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RFCP Screws Over the”Force Treaty” Law, Faces Second RPF Feud

Sunday, August 9th, 2020

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Battle review of the second RPF/RFCP conflict this week, and how the force-treaty rule in CPAH is being resisted.

As RPF continued its path of aggression towards RFCP following the invasion of Yukon, it became clear what the motive was: force-treaty RFCP.

A “forced treaty” in the CPAH league is where an army that is wiped off the map must sign a treaty with the winning opposition–the treaty can be almost anything the victors demand–and CPAH will uphold it. Usually, this includes CPAH invalidating any effort for the defeated army to rise back up and fight back against its enemy for several weeks. Of course, it includes a flex of pride for the triumphant army as well, forcing an enemy first-in-command to kneel and lend their signature.

But RFCP never kneels.

This forced-treaty was a fate Prior Bumble demanded evading at all costs. Before RPF took Yukon on Thursday, LGA had transferred RFCP a server (Antarctica, CPR) so as to avoid the Black Ice Alliance imposing yet another mandatory contract on a smaller army.

Not long after, LGA paid the price of helping RFCP. RPF released a scathing post declaring that the Limes were no longer their allies, and scheduled an invasion of RFCP’s newly gifted server.

To enlist aid in the defense of Antarctica, RFCP joined the SMAU (Small/Medium Army Union) and linked arms with PZF, WT, and LGA to max in the low 30s. It was a shallower max than RFCP is used to seeing, especially with allies, but reflected the ulterior plans of the RFCP Commander: Prior Bumble wasn’t in this battle to win.

“Not the defense, anyway,” he said. “RPF numbers can’t be overcome, but their intellect can be.”

Indeed, Prior pulled off a successful stunt with the help of PZF 1ic, Snork. Minutes before the battle, Snork transferred Iceland (CPA) to RFCP, and promptly scheduled an invasion on it to prohibit RPF from invading the territory. As soon as the RPF-RFCP feud was complete, PZF canceled the invasion and RFCP transferred the land back to them within seconds.

RPF 1ic, Crazzy, not happy.

This successfully shuffled RFCP out of being force-treatied by RPF, according to the laws of CPAH (you mad, RPF?).

Many, now, are rising up against this law and the tyranny of the Black Ice Alliance (RPF and IW united).

“I was one of the leaders hoodwinked into voting for the force-treaty law,” said Prior. “My original vote was no, and then IW told me we could be allies if I changed my vote. I agreed. Now look where we are. I will make up for that naivety and rage against this league manipulation.”

With RFCP free from RPF inquisition, it is no doubt this is far from over. Prior Bumble is not a passive political actor, and the “White Flame” and “THINGS ARE ABOUT TO CHANGE AROUND HERE” tactics continued to be dropped during battle, alluding to a greater movement on the way.

Now, without further ado, we will review the Defense of Antarctica which took place on August 8, 2020 at 3:30 p.m. EST, on the proxy server Alaska (CParmies).


RFCP raking E6

Commissar Coolj began leading this room as Prior had to step aside briefly. Commander Prior returned at around the third tactic. RFCP entered with E+T battle cries and moved into a + while RPF surrounded. RFCP once again suffered from room lockouts, with fallen soldiers left behind at the cove. RPF taunted: “YOU ARE SURROUNDED” to which RFCP replied, “BY HYPOCRISY.” RFCP then performed an EZ waterfall and shifted into a V formation. RPF held its position and then bombed, adopting an A formation. Spamming jokes, RFCP bombed as well and surrounded, then E6 raked and formed upside-down T. This totals to RPF making only two formations in this room to RFCP’s four.

Mine Interior

RFCP E5 entered this room as RPF repeated a tactic from the last battle “WHU YU SAY.” Prior ordered an X formation as RPF adopted a = with a | in the middle. RPF also said their name again, which RFCP congratulated. Then RPF repeated the tactic ‘BIG WORD BUBBLE” from the previous room. RFCP bombed and formed an inverted V. RPF did not move. Finally RPF awakened and bombed into an L formation, which Prior countered with a / formation after an ! emojie waterfall.

