPAH seemed to have made it clear they have a dislike for RFCP and I doubt that’ll change any time soon. CPAH seem to be happy promoting an ‘RFCP bad’ narrative, and I doubt that’ll change unless the management changes. It’s a shame, but what can you do? You know what? In the end, everyone needs to get a pen and draw a huge line under everything that happened in the past, and create opinions based on what RFCP is now. Not what it was back in 2019 or the start of this year. There were issues back then and there were problems between people and Prior. But all that happened in the past. And, really, it’s about time we all started living in the present. I think that’s all I really have to say on things. Thank you again for having me back here. It’s been amazing seeing everyone.

During his time in RFCP, Rowan earned RFCP’s third most prestigious medal, the Medal of Valor. Despite Rowan’s open letter and outspoken antagonism towards Prior Bumble in the past, Prior never chose to strip him of this medal.

We believe Rowan renewed his deservedness for such an award today, by giving this interview.

To our enlisted readers, please consider reaching out to Rowan’s DMs and giving him your gratitude and love.

To our foreign readers: will you be an ally in making Rowan’s dream of peace at last–Dru T’un hallkam’un, in Penguin Latin–between CPA and RFCP a reality? We’d love to talk to you in our supporters server:

Erat ipso sacra.

Protected: Classified

Saturday, July 11th, 2020

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A Look Back at RFCP’s “Snazzy Summer Event Contest”

Friday, July 10th, 2020

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP Reporter, Arne, chronicles the absolutely ludicrous event contest held by the army last month that saw a total of 59 events in 7 days.

Summer. The shiniest days of the year–even if we don’t have seasons in Colombia, and it’s been cold and rainy all month. But here at the Recon Fed of CP, we had the definition of a summer party. Even our lovable Field Marshal ShyGuy traded his profile picture and changed his name for the occasion.

And the brilliant minds that thought of the Kiwi Loaf events and the cult marriage parodies decided to throw the biggest competition in RFCP history (I’ve always wanted to be a sportscaster!).

It’s in the title. You already did it.

The Snazzy Summer Event Contest

Every soldier was assigned an officer until the whole army was divided into several teams. The teams chose names and would be tasked with planning and attending army events in exchange for points–a strategy hatched by hicom to increase overall activity in RFCP. The team with the most points at the end of the week would receive $1,000 BB for each member.

We know how it ended.

But it’s time to once again look at our mud-filled flowered shirts from all the the events we had before shoving them right into the laundry alongside the hockey equipment and the giant kiwi costume. Now, I wasn’t here while it all happened, and I would have needed a lot of research, but some gentle souls came to the rescue: y’all know who you are; y’all are epic; here’s your chocolate milk; thanks for that.

The competition started this 16th of June, and ended the 22nd, with Team Feddiegate (Led by Col. Sillabye) comprised of Silla, Nagito Komaeda, Raider, Randomplayer10, Tbearz, Don Huachimigo, and Matt! winning the prize of 1k Bumble Bucks, and Team High Ground (led by Red Baron Jamie) being the runner up and winning $500 BB.

We had a grand total of 59 events that week in the army!

The ridiculous event calendar for that week. RIP Col. Hamster

Teams were awarded points mainly by getting their members to plan and attend army events. Seven events were mandatory (such as Cmdr. Prior’s mandatory war training), and thus gave extra points. Perhaps this is how the Red Baron’s Team High Ground snagged second place: they went to all seven of these critical events.

Despite her team not placing, Good Ol’ Colonel Hamster went berserk and won most of the games (like Find Four/Mancala, etc.) at events anyways, and Sillabye just randomly attended almost every event, whether her team planned it or not. So, uh, SUMMERGATE!

The events took place all over the place. There was, Animal Crossing, in-chat, Club Penguin, and overall it was kind of insane.

