To Whom, if Any, it May Concern

Terms and Conditions of Apology Acceptance (TCAA)

The Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) appreciates goodwill. The difficulty for anyone whose trust has been shattered, however–as ours has–is accepting goodwill without seeing measurable and demonstrable reparation. In fact, doing so would be foolish and would cheapen the meaning of apology and forgiveness.

Our army, and especially our eternal and beloved leader, Prior Bumble, has been tormented by those of ill will. Sometimes, those of ill will regret their actions and want to atone and regain a status of goodwill with us. RFCP at its core is made up of uniquely loving and uncommonly kind people. That is, in reality, one of the reasons we were targeted so ruthlessly. First, because our familial nature invites others to call us cultists. Second, because our beloved leader’s good-heartedness prevents him from returning the atrocities dealt to him, making him a safe target.

But our core characteristics are also what lend us our unparalleled affinity for healing, and so we feel compelled to define the terms of that healing in the unlikely chance that it can occur.

Let it be known that goodwill is welcomed, but that we shall not take ANY goodwill or apology seriously, nor accept ANY apology or repaired status with ANYONE from the Club Penguin Army (CPA) community without all of the following terms met. These terms are the ONLY things which prove to us real remorse and have any substantial meaning.

In order for RFCP to consider accepting any sort of apology or repaired status:

1) The unrightfully taken must be rightfully returned.

  • Prior Bumble’s full (not s/m) 2019 CPA Legend permanently restored.
  • RFCP’s old Instagram account transferred back to General Sillabye, who created it.

2) Public offenses must be publicly corrected.

  • Many of the horrible things said and done to us were not in DMs. They were in public, open letters and blog posts which destroyed the reputations of our members unjustly. Because of this, apologies should be proportionately public. Put even more specifically: We require a public blog post or open letter recanting previous statements/accusations made against us to accompany an apology, and we expect this blog post or open letter to be as aggressively circulated as the bad ones were.
  • Old open letters/blog posts should be taken down.

3) Our beloved leader and soldiers must be spared from further abuse and ridicule.

  • We are not pedophiles. Those accusations must immediately cease in daily conversation and should have been formally recanted in #2.
  • Our personal information and that of our families (addresses, photos, etc.) must be eliminated and never circulated again.
  • Prior Bumble is male and must be referred to as such.
  • Harassing comments and vandalization of our various pages and personal webpages of our members must end.

While all of these conditionalities must be met, we would be responsive to steps taken towards fulfillment. If anyone wishes to pursue this path to forgiveness and healing, they are welcome in our Portal server to discuss. As you can see, our terms represent both individual and collective efforts, but doing what you can do alone and condemning what you can’t change alone is a good start to fulfillment.

We do not require anyone to fully agree with our values or way of life. The stipulations listed are the bare minimum to achieve our acceptance of your goodwill and to receive ours in return.

We cannot imagine what a better place the world would be if the Club Penguin Army community could live up to the standards we’ve listed. We cannot imagine, because we are doubtful the community can live up to them. But that doesn’t mean our standards lower to make it more possible.

Thank you.











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