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Welcome to the RFCP!

The army is praying for everyone affected by COVID-19. / Soldiers! Remember to practice Internet safety. / RFCP was founded June 5, 2019. / The Constitution of the RFCP is over 3,000 words long. / “Erat ipso sacra!” means “Hold the sacred ground!” in Penguin Latin. / Club Penguin armies have been a subculture of Club Penguin since 2006. / Northern Lights is the longstanding capital of the RFCP. / Prior Bumble has personally spoken to Club Penguin creator Lance Priebe. / RFCP’S first war was called the War of Smoke and Sour. We won! / There are currently nine officers serving in the army’s hicom (high-command). / The record for returning to armies after the longest absence is held by Prior Bumble, who returned after ten years. / RFCP wishes its closest allied leader, Cena, a joyful retirement. / The first documented armed conflict in Club Penguin history was known as the Color Wars. / Legend holds that Prior Bumble is a descendant of the Grey Polar Bears of Int’ai’uto. / RFCP’s current max record at a single event is 47 soldiers. / April 25 of each year is World Penguin Day. / Battles in original army conflict did not use tactics or formations, only size and snowballs. / In 2008, Prior Bumble served in the PRA as second-in-command. It was here that he fought alongside CollinZfresh and Oagalthorp (the founder of all armies).


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RFCP Hosts Season 4 of Hell’s Kitchen

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP has a revival of the cutthroat competition, Hells’s Kitchen. See how things are heating up in the blog that will leave you asking: Where’s the lamb sauce?!

From a cooking recipe channel in the RFCP server, to the Fruit Snacks Gang, and now on to the fourth official revival of Hell’s Kitchen–food has become a bit of a staple in RFCP culture. But what exactly led to the revival of RFCP’s favorite cooking show, and how is RFCP going about hosting this fiery competition? I sat down with RFCP’s very own Gordon Ramsay, Colonel Shy Guy, to get all of the spicy details about the competition thus far.

MicroHamster (M): What exactly led to the revival of Hell’s Kitchen?

Shy Guy (S): I was into Hell’s Kitchen and was like “Why not? Let’s do another HK event.”

M: Why HK? Is there a specific reason you chose that theme?

S: Back in the day, someone else and myself came up with the idea to make it. I was into HK at the time as well.

M: What is it that you like about the show so much?

S: I’d say it’s Mr. Ramsay himself. He likes to yell a lot and that leads to a lot of good memes. I’d say if I participated in HK, it would be an honor to be yelled at by him.

M: What is your favorite Gordon Ramsay quote or moment from the show?

S: (minute 8:48-8:56)

M: How do you like portraying Chef Ramsay in the RFCP version of HK?

S: Let’s get some astrology done. He’s a Scorpio, so obviously he’ll yell at them. I, however, am very calm, but if needed I will yell.

M: How do you think the contestants are doing in this season so far?

S: They are actually doing real good; there was confusion, yes, but they are doing well.

M: Any surprises in store for us this season?

S: It wouldn’t be a surprise if I told you (followed by his signature Shrek emote)

This week’s recap:

In the first “episode” of the newest season of Hell’s Kitchen, the contestants were split into two teams, Red Team and Blue Team:

No description available.

The two teams were then instructed by Chef Ramsay (Colonel Shy Guy) to prepare him a dish, any dish. At the Chef’s demand, the teams raced off to serve up their best dishes to our favorite angry chef.

No description available.
Chef Anilia prepared a lovely dish of ramen noodles.
No description available.
Chef Random whipped up a delicious bowl of Prior-approved ice cream
No description available.
Chef Dolepie went with a different approach to the challenge

Chef DJChorusKid and Chef MicroHamster went head-to-head preparing spaghetti dishes.

No description available.
Chef DJChorusKid stepped out of the hypothetical box for a 3-D take on the classic dish
Chef MicroHamster kept it simple and went with a more traditional recipe

Chef Emma and Chef Chloe also went head-to-head, opting to draw carrots in hopes of impressing the abrupt and straightforward Chef Ramsay.

Chef Chloe created a classic and delicious looking carrot
No description available.
Chef Emma‘s carrot was well-detailed and fit for a snack

Chef JustinTFC prepared a delectable beef wellington, one of the more difficult dishes of the evening, but has opted out of making the dish public, as it is a top-secret family recipe passed down for generations.

At the end of the night, the contestants anxiously awaited the results of the night’s competition, but were faced with a surprise when Chef Ramsay (ShyGuy) chose not to send anyone home.

Who will be sent home next week? Stay tuned to find out as things heat up in this ruthless cooking competition!

Who do YOU think had the best dish of the evening? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts!