Prior dropped this diagram quickly in the middle of the orders channel.

This totaled three RFCP formations to RPF’s two.


At this time, Discord crashed. Both armies sat in tense anticipation as the room announcement failed to arrive at :20 and even :21. When it finally came, it seemed RFCP flooded in while RPF lagged behind. Then, the technical difficulties caused all to stumble. Orders could not be sent in the channels. Both armies were in disarray. The room was ruled VOID by the judges.


Of course RPF takes Antarctica. But they will be losing much more…

Erat ipso sacra.

Follow the White Flame.

Twins! Coffee and Anilia Promoted to Field Marshal Together

Saturday, August 8th, 2020

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: The RFCP gained two new Officers when Coffee and Anilia were promoted at the same time!

On August 4, 2020, our Commander said that he had a very exciting announcement at :10, right after posting the cancellation of  the 3:00 a.m. defense of LGA’s Belly Slide from the Holds Bugs Army (HBA).

This made RFCP very excited, because The Prior Bumble was going to be giving this announcement.

A few minutes later, He announced that MicroHam had been promoted to Major, but, most importantly, Coffee and Anilia had been promoted to Field Marshals, making them Officers.

Coffee, who was asleep at the time, said that at first she had no idea that she had been promoted. She woke up to see Anilia’s name in pink, so she checked the news and found out. 

I asked Coffee how she first felt, and here was her reply:

“I had woken up around 5:00 a.m. EST and was half asleep, checking chats and DMs, when I noticed Anilia was pink! I was thinking, ‘Yes, finally!’ then I checked the #news and saw that I also got promoted to FM! I was excited. I cried happy tears. Officer is such a big honor to have. I never thought I would make it this far, but I did.”

This came as a shock to her, and she was very happy.

As for Anilia, she thought that the announcement was going to be something about the Feddies, as there was a lot of controversy about that topic at the time.

I asked her how she first felt when she found out that she was a Field Marshal. Here was her reply:

 “When Commander Prior said that there is going to be an announcement in 10 minutes, I assumed that it was gonna be about Feddiegate, because there is a lot of controversy going around right now in the server about why it was postponed. So, when it was actually him saying that I am going to be an Officer now, I literally was in shock. I couldn’t believe it at all. Honestly, it took me a while to realize that I’m an Officer now. Sure, I’ve been in training to be an Officer, but the reality of it didn’t hit. For example, I could send messages and update stuff in #news as well as send gifs and photos into #general-chat. I am so glad to be here as Field Marshal, though. I love RFCP, and coming this far makes me happy because I can do more things for the amazing soldiers in RFCP. Er feut al su’v x kinn. Sch’ock sum nuvar. :EH:

[The Penguin Latin translation of what Field Marshal Anilia said is: “I love this army and family. Stronger as one.”]

Anilia and Coffee are active and loyal members of RFCP, so they deserved being Officers. Anilia had a huge impact on the whole Navy and RFCP, as she encouraged everyone to recruit, and got more members into this loving community. Coffee has been integral in ZCA operations and supporting soldiers who need a compassionate ear.

In conclusion, congratulations to MicroHam, Coffee, and Anilia on getting promoted!

Good luck being Officers. :salute:


RFCP Reporter-in-Training


Scavenger Hunt ANSWERS and More!

Friday, August 7th, 2020

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: The logo hunt week has concluded! RFCP reporter Da Best reveals answers and prizes.

Hello, troops of RFCP!

Last week I gave you all a challenge, and that was to find all the logos hidden in old blog posts and then send them to me. The first three to win were promised triple-digit Bumble Buck prizes, and all to complete it afterwards would receive $50 BB.

We had a few responses, and in this post I will go through where every answer was and say who won the overall prize.

What was the hunt about?

