Officers Get New Uniform!

Commander Prior declared an official new uniform today, only for the officers of the RFCP.

The uniform consists of everything soldiers wear, but adds the cruise captain’s hat, a cavalry saber, and a battle cape (the same Prior wears for “Storytime with Papa Prior.” This makes story time even more special, as Papa Prior tells his tales donning the battle-scarred cape of the arena…).

The purpose of this uniform goes further than distinction. It is helpful for Prior to know where his officers are at a glance. While still adhering to RFCP aesthetic, Prior can now locate them easily, and soldiers can, too, so they know whose lead to reliably follow if they are confused.

Indeed, even the Commander is technically considered an officer. But for those readers concerned about Prior’s trademark red cap, do not fear. Commander Prior will continue to wear his red hat to distinguish himself from both soldier and normal officer.

Godspeed to the brave officers of RFCP.

Former Red Rebellion Leader, Chainpro, Enlists as General in the RFCP

The name Chainpro is familiar in the ears of any CPA user. With a neon red-and-brighter-red nameglow, Chainpro is known throughout the community as the retired Commander of the late Red Rebellion. He feeds satirical videos and pictures into channels like #memes and #copypasta with subtle savagery. His battlefield strategy and skill is commended by many of his contemporaries. He was even nominated in this year’s CPA Awards for Best Leader.

After closing RR, Chainpro considered many options as his next move, be it creating another army, joining an existing one, or moving on to participate in the staff side of things.

On Sunday, August 25th, 2019, Chainpro decided to join the Recon Federation of Club Penguin.

Commander Prior, who no longer swears in new recruits save for monumental occasions, called forth the army to gather on RFCP’s capital, Marshmallow (CPR), to surround the flames of the cove. He did not tell them who they were waiting for.

Emojis and excitement exploded from the soldiers when Chainpro appeared, and they put two and two together.

Prior summoned Chain to stand next to him at the fire, and proceeded to give him the oath of the RFCP.

Chainpro was inducted immediately to the rank of General.

“RFCP has never been stronger,” Commander Prior said.

Chainpro’s arrival to the RFCP does not make for the first time a soldier has joined RFCP from another army. He is the third this month. RFCP’s policy of enlisting is unique in that, while other armies allow dual enlistment (you can be in more than one), RFCP requires that it be your only army, full commitment of your heart, mind, and spirit. Soldiers must sacrifice their membership in other armies to join the RFCP. The addition of Chainpro raises the total of the Officers of RFCP to a hefty 8.

“This is wonderful,” Chainpro told Prior. “I am so glad to have made this impact.”

Hail, General Chain!

Please enjoy some of Chainpro’s meme savagery below.

RFCP and RPF Engage in Historic Land Purchase

This morning, RPF scheduled an invasion of RFCP’s new server, Chinook. Chinook is a server that traditionally saw RPF possession, and therefore is a prime target for RPF expansion.

Commander Prior entered into a discussion with RPF Strike Force leader, Ultipenguin, to see if conflict can be avoided in favor of peace. If such an agreement could not be made, the two armies likely would have commenced a day-after-day struggle for the server, invading, defending, and invading again, as Chinook is the first chunk of RFCP’s aspired control of the northeast peninsula.

But a historic and pleasant agreement was reached between the two Federations. It was negotiated that RFCP would trade Chinook for RPF’s server, Hockey.

Hockey was a strategic choice for RFCP. It touches the peninsula’s gulf and offers itself as a stronghold in revising the landmass goals of the RFCP to one of surrounding the body of water and allowing Wild Ninjas and RPF pursuits to carry on for the time being. Commander Prior was also fond of the name, as hockey is his favorite sport.

“My admiration and concord with Ulti has never been higher,” Prior said. “Our relationship is one of respect, and he is a man I truly enjoy. We are proud to be entering into this historic purchase and exchange of land with RPF.”

RFCP vows not to invade Chinook as long as RPF does not invade Hockey.

While the Federations’ political alignments remain at odds, today was a victory in furthering the health of this unlikely rapport.

RFCP Ratifies Official Constitution

Last week, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin ratified their official Constitution. Officers Prior Bumble, Redovyco, Cabin0416, Shallissa, Tumbling, and Kailey310 signed the document into power and became what many consider to be founding fathers of RFCP’s longevity and directorate.

The Constitution, written by Commander Prior Bumble and offered up for revision to the entire army, was born August 9, 2019. It was finalized at 3,712 words.

The entire Constitution is offered below.

Copyright: Prior Bumble, August 9, 2019

The Constitution

of the

Recon Federation of Club Penguin

To ensure the permanence and legacy of the army, protect against corruption, and secure a monolithic position as a unified body in the digital tunnels of Club Penguin history, we the officers of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin do ordain and establish this constitution.

I. Mission

The Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) shall be an independently governed army centered in the Club Penguin digital landscape with the objective of securing dominion, power, and victory against competitors while maintaining a devotion to honor, community, and values. Some ways this may be accomplished are through server acquisition, event hosting, intelligence gathering, and cooperation with other prominent figures and armies.

II. Values

The values of the RFCP include but are not limited to:

  1. When it comes to it, putting the person before the penguin
  2. Militant seriousness
  3. Dedication to the family of RFCP
  4. Impassioned and dignified warfare

III. Representation

Articles under this section are declared official representative characteristics of the army.

  • The army’s name is the Recon Federation of Club Penguin, and its acronym is RFCP (not RF)
  • Its colors are dark purple, black, and brown
  • Its flag is the Cabinian style RFCP flag est. 2019
  • Its motto is Erat Ipso Sacra! (Hold the Sacred Ground!)
  • Its Certified Club Penguin Army badge is to remain on its website
  • The History of RFCP as authored by Prior Bumble is to remain unchanged on the website
  • The army’s uniform is subject to change, but shall adhere as closely as possible to formal modern militant attire

These representative characteristics may not be changed throughout history or under new leadership. 

These articles also may not be sold or franchised without consent of the Commander.

The name of the army shall be understood as representative of the army’s origins. Recon is derived from the army’s conception in Club Penguin Rewritten’s Elite Penguin Force room. Federation represents the independent penguins making up the military who unite together under one nation, leader, and army.