On This Day in History…

Exactly one year ago on this day, November 16:

Shaking Hands Silhouette | Free SVG

Prior Bumble successfully negotiated the server Northern Lights (CPATG) back into RFCP possession following its almost one-month occupation by ACP after the Tuxedo Tea Party Revolution.

RFCP- Among Us

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: There is an impostor among us…this time in our very own server!  It seems that the intergalactic alien lifeforms that have possessed so many innocent crewmates on the Skeld and Polus have now made their way to Club Penguin, searching for more hosts to consume.  No penguin is safe!  

Could an impostor truly have infiltrated the RFCP server? Read on to find out!
(Art courtesy of Field Marshal Microhamster)

Impostor fever struck the server instantaneously, when, on September 1st, the Officers in Command Room found that there was a soldier who was feigning their true identity.  The definitive blow was when the body of a soldier was found, decapitated, in #general-chat.  Suspicions grew faster than the server’s past wildfires, and fingers began to point everywhere. Soldiers desperately followed any plausible lead, hoping it would help them uncover the impostor.  Nearly every soldier was labeled “sus” (suspicious) for even the smallest abnormality in their behavior; not even the strongest alibi could be believed.  

Those unfortunate to be in the wrong place at the wrong time were voted off and sent into the abyss of space: left to spend the rest of their days as ghosts wandering the server.  

Eventually, soldiers began to turn on their own comrades, as no one truly knew who, or what, could be hiding behind the faces of their former friends.  No one could be trusted, not even those who were formally close.  

Eventually a poll was made, where the impostor would be voted out in traditional Among Us style.  

We even hosted an Among Us Game in Club Penguin, hoping it would shed some light on the current situation.

Max 10

Slowly but surely, as each poll was conducted, more and more innocent officers were voted off; the impostor had RFCP wrapped around their finger!  

Finally the moment of truth: two officers remained.  How the soldiers decided to vote would determine whether the impostor would ultimately accomplish their goal of terminating the RFCP hicom, but would the right person be voted out in time?

In an overwhelming majority vote, Colonel Phantom was voted off to be the impostor!  Now, the real question remains, was he really the impostor?  Phantom was revealed to have been hiding critical footage of the impostor.  When this security footage was recovered, it shows that he was truly the impostor and the one responsible for the killings in #general-chat.  

Phantom was voted off promptly and ejected into space- with no impostors left, RFCP could finally return back to normalcy and resume its everyday operations!  

….or so we thought…

Who do YOU think is the impostor? Let us know in the comments!


Is Prior Bumble the 7th Grey Bear?

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Today we sit down to discuss a controversial topic of debate: Is Prior Bumble the 7th Grey Bear?

Our earlier post on the bloodline of Prior Bumble raised perhaps the biggest question in RFCP mythology: Is Prior Bumble a penguin descendant of the god-like Grey Bears, or is he a Grey Bear himself in penguin form? This topic has been discussed many times throughout the RFCP server, and many people have differing opinions. A short interview was done with a few soldiers to get their thoughts on the matter:

Q: Do you believe Prior Bumble is the 7th Grey Bear?

The soldiers (and officers) seem to think he is.

Now let’s break down the information we have to back the theory:

1. The Staff.  Prior Bumble visits the Grey Bears often for guidance, and upon the creation of RFCP, they gifted him with a staff; a staff that had been passed down by his ancestors. The staff is said to remind Prior of his responsibility to lead as Commander.

The mention of the staff brings us to the crux of our consideration: the shard. The question “Will you accept the 8th?” refers to the 8th Constitutional Amendment, which requires any RFCP Commander to accept a piece of the staff (a shard). If Prior Bumble is the 7th Grey Bear, does it not add up that his successor would be endowed by the 8th Amendment? 6, 7, 8.

2. Language.

Penguin Latin is a language that was passed down by the Bears to Prior Bumble, and has transformed for us to have a better understanding of the ancient dialect. Prior Bumble is the only person that knows the language fluently, and is the only person that can release new words in the language. Since Prior Bumble is not just interpreting the language, but, we assume, creating the language, is this not convincing evidence that he IS a Grey Bear? Historically, the Bears taught the Bumble penguins, who were receptacles of the knowledge, not generators of the knowledge.

3. The Leadership. Prior Bumble is a natural born leader. He is as strong as, if not stronger than, his past leader CollinZfresh. 

