Ask Commander Prior! Episode 1: Why are you so EPIC!?

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP reporter, Da Best, introduces his second series for the blog, a questionnaire for Commander Prior. All questions were asked anonymously by the soldiers! If you want your question featured in the next post, DM Da Best today!

Hello, members of RFCP!

We have a new idea from Da Best once again. The members of RFCP have secretly DMed Da Best five questions to ask Commander Prior Bumble. If you would want your question featured in the next one, please DM Da Best#6362. If you dm Commander Prior you will not be in this post and it will ruin this whole series. Enjoy the questions and answers from the Commander.

Question from RFCP Member: Why are u so EPIC!!!?

Answer from Commander Prior: Promo to whoever asked this! Lol. I’m not epic; I’m just extremely motivated because I love my soldiers.

Question from RFCP Member: Can we self-promo?

Answer from Commander Prior: Yes! You can buy an advertisement in #news with your Bumble Bucks (as long as it’s appropriate). It’s $250 for just the advertisement, $500 if it’s with an @here, or $1,000 if you want us to include an @everyone.

Question from RFCP Member: If you were a death row inmate: why would you be most likely to be in prison and what would you order for his last meal?

Answer from Commander Prior: I strongly oppose the death penalty. I have protested it in front of the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., where I picketed for six hours in 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32.2222 degrees Celsius) weather.

Question from RFCP Member: What is your favourite book is and why do you like it?

Answer from Commander Prior: My dad’s old yearbook is wildly entertaining.

Question from RFCP Member: What inspires you?

Answer from Commander Prior: You.

I hope you liked that with all the responses and the questions. Remember, if you want to be involved in the next one, DM Da Best#6362. 


Coolj, M.M., M.V., Promoted to 2ic

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Longtime veteran of the RFCP, coolj, M.M., M.V., becomes Commissar, 2ic, after Commissar Opino3 returns to 3ic.

RFCP soldiers gathered in #rfcp-summit, the army’s private council channel, and waited with breaths held as Commander Prior told them to await a huge announcement.

The army congratulated their old General on ascending to the coveted position of 2ic, which, in RFCP, can only be held by one person at a time, following the tradition of the People’s Republic Army (PRA).

It wasn’t long until jokes circulated calling coolj “Coolmissar.”

This change of position happened after Opino3, former Commander and now former Commissar, requested a return to being Red Baron (3ic, the EU equivalent of General) alongside Red Baron Jamie_Perhaps. Reasons for Opino’s request included a desire to focus solely on building the EU (something that deeply motivate him), increased in-real-life commitments at summer camp, and wanting to give other devoted officers the opportunity, since being 2ic cannot be shared.

“Opino3 is not going anywhere, and we are thrilled to have him serving as Red Baron again,” said Commander Prior.

“Let us see how high I can get the Air Force flying before the sun melts the wax in our wings,” said Red Baron Opino, quoting from “Icarus.”

Opino said he is willing to reclaim the rank of Commissar if it is ever needed.

Meet Commissar Coolj

Each Commissar is permitted to choose their own hat. Commissar Coolj has revealed his selection for the blog.

Commissar Coolj, M.M., M.V., is the fourth soldier to ever become 2ic. He enlisted in the army on August 25th, 2019, and served in the Peninsula Wars, the Whack-A-Mole War, the War of No Return, the Admin War, the Brutusian War, World War 8, the Campaign of Rectification, the War of Second Coming, the Civil War, and the War of Higher Calling. He currently serves as the head of Ghost Recon Raid Division, where he is called the Phantom, and he is also a Priortorian Guard. Commissar Coolj earned his Medal of Valor by running for Admin of CPW, and his Medal of Merit for unparalleled loyalty, ferocity, and maturity in service to the army. Only three people other than Prior hold this medal, the most prestigious honor the RFCP can bestow. Lastly, Commissar Coolj is a nominee for RFCP Legend at the Summer 2020 Feddies. He is excited for his next chapter in RFCP.

“It was a shock at first, but I’m definitely excited to live up to the standard a 2ic should have, and can’t wait to do more.”

Commissar Coolj

Do you have questions for your new Commissar? Leave them as comments in the blog post, and he will answer!

Erat ipso sacra.

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Commander, 1ic
Commissar, 2ic
Red Baron, 3ic

I-SPY Scavenger Hunt

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–Former Janitors 1ic, Da Best, leaves to join RFCP as a soldier and reporter. In his first ever post, he introduces a scavenger hunt all across the blog! Can you find all the hidden Easter eggs?

Hello troops of  RFCP!

I have come up with an idea to do a logo hunt around the whole of the RFCP website. Your goal is to go and look for every logo (the RFCP flag) in old blog posts, and in that logo will be a unique number so no one can cheat. For more information, read below!