The hunt was about going to look in old blog posts for these logos, like this:

Players took a picture of where it was at, and noted down the number on the logo. The little game was for a bit of fun and to play around a little as it was one of my first posts, so I wanted to make it appealing. You also needed to find all of Prior’s kidney stones, which the answer was:

Where were all the logos hidden in?

Below are all of the blog links and the number of the logo next to it: 15 212 432 12 42 63 30 502 46 13 52 10

You also needed the sum of the numbers, which was 1429 ( for any #feddiegate investigators reading out there, there are no other connections to it i hope…!)

Who is on the podium?

In order of who finished the hunt the quickest:

1st Place Field Marshal Anilia

2nd Place Field Marshal CoffeeBean

3rd Place Colonel Sillabyee


If you want to see something like this on the blog again, make sure to send Da Best#6362 a note and include any suggestions you may have to improve this series. Thank you to everyone who played–comment on this post if you did (and sent your answers to Da Best) to receive your $50 BB–and we will do this again in the future with maybe more logos or more hiding spots. I will also use this moment, if Commander Prior keeps this in, to say that if you have any burning questions for Commander Prior for a special upcoming blog post, please DM me, and also DM me which HICOM you want to see me talk about next!


What Would You Do? Prior Bumble is Offline When Suddenly….

Friday, August 7th, 2020

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP reporter-in-training Pink Cloud introduces her new series for the blog, “What Would You Do?”

Today’s What Would You Do question is:

What would you do if some enemy army started raiding our discord server when Prior Bumble is offline?

I got answers from the following people…

1. Admiral PyxelPranav, M.H. – “I’d ban them and tell them they’re a huge piece of shit.

2. Sergeant Infector – “Like, as an officer, I would try my best to stop him, and if he goes out of control, I would inform an[other] officer. I can take help from other soldiers to tackle those [raiders].

3. Brigadier Drewls – “I’d let an officer know; if none were online, I would at least DM someone. Then, uhh, while waiting for assistance, tell the raider(s) they’re a clown, honestly.

4. Ice Agent Ace – “Keep calm and wait for the online officers to take over the situation or [wait] until they command/say something.”

5. Captain AquaStarr – “I would inform the officers, and [if] by some chance they aren’t online either, then I’d go to the highest rank available. If that so happens to fall onto me? I can’t really answer, since it all really depends on the situation. What I’m trying to say is: I would try my best to keep the RFCP safe.”

6. Brigadier JustinTFC – “Get another officer, tell them to stop talking, get touchvpn instantly, and go into lockdown. (Them as in soldiers.)”

What would YOU do? Let us know in the comments!


RFCP Reporter-in-Training

Former RPF Soldier Joins RFCP: Shocking Tell-All On the Heels of Battle

Friday, August 7th, 2020

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: An ex-RPF soldier gives the RFCP blog an exclusive interview after battling against his former army for Prior Bumble.

KrispyYeet, also known as “Panic! All The Time,” joined the ranks of RPF on May 21st, 2020. As summer deepened, RFCP’s newest golden boy, Captain SupremeP0wer, M.M., introduced his friend Krispy to RFCP as a visitor. This tour of RFCP came with special permission from Commander Prior, as the army’s policy of ukahala isolation had not yet been relaxed. Krispy’s visitation pass was good for 72 hours, but, before his time could expire, RPF filled his head with anti-RFCP propaganda and forced him to leave.

A few weeks later, Krispy quit RPF and inquired at RFCP for membership. He now serves as an Ice Agent in the army of Prior Bumble, and the blog caught up with him just hours after he served in his first battle against his former leader.

Q: Why did you quit RPF?

A: I felt a lack of individuality as well as having repetitive events that got boring for me. After visiting some other armies, RFCP stood out to me because they seemed enthusiastic about Club Penguin as well as being a community. The events in RFCP also branched out of Club Penguin which was refreshing.

Q: Can you elaborate on the repetitiveness of the events in RPF? Did RPF feel robotic?

