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Protected: An Update on Prior Bumble’s Exciting Project

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RFCP Pays Tribute to the Creator of Dragon Tales

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–A staple of RFCP culture is, of course, Dragon Tales. Tonight we honor the show’s creator following his passing earlier this year.

Dragon Tales - Wikipedia
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The Famous Hats of RFCP

NORTHERN LIGHTS – UKAHALA Colonel Shy Guy is back with a blog about the different hats of RFCP and the incredible people who wore them!

Prior Gets a New Hat - Recon Federation of Club Penguin
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The Meaning Behind RFCP Bumble Bucks

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHAKA—Want to learn more about Bumble Bucks, what they represent, and how they came to be? Keep reading!

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Sunday Fun-day: Volume 1, Issue 1

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA— The Recon Federation of Club Penguin Times- Dispatch brings you the first ever RFCP Sunday Newspaper! Read on for fun puzzles and a recap of what you may have missed this week!

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Blogging 101

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Do you want to know how blogs are made? What are the different types of blogs? Are you wondering how you can post things on the RFCP website? Read on for an exclusive look!

Chalk Board Clipart | Free download on ClipArtMag
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The Story of Ford Bumble

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Senior Reporter Arne recites tale of Prior Bumble’s great-grandfather, Ford Bumble. Another link on the Bumble family tree!

One fall evening, Ice Agent Stitches waddled around the Plaza. She had been informed an event would soon take place there, but saw not a soul in sight, and the sun was setting. To top off the disappointing evening, Stitches was getting hungry, and the smell of pizza wafting her way from the Pizza Parlor was killing her. Giving in to temptation, she waddled into the pizza parlor. Smooth jazzy music and an even stronger smell of the delicious pizza greeted her inside. However, the thing that caught her attention was a purple penguin wearing a red and white striped hat.

Image result for red and white hat club penguin

Stitches walked to a nearby table and looked at the individual, noticing a striking resemblance to some portraits she had seen before. After ordering a pizza, she decided to calmly approach the purple penguin.

“Uhhhh, hey there. Are you Prior Bumble?” Stitches asked nervously.

Granvar,” he replied softly, (which means “I am” in Penguin Latin). “And you’re Ice Agent Stitches, right?” His smile was as warm as a fresh-cooked pizza.

“Yeah.” Stitches nodded, happy that he had known who she was. “What are you up to these days?”

“Retired life. Dragon Tales, occasionally checking in on CoolJ and the gang,” Prior said. “I’ve also been discovering more about my ancestors.”

“Oooooo, can I hear about it?” Stitches asked with great interest.

“Once I get done with this pizza, we can talk in my office.” Prior assumed Stitches would like to see the portrait he had.

“Sounds good. I’ll be back in a second,” Stitches said eagerly before going back to her own pizza.

After eating, Stitches attended RFCP’s training event distractedly. She couldn’t stop thinking about the exciting visit ahead. Once she was done, she went to the Pizza Parlor again to see if she could find Prior, and noticed that he was gone. Stitches sighed quietly as she walked out of the warmth of the Pizza Parlor and went on her way to find Prior’s igloo. A while later, she managed to find it and knocked on the door gently. When Prior Bumble opened the door to let her in, Stitches stepped into the massive igloo and looked around, smiling upon seeing the many decorations, and a TV playing Dragon Tales, which heavily contrasted the impressive oil paintings.

Ford Bumble

“Welcome, Stitches. Sit down here,” said Prior happily as he sat in a big cushy armchair.

“So about your ancestry or lineage… what’s the newest discovery?” Stitches asked after taking a seat in a comfy chair near his.

“Well, I’ve discovered the chronicles of my great grandparent, Ford Bumble, who fought during the Clan Wars and served under Rockhopper the Pirate.” Prior paused the TV.

“Ford Bumble was the son of Woodrow Bumble, who was born soon after the end of the Color Wars. In contrast with Woodrow’s pacifist nature, Ford grew as a kind yet rebellious child. He respected others, but wasn’t afraid of biting back. Indeed, he wasn’t as benevolent as his father, and did his fair share of fighting and had to serve during the chaotic Clan Wars. Before that, he lived calmly, underseeing his father’s humanitarian foundation come to fruition.

“Ford’s peaceful life was somewhat boring for him, so in a search for adventure, he signed up to participate in Rockhopper’s expedition across the Unknown Sea. He carried the Vial of Tears with him on their quest, it being his most prized possession.