Now, to end this post properly, I interviewed the one and only Col. Sillabye, captain of the winners, Team Feddiegate, and the Red Baron Jamie, captain of the runner-ups, Team High Ground. (Wait a second, I’m just getting the joke of his team name. IS THAT A STAR WARS REFERENCE??)

Arne: Hello, Sillabye!

Sillabye: Hello!

A: How was the Snazzy Summer competition?

S: It was great! Really hectic, but I had lots of fun! It was awesome to spend so much time with everyone.

A: What was your favorite moment of the competition?

S: It feels really good; my team worked their butts off, so it felt like we really earned the win!

A: Thanks for your time!

S: No problem!

And now, the interview with Red Baron Jamie.

Arne: Hello, Jamie!

Jamie: Hello.

A: How was the Snazzy Summer competition?

J: It was interesting. I thought the competition as a whole was quite innovative, and it really engaged all of RFCP’s troops with their competitive side.

A: What was your favorite moment of the competition?

J: Probably the mandatory training. It was only a few days into the competition and it got out that if your entire team was there, you would get a massive bonus. The hype was tangible (in the end only our team had our entire team on).

A: Who were your epic crew members?

J: Hmm…I think it was DabOn, Opino, Prragya, Libby, Bobewoodwork, and CoffeeBean.

A: Thanks for your time!

J: No problem!

I have no clue why, but then right after this Jamie asked me about my opinion on cheese. I like cheese.

The Snazzy Summer was sure a creative and innovative competition, driving RFCP to never-seen-before activity levels. Like, Jesus Christ, y’all averaged around nine events a day. Who the hell does that?

None other than your local Recon Federation.

But what do YOU think about the Snazzy Summer?

Discussion is always open.

CPA IS NOT UNITED! RFCP Launches Movement to Achieve Equality, Respect, and an End to Prejudice

Thursday, July 9th, 2020

We hold this to be the truth: The CPA community will never truly be united until the hate towards RFCP, a large and historic army that isn’t going away, stops.

– Shallissa

“We, and I, have a lot to give to CPA. But overcoming this discrimination will be one of the greatest and bravest things we as a people ever do.”

– Prior Bumble

Following almost ten “open letters” defaming our army, RFCP Brigadier and respected former CPAM reporter, SupremeP0wer, submitted a rebuttal article.

His article addressed allegations raised by CPAM’s most recent RFCP editorial (written by Jack283) with evidence against appalling claims made about us and points to consider about our achievements as a war machine. It was well-written and brief. Supreme was rated almost in the Top 10 overall reporters for the massive CPA news distributor, and is a veteran of almost nine years. 

The article was rejected. 

They said it was too pro-Prior Bumble and left the readers with “nothing” to walk away with. 

Yet, as Supreme pointed out, Kailey’s letter published by CPA, Jack’s letter published by CPAM, were all given the thumbs-up.

Negative media is constantly published against us, but professional articles rebuking their claims with evidence are silenced. 

RFCP believes these double standards are symptoms of a deep-seeded prejudice and discrimination against a group of people on the basis of the colors of their flag. While some are absolutely aware, it is possible that others don’t even notice their prejudice. 

Negative narratives in the media are powerful and promote disdain and ostracism in hundreds of CPA members who have not even met us. “I’ve never met an RFCP, but I’ve heard they’re bad” is a phrase we are certain is common among regular soldiers. 

So here is what we are saying: We’d like to meet you. We’d like to show you who we really are and prove wrong the narrative you’ve been fed. We do not believe all consumers of RFCP hate propaganda are bad people and we believe with a little communication and hearts determined on acceptance and love there can finally be a united CPA.

But with RFCP in Ukahala isolation, meeting people and getting our truth out, is difficult.

A few days ago, General Shallissa and Brigadier SupremeP0wer teamed up to write two articles that offer a counter-narrative to the media of CPAM/CPAH, the media that paints a villainous image of our army. Sha spread her letter through DMs, and it was read by dozens, including Pookie, Hidcre, and Koloway. 