A: The RPF events were basically the same thing over and over again, just with different costumes each time. Everyone wore the same thing though, so there was no room for individuality. On top of that, on their website, all their reports were the same saying, only changing the numbers of people who joined or something trivially simple like that. The most creativity put into the events is making names for them. Even then, there was repeats at some point.

Q: Tell us your experience of being treated unfairly by RPF and others after you decided to join RFCP.

A: Well, one thing that stood out to me was the spread of rumors about me troopstealing once I joined RFCP. I got banned from RPF, yet I still wanted to talk to the friends I made there, so I made a server where I could have my old friends from RPF and new friends from RFCP in one place [Commander Prior gave permission]. However, one of the RPF people told hcom, and their hcom started DMing my friends from RPF, telling them I am troopstealing. Instead of asking about the server, the RPF hcom went behind my back and made my friends turn against me.

Q: We are so sorry about that. Are clearly stating you quit RPF of your own accord and RFCP did not troopsteal you or any RPF?

A: Yes, I left RPF on my own free will; I was not poached.

Q: You came from an army that maxes 90 to one that maxes in the 30s. Did this play into your decision?

A: Not at all. Numbers are not a big deal to me as long as it’s fun.

Q: How did it feel to fight against your old army for RFCP for the first time today?

A: When I first heard of the battle, I was nervous because I did not want bad blood with the army, but events leading up to the battle allowed me to realize that they’re just another army and, at the end of the day, Club Penguin is just a game, so it should not be taken as seriously as some people take it. So, coming into battle, I was just happy to be alongside my brothers and sisters in arms.

Q: How has your experience in RFCP been so far? Have you seen anything that suggests the negative rumors about RFCP are true?

A: It’s been overwhelmingly positive; better than I could have ever imagined!! As far as rumors go, I do not see any proof of the rumors.

Q: Anything you want to say to your former army or crazzy?

A: It was a good fight while it lasted, but there is no longer a place for me in RPF.

Q: Any last comments?

A: Thank you RFCP for all your hospitality and welcoming arms! You guys are awesome!

After the interview, Krispy had a question for Prior.

“How does it feel knowing im from an enemy team?” he asked.

“It makes me excited to give you a better home,” said Prior. “And your forever one.”

A little harsh on RPF today, we are. But we can’t hog ALL the open letters 🙂

Good game today, fellow Federation!

Defense of Yukon from RPF

Friday, August 7th, 2020

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP defends CPAH server Yukon from unprovoked RPF aggression.

RFCP suspicions rose when, on August 3rd, a TCP scheduled invasion of Yukon was deleted moments after and replaced with an RPF invasion of Yukon.

“I was in the middle of an interview with CPAH about TCP invading Yukon, when both the reporter and I saw the change in armies and raised our eyebrows,” said Prior Bumble.

Although RPF 1ic crazzy denies it and says RPF was going to invade RFCP anyway (for what reason??), screenshots from TCP “imperator” ccrocket made it clear that RPF was doing the dirty work for Xing and TCP, the most toxic army in the community.

So, today, RFCP mustered a strong defense of Yukon with assistance by new allies, EFCP. Together, we maxed 31. But with RPF drumming up a max in the 90s, RFCP suffered from room lockouts. Nearly half our forces could not access the battle rooms. Nonetheless, creative and quick leading ensured RFCP was visible and forceful.


RFCP battle-cried with E+T upon arrival and clashed with RPF’s big-word tactics of “RPFOWNS RPFOWNS RPFOWNS RPFOWNS.” Prior ordered an inverted V formation while the ruddy dark colors of RPF crowded down at the chat bar in a backwards L. Both sides furled insults and moved. RFCP then deployed a \ formation and rapid-fired emojis while RPF crisscrossed the room with two horizontal and one vertical line.


RPF formed an A in this room while RFCP cut across the wide field in a horizontal line. Jabs heated up as RPF accused RFCP of troopstealing and RFCP called out RPF for helping the Templars, exercising tyranny, and oppressing the league. RFCP then moved to line the beach in an upside down T. According to CPAH reporter Scorpion Demon,

The Rebels replied quickly by moving to bomb the room themselves, and then moved into their enemy’s formation, successfully covering them and their tactics. Recon Federation moved out of this surprisingly well, displaying an exquisite circular bomb

Scorpion Demon, from his battle review.

