RFCP and RPF Engage in Historic Land Purchase

This morning, RPF scheduled an invasion of RFCP’s new server, Chinook. Chinook is a server that traditionally saw RPF possession, and therefore is a prime target for RPF expansion.

Commander Prior entered into a discussion with RPF Strike Force leader, Ultipenguin, to see if conflict can be avoided in favor of peace. If such an agreement could not be made, the two armies likely would have commenced a day-after-day struggle for the server, invading, defending, and invading again, as Chinook is the first chunk of RFCP’s aspired control of the northeast peninsula.

But a historic and pleasant agreement was reached between the two Federations. It was negotiated that RFCP would trade Chinook for RPF’s server, Hockey.

Hockey was a strategic choice for RFCP. It touches the peninsula’s gulf and offers itself as a stronghold in revising the landmass goals of the RFCP to one of surrounding the body of water and allowing Wild Ninjas and RPF pursuits to carry on for the time being. Commander Prior was also fond of the name, as hockey is his favorite sport.

“My admiration and concord with Ulti has never been higher,” Prior said. “Our relationship is one of respect, and he is a man I truly enjoy. We are proud to be entering into this historic purchase and exchange of land with RPF.”

RFCP vows not to invade Chinook as long as RPF does not invade Hockey.

While the Federations’ political alignments remain at odds, today was a victory in furthering the health of this unlikely rapport.

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