SupremeP0wer was hoping CPAM would make good on their verbal agreement that he could write a rebuttal to the charges against us.

But CPAH (Club Penguin Army Hub, CPAM’s successor) silenced him. 

Now, the Recon Federation has launched a movement to achieve equality and respect from the community. With these two documents serving as the basis for the movement, the army seeks allies to say “enough is enough” on the unbridled hatred and unkindness RFCP endures from the community.

“We cannot even sit in silence at the iceberg without ten or more members from CPAM/CPAH showing up in clown attire, insulting us, mocking us, and goading us,” said Prior. “The army community doesn’t need to be this way.” 

Key RFCP officials have set up the “RFCP Supporters Server.”

There, visitors will find links to the “real open letters,” Sha’s and Supreme’s, which debunk the outrageous claims against RFCP and address and apologize for the old mistakes we’ve learned from (but for which, we argue, we do not deserve to suffer for relentlessly).

The server behaves as somewhat of an information pamphlet. It includes an FAQ. 

It also includes a channel for booking an appointment to speak with Prior Bumble (who is heavily guarded, with DMs turned off) and a “Be Our Friend” channel with ideas on how others can be an ally to RFCP equality. 


We need good people to now make a brave choice to stand with us despite the intimidating mob that threatens to punish them for it. This movement does not seek to just gain support of the leaders and the handful of loud voices in the community. It seeks to gain the support of the good people in low ranks, the new recruits stepping into the scene of an older generation’s pain, and the grassroots power that can be achieved when ordinary people with differences agree on one thing: human decency.

All we are asking is for the judgment, the cruelty, the harassment, and the discrimination to end.

Please spread the word of our new support server and ask yourself if you can be our brave ally in our quest for equality and human decency. 

“When it comes to it, putting the person before the penguin.”

— The First Value written in the Constitution of the RFCP, composed August 9, 2019

From Canoes to Battleships: Navy Admiral Introduces New Point System That Invigorates the AUSIA

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Brand new RFCP blog reporter, Arne, writes on an innovative system of points introduced in the Navy, turning what used to be RFCP’s weakest division into one of its most active.

Admiral PyxelPranav has been the leader of the RFCP AUSIA Divison–a.k.a. the Navy–for a few months now. And most of us can agree he has done a pretty good job, driving it from mediocrity to major success. He is now a key pillar in the RFCP leadership. Another major RFCP pillar is the Bumble Buck currency, an attractive reward method that motivates recruits to come to events in exchange for in-chat, in-game, or in-real-life rewards, and it has done wonders for the army.

Pyxel sure wanted some of that rewards-driven attendance for the Navy, and a few minutes’ worth of brainstorming resulted in the Navy’s brand new point system.

Table by PyxelPrranav. Navy Points (NP), much like Bumble Bucks (BB), can be “spent” to gain prestigious division-exclusive ranks

Some of you may have heard of it already, or seen a couple announcements in the #rfcp-navy channel, but you may be confused on how it works. So I interviewed PyxelPranav and a Navy soldier to show everyone the process. So, uh, here we go!

Arne: Hello, Pyxel!

Pyxel: Hello!

A: I’ve heard you established a point system for the Navy. How will that work?

P: Yeah, there’s actually a lot of stuff that was released last month, under a policy called ‘New Navy’: a point system, timetable, penalties, special events, fun events, Navy ranks, etc. So Navy Points is one of the changes that took place in the policy. Navy events are divided into two categories: Important events and Critical events.

New AUSIA schedule marked with event categories
Above are the penalties for missing an Important event vs. a Critical event

There’s also a Minecraft Events category, but that’s just for fun, not for Navy Points. A troop gets Navy Points by attending a Navy event. If a troop has enough Navy Points, he can rank up to the next Navy rank. It’s pretty simple. That’s all.

Balances as of June 25
Balances as of June 28

A: It all sounds pretty neat. How do you think this system will improve the Navy?

