Anniversary Week Begins!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–As June 5 nears, the army launches a seven-day celebration of its 4-year anniversary!

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Sunday Fun-Day: Vol. 5, Issue 4

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–The RFCP Times-Dispatch wishes everyone a happy Memorial Day weekend! Recap, puzzles, and memes inside!

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War of the Wheels: Raffle/Lottery Schedule to Change

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA– A new era is about to unfold. An era of…Canadian raffle tickets? Col. Randomplayer10 reports.

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Sunday Fun-Day: Vol. 5, Issue 3

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–A special Monday edition…with graphics by Prior. Major recruitment uptick this week! Read on!

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New Top Ten Video Premiered!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–A project that’s been months in the making debuted today! Read on for details.

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Dad, How Do I…? Make Bee Frames

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–The blog continues the series called “Dad, How Do I…?” in which Prior Bumble, i.e. “Papa Prior,” the Father of RFCP, walks you through how to do things a dad would teach you. The series is inspired by a YouTube channel with the same purpose and is especially aimed at helping our soldiers who do not have fathers, have unideal relationships with their fathers, or just need a father figure’s love and guidance.

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Sunday Fun-Day: Vol. 5, Issue 2

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–Our soldiers reach the school year finish line one by one. Adventure ahead!

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To Whom, if Any, it May Concern

Terms and Conditions of Apology Acceptance (TCAA)

The Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) appreciates goodwill. The difficulty for anyone whose trust has been shattered, however–as ours has–is accepting goodwill without seeing measurable and demonstrable reparation. In fact, doing so would be foolish and would cheapen the meaning of apology and forgiveness.

Our army, and especially our eternal and beloved leader, Prior Bumble, has been tormented by those of ill will. Sometimes, those of ill will regret their actions and want to atone and regain a status of goodwill with us. RFCP at its core is made up of uniquely loving and uncommonly kind people. That is, in reality, one of the reasons we were targeted so ruthlessly. First, because our familial nature invites others to call us cultists. Second, because our beloved leader’s good-heartedness prevents him from returning the atrocities dealt to him, making him a safe target.

But our core characteristics are also what lend us our unparalleled affinity for healing, and so we feel compelled to define the terms of that healing in the unlikely chance that it can occur.

Let it be known that goodwill is welcomed, but that we shall not take ANY goodwill or apology seriously, nor accept ANY apology or repaired status with ANYONE from the Club Penguin Army (CPA) community without all of the following terms met. These terms are the ONLY things which prove to us real remorse and have any substantial meaning.

In order for RFCP to consider accepting any sort of apology or repaired status:

1) The unrightfully taken must be rightfully returned.

  • Prior Bumble’s full (not s/m) 2019 CPA Legend permanently restored.
  • RFCP’s old Instagram account transferred back to General Sillabye, who created it.

2) Public offenses must be publicly corrected.

  • Many of the horrible things said and done to us were not in DMs. They were in public, open letters and blog posts which destroyed the reputations of our members unjustly. Because of this, apologies should be proportionately public. Put even more specifically: We require a public blog post or open letter recanting previous statements/accusations made against us to accompany an apology, and we expect this blog post or open letter to be as aggressively circulated as the bad ones were.
  • Old open letters/blog posts should be taken down.

3) Our beloved leader and soldiers must be spared from further abuse and ridicule.

  • We are not pedophiles. Those accusations must immediately cease in daily conversation and should have been formally recanted in #2.
  • Our personal information and that of our families (addresses, photos, etc.) must be eliminated and never circulated again.
  • Prior Bumble is male and must be referred to as such.
  • Harassing comments and vandalization of our various pages and personal webpages of our members must end.

While all of these conditionalities must be met, we would be responsive to steps taken towards fulfillment. If anyone wishes to pursue this path to forgiveness and healing, they are welcome in our Portal server to discuss. As you can see, our terms represent both individual and collective efforts, but doing what you can do alone and condemning what you can’t change alone is a good start to fulfillment.

We do not require anyone to fully agree with our values or way of life. The stipulations listed are the bare minimum to achieve our acceptance of your goodwill and to receive ours in return.

We cannot imagine what a better place the world would be if the Club Penguin Army community could live up to the standards we’ve listed. We cannot imagine, because we are doubtful the community can live up to them. But that doesn’t mean our standards lower to make it more possible.

Thank you.











Sunday Fun-Day: Vol. 5, Issue 1

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–The army’s Sunday paper is back as summer kicks off!