The Vial of Tears. This vial holds the mixed tears of Woodrow and Eugegard Bumble from when both embraced on Eugegard’s deathbed after being separated for decades.

“The trip went smoothly at first, and they left Club Penguin Island with no fuss. But one day, a giant storm capsized the ship, causing Ford and most of his crewmates to drift away in the torrential water.

Rockhopper’s ship, the Migrator

“While Rockhopper managed to save the Migrator, a big part of the expedition was lost during the storm. Some of the adrift penguins that disappeared into the angry waves were never found, but luckily most of the crew stayed together while drifting away unconsciously, and ended up washed up on an island shore. Ford led the pirates, and they built a decently sized boat to carry them back to the safety of Club Penguin Island.

“After roughly two months on the water, the expedition arrived back on Club Penguin Island, emptyhanded. The habitants were relieved to see some of their family back considering how long they had been away, despite their failure. However, the feeling of wastefulness didn’t go away for Ford, who still wanted to do something that actually ended up in the history books or was remembered fondly. Little did Ford know, the war was just around the corner.”

Prior took a deep breath solemnly before continuing.

“The Clan Wars, also known as World War II, was the last great unorganized conflict. It was a time where many of the powerhouses of old like the Army of Club Penguin (ACP), the Underground Mafia Army (UMA), and the Rebel Penguin Federation (RPF) took over from the color gangs, which had fallen quite a bit. Ford Bumble participated in the Romans vs ACP conflict, serving under the Romans. They fought valiantly, but they ultimately ended up losing the war.

ACP saw the Romans as a threat to their power, considering that they were the second largest semi-organized clan in the community. This conflict triggered the first large battle of Club Penguin Army history, in an igloo. Snowballs galore flew left and right between the two armies, and they seemed to be pretty evenly matched for most of the battle, but the Roman soldiers were falling, and eventually they retreated for good.

“The leader of the Romans, Explorer77777, gave up after losing to ACP, and faded away, never to be seen again. Ford, however, disappointed with the Romans’ failure to step up their game, quit the army with ire. He returned home, angered after everything he’d been through, but he was received happily by his father. Woodrow Bumble gave his son a fresh cookie and wrapped him in a warm blanket, while Ford let his tears do the talking.

“Ford returned the Vial of Tears to his father, claiming not to be worthy of the family heirloom. Woodrow knew that his son was too stubborn to accept it again, so he kept it safe. Eventually, Ford took over the bakery and the foundation, which we know today as Coins for Change, that his father had founded when he was just a child, and he lived happily with his family.

Founded by Woodrow Bumble

“Ford eventually met a woman named Angelica Becker, and they lived a full life together. He learned to live joyfully, cherishing the simple gifts the world had to offer. He dedicated his life to the discovery of the Bumble lineage, and his notes have been key to unearthing the history of Hamilton, Eudgegard, and Woodrow’s life. Ford eventually wrote his own tale to add to the family’s legacy. However, soon after his father’s death, Ford decided to travel to Int’ai’uto. 

“He was one of the few, if not the only, Bumbles that made it back to Int’ai’uto, and, using what he learned in his time sailing with Rockhopper, he made it across the territory of the orcas unscathed. What happened there was a mystery, as Ford decided to keep the information to himself, but rumor has it that Ford spoke to the Fifth Grey Bear–the second youngest–who gave him the prophecy of the army that one day his descendant would start. Ford returned home, at peace with himself, and enjoyed the time he had left.

“Ford is therefore the ancestor credited with first hearing of the prophecy of RFCP, for being the guardian of the Vial of Tears, and for representing the eternal struggle of war peace that wages within every Bumble.

“They say that Ford disappeared a month later, and his body was never found. To this day, nobody knows what truly happened to him.” Prior gazed at the portrait as he finished the tale.

“Did he ever get the Vial of Tears back after finally reconciling with himself?” asked Stitches.

“Some say the Vial disappeared with him,” said Prior darkly. “We do not know. But it would be a miracle to find it again, for the liquid is said to hold mysterious powers.”

“That was one cool story,” said Stitches, after a moment of pondering over everything Prior had told her.

“Wait until you hear his father’s story,” replied Prior with a smile. “Let me put on some cocoa and I’ll tell you all about it.”

Senior Reporter

Another Idyllic Bob Ross Painting Night

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Bob Ross Painting Nights have been an RFCP staple of friendly fun for quite some time! Join Arne to learn more about this relaxing tradition!