How to Play

There are 12 logos with numbers hidden in old blog posts. When you find them, you take a picture of where it is and note the number (as you will need to report the total sum of all the numbers when you submit your entry to DA BEST). This competition will last for a week.

The first person to find all the flags wins $500 BB

The second person to find all the flags wins $250 BB

The third person to find all the flags wins $100 BB

Everyone else who finds all the flags wins $50 BB after that!

This is the logo you are looking for. The number is on the top right corner. Note that this isn’t one of the flags to find, it’s just an example.


Do not ask Da Best or Commander Prior where the flags are as they will not tell you, and you might be disqualified! Do not give each other answers! If found doing this, you will be disqualified along with the person you helped out! You must submit all 12 flags to win. Flags/logos can be found in ANY old blog post!

Lastly, everyone who is playing must first submit the opening round, found below!

How to submit?

To submit your opening round and your final entry, please dm Da Best#6362 in this format:

+ Opening Round image with all stones circled
+ Pictures OR blog post links of all 12 flags and where they are at
+ The sum result when you add all the numbers up

Submit your opening round photo first, right away, so we know you are playing.

More notes:

Please be nice to everyone and follow all the rules of the server and this tournament! Have fun! We will be releasing clues during the week to those who are stuck on any of them!


Instructions: Find and circle all of Commander Prior’s kidney stones from RFCP’s kidney stone water park event we held last week after he went to the hospital with a 4mm kidney stone (lol). Send it to Da Best! There are 11 (some are a little transparent!) and they look like this:

Ready? Go!

Click to zoom!

Soldier of the Week: First Quarter Recipients!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP Senior Reporter, Captain SupremeP0wer, M.M., covers all the recipients the SOTW award in the first quarter of the award’s existence.

Readers of the RFCP blog, this is a very special post. In the following article, important individuals within the army will be highlighted. Ever since May 8, 2020, we acknowledge these unseen heroes weekly with a prized award that recognizes their sacrifice for our brother and sisters. 

Every Friday, officers choose a soldier and bestow to them the SOTW (Soldier of the Week) Award. This award is presented to enlistees of RFCP who worked exceptionally hard that week in comparison to their fellow brothers and sisters. Basing their decision off of event attendance, recruiting, and other courageous acts, an officer announces the recipient of the award in the #news channel of RFCP for everyone to see:

Before taking leave, Col. Liam pioneered this weekly ritual. Soldiers of the Week receive various prizes like Nitro, portraits of their penguin, and a special blue role that places them above the other soldier ranks.

Included in today’s blog, RFCP interviewed the award holders to gain their perspective. The interviewer presented them with these following questions:  “What do you love about RFCP? And what motivated you to put in the work you did for the army?”

Prior Bumble also conducted an interview of SOTW #4, Spooky (back when he still had ambitions of posting SOTW blogs once a week :hehe:):

RFCP salutes all previous and future Soldiers of the Week. Thank you for your work. Thank you for your dedication. Thank you for your discipline. Without you, RFCP would not be the same, and we are excited to see you rise through the ranks as our honorable brotherhood rises in sync. You are the future of RFCP.

Erat. Ipso. Sacra. Comrades.

Senior Reporter

HISTORIC! RFCP and LGA Form Close Bond

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: As both armies face big next chapters, LGA, the oldest enemy of RFCP, becomes its new closest ally. 

It started slow–a positive comment here in DMs, another one there in the LGA chat. But neither side predicted this.

Greeny, Karma, Snapple, hippieFRESH, and DMT combined share 1ic positions in the Lime Green Army. At around mid-July, these representatives began reaching out to RFCP with goodwill. Cena sent Prior a screenshot weeks ago of Greeny saying he’d like to be on good terms with Prior Bumble, and that maybe the two could talk. 

LGA has seen much transformation in 2020, including a shift towards general gaming as opposed to exclusivity on Club Penguin. Greeny, its creator, said he wanted to make this new generation of LGA one of peace and friendship. No bad blood transferring over.  

And RFCP, which also made strides to call for heightened kindness and respect in the CPA community, had no desire to turn an offer of harmony down.  

“I was cautious, of course,” said Prior. “Part of me will always be cautious now when someone is kind to us.” 

That didn’t used to be the case. Prior’s trusting nature historically has gotten him into trouble (such as when he let his heart be won over in the past by Shad and Ghostactual, two figures planted in RFCP for spying purposes all along).

And other major changes needed to happen in order to make this unprecedented friendship a reality. Cena, Prior’s battlefield brother, revived CANC (a trolling club), but commands no army at this time. Pizza Federation (PZF), RFCP’s second-closest ally since the closure of EGCP, also made some disappointing choices that distanced the two armies. Indeed, RFCP truly was on its own.