IV. Procedure of Initiation

No user shall be named a soldier of the RFCP until they:

  1. Take the oath
  2. Join the Discord server
  3. Acquire the uniform
  4. Accept the Constitution of the RFCP

The oath shall be:

I, (Penguin’s full username), swear my allegiance to the RFCP, and to my brothers in arms. I will follow orders, defend, and serve with all my honor, and all I am.

Penguins not active for more than one week after their recruitment are revoked membership. Formerly active penguins that become at-large are demoted to the status of “Ret.” (retired) at the will of the Commander, unless in cases of acts-of-God, or if previous permission for a temporary leave is granted. Retired penguins may not re-enter the army at their latest rank or participate in RFCP events without authorization from the Commander.

V. Technological Use

a) RFCP shall use Discord as its base of operations. No other Discord server shall be made in RFCP’s name.

The RFCP Discord server rules are:

  • If you are visiting, please state your name and business (ex., who you are from and why you have joined)
  • No pinging @everyone unless you are Colonel and above. Anyone may @here, however, if it is urgent. One exception is in the #rfcp-summit channel
  •  No advertising for other groups (ex., posting Discord join links) in our server
  • No trolling, harassment, or spying
  • Use the channels for their given purposes
  • No spamming channels with gifs/photos/mantras
  • No posting about sensitive RFCP mission/news in the open chats

The purposes of the channels, and general channel etiquettes are:


  • #general-chat: Used for casual and communal conversation. Open to all
  • #news: Used to announce blog posts, CPA updates, important thoughts, changes, events, and general announcements. Times should include time zones. Restricted posting to officers. Visible to all
  • #rfcp-summit: Used to discuss army-wide matters on an equal level with all members. Open only to RFCP members and occasionally foreign diplomats


  • #orders: Used to relay orders during battles and events. Orders should follow a count-down procedure (3…2…1). Open to all, but only officers should submit orders
  • #missions: Used to announce and discuss specific RFCP missions. Open only to RFCP members
  • #command-room: Used to discuss the most sensitive and critical matters of the army. Open only to officers
  • #zero-cap-alpha: Used to discuss the operations of ZCA. Open only to ZCA members
  • #silver-thirty: Used to discuss the operations of S30. Open to all


  • #rules: Used to pronounce the rules of RFCP. Visible to all, editable only to the Commander
  • #website: Used to provide the links to various official RFCP websites (currently: the website of the army and the Wikipedia of the army). Visible to all, editable only to the Commander
  • #uniform: Used to display the uniform of the army. Visible to all, editable only to the Commander
  • #formations: Used for quick reference of formations and their names. Visible only to RFCP members, editable only to the Commander
  • #relations: Used to inform of the status of foreign relations. Visible only to RFCP members, editable only to the Commander
  • #gallery-and-media: Used to post photos, videos, memes, and elsewise of RFCP. Open to all
  • #new-recruits: Used as the entry point into the Discord for new recruits. RFCP welcomes them and provides information, as well as the RFCP survey. Open to all

     Off-Duty Channels


  • #rfcp-after-dark: A NSFW channel for adults to converse, play, and joke. Open only to members and allies aged eighteen or older. RFCP is not liable to those who lie about their age to gain entry
  • #storytime-with-papa-prior: Used to discuss when the next story time will be and for Prior to post storybook illustrations. Open only to RFCP members

Voice Chats

Voice chats are opened and closed only on whim of the Commander.

More channels may be added by the Commander at any time and do not need to be revised into the Constitution; they can be added in during the next revision.

b) The army shall be valid and functional across all Club Penguin servers including Club Penguin Rewritten (CPR), Club Penguin Armies: The Game (CPATG), Club Penguin Online (CPO), and any Club Penguin Private Server (CPPS). No other organization may claim to be RFCP across these digital landscapes

c) Additional social media and internet expansion must be approved of by the Commander (however, non-official discussion of RFCP on personal social media accounts is not restricted. See Article VIII)

d) No RFCP member’s private data shall be shared or sold without said member’s consent at any time. Likewise, no RFCP soldier shall be formally cyber-investigated by the army beyond the parameters of their activity in the Club Penguin digital landscape (personal research of members to other members cannot be enforced, and investigation of activity in the Club Penguin digital landscape is fair game)

e) RFCP adheres to the necessities of the safety of its members, especially its underaged members, and does not engage in illegal online activity

VI. Warfare

RFCP shall conduct battles in keeping with the latest Club Penguin army warfare standard. This includes unified emoting/chanting (known as “tactics”), taking formations, and performing organized charges and snowball volleys. RFCP warfare may evolve and adapt.

RFCP acknowledges:

  1. Tactics
  2. Charges/Volleys
  3. Formations
  4. Noise
  5. Adaptability
  6. Size of Army

as the main pillars of successful battle. Effectiveness is based on the speed in which these pillars are executed, the creativity in which they are done (creativity of chants, use of the surrounding environment, and symbolization of formations), and the preciseness of the timing and placement of these strategies.

No battle is the same, and RFCP reserves the right to innovate and challenge standard Club Penguin army warfare practices.

The iceberg is considered RFCP’s sacred battleground. RFCP honors the veterans who have disrupted the snow there, its founder included.

RFCP tactics shall not include racist, sexist, ableist, or personally derogatory language. It also shall avoid expletives (not including soft expletives such as hell and damn). This does not mean that RFCP tactics are to be gentle.

Competitive, aggressive, assertive, playful, and teasing behavior is permitted.

No such language restrictions apply in the #orders channel between tactics.

Upon completion of the battle, the Commander never immediately accepts defeat in close situations (where the numbers on either side flutter between being even and being one or two above or below the enemy’s). The results are debated. Judges may be called if an agreement can’t be reached.

VII. Leadership

RFCP follows a quasi-military, autocratic structure and enforces deference of ranks as an important part of its culture.

Compulsory respect and obedience is to be given to those of a higher rank from those of lower ranks.

The Commander-in-Chief is to be addressed as “Sir,” “Commander,” or “Chief.”

a) Ranks

The ranks of the RFCP, in descending order, shall be:

  1. Commander-in-Chief (shortened to Commander or, less frequently, Chief)
  2. Commissar
  3. General
  4. Colonel
  5. Major
  6. Lieutenant
  7. Sergeant
  8. Corporal
  9. Ice Agent
  10. Agent
  11. Enlisted (Non-Combat)

No rank shall be dissolved.