Called a “blender” in RFCP, this clockwise EF vortex switched to counter-clockwise E6 and hypnotically captured attention in the center of the room as RPF remained stagnant. Then, in response to RPF’s tactic, “REBEL PENGUIN FEDERATION,” RFCP replied, “YES, THAT’S YOUR NAME. GOOD JOB!” The final formation for RFCP was an = sign, spamming EK. This makes three formation changes by RFCP to RPF’s two.


The iceberg demanded adaption. During the opening bomb, Prior thought he saw RPF beginning to claim the coveted surround formation on the berg and ordered a responsive X formation to occupy center. As the bubbles faded, it became clear that RPF was in fact making an X as well, which merged into an infinity sign, and RFCP quickly adjusted to counter the X with a +. Prior attempted to take the surround formation after a waterfall, but RPF copied, and RFCP moved out into the center once more in an X formation. RFCP commented that RPF’s dark uniform looked like dirty snow on the pure white berg. At the battle’s close, the tactics from both armies became more ominous. RPF said, “THIS IS NOT THE END,” and RFCP said, “HIDDEN MESSAGES IN YOUR ARTICLES,” causing some to pause and question the sinister meaning of this.


RFCP was not surprised that RPF was ruled the victor of each room–there seldom is much any army can do against RPF’s decade-built numbers. But RFCP’s tactics were fast and more creative. We challenge CPAH reporters to be more evidence-based in their quick assumption that the triumphant army was “faster.” Do you have the numbers to prove this? Do you calculate? RFCP did three emotes in the forts by the time RPF did only one. Just because an army won does not automatically mean they were “faster,” even though that makes for easy reporting to assume. RPF takes Yukon, but RFCP is still the army that monumentally shakes servers while RPF sleepwalks through CPAH.

“Maybe next time when we get some other judges that might be looking at tactics and not size.”

RFCP Reporter, Da Best

Erat ipso sacra.

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The Plot Thickens! FEDDIEGATE Continues

Thursday, August 6th, 2020

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: As more clues come in, RFCP soldiers solve some mysteries, and keep scratching their heads at others. But one lead may result in discovering the identity of the secret robotic voice…

The Feddiegate Part 2 mystery left off yesterday with a second robotic message.

“Do you have the number ready? You will need it.”

Investigative reporter Da Best details the new developments in his second case-file installment. Again, make sure to click to enlarge.

Screenshot from the scavenger hunt post

Our investigators spent quite some time deliberating on the clue embedded in the binary. Who is 21? Some thought it was Redovyco, because of a message he sent saying, “I’m 21.” But that was last year, retorted others.

Other theories rose and fell. It was clear the team needed another hint. A third robotic voice message was released at 10:48 p.m. on August 4:

It said:

“It looks like you need another hint. I don’t have much time. 21 is the number you seek. Ask Lieutenant Randomplayer what he is waiting on.”

After further debate, the majority consensus agreed that the answer must be Billy Bot Thorton. Lt. Randomplayer is waiting on a Billy Bot Thorton pillow he ordered with his Bumble Bucks, and Billy’s item ID number in the store is 21.

Then, Prior Bumble posted in #news at 4:11 p.m. EST. “Who ordered a fruit basket?”

The basket had another encoded message with tiny, repeated text making up the image.

“So? Have you determined who 21 is? If so, schedule an interrogation of him in #event-alerts and I will meet you there.”

Interrogate Billy Bot Thorton on Ukahala cpps?! Some had doubts, because, they argued, Billy is a bot who cannot talk. But the last clue did say, “We didn’t know he’s alive.” Maybe Billy…can!

And so the team agreed to schedule an interrogation at 6:30 p.m. EST on Thursday August 6th. If their mystery informant shows up as promised, they’ll know they were right and can receive the next instruction. If no one shows up, well….