P: Well, numbers are fun, which is why clicker games work. The Navy max has increased a lot after the implementation of this system as people have a reason now to come for events, and some people even compete in NP [against each other]. We went from maxing 3-4 to maxing 10 and above. I’m still trying to optimize the system as much as I can; like, for example, I added a Navy Point reward for recruiting a Navy troop.

Some events that Admiral Pyxel marked Critical included invasions of the RFCP Air Force on the army’s HTML5 cpps. Red Baron Jamie and Admiral Pyxel have engaged in a running rivalry for some time now, played out on a custom map:

The Navy declared Fjord its capital

Who better to explain the new system other than the creator of the system himself, am I right? But now that we all know how it works and are on the same page, what does a regular Navy troop think about the changes? To find out, I decided that to make this article “perfectly balanced, as all things should be.” I interviewed X_Ry, a Navy Ice Corporal. So, here it goes:

Arne: Hello, X_Ry! Can I have a minute with you?

X_Ry: Yeah!

A: What do you think about Admiral Pyxel’s new point system for the Navy?

X: Oh yeah, I think it’s pretty cool. I like the idea of leveling up with points. Pretty epic.

A: What’s your opinion on what Pyxel has done for the Navy?

X: I think Pyxel’s done a great job improving the Navy, making it way more active and better than it used to be. At least from what I’ve seen in my four months in RFCP.

A: Thanks for the interview!

So, now we all now what’s going on “down under” in the Navy. And, to quote X_Ry, it’s “pretty cool” indeed. The Navy will sure become bigger and even more successful than it already is thanks to these awesome new inventions.

What is your opinion though?

Discussion is open in the chat and the comments!

RFCP Blog Reporter


LFA Leader Surrenders Her Power; RFCP Declares War Victory.

Thursday, July 2nd, 2020

LFA leader Amelia9543 has surrendered leadership of her army.

She has not once shown to any of the battles where CPAM/CPAH fight under her alias. And RFCP declares this a solid victory of the Civil War. Our opponent 1ic, Amelia, has been unseated thanks to our force.

The first battle in the RFCP Civil War, now recognized as a war against CPAM/CPAH, was covered by our new reporter, SupremeP0wer.

Since, there have been three other collisions in which CPAM/CPAH embarrasses itself in a vortex of unprovoked hatred, personal attacks, and mockery.

The second battle occurred Sunday, June 28, at 11:00 p.m. EST. For this battle, RFCP outmaxed CPAM/CPAH with 30 to their 21. Commander Prior led from his phone and Puffin. In fact, history will note that for most of this war, he’s brawled as his renowned alt account, Marxatt (today, when CPAM/CPAH’s tactic read, “WHERE IS YOUR LEADER?” Prior, as Marxatt, pressed W and silently waved).

However, RFCP voted in #summit (the army’s hidden channel for important nation-wide meetings and decision-making) to refuse speaking to the harassers in their own language. Instead, the second battle was done entirely in Penguin Latin.

The above phrase translated to, “[We] do not understand your hatred.”

Next, LFA scheduled two battles on RFCP: one for 9:30 a.m. EST and one for 6:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday July 1st. RFCP Navy under Admiral PyxelPranav deployed with a strong AUSIA max of 18.

Neither LFA nor their CPAM/CPAH impostors showed.

7.5 hours later, RFCP amassed for that day’s evening battle with a max of 29 soldiers. The usual gang headed by Pookie437 and Crazzy, after using an entire league to advertise opposing attendance to our battle, managed to scrape up only 23.

In this battle, RFCP remained silent as it did the first time harassers ambushed them with hatred. Our army formed a protective wall at the berg, a peace sign at the stadium, and a heart in the mine interior.

RFCP, counted in light green, at 29. Vizconde Kerx’s name circled for confirmation. CPAM/CPAH army of harassers counted in black, at 23. This is a collection of RFCP haters from several armies with dual enlistment combined. They still are outmaxed by us. We have circled two spectators from CPR in red. Even if CPAM/CPAH claims them as their troops, they are still outmaxed by 4.