Ranks and promotions operate on a meritocracy basis, not on a time served basis.

Deference of ranks in terms of respect applies to allied leaders as well, but no allied leader’s orders shall be followed without consent of the Commander or without the allied leader being formally delegated to lead in place of the Commander, by the Commander.

b) Commander-in-Chief

RFCP shall be led by only one Commander-in-Chief at a time. The role is perpetual until resignation.

Ultimate authority is his.

The Commander may declare war, execute treaties and contracts, establish colonies and empires, enter and exit leagues, make/overrule decisions, form relationships, delegate responsibility, write manifestos, open/close the nation, manage permissions and technology, declare policies of administration, and order all ranks below him. Matters in range of his authority are not limited to those laid out in the Constitution. He may utilize “Martial law” to act in opposition to the Constitution, with the understanding that this may be contended, nullified, or ratified at a later date.

Only the Commander may award promotions or medals. Likewise, the Commander may demote anyone. He has sole control of the Discord channel.

The Commander must have served in the RFCP for at least thirty days before being appointed to office. Candidates for Commander shall be tested in knowledge of RFCP history, warfare understanding, and Prior Bumble.

Newly-appointed Commanders must meet with all allied leaders and league admins in Discord PM within 1 week of being appointed to office.

Peaceful succession of the Commander includes transferring of the Discord ownership. The departing Commander has the right to retain all Discord clearances of the authority.

The Commander shall be required to hold “office hours” to meet with troops of any rank, in Discord or in-game, at least once a week. He must reveal how he votes and moves in foreign affairs.

His first duty is to the care of his troops. His second duty is to the international stature of the army. A good Commander is consistent, welcoming, well-spoken, aggressive, and resilient.

c) The Commissar of the RFCP

RFCP shall have only one Commissar at a time. The role is perpetual until resignation and is considered the second highest rank.

The Commissar’s authority includes the ability to engage in foreign negotiations and discussion. Upon the Commander’s resignation, the Commissar may either resign, accept the new role of Commander, or step down and acquire the rank of General. If he/she chooses to step down, he/she must sponsor a new Commander. That candidate is then put to a general vote of 2/3 majority rules. If the candidate either does not pass the vote or refuses to accept candidacy, the Commissar is to choose another candidate.

The Commissar shall be the head of ZCA. He is the primary supporter and upholder of the Commander. 

d) The Officers

Ranks Colonel and above shall be considered the officers. In general speech, the Commander is also an officer.

Officers have the authority to give orders to soldiers of lower ranks. At least one officer must be present at any official training event. 

The officers are responsible for leading in the absence of the Commander. Note that only the Commander and the Commissar may speak on foreign matters to foreign parties, but officers are authorized to answer all questions of the soldiers. Officers are further responsible for keeping the peace among the army and enforcing the Constitution of the RFCP and the orders of the Commander. They support and uphold the army and the Commander.

Officers may schedule army-wide events (except for events involving foreign parties) at any time without consent of the Commander, given it does not conflict with a prior RFCP commitment. Likewise, officers may @everyone in the Discord.

Officers may confront the Commander in interrogation (see Article IX)

No officer, including the Commander, shall negotiate with terrorists. This includes but is not limited to those trolling, spamming, threatening, or doxing. Officers must agree to use a separate email for RFCP related accounts or swear that they will never cave to giving up RFCP security in favor of their own interest, even when threatened with doxing.  

e) The Soldiers

The term “soldiers” when spoken by the Commander may mean all of RFCP, including the officers. However, it is more commonly used to refer to enlisted RFCP with the rank of Major and lower.

Soldiers are responsible for carrying out the orders of the officers. They are further responsible for embodying the values of the RFCP and generating a positive community in the army. They are expected to attend all events possible and contribute their talents to the army to the best of their ability.

RFCP supports and promotes the in-real-life happiness and success of its members (soldier and officer).

VIII. Rights

All members of the RFCP wield the following rights:

  • Be treated with dignity
  • Vote in all army polls
  • Experience no discrimination based on gender, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, disability, or age (not including restrictions of NSFW material)
  • See how the Commander votes in international polls and how he moves in foreign affairs
  • Swear in new members
  • Retire at any time
  • Make suggestions
  • Ask questions
  • Be warned (once) before serious disciplinary action is taken against you (some exceptions apply, such as treason and vulgar behavior)
  • Exercise freedom of press (all soldiers may blog and report on CPA/RFCP events without censorship, given that they do not claim to be an official RFCP source. This does not mean they do not face repercussions/discipline in response to what they say; only that it cannot be forcibly deleted)
  • Access to the Discord and the channels: #missions, #storytime-with-papa-prior
  • DM the Commander
  • Meet the Commander in-game on an appointment basis
  • Request a trial to defend yourself of offenses

All officers of the RFCP wield the following additional rights:

  • Interrogate the Commander if more than one officer agrees there is serious reason for suspicion
  • Declare a trial of the Commander after the interrogation, resulting in possible removal from office
  • Discipline the soldiers without consent of the Commander
  • Lead in battle
  • Schedule events (see Article VII)
  • Access to the #command-room and posting privileges in the #news and #missions
  • Be consulted before the Commander declares war (NOTE: this does not say that they must give approval)

All Members, in order to ensure to all of them the rights and benefits resulting from membership, shall fulfill in good faith the obligations assumed by them in accordance with the present Constitution.

Revocation of rights and expulsion of membership in the RFCP may be enacted if they are found to engage in:

  1. Membership in another alliance
  2. Forwarding information to other alliances
  3. Disobeying the lawful order of a superior, or any leading authority.
  4. Desertion in war
  5. Actions unbecoming of an RFCP member
  6. Disobeying any other laws of the RFCP
  7.  Performing Harmful acts to the Ecumene.

RFCP does not extend the right to any soldier or officer of the RFCP to be enlisted in more than one army, even allied armies. This will result in termination of membership in the RFCP, if membership in any other army is not immediately renounced and annulled.

IX. Judicial Actions

a) Impeachment

In the unlikely event that the Commander needs to be removed from office, the following steps may be taken.