4. The RFCP Anthem. In the anthem, it states on the last line of the second verse,  “He’s the Great Grey Bear.”

5. Admittance?

The 5th and final piece of information we have supporting the theory is a confession from Prior Bumble himself: 


Although there are many reasons as to why Prior Bumble is indeed the 7th Grey Bear, there are still questions that arise which may never be answered. Here are a few to think about:

  • Prior has claimed to be “whiter than Wonderbread.” If that is true, then is Prior a Grey Bear, or simply a white man?

  • Prior Bumble has been known to journey to the Grey Bears for guidance in times of trial. He has mentioned that he is currently only allowed to meet with the youngest Grey Bear; the elder ones not yet being allowed to share a presence with him. Is this because he is not a Bear, or is this because he is in fact the youngest Bear, and they follow an age-based hierarchy?
A conversation between Prior Bumbe (purple) and the 6th Grey Bear (black) recorded on non-fatally (divinely) harvested Grey Bear pelt, c. winter 2020.
  • In the history page of the website, it mentions that the youngest Grey Bear is but 804 years of age as of 2019 (now possibly 805 years). We know that there is no way a human can live to be 804 years old in this modern world, so given that information, does it seem fit that Prior Bumble is a Grey Bear? It may seem like a no, but here is a theory to think about. Prior Bumble often talks about how boomer he is: 

Given that, what if Prior Bumble physically is a penguin, but his soul is of the Grey Bears? He has the physical aspect of a penguin, but is both wise and old, which are traits of the Grey Bears (for they are known for their age and great wisdom). It also brings in the question (referring to bearz’s query at the beginning), where did the “magic” come from that allowed Prior to supposedly shapeshift from penguin to bear? The answer might be as previously stated: Prior Bumble is physically a penguin and mentally a Grey Bear. 

Is Prior really just a bear in penguin form? Or is he really a penguin with the soul that of a bear?

His answer:

The world may never know. 

Is Prior Bumble the great Grey Bear?  YOU tell us in the comments!


My Dream for CPA

Dream the future and change it for the better - Dream Gates

I envision a CPA where:

  • Community authorities use their considerable power to prioritize mental and emotional care of those in our community, making CPA a positive, clean, healthy resource for anyone in need
  • No one is hated for what army they are in or who they follow
  • Interpersonal conflicts are dealt with privately (with a moderator if need be) and not made public shaming spectacles
  • No one is doxxed
  • No one is made fun of for their personal lives/details
  • No one is incessantly bullied/villainized
  • Efforts, talents, and accomplishments of army figures are equally celebrated
  • Legend is awarded to those who deserve it, not just those who are popular
  • Army leaders meet frequently to communicate and demonstrate respect to one another
  • All admins have weekly office hours
  • That people are forgiven. And forgiveness, when given, is complete
  • Young people aren’t taught to blindly hate those they do not know; love is more important
  • Army leaders use their enormous platforms to address real-life obstacles (the pandemic, environmental crises, poverty) and inspire hope and charitable action
  • Soldiers are guided lovingly into becoming better people and learning from loving role models through the army module
  • More community events where EVERYONE is treated like family
  • Judging moves to a point-based system with no possibility for bias
  • War is an exciting and friendly event with sportsmanship before, during, and after the battle
  • All are welcome to play and love this game equally

We can be proud of this community and change its merciless nature. We can do it if we share the same vision. We can do better.

Prior Bumble

Official Tree of the Bumble Bloodline


This post serves to present the official Bumble genealogy. The images should be assumed to connect with each other and the viewer is asked to forgive disconnects that occur due to pasting separate images of the tree into the post. What is shown here is considered canon. Question marks represent yet unidentified ancestors who enlisted soldiers may write about (!!!). These historians who wish to research and write their own biographies for a Bumble ancestor must submit the biography and portrait of the ancestor to Prior Bumble, who will verify it and add it to the tree. Therefore, this tree will be returned to often with updates. It may also be revised if new evidence demands so. Ancestors and details not recorded in this tree are not considered canon. Those who have previously written about Bumble ancestors not shown here must resubmit their work for consideration. Uncles, brothers of Prior Bumble, are currently under review for being added to the tree.

Historical notes:

There are about 40 generations in one millennium (1,000 years). It is understood that there are 19 generations in the Bumble bloodline, or about 500 years. That means the first Bumble emerged when the youngest of the 6 Grey Bears was already about 300 years old. Prior Bumble is either the first (a Grey Bear himself) or the 18th generation. RFCP soldiers are the 19th generation, and all whom love him may choose to accept his name and carry on the tree.

Note that there were 7 generations (about 150 years) between Enlightenment (when the Grey Bears gave the Bumble penguins language, Penguin Latin) and the Bumble Migration (when Runeard Bumble and his kin swam from Int’ai’uto to Club Penguin Island).

