Officers Get New Uniform!

Commander Prior declared an official new uniform today, only for the officers of the RFCP.

The uniform consists of everything soldiers wear, but adds the cruise captain’s hat, a cavalry saber, and a battle cape (the same Prior wears for “Storytime with Papa Prior.” This makes story time even more special, as Papa Prior tells his tales donning the battle-scarred cape of the arena…).

The purpose of this uniform goes further than distinction. It is helpful for Prior to know where his officers are at a glance. While still adhering to RFCP aesthetic, Prior can now locate them easily, and soldiers can, too, so they know whose lead to reliably follow if they are confused.

Indeed, even the Commander is technically considered an officer. But for those readers concerned about Prior’s trademark red cap, do not fear. Commander Prior will continue to wear his red hat to distinguish himself from both soldier and normal officer.

Godspeed to the brave officers of RFCP.

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