  1. If evidence of gross offense exists, two or more officers must agree to interrogate the Commander
  2. If, after this conversation, suspicion (or downright proof) is apparent, the officers may declare that the Commander is on trial
  3. No promotions, demotions, or military action (except in case of national emergency) may be taken until the trial is resolved
  4. At this point, evidence from both sides must be presented in #rfcp-summit
  5. 1 member from each rank, chosen by members of the same rank, is to be selected to form the jury
  6. Foreign and domestic witnesses may be called by either side
  7. A poll of guilt or innocence will then be made, which only the jury members may vote in. It will be live for 24 hours
  8. If found guilty, the Commander is removed from office and from the army. Authority falls to the Commissar. The exiled Commander may make amends and rejoin as an Agent at the mercy of the new Commander
  9. If found innocent, the Commander resumes his role, and the accusing officers are either retired at their present rank or demoted to the rank of Major; it is their choice

b) Small Court

If anyone in the army feels mistreated, unheard, or unfairly disciplined, they have the right to speak privately to the officer of their choice about the Commander or any other RFCP individual without threat of treason. If understanding is not met, the plaintiff may request the second opinion of one other officer.

All Members shall settle their disputes by peaceful means in such a manner that tranquility, and security, and justice are not endangered.

c) Treason

Those accused of treason do not enjoy the privilege of innocence until proven guilty. They are immediately banned, but may appeal in DM’s.

X. Divisions

RFCP may have operative divisions within the army at consent of the Commander.

a) Zero Cap Alpha

Zero Cap Alpha (abbreviated ZCA) shall be a recon division of the RFCP. Its objectives shall be:

  1. Operate as a secret service, protecting the Commander from harm and insurrection
  2. Execute special non-battle missions
  3. Ensure the security of the Discord server and websites

ZCA shall be run by the Commissar of the RFCP, under supervision of the Commander. Either Commander or Commissar may appoint ZCA servicemen, and the potential ZCA serviceman must accept the responsibility (it cannot be enforced).

No ZCA member may leave the army without being debriefed.

b) Silver Thirty

Silver Thirty (abbreviated S30) shall be an interpersonal and expansion-focused division of the RFCP. Its objectives shall be:

  1. Generate media, art, and connective material for the RFCP’s morale, image, and foreign relations
  2. Carry out tasks suitable to younger-aged soldiers
  3. Cultivate an educative aspect to the army in terms of cooperation, task-completion, and overall healthy functioning
  4. Take servers we don’t need the whole army for

Anyone aged 12 or younger is automatically in this division. Membership to those above this age is at the will of the Commander.

XI. Obligations and General Codes

Each June 5th shall be commemorated as RFCP Day, the day the army was founded.

RFCP may never merge into another army. It may, however, allow other armies to merge into it.  

Property and franchises run by RFCP, such as in real life and in-game venues and offices, are to be owned and run exclusively by the RFCP and may not have joint use or sponsorship without official permission from the Commander.

RFCP shall operate fairly in accordance with the rules of the leagues it decides to join, but shall swear no indefinite exclusivity to any one league, neither shall it allow any league to override and overtake RFCP’s governmental powers.

All Members shall refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force against the political independence of any user or army, without an approval from the Commander-in-Chief or the Commissar.

All Members shall give the RFCP assistance in any action it takes in accordance with the present Constitution, and shall refrain from giving support to any army against which the RFCP is taking policing action against.

Members may tend to their routine as they please, however they must come to the aid of a fellow member when under attack and when called with orders from the Government, and they shall uphold the core values of the RFCP.

Allied members and non-affiliated are allowed to be in our Discord or shared spaces, but hostile personnel are subject to the judgment of the Commander.

RFCP shall always have a Capital, and the Capital shall serve the ecumene. No RFCP server may claim independence from the Army. Likewise, there shall be no unauthorized parties inside the RFCP with the aim of division. Resources shall be utilized equally to the aspiration of keeping the RFCP unified and autocratic

XII. Amendments

No RFCP poll may violate the Constitution. General polls of a political nature must be up for at least 12 hours before action is taken on the subject of the poll, except in cases of national emergency.

Formal amendments to the Constitution must be proposed and posted for 72 hours and must pass with 2/3 majority vote.

Non-formal, general details about the army and its server (ex., updating the Constitution if the Commander adds another channel) may be revised in the working document without going through the amendment process and does not need to be signed, but these changes may be contended in trial if necessary.

The Constitution of the RFCP may not be re-signed or have its signatures replaced upon any revision. However, all formal amendments must be signed and posted by at least the Commander and the Commissar.  

Amendments shall be established only as separate documents; the original Constitution shall not be changed.

Erat ipso sacra.

BREAKING! CPA’s Server Shuffle Explosion, and RFCP’s Impending War

At 6:00 AM EST Sunday morning, CPA released 23 new servers (unclaimed and known as”freeland”), surgically re-engineering the map and opening the gates for armies to schedule invasions. The night previously, Prior met with Snork, the leader of the Winged Hussars, and arranged for RFCP and its colony, DD, to schedule a total of six invasions in the northeast peninsula. Snork, who lives in a European timezone, would be awake at this hour and was authorized to post in RFCP’s name. The original campaign plan is as follows:

But at 6:00 on the dot, hippieFRESH of LGA pressed “enter” a tenth of a second faster than Snork. This threw RFCP’s plans awry. The two largest server in RFCP’s scope, Cold Front and Ice Bank, were officially spoken for by LGA.

RFCP and DD were able to secure a total of only four invasions, as depicted in the chart below that spells out which armies preemptively claimed which servers.

Even Wild Ninjas, the elusive and intriguing army fiercely devoted to independence, managed to secure three servers, all of them interestingly on the outskirts, and surrounding the new island at key pinpoints.

Commander Prior headed to the #leaders-chat on CPA and declared to LGA that this would ensure renewed RFCP-LGA conflict. He invited an LGA leader to PM him to discuss it.

No PM came for another hour. The silence was deafening. In a moment of heat, Prior had a midnight invasion on August 28th, 2019, the instant the Treaty of Smog and Citrus expired, typed up and waiting in the #schedule-invasions channel if LGA would be so passe as to refuse his offer to discuss terms.

He reminded them once more in leader’s chat, and hippieFRESH PM’ed him at last. War was agreed upon, and will launch next week.

Terms were negotiated.