While RFCP held the formations, no Recon soldier was watching the foolery of the enemy. Instead, their eyes were glued to the #orders channel, where Commander Prior delivered a spontaneous speech.

And he never WILL dox.

“I love you,” concluded Prior Bumble, before spamming RFCP.

The officers joined in.

And then…

General Sha, for the first time in RFCP record, opened up #orders to all ranks. Agent, Ice Agent, Corporal, Sergeant. All of them flooded in with “RFCP.”

This powerful moment moved the whole army, and all the enemy succeeded at today was making us closer.

With Amelia herself admitting she has been unseated, and with the fact that true LFA has not once attended battle, and with RFCP outmaxing in every battle anyway, RFCP declares total and unanimous triumph of the Civil War of Summer 2020. It will consider any other attempts to skirmish with them invalid and not legitimate battles.

We are the real Marines. We are the RFCP. And we’ve fucking owned this war.

Victory. Victory. Victory.

RFCP Silences Rebellion with Silence: Debut Blog Post by New Reporter!

Sunday, June 28th, 2020

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Brand new RFCP Reporter, and ex-CPAM Reporter, SupremeP0wer, editorializes the first battle of the RFCP Civil War, which turned into RFCP vs. CPAM, as usual.

“My soldiers are ordered to silence right now. Because we see no LFA. Only harassers. We see Pookie, Tylund, Cobra. We see no LFA.

Prior Bumble

Legendary Battle Review: RFCP v “LFA

             Just hours ago, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin and the army claiming to be “LFA” logged on to battle upon the grounds of Club Penguin Rewritten’s Beanie. During the meetup, Water Viking (WV) raiders reared their ugly beaks in the island’s Town, and later on, RPF leader Crazzy, DCP Leader-In-Training Pookie, and ACP soldier Maddiecw were caught fighting in LFA, Amelia’s army. Because of this, the event progressively spiraled out of control. In this blog post, I will review the battle, determine the winner by means of logic, and then announce RFCP’s next rebellion-quenching move to the public.


             Around 19:30 EST, RFCP soldiers slowly trickled into the Docks of CPR’s Beanie in preparation for battle and reached a max of 30. When the clock struck 20:00, Water Vikings joke bombed the Federation’s meetup room. From there on, complete chaos broke out. Amelia decided to arrive five minutes late, while RFCP remained silent as Commander Prior discussed the unplanned and somewhat alarming developments.


             In hopes of losing the raiders and giving LFA the chance to battle fairly, the two armies officially relocated to Zipline’s Beach. RFCP entered the room, joke bombed, deployed a V formation, and eagerly waited for their competitors to show. After a minute or so, their challengers entered the beach, but to Prior Bumble’s surprise, CPAM regulars such as Crazzy, Pookie, Tylund, Cobra, Games, Dino, and others, battled as LFA.

Solemnly, RFCP remained silent as what turned into an army of CPAM harassers paraded around insulting RFCP leaders and supporters. Even civilian bystanders called out our opponents for their rudeness.

RFCP officers relayed Prior’s orders to “Stand your ground” while Prior continued to demand answers in the leader/judge group chat.

Twice Amelia was asked by the judge to communicate, twice she deflected.

With each room the two armies entered, the insults worsened. What was RFCP’s response to their personal attacks? Silence. Not one soldier performed a single word or emote tactic as the harassers brutally attacked them. Intensifying the harassment, an “LFA” soldier would then shout doxxing information. Proof provided upon request to prevent further publication of it.


Several days before tonight’s battle, both Prior and Amelia agreed to specific war terms. If either army broke these terms, the result agreed upon was an immediate forfeit of the battle, leaving the opposing army with the victory. One of the terms agreed upon, named the DBAD (Don’t Be A Dick) Clause, stated the following:

Because section D of the DBAD clause and the no allies rule were broken by LFA in tonight’s battle, Amelia hereby forfeits the battle and RFCP rightfully receives the victory.


