Ask Commander Prior! Episode 1: Why are you so EPIC!?

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP reporter, Da Best, introduces his second series for the blog, a questionnaire for Commander Prior. All questions were asked anonymously by the soldiers! If you want your question featured in the next post, DM Da Best today!

Hello, members of RFCP!

We have a new idea from Da Best once again. The members of RFCP have secretly DMed Da Best five questions to ask Commander Prior Bumble. If you would want your question featured in the next one, please DM Da Best#6362. If you dm Commander Prior you will not be in this post and it will ruin this whole series. Enjoy the questions and answers from the Commander.

Question from RFCP Member: Why are u so EPIC!!!?

Answer from Commander Prior: Promo to whoever asked this! Lol. I’m not epic; I’m just extremely motivated because I love my soldiers.

Question from RFCP Member: Can we self-promo?

Answer from Commander Prior: Yes! You can buy an advertisement in #news with your Bumble Bucks (as long as it’s appropriate). It’s $250 for just the advertisement, $500 if it’s with an @here, or $1,000 if you want us to include an @everyone.

Question from RFCP Member: If you were a death row inmate: why would you be most likely to be in prison and what would you order for his last meal?

Answer from Commander Prior: I strongly oppose the death penalty. I have protested it in front of the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., where I picketed for six hours in 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32.2222 degrees Celsius) weather.

Question from RFCP Member: What is your favourite book is and why do you like it?

Answer from Commander Prior: My dad’s old yearbook is wildly entertaining.

Question from RFCP Member: What inspires you?

Answer from Commander Prior: You.

I hope you liked that with all the responses and the questions. Remember, if you want to be involved in the next one, DM Da Best#6362. 


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