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The Summer Proclamation


3 May 2023

WHEREIN Commander Prior Bumble, first of his name, proclaims the plans and policies of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) for the 2023 summer season. 

Summer is the pinnacle of the year for RFCP. With school out, our members enjoy more time to spend with the army. The sacred anniversary of our founding is in June, and the Feddies are held each August. This document celebrates an end to the reduced activity during the academic year and launches us into a new era. 

The following policies take effect immediately:

1) For the months of May, June, July, and August, auctions for Boosting Nitro shall occur twice a month rather than monthly, on the 1st and 15th each month.

2) For the months of May, June, July, and August, Cmdr. Prior, with the help of any boosts donated to the army, shall maintain Level 3 in the server. 

3) To increase cultural and historical understanding, each promotion above the rank of Corporal shall require an Officer’s Blessing at the least and a Patriarchal Blessing at the most conferred following the announcement to make the soldier eligible for further promotion. If the soldier wishes not to receive a blessing, they must instead do one good deed in the physical world in the name of the army, pertaining to the ECHO and subject to approval.

4) RFCP hereby establishes a Department of State. This is not a Division, and the “Head” is the Commander. Two new positions under this Department shall be established, called Diplomat and Ambassador. This is not a rank, and anyone can hold this position following approval of an application. Diplomats and Ambassadors receive papers and jurisdiction to represent RFCP in other servers. For both, the goal is to let other servers know about us, recruit, answer questions, keep an eye out for potential allies and enemies, and promote a positive reputation for RFCP. Occasionally, Diplomats and Ambassadors will be given messages they are to relay in the foreign server.

  • Being an Ambassador comes with a salary of $100 BB a week, payable upon delivering a brief report to the Division Head of Zero Cap Alpha (ZCA) every Saturday by noon Eastern, which will then be relayed to ZCA.
  • Ambassadors must have a permanent, friendly greeting from RFCP on their Discord status as well as links to the Portal server, blog, and our Top 10 video on YouTube.  
  • Ambassadors and their assignments (servers) shall be listed on the RFCP website. 
  • Diplomats do everything an Ambassador does except there is no requirement to have the RFCP status on their profile. They are unpaid and unlisted on the website (we will keep a record of diplomatic assignments, but keep them unpublished), and they should defer to an Ambassador’s direction in times of question. Saturday reports are still required.
  • Only one Ambassador per server is allowed. Diplomats may serve in a server with the Ambassador, but answer to them during their mission.
  • Diplomats and Ambassadors must be active, or they will lose their position. Three consecutive weeks with no report will result in expulsion from the program.
  • All assignments (servers) must be approved.

5) Ghost Recon Raid Division (GRRD) shall be repurposed to designing and executing server takeovers (for example, the Ant Colony was a server takeover). This change accomplishes two things:

       a) It gives the division a relevant purpose in a modern day RFCP that no longer conducts military offenses.

       b) It preserves the meaning of “raid”—we will now consider GRRD’s raiding to be of our own server.

The expectation is for the division to execute at least 1 takeover a month.

6) The new weekly schedule shall be:

Monday—Meme Monday.

Tuesday—Counting Bot Day. The goal shall be set and must be met by midnight Eastern for the prize!

Wednesday—Casino Night/raffle sales.


Friday—Ukahala/AoW event.

Saturday—Division Head Reports due, Dept. of State reports due, raffle winners announced.

Sunday—Sunday Fun-Day newspaper published (it’s back!).

Note that weekends are relatively free for miscellaneous events, digital or in-penguin. This space is ideal for SACO, Recon Hockey League (RHL), Silver Thirty (S30), RFCP-U, and Ghost Recon Raid Division to make use of.

7) The following shall also occur once a week, at varying days:

  • Office Hours

8) Command room shall resume daily pings for orders.

To be released:

– Visual summer calendar (releasing 10 May 2023)

– Virtual application for Diplomats and Ambassadors (releasing 4 May 2023)

The Proclamation announces our 2023 summer goals…

  • Reach 200 enlisted.
  • Produce an RFCP history audiobook.
  • Publish three new videos.
  • Distribute the first trading cards.
  • Hold 1 battle.
  • Restart social media postings.
  • More blogs.
  • All Divisions functioning (including 1 RFCP-U semester and 1 RHL season by September and Division Heads expanding and hosting events)

The Proclamation also proclaims…

  • Love for all who call RFCP their army—the Honorably Retired and the enlisted-to-be—but especial emphasis on those enlisted now, today, here.
  • The strength and good health of the army at present.

Your Father, Eternally in Command,