             Despite blatant use of allies from almost every army, and those allies violating the DBAD Clause, both which Amelia agreed to, CPAM Judge, Max, “voided” the battle because of the mass shenanigans that lead to RFCP’s silence. Tonight, RFCP declares its victory regardless, and another battle against LFA’s rebellion. It is scheduled for Sunday, June 28, at 23:00 EST; the CPPS to be CPR, Beanie, and the rooms Cove, Iceberg, Arcade. Amelia was notified in DMs before the 24 hour deadline.

RFCP Blog Reporter


Thursday, June 25th, 2020

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP will put down insurgent rebellion. Traducción Española: aquí.

The Recon Federation of Club Penguin


on the rebels formerly known as

LFA (Los Facheros Army)

whose leader, Amelia9543, broke her agreement and promise with Prior Bumble twenty-four hours after RFCP made them their own server and division called the RFCP Marines. RFCP opens its last article up for public inspection to see the great hospitality and welcome Prior, Kerx, and Jeremito extended to the LF army.

We schedule the following battle:

Saturday June 27, 8:00 p.m. EST on Beanie (CPR)

Beach, Berg, Forest

It shall be called the RFCP Civil War

although LF insurgents made up less than 5% of the army.

No allies. Battles only on, CPR, or supercpps. Abide by our DBAD (Don’t Be a Dick) Clause.

As always, if the defending rebels are cowardly and no-show, there will be further and more creative consequences to drive home our point.

We consider this an internal problem and therefore in keeping with Ukahala isolation. However, RFCP is certain the typical tomatoes will be thrown our way because how dare we “punish” people who decide not to be in our army! RFCP is certain Amelia will be showered with praise among our critics for seceding, which she already has been. This is NOT a case of a soldier joining and realizing it’s not for them, which we graciously accept. The truth is that Amelia broke a promise and was extremely disrespectful in her conduct. Her word meant nothing to her; our extreme lengths to welcome her mergers meant nothing to her. It took RFCP an entire day to make all the arrangements for her soldiers. She brought disgrace to Vizcondes Kerx and Jeremito’s new division, which is still surviving. We are so glad that RFCP is not an army that merges and unmerges and reforms and dies and rebrands as she does.

The rebels will be taught a lesson.

RFCP War Training today
RFCP War Training today
RFCP War Training today

You want to be your own army? Be one. Fight us.

Commander, 1ic
Commissar, 2ic
Vizconde, 4ic, Division Head of the RFCP Marines

Look Out, RFCP Air Force and Navy! Here Come the Marines

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020

Is it just us, or does the RFCP oath sound different?

That’s because, today, more than a dozen mergers pledged to say it in Spanish. At approx. 4:15 p.m. EST, former Penguin Army Force (PAF) and Wild Ninja (WN) 1ic, Kerx, came out of retirement and joined RFCP. Both armies were the two largest Spanish-speaking entities in CPA.

The former CPW Admin and longtime supporter of Prior Bumble accepted the same rank as his old Wild Ninja co-leader, Jeremito: Vizconde, which means “Viscount” in English. It is the equivalent of Colonel and makes him 4ic.

“I didn’t plan for this,” said Cmdr. Prior, “but after Kerx swore in, things just sort of mobilized in Command Room. I figured while Kerx was online, I’d ask if he could drill ahead some progress with the Spanish division Jeremito set out to start. Within moments, we were in two separate meetings with Alex42152 and Amelia9543, 1ics of the current Spanish armies.”

Alex, who is attempting to revive Wild Ninjas, listened as Kerx and Prior tried to persuade him to merge his army into RFCP’s new Marines division.

“En mi caso,” said Kerx, “sería una buena idea e incluso podrías regresar a la comunidad de armies más fuerte.”