Ahhhhh, Bob Ross. A cultural icon indeed. With his butter-smooth voice and a classy yet simple art style, he is quite the legend. I didn’t have the pleasure of growing up with The Joy of Painting series, but I wish I did!  If that were the case, I’d paint on a big canvas, instead of doing digital photoshop on Canva. Although he passed away over 26 years ago, he is still remembered by people all over the internet, RFCP included!

One of our more unprecedented but most beloved traditions actually involves Bob Ross’s legacy. No, I’m not talking about my effort to sell Bob Ross branded energy drinks in my personal shop. Instead, at the top of our perpetual Bob Ross posthumous memorial is RFCP’s renowned Bob Ross painting events.

So how do they work? Every month or so we will pick a theme and livestream one of Bob Ross’s acclaimed The Joy of Painting episodes in the RFCP voice chat.  Each soldier tries their best to follow along with the video by painting with Bob Ross on the best digital drawing tool ever created by a human being: Microsoft Paint Online. Our most recent painting night was on the 17th of February, where we (for a second time with this episode!) created artwork based on our very own capital, Northern Lights. And, just like our own capital, many of these recreations are beautiful works of art!  So that got me thinking, what started these Bob Ross painting nights?

So I dug up the archive, as I tend to do, and created a compilation of every single Bob Ross event that we have had. Documentation of Bob Ross themed events dates back to November 2019, when our first painting party occurred in General Anilia’s igloo. At this point, the events were solely on Club Penguin so there was no artwork created on Microsoft Paint yet. 

A few months later a poll was posted, asking if we should do more Bob Ross events.  The participants had to actually draw misty hills, which came out great for the most part!  Here is a sample!

Commander Prior liked it quite a lot and decided that these events should happen more frequently. In fact, he randomly posted a Bob Ross event on news on the 30th of May, briefly explaining how to follow along so that even those unfamiliar with the tradition could join in.  During the event, participants would watch a classic The Joy of Painting episode, and then everyone would try to paint a tropical seascape. And it’s clear to see that our dear soldiers have talent.

Bob Ross Competitions would be gone for a month until the Snazzy Summer competition rolled around. General Anilia, as leader of The Chocolate Frogs, decided that it was a good time to challenge her team members to a Bob Ross contest on who could draw the best scene of mountains at sunset. 

After summer was over and autumn began, Bob Ross competitions returned once more, although not as well attended as in the past. However, the competitors that did participate made amazing paintings. It was clear to see that painting nights would stand the test of time!

September 10th was better for Bob Ross competitions with a max of 9 including Commander Prior Bumble himself. The topic this time was winter. While most of the art created was beautiful as always, Field Marshal Justin took the cake with this masterpiece.

Then Bob Ross competitions were gone for 4 whole months. It was a really long wait, but they made their triumphant return and arrival to the new year on February 17th, 2021. This was a special event because this time we return to paint our very own capital server: Northern Lights!  

Painting is relaxing. And while it’s not for everyone, Bob Ross taught a generation that painting is more than just spilling some liquid on surfaces: it is an art.  No matter if we are professionals or not, making “happy accidents” is just part of the process. Rest in peace, Bob. You may now paint the skies with the angels. RFCP salutes you. 

What do YOU think about the Bob Ross painting nights?  What would YOU want to paint next?

Senior Reporter

RFCP’s Fun “Hunger Games Simulator”–And Instructions to Make Your Own!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Ever wanted to see what would happen if RFCP soldiers fought in the Hunger Games? Read on to learn more about RFCP’s new Hunger Games Simulator Channel!

Hunger Games Simulations are a fun and interactive way to pass time!  Whenever there is a dull moment in the chat, I fire these bad boys up. You may have seen a couple of these simulations running live, but what you probably don’t know is how the algorithm is used to simulate people, companies, food, and other objects all simultaneously competing against one another. Well, I’m here to explain it. 

Way back when in mid-2019, during my Rebel Penguin Federation heyday (don’t judge me please), I discovered this website called Brantsteele. Brantsteele is a website where you can simulate various competitions such as American Idol, Total Drama, MasterChef, Glee Project, Survivor, and the star of our show: The Hunger Games. Most of these aren’t that customizable, but Hunger Games gives you, the user, full control over the cast and their details.

We will go step by step on how to make the Hunger Game simulations of your dreams. The first step is obviously opening up Brantsteele, but you can do it quicker by googling “Hunger Games Simulator” and clicking the Brantsteele link. There you’ll be greeted by a page with the original Hunger Games movie characters and their names. If you don’t want to have this cast for your simulation, scroll downwards and hit the button that says “Edit Cast.”

