Former Red Rebellion Leader, Chainpro, Enlists as General in the RFCP

The name Chainpro is familiar in the ears of any CPA user. With a neon red-and-brighter-red nameglow, Chainpro is known throughout the community as the retired Commander of the late Red Rebellion. He feeds satirical videos and pictures into channels like #memes and #copypasta with subtle savagery. His battlefield strategy and skill is commended by many of his contemporaries. He was even nominated in this year’s CPA Awards for Best Leader.

After closing RR, Chainpro considered many options as his next move, be it creating another army, joining an existing one, or moving on to participate in the staff side of things.

On Sunday, August 25th, 2019, Chainpro decided to join the Recon Federation of Club Penguin.

Commander Prior, who no longer swears in new recruits save for monumental occasions, called forth the army to gather on RFCP’s capital, Marshmallow (CPR), to surround the flames of the cove. He did not tell them who they were waiting for.

Emojis and excitement exploded from the soldiers when Chainpro appeared, and they put two and two together.

Prior summoned Chain to stand next to him at the fire, and proceeded to give him the oath of the RFCP.

Chainpro was inducted immediately to the rank of General.

“RFCP has never been stronger,” Commander Prior said.

Chainpro’s arrival to the RFCP does not make for the first time a soldier has joined RFCP from another army. He is the third this month. RFCP’s policy of enlisting is unique in that, while other armies allow dual enlistment (you can be in more than one), RFCP requires that it be your only army, full commitment of your heart, mind, and spirit. Soldiers must sacrifice their membership in other armies to join the RFCP. The addition of Chainpro raises the total of the Officers of RFCP to a hefty 8.

“This is wonderful,” Chainpro told Prior. “I am so glad to have made this impact.”

Hail, General Chain!

Please enjoy some of Chainpro’s meme savagery below.

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