In my view, this would be a good idea [for Wild Ninjas] and would bring you back to a strong army community.

“RFCP tiene mucho que ofrecer,” Prior echoed. “Tenemos nuestros propios cpps, una familia grande y amorosa, y generalmente tenemos un máximo de alrededor de 30.”

RFCP has a lot to offer. We have our own cpps, a large and loving family, and we generally have a max of around 30.

Alex, while friendly, was not convinced.

But Amelia was.

Enter LFA, a Spanish-speaking army of around 15 soldiers led by Amelia9543. The combination of already being in search of a positive merger and of having good previous relationships with Kerx and Prior made for a quick acceptance.

But Amelia had one stipulation. She added Prior’s oldest ally and Brazilian brother, EGCP 1ic Edu14463, into the group chat.

The group celebrated.

“God it was good to see him again,” said Prior.

Amelia made an announcement in her server and the merge into RFCP, and the huge boost for the Marines that came with it, was official.

Hello! I want to say come to this army. We have merged with them, which means that LFA now agrees with RFCP, and all members will join it. Here we will follow LFA events and enjoy more users and more fun. It is led by Prior. Everyone who joins will thank you. LFA will still be alive; your name will be there. I wait for you to join. Upon joining, they will give you directions to enter the real server. Thank you so much for being with the LFA community and keeping it alive for a long time. But, I feel that there, [in RFCP,] LFA will be better. I will be there, doing events and so on. Please join me.

One by one, Amelia’s soldiers trickled in to RFCP and Vizconde Kerx oathed them in in Spanish.

Can you please say the following?” [Then the oath was rendered].

Yet more are expected to arrive tomorrow.

But not only mergers were made Marines on this day. Previously enlisted like Corporal Hirijo, Major CC, Corporal El Hauchimingo, Colonel Pixie, and Brigadier Aqua were assigned to the new division as well.

Why, you ask? What makes an RFCP Marine?

“Anyone who can speak Spanish comfortably, without a translator,” said Cmdr. Prior. “One exception being me!”

The RFCP Marines made a big splash with a new channel in RFCP Discord accessible only with a new Marines role, just like the Air Force (headed by Red Baron Jamie) and the Navy (headed by Admiral Pyxel) do. This division will be headed by the two Vizcondes, Kerx and Jeremito, with the help of Amelia9543, who accepted Major. This makes it the only military-branch division headed by 4ics rather than 3ics, like Admr. Pyxel and Red Baron Jamie.

In addition to the channel, an entire RFCP Marines server was made. It is a Jr. RFCP server with limited identical channels like #rules, #army-basics, #announcements, and #event-alert but entirely in Spanish.

“The RFCP Marines server is NOT meant to segregate Marines from the main Discord,” Prior clarified. “We are all ONE, no matter our language, creed, or background. Marines are expected to primarily use the main RFCP Discord, but the Spanish server is a great resource for them to get a large amount of information in their language.”

We are one!

Welcome! This is the center of the RFCP Marines, our
Spanish-speaking division of the military. We have both a server and a channel in the main RFCP discord. I am Prior Bumble, your 1ic and leader of the RFCP. I use a translator, but everyone else in the channel and the server speak Spanish. Viscount Kerx and Viscount Jeremito are the founders of the Marine Corps. I am very happy that you are here and I hope that soon you feel the love of this army. It’s the best army of all and it’s even better now that you’re in the family. Long live the Marines! Long live the RFCP!
With my love,
Commander Prior

RFCP blog would have liked to interview Kerx, Jeremito, and Amelia for this post, but regrets that they have normal sleep schedules and were not available.




Practice Battle

Location: Ukahala.

A merger welcome party will be held on Friday at 5:00 p.m. EST.

The bandera, or flag, of the Marines is as follows:

Viva Marine Corps!

Protected: Soldiers Honor Prior Bumble For Father’s Day

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020

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