The timing of LGA’s olive branch could not have been more perfect. A close alliance now is official.

The RFCP blog gathered an interview from three of the LGA leaders: Greeny, Karma, and DMT. They each got the same two questions.

1. Why did you want to ally with RFCP?

2. What do you hope for this new and surprising friendship?




Some of the first interactions the armies had with one another were:

a) Coveted entrance into the real RFCP server for the LGA leaders

b) Prior remembering and defending LGA in careful debut negotiations as RFCP tiptoes into CPAH

c) The striking of the following treaty, in which LGA and their proxy army, Takis, acknowledge RFCP as the true owners of Northern Lights (CPAH), but where RFCP pledges to defend that territory for LGA/Takis should RFCP decide it refuses to participate in CPAH.

RFCP high command expresses its desire that LGA not be RFCP’s only new ally.

“Of course we want to grow our base of allies again,” said Prior. “We’re not begging. We can stand alone securely. But the door is open, and time is short for the other armies reading. Making one ally naturally closes doors to others. We’d love to talk with you and figure out where we will lie in the political spectrum moving forward.”

What do you think? Are the veterans of past wars rolling in their icy graves, or is this a hopeful leap into the future?

Successful Battle of Yukon; More Questions About the Future

On July 22, 10:30 p.m. EST, RFCP maxed 34 and dominated the Templars (TCP) at the Battle of Yukon. This opened the War of Higher Calling.

Templars reached 25–unknown how many of those were Xing. In fact, Templars discussed before the battle that “no one would come” if TCP didn’t call on allies under the table.

In this battle, Gen. Coolj, M.M., M.V., led the debut room, the stadium. Prior wanted him to have the firsthand opportunity to knock the guts out of racists. Then, the Commander directed room two, the forts.

Templars did not surprise by bringing their toxicity with them. Their tactics alternated exclusively between antisemitism, doxxing, terrorist cries, and accusing RFCP of multilogging. CPAH judges ruled RFCP victory at the opening moments of room two, and TCP logged off midway through this room, but RFCP endured until the clock struck :50. The Recon Federation ended with a powerful show of pride.

All of this, of course, followed after the Templars refused RFCP’s demands to cease their offensive, line-crossing behavior. CPAH reporter, Rosiee, covered our declaration and included an interview with the Commander

RFCP indeed succeeded in “wiping them off the map”: following this RFCP victory, Templars transferred all their land to Ice Warriors (IW).

So, what next? RFCP has won the CPAH server, Yukon.

Prior Bumble even entered the CPAH server; causing such a reaction that slow-mode had to be enabled in the chat.

Grace, former Shock Troop merger who quit RFCP and talked mad shit despite literally no one doing anything rude to her, pinged Prior with some vitriol. She asked if Prior gave himself a passport (a.k.a. permission to enter the server), or it RFCP passports are only for Prior’s “underlings.”

She was wearing a Templar role! Part of the most toxic army in CPA! Wow. Not the best moral ground to stand on, there.

At the same time, some CPAH authorities, to our surprise, and appreciation, defended RFCP.

Pookie also defended us against the Templars’ line-crossing tactics.

Currently, three RFCP reps are monitoring conditions in CPAH. No more RFCP reps are authorized to enter at this time, and the embargo on other army servers have not been lifted. But at the moment, the only clear intentions RFCP have in CPAH are to keep Templars from reemerging. As far as our intelligence understands, IW could transfer Templars back their land at any time, prompting a perfect recipe for a Whack-A-Mole War 2.

There is no current information about whether RFCP intends to further engage with CPAH. As of yet, HICOM have not even bothered to declare Yukon a capital or go after Northern Lights, and Prior has the server muted.

But if Ice Warriors move, or if the army community expresses more acceptance, kindness, and fairness, to the Recon Federation…

Could we return?

BREAKING! RFCP Issues Warning to Templars, Threat of War Within 24 Hours

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Commander Prior Bumble issues formal warning to TCP in response to their behavior of doxxing, racism, and sexual content in the presence of minors. RFCP threatens war in 24 hours. A mature content note applies to this post.

Addressed to the HICOM of TCP:

Several screenshots of Templars (TCP) doxxing, making antisemitic and anti-black slurs, and brandishing flagrant sexual content in their public/general chat (named #commons) in the presence of youth have been brought to my attention. Many of TCP’s actions have also been directly against RFCP, with RFCP as a frequent target of TCP’s hatred.

Although we are doubtful TCP is unaware of the affects of their behavior, we feel compelled to issue a straightforward warning before launching war. We understand, from experience (although from experience nowhere near to the degree or with the malicious intent of TCP), that realizing you need better moderation in your server (and not being fully cognizant of the problem), in the interest of protecting young users, sometimes takes a well-intended person pointing it out to you. We are that person.