  1. RFCP does not invade Matterhorn, LGA does not invade Northern Lights
  2. No allies, except for colonies. However, RFCP and DD may not schedule separate invasions of LGA on the same day, nor may LGA’s colony (if they acquire one) attack on the same day
  3. Fighting is localized to the peninsula (new servers) until (if applicable) one army takes it over
  4. No war activity on Tuesdays to enable both parties can plan on time to catch up on other things
  5. Battle times are restricted to weekdays after 7:30 p.m. EST and weekends after 3:00 p.m. EST (cut off times for these windows still being negotiated)
  6. The war shall be called The Peninsula Wars

Term #1 prevents either army from reaching the capital and wiping the other off the map: each side was allowed to choose one favorite server other than their capital to be off-limits. But let us turn our attention to Term #2.

Does LGA have a colony?

Not officially, but some say they already do. Enter Cosmic.

Cosmic is an army led by PyxelPranav. You may remember them from the “Ultimate Alliance,” in which they promised a coalition with RFCP only to backstab Prior and replace his army with LGA a few days later. They launched a curious war against GSG called The Chronic Wars, and made an alarming declaration that their goal was not servers; their goal was total extermination of GSG.

Indeed, it seems they are honest in their total lack of interest in land. As soon as Cosmic acquires a server from GSG, they transfer that server to LGA in the same breath (and sometimes RPF, LGA’s close ally). This has provoked the ire of the NVA. It strikes NVA members as a conniving way of getting around the obligations of the Treaty of Smog and Citrus. According to the treaty, LGA is forbidden from attacking NVA territory (which includes GSG), but are they using Cosmic to do their fighting for them and gaining servers from NVA anyway? It is a loophole no one saw coming.

In many ways, the following image perfectly illustrates the situation. Cosmic invades, LGA smiles.

This odd relationship strikes many as almost abusive: a Cosmic server-factory operating under the clipboard of LGA. “Child labor,” Commander Prior scoffed in the NVA leader’s chat.

But in order for Cosmic to legally participate in the Peninsula Wars, making the campaign a dual-colonial conflict, Prior demanded that an official declaration of colonization be made by Pyxel, and that a colony flag be established. LGA agreed. Soon after, reports came in that LGA was attempting to get Cosmic to agree to be a colony. So far, it has not been confirmed that Cosmic budged, but the war preparations are young.

In many ways, Prior was pleased that hippieFRESH and he continue to have a pleasant relationship. Fresh is respectful and reasonable. But this does not erase the pattern of toxicity found in other members of LGA’s high command.

LGA leader Zeke refers to the CPA Award category of “Biggest L,” reserved for the biggest losers of CPA.

While plans are being drawn for the Peninsula Wars, the Chronic Wars still rage. GSG leader, Dolepie47, attempted to work out peace between GSG and Cosmic with Pyxel. Pyxel aggressively refused.

With GSG maxing only 2 lately, the smartest move was agreed upon: Dole would transfer all remaining GSG servers, Ice Cream (CPPS: Origins) and Blizzard (CPPS: Penguin World), to RFCP. RFCP are now the new guardians, and confidently stare Cosmic in the face to come at them if they wish.

RFCP truly now resembles and empire. Its servers are scattered, and its colonial relations are feudal.

Meanwhile, Cena of DD makes bold and successful strides in his first week of action. The Southern Lights invasion was triumphant, and the server was transferred to RFCP per the colonial agreement. Cena, ever a controversial figure, continues to stir things up on the CPA Discord, finding enemies left and right. Spies, behind-curtains-talk, and fire is being flung to and fro by DD, Cosmic, and LGA. Cena was accused of troopstealing, as many CPA members explored the DD server after seeing it advertised on Cena’s satire news site, CPPAN (Club Penguin Popcorn Army News) and were tempting to join, Cena certainly not opposing. RFCP, the fatherland of DD, stands with Cena and knows his heart is good. “I do not do business with bad people,” Commander Prior said.

Unfortunately, DD has also attracted the playful criticism of EGCP, RFCP’S closest ally. Cena once said, “I don’t speak EGCP,” which offended the Portuguese-speaking Brazilian army. Cena since apologized, and EGCP accepted the apology. The only problem is, “FUCK DUCKS” was too fun to say, and since when have our Brazilian brothers turned down a party? The spamming of “Cenaphobia” has spawned pseudo-hostility from EGCP to DD, but no serious action is set to be taken.

RFCP closed the evening with a midnight invasion of Cloudy, maxing 12, with a total participation at 13:

The final news of the day ended with an exciting announcement from CPA about the release of nominees in the CPA Summer Community Awards 2019. RFCP received a staggering 7 out of 12 possible category nominations, including Biggest Rise, Best War, Best Battle, Most Achieved, and, a dear one to Prior, Best Leader.

“To be nominated among such prestigious contemporaries nearly brought me to my knees. Just being listed there, next to my professional heroes, Sage and Edu, felt like something I cannot describe in words–and that doesn’t happen often.” — Prior Bumble

All RFCP soldiers are encouraged to vote.

Ready yourselves for action.

A new chapter is upon us.

Nine Seconds a Soldier

Today, Commander Prior drove in real life to attend a Civil War fair in the town of Winchester, Virginia. There were reenactors, cannons, and plenty of heat.

Prior is a collector of many odd and historic artifacts. In his office (not his penguin office, his physical one), you will find:

A mummified piranha

A leaf of 14th century illuminated manuscript

Glass from Twin Towers

Mammoth ivory

A Roman terra cotta vessel (original)

Sperm whale oil

A piece of Titanic’s hull

A scrap of Steve Jobs’ black sweater

But most prized among all his collections are his American Civil War photographs: daguerreotype, ambrotype, and tintype.

The eyes you look into here are eyes no one has gazed into for a long, long time. Until you came along.

They are serious, grim, and stoic.

Then Prior experienced something unique. Under one of the tents at the fair was an old camera company and a box of clothes. For a fee, old-style ambrotypes and tintypes of yourself could be made.

Prior donned a Federal uniform, grabbed a Colt .44, and put on a kepi hat. He positioned in front of the camera and was told to hold his breath and stay very, very still for nine seconds.

He stared into the lens.

Receiving the plate of the photograph, Prior looked, for the first time ever, into his own eyes in an ambrotype. Something hit him: he looked just as strong, just as serious, and just as grave as the soldiers he collects. And it felt good.

There he was. A warrior masked in the haze of black-and-white. Captured like a ghost on a piece of glass.

Nine seconds a soldier. But will collectors in the future find this image and know it is a fraud?

Or is it the photo of a real Commander?

RFCP encourages everyone reading this to ask themselves if they too could stand still for nine seconds, hold their breath, and become the person they see in photos and admire. Can nine seconds turn you into the person you want to be?

It came close for Commander Prior. But not exactly. Perhaps nothing will.

He is glad to be not the leader of the Virginia 4th Infantry, but the Recon Federation of Club Penguin.

And that is for more than nine seconds.

Erat ipso sacra.

A shout out to Lieutenant RomanPrincey who was interested in seeing these photos.

Hail the Fatherland! Duck Defenders Become the First Official Colony of the RFCP

In the prelude of the Big Bang-esque explosion of twenty-three new servers set to hit CPA next week, RFCP has established its first colony: the Duck Defenders of Club Penguin.

Duck Defenders (DD) registered on CPA on August 16, 2019. They are captained by leader Cena, the former Cuddle Kittens’ “Sexy Leader” and a steady ally of the RFCP.

Cena approached Prior in the RFCP Discord, and the leader of the infant DD expressed interest in a relationship. The two contemporaries moved to PMs. Here, before diving into the negotiations, Prior learned the devastating news that Chainpro, the leader of Red Rebellion (RR), and Prior’s close friend, closed down the army late last night.

Cena enjoyed a close relationship with RR, and found many of the heartbroken soldiers fleeing to his new army. With this bolstering of numbers (a leg-up vital to new armies, much like a fallen tree allowing sunlight onto a sapling), Duck Defenders can claim ambitious ideas for its first month of life.

But RFCP has big ideas too. Thus, once again, conversation turned to striking this fatherland-colony deal.

RFCP officers have discussed aggressive plans for making a strong entrance into the new arena of servers, and, consequentially, the new map. With the academic lull threatening RFCP (as well as all of CPA), resources cannot be spread too thin, and efforts must be exerted where it benefits the army. Prior laid out his proposition to Cena.

“Soon, twenty-three new servers are going to be released in CPA,” said Commander Prior. “RFCP wants seven of them. Seven specific ones [ones that are together]. But people are going to lunge for servers fast, and we are only allowed one invasion a day.

Too slow.

What we want from you: Be a colony of RFCP and help us invade these unclaimed servers faster with your army. You get the event points, and you transfer the servers to us.

What we give in return: After the servers are claimed (estimated time: one week), we transfer our server, Deep Freeze (CPATG), to you, and we give you one more server (either we will take it for you or we will give you one of the ones you help us get). You become independent (if you want) and we help you defend those two servers permanently.

Caveat is we have a limit to what sort of tactics we support [in other words, we want dignified fighting].

Do you agree?”

And so, it was done. It is an historic and monumental day to see such a young army like RFCP assuming the role of big brother, just like its big brother, EGCP, before it.

DMT was less than pleased.

Later, Cena met online to celebrate with the army at The Four Leaf Clover Club, Lucky Quinn’s new CPATG venue.

Prior also made the DD a regular flag to use once the colony is ready for independence.

As we flood the CPA #events-results page with trainings, recruitments, and parties this week with the objective of defending our #4 position in the Top Ten, Commander Prior urges soldiers to remember that we face a firestorm of activity ahead of us after the weekend, as we move into the new map, a new colonial relationship, and into a new chapter of RFCP’s glorious history.

The August Deadlock

Image result for club penguin armies



You are due an analysis, and maybe even a manifesto, of the current political situation of CPA and where RFCP stands within it. So much has developed this month. Part of the Constitution we are drafting for RFCP includes an article obliging the Commander of the RFCP to be transparent with his troops in how he moves and votes in foreign affairs. Most of this post will satisfy that responsibility.

The map of CPA is deadlocked. No one can move, save for RPF and WN, who engage in touch-and-run skirmishes. The Treaty of Smog and Citrus, which ended the War of Smoke and Sour, forbids the NVA from attacking LGA, LGA from attacking the NVA, and LGA from assisting RPF. Further, RFCP is of course obliged to not target any brother NVA member. Cosmic Army, led by rosefarri and lapis, has been squashed out as a colony of the LGA. Red Rebellion is off the map currently. Attacking RPF is the only legal action anyone can take (except for attacking the Wild Ninjas, discussed in the next paragraph), and no one is willing to provoke its ire.

The Wild Ninjas, a Spanish army allied with the Brazilian EGCP (but not with the entire NVA), are the only ones who wield flexibility. They have attempted unsuccessful invasions of RPF on CPR, and scheduled but canceled one invasion of WH.

For a short time, Wild Ninjas were scheduled to join the NVA. This was an error of one NVA leader extending the invitation without consent of the other leaders. Most expressed a casual stance of welcoming regardless. I opposed. The NVA is a large alliance; it provides safety, but it cripples growth. Living off the social security check of EGCP or RPF protection will cause an army wither with the lack of necessity to grow and campaign. We are challenged in that we both love our relationships, and hunger with ambition.

Wild Ninjas ended up not joining the NVA because their scheduled-and-then-canceled invasion of WH broke the trust of the NVA. They operate on SuperCPPS frequently and are mere tenths of a point behind us in the Top Ten ranking at #5 (we hit #4, our highest yet, this past Sunday).

Something strange happens when a political deadlock like the one present occurs. Leaders stop polishing guns and start swirling brandy in their glasses. Instead of shouting orders, they think. And thus, leaders on CPA are talking. Even ones that don’t often do.

In the past week, I have had a two-hour-long conversation with admin DMT, an hour long conversation with Ultipenguin of the RPF, and an unexpected but welcomed discussion with hippieFRESH of LGA in separate private messages.

DMT and I share a love of CPA politics. We touched upon many topics therein, including the Recruitment Crisis occurring throughout all the armies after CPR’s crackdown on discord sharing. This will surely lead to a depression, unless swift alternative strategy is implemented. CPR is comfortable with RPF after so many years of their presence, but other armies do not enjoy this familiarity on the populated CPPS ripe for recruitment. Mopia, on the other extreme, recedes rapidly from the picture after their retreat from CPR, and the future of this iconic army, known for using voice chat in leading battles and exhibiting lightning fast acrobatics, is uncertain.