The bloodline is patriarchal. However, members of the 19th generation, boy or girl, are held in equal pedigree.

The Tree

Click to enlarge.

What Would You Do–If RFCP Needed To Get 100 New Recruits In One Day?

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP Reporter-in-Training, General Sillabye, brings back the popular “What Would You Do” segment to ask the question “What Would You Do If The RFCP Needed To Get 100 New Recruits In One Day?

“Send to all my friends, as per hard work. I will advertise in every one of my videos and also tell my friends.” – NeonAwesome

“G**d*** it I would recruit. do any g**d*** thing to get 100, I would ask everyone and anyone to recruit, I would do anything possible to recruit.” – DabOn

“I would make a team of 4 people where 2 people recruit 1 guy does the protocol and then the last guy explains about army basics and clear all the doubts, I think that this will be a good idea because by using this method we can recruit more people than normal and it will be kinda fast because I have done this before and yea it worked perfectly so this is what I will probably do we need a lot of recruits in a day.” – DemonTFC

“Make a nuclear bunker, and prepare for the bombing of pings.” – Djchoruskid

“I would probably be in multiple Userphone calls and advertising servers.” – Coolj

“If the RFCP needed 100 recruits in one day, I would log on to CPR, find the busiest server, and individually recruit people personally. I would also get my nieces and nephews to join, and tell all of their classmates to join.” – Cookie714

We then asked our Heads of The Recruitment Coalition (HORC), Generals Anilia and Sillabye what they had to say about our question. They released a joint statement: “Recruit or die.”

Well? You heard them.

Why is recruiting so important to armies, especially to the RFCP, though?

You see, due to the nature of armies, it’s hard to gain new members from those already in the community. There are policies (we support) against troopstealing, and most community members already have allegiances. Therefore, the only way to build an army is to recruit! Alas, as many know, recruiting has become very difficult lately. Club Penguin Rewritten (CPR) has added many words to its filter that make it nearly impossible to recruit. Therefore, most recruiting must be done in inventive ways, as the recruiting methods of even six months ago are no longer utilizable.

Most of you reading this have been recruited yourself into the RFCP, found in odd ways on a random CPPS (Club Penguin Private Server). If you love the RFCP, love the amazing times, and love the memories you have made here, it’s your duty to recruit and share it with someone new.


What would YOU do? Let us know in the comments!


RFCP For Beginners!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: And by beginners we mean everybody needs to read this. And share it. Multiple times!

The More You Know': There's More to Know - The Atlantic

There seems to be lots of confusion about RFCP out there! Here on the official website we’ve come up with an easy, straightforward, 100% accurate crash course.

What RFCP Is:

  • An army
  • A loving family
  • A pretty cool server with appropriate moderation and rules for safety

What RFCP Is Not:

  • The devil
  • A puppy killing factory
  • A deep state mind control experiment
  • A republic/democracy*

* We know this is scary to some! But actually we are happy with our government! And our voices actually ARE taken into account before big decisions are made, proven by the fact that we have: a suggestion box, army-wide conferences in #rfcp-summit, polls, office hours weekly, a support channel, and a “leave server” button, which can be clicked any time!

What Prior Bumble Is:

  • A leader
  • A dude
  • Someone who enjoys having power*
  • Good with words and connecting emotionally**
  • A human being with flaws***

* And we enjoy him in power because usually he is pretty dope with it!

** Emotional manipulation! Aaaaa!

*** Yep! Including a temper and some off-color jokes. Which he often acknowledges and apologizes for.

What Prior Bumble Is Not:

  • The devil
  • The owner of the puppy killing factory
  • Any of these ridiculous (and illegal!) claims of being a pedophile

What Some People Call RFCP and We Really Don’t Care at this Point:

  • A cult

What Cannot Change the Above Facts:

  • One open letter
  • Two open letters
  • Three open letters
  • Four open letters
  • Five open letters
  • Six open letters
  • Seven open letters
  • Eight open letters
  • Nine open letters
  • A website lol
  • Ten open letters

What If I Still Have Doubts?:

  • Ask us for proof against the bad stuff! We’d love to talk to you!
  • Come visit our server and see for yourself!
  • Research real psychological phenomena of hivemind and groupthink to understand why there is so much hate against us if we are really not that bad.

Some out there will be annoyed by this ^ and say we need to be contrite. We’ve tried that, despite overwhelming evidence that we’re not axe murderers and that we haven’t committed the crimes so many other armies have and no one cares about (swaztika formations, doxxing, N-word usage, etc.). It still doesn’t get us anywhere. So THERE. ARE. THE. FACTS. READ THEM.

Share this! Read this! Read it OUT LOUD.