Clean up your general chat, cease the doxxing/threats of doxxing, and desist from discriminatory slurs within 24 hours, all of which are colossally and disproportionately contributing to CPA’s toxicity, or we will declare war. Proof of your heeding this warning will be accepted in the form of the following messages in red boxes, and ALL doxxing messages of anyone in CPA, being deleted by your moderators by the deadline:

Swaztika formation praised
Swaztika formation performed

Further, RFCP understands that this war and post likely will prompt considerable backlash in personal and inappropriate attacks against us by the Templars; including more doxxing, NSFW assaults, and hate speech focused on RFCP. We also realize that this move is in temporary discordance with our policy of Ukahala. Despite this, we feel that we must live what we have been preaching to CPA/CHAH: that tolerance in the face of injustice and cruelty is supporting the injustice and cruelty. Like always, RFCP is the war army that pushes activity and force into the community when others won’t. We accept this risk.

Therefore, if war be the answer from the Templars, we shall call it the:

War of Higher Calling

Our first battle will be announced at 6:30 p.m. EST, July 22nd, 2020, if the Templars do not respond.

Oh, and Xing:

Papa Prior won’t be there to log into your Discord and lead competently for you.

Flag Etiquette Formalized by Prior Bumble; Official Salute and Holidays Ordained

One item has, and always will, be free in the RFCP store: the army flag.

Possession of the official flag of the Recon Federation is, “a right of enlistment,” according to the Commander. And many soldiers have proudly exercised that right and ordered this real life banner to display in their homes.

In fact, being the “army of record-keepers” as said by Cmdr. Prior, the government of the army keeps track of just how many flags are “out there in the real world.”

That current number is 17.

“Honestly, I’d love to see that number with a zero behind the seven by next year,” said Prior.

With more soldiers acquiring flags, the Commander realized it was time a formal doctrine on proper conduct with the flag be established. Prior wrote out these rules and, in the process, declared three new national holidays and standardized an official RFCP salute.

Exciting stuff!

See it all below (be sure to click to enlarge) and consider requesting your free flag today!


Tonight, a spy from the army community raided our Scribblio game:

a) Spamming the N word

b) Making in real life threats to our officer from New York and (unsuccessfully) doxxing what he/she thought was an irl name

c) Warning RFCP to never come back to the larger army community

Armies do not need to be this toxic. The CPA community’s tolerance and often promotion of RFCP hate breeds this. We can and must do better as a community.


RFCP Supporters Server:

Another ex-RFCP Antagonist Admits to FALSELY Testifying Against Us; Is Welcomed Back in the Army

Just days after Rowan Alden removed and redacted his open letter, Ratlord, otherwise known as Oli, admitted to falsely testifying in another hate letter against RFCP.

Oli was a former Corporal in the RFCP, who defected back and forth between RFCP and ACP during the War of No Return. Later, Oli joined PIC.

Recently, Oli stepped back from armies and felt that much growth and self-awareness had occurred. Like Rowan, Oli saw the letters of Shallissa and SupremeP0wer and heard about the RFCP Supporters server. The former Corporal made use of the server and requested an appointment with Prior Bumble.

Nowadays, appointments with Prior and a foreign party take place in a special server called “Prior’s Office.” Strict moderation is enforced to prevent cyberterrorists ambushing this meeting. A Priortorian Guard is always present.

At 8:00 p.m. EST, Oli and Prior met. Things began simply.

“How may I help you?” said Prior.

From there, Oli apologized for misjudging RFCP, and the healing and love flowed freely once more.

In late winter of 2020, yet another article (or “open letter,” as we call them) was published against the RFCP. In this article, a fellow code-named “Vincent” testified the following:

Acting on suspicion, Prior asked Oli to give us the truth about “Vincent” and “Vincent’s friend.” Oli admitted that he indeed was Vincent, and that Vincent’s “friend,” and everything Vincent told the author of the article about RFCP, was false.

Justin Cooper published this public article under his real name, and thus we are not doxxing his name and will not disclose his account name.

After this, the two were finally able to have closure.

The RFCP blog asks readers to reflect: if one testimony in an open letter was pure falsehood, how many others could be?

Please join our supporters server for the truth.

RFCP has welcomed Oli home. He’s been enjoying his time reenlisted, playing Minecraft and Terraria, connecting in the chat, and attending army events. We applaud his bravery, his honesty, his goodwill, and his love. We encourage all enlisted readers to send him your support.

Finally, we note that Oli expressed consent for this truth to be publicized.

Oh, here’s that meme we promised: