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The army is praying for everyone affected by COVID-19. / Soldiers! Remember to practice Internet safety. / RFCP was founded June 5, 2019. / The Constitution of the RFCP is over 3,000 words long. / “Erat ipso sacra!” means “Hold the sacred ground!” in Penguin Latin. / Club Penguin armies have been a subculture of Club Penguin since 2006. / Northern Lights is the longstanding capital of the RFCP. / Prior Bumble has personally spoken to Club Penguin creator Lance Priebe. / RFCP’S first war was called the War of Smoke and Sour. We won! / There are currently nine officers serving in the army’s hicom (high-command). / The record for returning to armies after the longest absence is held by Prior Bumble, who returned after ten years. / RFCP wishes its closest allied leader, Cena, a joyful retirement. / The first documented armed conflict in Club Penguin history was known as the Color Wars. / Legend holds that Prior Bumble is a descendant of the Grey Polar Bears of Int’ai’uto. / RFCP’s current max record at a single event is 47 soldiers. / April 25 of each year is World Penguin Day. / Battles in original army conflict did not use tactics or formations, only size and snowballs. / In 2008, Prior Bumble served in the PRA as second-in-command. It was here that he fought alongside CollinZfresh and Oagalthorp (the founder of all armies).

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9th Semiannual Feddies Awards

BLIZZARD, AoW225–Read on for a recap of our prestigious awards and a full list of all the winners!

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The Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) made history on August 20, 2023, by hosting its famous Feddies Awards at a never-before-used location.

In years past, the award show has been held on Ukahala and CPATG: The Game (a CPPS which is now defunct–for the better). But this occasion, the 9th semiannual Feddies, will be remembered for its soiree on RFCP’s new battle cpps, AoW225.

That choice came with perks. AoW225 utilizes the “modern version” of Club Penguin, with new rooms, shinier graphics, and, most importantly in this case, unique igloo designs. Commander Prior Bumble and a mysterious “Feddies Host” account designed the venue this year, and went with a classic award show theme–well, except for the fourteen life-size teddy bears and the jumbo TV filling the stage.

That screen in the center really gave the event a televised, Hollywood feel. And yes, the cameras were rolling–a video of the evening is in the works.

The 9th semiannual Feddies also distinguishes itself by being the first ever Feddies where more people attended via the livestream than in person! Times–and tech, Prior’s nemesis–really are changing. But we’re here for it!

Those who did arrive in-penguin boasted delicious outfits:

Leading up to the show, soldiers voted on their favorite moments from the past six months and nominated comrades for recognition in various categories. These forms were circulated by Field Marshal Djchoruskid with precision (his usual way!).

DJ did this even while being in the midst of moving houses. That’s incredible!

The show itself kicked off with a traditional agenda: Soldier and server awards announced first, then a game, and finally the big awards revealed.

Not pictured here, attending on the #Bumble-TV voice chat, were Maj. Killua, Ice Agent FourthGearVibes, Agent Ryuu, Field Marshal DJChoruskid, Lt. Trailz (“the bro”), Conq. Don, THR Voidwalker, Corp. herloss, and more. This brings the max conservatively to 13, with 5 in person and 8 on the stream!


What’s a Feddies without a little chaos?

Before the show began, a few penguins got “banned” for 24 hours from our own server! Huh?!

Turns out it was an auto-ban for “coin overdose,” or earning coins too fast in random games. That crisis was averted by instructing soldiers to avoid playing any coin-earning games until the Feddies were over.

But FEDDIEGATE vibes didn’t stop there!

Just at the halfway point, when Prior invited the guests to play a version of “Scenes from a Hat” from Whose Line is it Anyway? (the question was: “What is something you can say about a boat, but not Prior Bumble?”), the Commander’s computer battery died.

While his battery charged, he forged ahead with announcing awards on Discord, trying to keep to the 2-hour schedule. But for the final and biggest award, RFCP Legend…

He insisted on revving up all juice he had left and logging back on.

The ending of this special gala would bring the army again back to Ukahala, the sacred ground.

Congratulations to one-leaf Maj. CCjay for becoming our latest RFCP Legend!

Note: Only items/events/behaviors from the past six months (since the last Feddies) were considered eligible, except for the Big Five.


  • Dank Memer Award: Killua
  • Up N’ Coming Award: DUSK
  • Fashionista: CCJay
  • Patriotic Trooper: Killua
  • Officer of the Year: Djchoruskid


  • Copypasta: “fix that lil bitch ass mouth you got cus i promise you you not as big and bulky thinkin you own this bitch bc trust me you aint shi . you aint change and clearly it shows jus by how goofy and fucking stupid you sound , jus consider the apology that was jus given instead of tryna decline it , shi was said and actions were taken but consider it instead of being a lil whiny ass bitch 🧏🏽‍♀️. lil fuckass ignorant hoe @Gen. Microwaveable Hamster, M.M.
  • Meme:
  • Best Sunday-Funday Newspaper Cover:
  • Favorite Emote: :1cookieblob:
  • Favorite YouTube Video: https://youtu.be/PxX6h1Tu2lw
  • Most Memorable Moment: 4th Anniversary
  • Favorite Channel: ⁠💬general-chat
  • Favorite Role: @The RFCP Heart of Max
  • Favorite Tournament: UNO
  • Favorite Event: Taylor Swift Eras Tour
  • Best Allied Server: Some Goofy Server (SGS)


  • Innovation Award: Killua
  • Warrior Award: Randomplayer10
  • Reconnaissance. Award: Trailz
  • Collinzfresh Peace Prize: Don

We congratulate all the winners and nominees and encourage everyone to treat themselves like the award-worthy soldier they are. See you in January for coverage of the 10th Semiannual Feddies! Erat ipso sacra.

What was YOUR favorite part of this summer’s Feddies Awards? Let us know in the comments!

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