The admins of CPA have proposed a vote to the leaders as to whether 23 more servers should be added to the map. I voted in favor of this, but I mentioned that it would buy us only a little more time until we are deadlocked again, only with more servers and with a larger splattering of color on the screen.

What we need are new armies and new frontiers. A new desirable like resources could be added to the CPA operation — perhaps White House has gold, while Fog has lumber. This would add more to the need for servers and could frustrate old alliances and require rethinking. But it’s a whole different process.

During the WH/PZF tournament battle, Ultipenguin of the RPF sat next to me on the log at the Cove. Interestingly, RFCP and RPF have never been direct enemies; only opposed by the relationships we honor. Interested to converse with him, I noted one glaring and coincidental similarity between RPF and RFCP: our militant culture. I asked Ultipenguin if RPF enforces their soldiers to address leaders as “sir,” the way I do in RFCP.

So compelling was the conversation that we took it to DM’s. Ranks are a prominent part of RPF culture, but aren’t as enforced in interpersonal relations as they are here in our army. It was Ulti’s perspective that because RFCP is not yet so large, it can be endearing to call me “sir” or “Commander,” but this may be a trait of RFCP’s difficult to keep non-problematic as it grows. I replied, “Having a large size and having personal connection isn’t exclusive, just challenging. I won’t be shedding RFCP’s ‘sir’ bit, but I hope to reinvent what the leaders of old have corrupted.”

Conversation then turned to the NVA. Obviously, the NVA is of great interest to an RPF leader, as its purpose now seems primarily to rebuff the tidal waves RPF generates. I suggested that time may force the nature of the NVA to shift. Perhaps in the future, NVA will remain an alliance, but be activated only to defend against RPF. In such a world, WH could invade GSG, but if GSG is invaded by NVA, the coalition unites and are obliged to defend. This may never happen; or, given that NVA consumes half of the active armies, there may be no other choice.

The RPF leaders remain full of respect for myself and our army, something to be proud of (note: JDZenith is Ultipenguin).

With hippieFRESH, the conversation began more rockily; him referring to a misunderstanding/rumor floating around about my motives. I corrected him, but we soon slipped into tranquil conversing over politics yet again. It became clear that neither Fresh nor I are eager to resume LGA-RFCP conflict come August 27th. But where else do we lead? At some point, we’ll burst with, “Holy shit, someone DO SOMETHING.”

Another RPF-EGCP war maybe, instead of LGA-RFCP? What else is new?

Perhaps a renewal of our rivalry is inevitable. But both parties hunger for new frontiers – new enough to find success, but not to entangle ourselves in a conflict we cannot gain from, such as one with RPF (…yet). The Wild Ninjas still mysteriously operate with independent fury in the east…

Finally, in a last-ditch effort to bring harmony between the two army leagues, CPA and CPO, a merger was placed on the table for the leaders to decide on today. This without doubt would solve many deadlock problems. An avalanche of new armies, relations, and turmoil would refresh our pool, including well known armies such as the Pirates, Templars, Help Force, and Light Troops. Hell, there’d even be a perfect rival for PZF, the Pizza Clan. And for Winged Hussars, there is the Winged Army (!).

Problems immediately emerged, however. The terms declared that CPR would need to be entirely removed from the map (including our capital, Marshmallow), and that no other news sites were permissible. Both terms were insisted upon under the guise of “safety requirements.” However, totalitarianism will always encourage you to trade freedom for safety. I vehemently opposed both terms, alongside Sage of Mopia and Edu of EGCP. The CPO admins were not budging (conducive to the flavor of CPO elitism in the chat), and, after a long and arduous stream of messages, CPA pulled the plug. We remain grateful to DMT, flen, Greeny, Memmaw, and Super for their admirable and honest work as CPA admins.

A short vote in the leaders’ channel followed to see if the leaders wanted to merge.

I voted no, with a stipulation comment that even found common ground among newly-on-leave LGA leader Zeke.

No such changes were amenable to CPO. The brief glimmer of hope was over.

But how interesting would a CPA v.s CPO all-out war be…I admit excitement and a thirst to be strategizing in a war room with all the great leaders of CPA on behalf of the RFCP.

I will continue to maneuver us into the greatest position of power we can secure at this time. If we wish to stay in the top 4 of CPA’s Top Ten, we need to toughen, sharpen, and stand undaunted by the challenges ahead, both politically and in face of the academic recession looming before us.

I am undaunted.

Are you?

— Commander Prior Bumble


The Flower of Forgetfulness

Once upon a time, an old man sat on a stone and grasped a stick. Wind lifted his robes. Below him was a quilt of land, rumpled here and speckled there. Somewhere down in those plains was his home. But he could not remember where.

And so he sat here.

The old man’s feet ached. They had carried him up to this rock, where the air was thin and the grass was short. Here, on the mountain, where he could see the whole world. He just couldn’t remember what parts of the world were important anymore.

“You have sat here a long time.” The voice creaked like an old door. The old man did not flinch. He looked over.

Standing before him was the Dragon of Time. It was crimson and enormous, yet the details of its face were minuscule like a mosaic. It perched on all fours and glowed with a grey aura. Numbers dripped from its eyes like tears.

“I have,” said the man.

“And?” said the Dragon.

“And the rock is kind. And the breeze is gentle.”

“Yet you belong somewhere else. Still you do not move.”

“Still I do not move.”

“Why?” said the Dragon.

“I cannot remember where I live.”

The Dragon was silent.

“I cannot remember how to get home, for I do not know where home is.”

“Sitting still in time does not slow it,” said the Dragon. Its collar, a rope of gold, swung in front of its chest like a pendulum. “Soon it will be dark. And dark is no place for an old man to be.”

“What else am I to do?” said the old man.

A growl reared inside the belly of the beast. Its white whiskers trembled. But the fire that blazed in its eyes passed. And it looked upon the old man with pity.

“I, the Dragon of Time, will help you remember.”

With one giant claw, it swiped against the hard dirt. Like magic, a single yellow flower sprang from the earth. The old man leaned closer and clenched his staff. With its giant teeth, the Dragon plucked it.