Literally all of RFCP

If you’re enlisted, please comment with your approval (“Agreed” and any other remarks) if you want to make your support more public!

Get to Know Commander CoolJ

Northern Lights, Ukahala: RFCP Reporter MicroHamster sits down for an interview to help you all get to know RFCP’s newest Commander.

On 19 September 2020, RFCP saw the retirement of our beloved Commander Prior Bumble. In the wake of Commander Prior Bumble’s leave, Commissar CoolJ stepped up to take the role (but not the hat) of Commander for RFCP. Now, we have an exclusive interview with RFCP’s affectionately-nicknamed “Coolmander” to find out more about his day-to-day life.

MicroHamster (M): How do you feel about being the new Commander for RFCP?

CoolJ (C): It feels great I’m excited to be your next cult army leader

M: You’re a very busy person with school and all of that, so can you tell us a bit about what goes on in the daily life of being CoolJ?

C: Usually I wake up, live for a bit, go to school, pay attention like 10% of the time, then I live for the rest of the day.

M: Do you have any hobbies or things you like to do in your free time?

C: In my free time I’m usually playing a video game.

M: What’s your favorite video game, or type of video game?

C: I can never pick a favorite anything because it changes every week, but right now it’s Tomodachi Life; and my favorite type is probably RPGs (role-playing games).

M: I assume you snack a bit while you’re playing? What’s your go-to favorite snack food?

C: Popcorn.

M: Caramel, butter, or do you like it a certain other way?

C: Butter, but caramel is good to. I like all types of popcorn.

After the interview was complete, it gave me an idea for our “question of the day” and a mini-game for RFCP and our other friends: What is your favorite snack food?

Using the chart below, match the person to their favorite snack food!

Comment below and tell us: What is your go-to favorite snack food?


Answer Key: A-4 , B-9 , C-8 , D-6 , E-2 , F-5 , G-3 , H-1 , I-10 , J-7

BLOG! Quarterly Statistics for the RFCP Website Released

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Behind-the-scenes data regarding the RFCP blog. If you love the RFCP blog, you’ll be fascinated to study our latest stats.

In our recent post taking an in-depth, comparative look at the PRA and the RFCP, we noted that the RFCP blog just recently surpassed the PRA in total website traffic. Now, RFCP blog releases an official update on the statistics observed by the website, including graphs of our site visitation and overviews of our audience patterns. Because we find this so interesting (and we know you’re all blog fanatics), we will attempt to publish quarterly updates.

To view the last official stats report, click here.

Charts and Tables

Our first table is posting activity–in other words, how many blogs there were per month. Note how November and the end of January–early February were the slowest months. This may correlate with the absences of Prior Bumble, as he had distanced himself from armies in both occasions at those times. The heaviest months were May and August (August with slightly more), both summer months with high soldier engagement and community interest.

The next two graphs are website views per month, and the daily averages of views per month, respectively. Note how May achieved the highest views, but according to the first chart, August had slightly more posts than May. It is possible that World War 8, which occurred in May, bolstered May’s visitation numbers past that of August despite having fewer posts. Overall, RFCP is seeing almost 40% more visitors in 2020 than we had in 2019, consistently for every month except October, which has not yet completed.

Let’s focus on the word count in this table. Our blogs have accumulated 57,020 words in 2019, and, so far, 75,106 words in 2020 (before this post!). The traditional length of a commercial novel is between 60,000-85,000 words. Speaking in industry norms, RFCP has essentially written two whole novels with its blog posts. While 2019 saw less words (and remember, we only were founded halfway through 2019 in June), the average word count for the post was higher at around 700 words to 2020’s 600 words. Did we just learn to communicate in memes in 2020 better than in 2019? Maybe so.

The most popular day and hour has shifted since our last stats publication. Previously, Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. EST held the most attention of our readers at 17%. Now, you can see the day and time has changed, but the percentage remains the same.

The “Best views ever” was July 30, 2020. Why? Simple! That was the day we held the I-SPY Scavenger Hunt on the blog, which tasked readers with clicking all through the old posts to find hidden RFCP flags! Those clicks added up!

RFCP blog insights does show some areas of weakness–namely, we continue to average only 0.02 comments per post (meaning our readers do not frequently comment), and we have 7 followers–including one CPAH Reporter, Max. Hi, Max!

Some goals of the blog are to not only post once a day, but thrice a day; increase commenting engagement; increase subscribers; and, of course, keep providing the highest-quality writing and army news.

What do YOU conclude by analyzing this quarter’s statistics? What stats not shown here are you curious to know about? Let us know in the comments!

(Seriously, let’s get those stats up!)