• The Recon Federation of Club Penguin is an official Club Penguin Army founded by Prior Bumble, a CPA Legend and original army veteran from 2008. We are one of the strongest and most renowned armies of the modern era. Join us today! 

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Enlist today by joining our portal server at: https://discord.gg/aCUMd2pYxf

Why are we the right army for you?

1. RFCP Builds Character. It’s in our Constitution! Joining a Club Penguin army is a team experience. At RFCP, we teach people of all ages values of responsibility, cooperation, and kindness. Members of the army earn their ranks and medals only by putting in real effort and learning to collaborate courteously with their comrades to achieve success. Our attitude towards teamwork is that of a coach: supportive but challenging. This is an important life skill and a meaningful way to grow emotionally and intellectually.

2. RFCP is Safe. We have several moderators in our chat tasked with keeping the public server safe for all ages. Photos and links are disabled in our general chat. We don’t collect any personal information without consent of the user and we encourage everyone to practice Internet safety. RFCP is full of emotional and mental health resources as well. We’re here for you if anything feels unsafe!

3. RFCP Soldiers are Happy. In the server, we have a whole channel called #rfcp-testimonies. Here, you will read paragraph after paragraph of why RFCP soldiers love the army. Join the link at the top of this page to check them out! You can read them before you make your decision to enlist!

4. RFCP is a Certified Army. Our leader and founder is an original Club Penguin army veteran from 2008. He fought alongside Oagalthorp himself (the founder of all armies) in battle during the Golden Age of Club Penguin armies. Our uniform and government structure are by far the most authentic military experience offered by any army. We even conduct patrols of our servers.

5. RFCP has its own Language, Lore, and Currency. Our culture is beyond comparison. Truly. No other army has a national identity as engrossing as ours. We speak our own language (Penguin Latin), print our own currency (which you can spend on prizes), have a 3,000+ word Constitution, a cosmology of ancient lore, and more. Fans of fantasy and worldbuilding will be enthralled. Artists have chances to be creative and have their masterpieces immortalized in army history.

6. RFCP is a Family. And we are for everyone. We do not discriminate based off race, religion, gender/gender identity, age, ability/disability, nationality, sexual orientation, or any other background, and do not tolerate bullying. No Prior experience (pun-intended) in armies required. Everyone has purpose here, everyone belongs, and everyone is loved. Our leader even reads children’s books to the soldiers about once a month.

7. RFCP has Daily Events. We have events like battles, parties, tournaments, trainings, Bob Ross painting nights, story time, movie night, trivia, award shows, and more each day. Blog posts and Twitter/YouTube/Instagram cover these events daily too. There’s always something to do, and because we are multidivisional (with American, European, Asian/Australian, and Spanish-speaking divisions), someone is always awake in the server. We are called the “army that never sleeps.” Wherever in the world you are from, there is something fun going on you can attend. ¡Incluso tenemos un canal de habla hispana!

Finally, once you decide to enlist, we will administer the oath: “I, [full username], swear my allegiance to the RFCP, and to my brothers in arms. I will follow orders, defend, and serve with all my honor, and all I am.”

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