He laid it upon the man’s lap.

“That is a nice flower,” said the man.

“This is the flower of remembrance.”

The old man picked up the flower and inspected.

“Of remembrance, you say?”

“The flower of remembrance,” the Dragon repeated what the old man forgot, almost ironically.

Its petals were soft running along the man’s withered thumb.

“Pick a single petal from the flower, and put it into your shoe. It will tell your feet the way.”

“Thank you, lord,” the old man replied.

“But a word of caution. Guard the petals against the wind. If you let it blow into the wind and tumble from the mountain, you never will remember.”

The Dragon of Time left.

For many long minutes, the old man gazed at the flower. He pinched one petal between his fingers, but something stopped him when he was about to pluck.

The old man looked around him, and thought about the joys of what was near. He thought of the many people who have sobbed into the midnight chorus of rustling leaves and groaning oak. He thought of the horrors done to man, by man. And he thought of the horrors he had done in return.

Why need we remember when it conflicts with what we feel?

Sun knelt below the trees on the horizon. Dark gathered.

The old man closed his eyes, drew in breath. And then he plucked the petals.




Every petal. A gust of wind shouldered by him and furled up his clothes once more.

They carried each and every petal down the mountain. The old man watched as they wriggled away into the dusk.

He smiled.

And the rock was kind. And the breeze was gentle.

Soldiers of RFCP. All of us have said things behind closed doors we regret.

I forgive you.

If you wish for me to forget, PM me a photo of your favorite flower. I will reply, “That is a nice flower.” And I will remember the offense no more. You are loved here.

If you wish to leave, send me no flower, and go in peace.

I furthermore hereby command that Sergeant Lucky Quinn create and curate a group chat within RFPC that does not include my access, with the purpose of letting off steam and discussing me or whatever else is of concern. Included in this order is the demand that Lucky himself answer to me and let me know if anyone is in true need.

If there is any insurrection or plotting politically or personally, there will be an immediate ban.

I have felt this way about the Feddies:

I ought to cancel your Spring Fling.

But I realized I prefer to do this instead.

-Commander Prior

EXCLUSIVE! Interview with CPA Admin Superhero123

Commander Prior virtually sat down with CPA admin Superhero123 for an exclusive inside look at what happens behind-the-scenes on Club Penguin Armies. RFCP admires Super as a kind and considerate admin, and marvels at his technological architecture. That’s right: Super is also the mastermind behind the latest private server, Club Penguin Armies: The Game (CPATG). Despite English not being his native tongue, he answers our questions with intellect and intrigue.

Q: Welcome, Super, and thanks again for agreeing have your interview featured on our website. Tell us about how you became an admin for CPA. What made you want to do it?

A: I learned about CPA and the issue they had connecting the various armies, and I decided to make a CPPS to help them. An army specific CPPS was a concept I came up with 5 years ago, so I really wanted to make it a reality, especially since the community needed it. After the other admins liked the game I developed, they offered me an admin spot too, which I happily accepted.

Q: What is the hardest part about being an admin? What’s the best?

A: Hardest part is constantly having to check Discord and generally being very active, in order to help community members that have a problem or if CPATG experiences any issues. Best part is making the community happy!

Q: You are there from army inception (registering on the Discrod!) to watching armies sometimes as old as a decade join in on the rivalry. How do armies grow over time, and what changes? What are the major differences between newer armies and older armies, BESIDES size and experience?

A: I would say there are two main things that change. The first has to do with troops that stay weeks and months into an army. The bond they make with each other and with the army leaders becomes stronger day by day, and they all become very close internet friends at some point, which is evident both from how much they care for each other but also how well the cooperate during a battle. I experienced that first hand when I spent four years in my old army. I still speak regularly to many of the awesome friends I made in that army, despite it being closed for 2 and a half years.

The second thing has to do with army leaders. They develop a bigger level of strategic thinking, and they constantly become less naive. That way they handle diplomatic affairs way better than how they did when they started leading.

Q: What percentage of registered armies actually stay active?

A: It depends for how long you mean it. More than 70% of armies stays active for lets say a week or two. But for a month its about 40%, and for three months and more I would say around 20%.

Q: Obviously, with so many interest groups and prominent figures competing with each other, tensions can run high in the discussion channels. What is something that you wish everyone on CPA understood better?

A: Some people don’t understand that we always aim to take the decision that benefits the community the most, even though it maybe won’t help their specific army. We can’t do something for that, we have to take the neutral point of view, in order to keep things fair.

Q: Club Penguin was designed for surfing, pizza, and igloo parties. Why did some of us choose to fight?

A: I guess it’s a different reason for each one of us. Personally I was a fan of both Club Penguin and Strategy Games, so I really like combining both :P.

Q: What happens when the admins disagree with each other when judging, and there is not a tie-breaking vote (for example, if only two judges are available for a long period of time)? Is it similar to a jury, where you cannot leave the chat until a unanimous vote is achieved? Do you cordially debate each other?

A: We don’t really debate with each other, everyone states his decision with facts. In group stage tournament battles there is a tie result option, so its not an issue. For invasions, we usually wait for more admins to check the battle video, in order to break the tie.

Q: What do you consider to be the characteristics of a great Club Penguin army leader?

A: Activeness, kindness towards both the army’s troops and the community in general, strategic thinking, organisation skills, the ability to inspire and impose, and despite sounding obvious loyalty towards his own army (we have seen plenty army leaders being army hoppers).

Q: What is in store for the future of CPA?

A: Can’t reveal :O, it will be awesome tho!

Q: What else would you like to say? Not only RFCP reads our blog, so the podium is yours to all!

Thank you everyone for being such an awesome community!


Q: RFCP wants to surprise you by letting you know that our very own General Cabin was a soldier of the SP (Smart Penguin’s, Super’s old home army where he was leader) !He remembers you and wants to know if you want to say anything to a former solider of yours!

A: Nice :P!

Q: One more quick question!!! What are three words you’d use to describe RFCP?

A: Hmm idk I shouldnt comment on armies tbh, I should stay neutral. But you have grown a lot and good job for that

Q: That’s more than three words but I’ll let it slide! 😉

A: Hahaha cool

Finally, RFCP wishes Sup’ a late happy birthday. Thanks again!