Tune in here at the blog for the next installment of

Troop Interviews! Spooky and Dab0n

Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP reporter Da Best teams up with Reporter-in-Training Pink Cloud to introduce their own troop interview series!

Hello troops of RFCP, 

Today we bring you a special treat. Reporter-in-Training Pink Cloud and Reporter Da Best have agreed to work together in this project.

What is the project about?

The project is by Da Best and Pink_Cloud_8. Every week, we will be picking two people to be interviewed, and the questions will rotate.  

How to get into one of these?

We will be choosing the people at random!

#1 – Interview with S̶̳̄p̵̅͛ơ̸̍ȍ̴͗k̶͒̚y̴̓͝

Q. How did you find RFCP?

A. I merged from ST.

Q. How long have you been in RFCP?

A. I have been here for 5 months.

Q. What do you like the most about RFCP?

A. I like the community, they are so welcoming and kind.

Q. Do you have any suggestions on how RFCP can improve?

A. I don’t know anything that can be better with RFCP.

Q. How is your experience with RFCP?

A.  My experience with RFCP has been nothing short of amazing. I started out as a simple ice agent and now I’m a brigadier! And I don’t think I could’ve gone this far if it weren’t for the community!

#2 – Interview with Dab0n

Q. How did you find RFCP?

A. One day I was dead ass bored. I was scrolling through my favs page and I thought “Oh yeah! CPR!” So I went on it and I was like “Oh yeah! The EPF! Let’s go there!” And I found the RFCP recruiting.

Q. How long have you been in RFCP?

A. February 1st is when I arrived.

Q. What do you like the most about rfcp?

A. I love every part about RFCP, I honestly couldn’t ask for more, out policy is the best and RFCP is the least toxic community I have ever known.

Q. How is your experience with RFCP?

A. Beyond explainable, it is fucking awesome.

Q. Do you have any suggestions on how RFCP can improve?

A. Not really.

I hope that everyone enjoyed this new post. If you have any questions you want to add to the series, DM Da Best#6362 or Pink_Cloud_8#9406.

Da Best 




FEDDIEGATE STRIKES AGAIN! Awards Mysteriously Canceled; Conspiracy Takes Over RFCP

Wednesday, August 5th, 2020

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: The army’s prestigious semiannual award show was CANCELED without explanation on August 2, and mysterious messages began filling the server.

Last January’s infamous Feddiegate scandal was the talk of the server for weeks. Now, it seems the curse of conspiracy has struck the esteemed event once more. As the army buzzed in excitement for the summer 2020 Feddies, unknown forces were at work. The awards were canceled only three hours before showtime, with NO explanation from the officers.

Then, an unprecedented robotic voice message was posted in #news.

With cryptic clues flooding in, the soldiers rallied behind an investigative reporter, Da Best, to find out what happened. Da Best has compiled daily updates to the mystery. Be sure to click to enlarge the case files.

Day 1

Sergeant Don Huachimingo, who renamed himself Detective Huachimingo for the occasion, also compiled a list of theories:

Later, TWO MORE detectives, brand new users, joined the server to tackle the case. But which one is on the right side??

Finally, on July 28, 2020, the soldiers had absolutely freaked out when Commander Prior popped into main chat totally unannounced, dropped this meme, and left:

And so, when Prior did it again in the #feddies channel, paranoia arose over Meep.

Major MicroHam even researched aliases for “meep,” and the results suspiciously suggested Prior Bumble.

So much evidence, so many questions, so much to uncover. In summary:

+ The Feddies were suddenly postponed without an explanation

+ Mysterious messages flooding in

+ Two RFCP Legend nominees go missing

+ Unidentified detectives entering the server.

What is happening? Or, more importantly, what will happen next?

Tune in tomorrow for Reporter Da Best’s Day 2 case files to continue the story…

Let us know your predictions in the comments!


Tuesday, August 4th, 2020

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