You will be able to edit the 24 participants, but you can make the cast bigger by clicking the “Adjust Size” button, which is to the left of the “Edit Cast” button. Once in the cast customizations menu, you have the opportunity to fill in the blanks with the name of the character of your choosing. The first space is for the name, and the one below is for an optional nickname. 

Once that’s done you can add a URL for an image to represent each character if you would like. To the right, you can even choose the gender of your character. This will change the pronouns used with said character. You can also choose if your character will come from another show or will be inspired by real Hunger Games participants like Katniss or Peeta, however, it’s also largely optional and it can always just be skipped.

Rinse and repeat for your 24 participants, and you will find some more customization options. If you don’t want images at all, hit that option. If you want special death images, there’s an option for that as well. I recommend hitting the make nicknames the same as names button to prevent confusion down the line or having to fill every name twice.

Then you can press your enter key or the submit button to start your simulation. You will be returned to that original menu, which should now be showing the participants you chose. To begin the killing sequence, hit the proceed button. You will be able to move forward between days and nights within the simulation. The page will then reset and a bunch of text explaining the whereabouts of each character during the twelve hours will pop up.

You will start at the bloodbath, which is the day your participants will arrive on the battlefield. They may get resources from the cornucopia, but the algorithm won’t remember later down the line what they collected or grabbed across the game in general. What the algorithm will remember is who dies. Deaths may happen via suicide, accidents, or straight-up murder. The kill counter will also be kept in check across the entire game and will be shown at the end of each round.

Every character will do something every round. They could kill someone, sleep, get their camp raided, hold truces, nearly die, run, sprain an ankle, search for water, commit suicide, receive something from a sponsor, travel to high ground, discover a cave, step on a landmine, and many more options! Now between all this death and dismay some arena events could happen.

These can be harmful such as a volcano showing up, dangerous creatures spawning, massive fires, poisonous gas, natural disasters, or even the arena’s border rapidly contracting.  However, there are more peaceful random events that occur as well such as “The Feast”, which is a calm and less deadly alternative to the cornucopia/bloodbath. Here, participants can choose to get more resources towards the end of a round.  After several rounds, only one character will remain and will be crowned as the winner. 

Prior picks flowers.

If you want to share your own simulation, head over to the #hunger-games-simulator channel (owned by me) and share it with me! I’m a sucker for these. You can also visit the channel during EST mornings for more fun simulations hosted by me. I always host RFCP Themed Hunger Games and some others midweek, and I like to ping participating users as it goes.

Hunger Games simulations are a fun way to waste some time and have fun at the hilarious things that could happen. I hope this inspires you to try them for yourself, and join my club down here in the Hunger Games Simulator Channel!

What do YOU think about the Hunger Games Simulator Website?  Are YOU excited to try it out?  Leave us a comment below letting us know your thoughts!

Senior Reporter

The 2021 RFCP Olympics

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA—Missed the key moments of our recent tournament? Read on for a recap of the RFCP Olympics!

Olympic symbols - Wikipedia

After wrapping up our 4th semiannual Feddies award show, the next big thing on the horizon for RFCP seemed unclear. February came, and with it some fresh announcements, such as soldier promotions and new blogs, but nothing quite monumental.

This soon took a blazing turn when a torch was left unattended in #news.  A fire soon broke out in the server, as well as a slew of rumors about what this fire could symbolize.

The conspiracy grew until Uncle Satchmo, the Feddiegate 3.0 MVP, forced a statement from Commander Coolj regarding said torch. The Commander revealed on February 6th that the torch was not an ordinary torch, but the symbol of the Olympics!

The first ever RFCP Olympics would begin on February 8th!

While RFCP has held past army-wide contests such as the Snazzy Summer Contest in 2020, what marked this contest notably different was that soldiers could choose their own team in the same spirit as representing countries in the Olympics. 

The teams were The Bumblenators, led by Col. MicroHam, Team Erat Ipso Sacra, led by Commissar Hamster, Art Club, led by Gen. Anilia, and The Vuvuzela Raiders, led by–you guessed it–Maj. Arne

All four teams were assigned roles and private channels that could only be seen by people with said roles, and of course server Guardians.  Each soldier would be able to choose their team prior (!!!!) to the event in the #polls channel.

A schedule featuring 12 events across 6 days (two every day) accompanied the Olympics. All events took place at either 7:00 p.m. or 9:00 p.m. EST. A point system was implemented, in which winning a gold medal would earn 300 points, a silver medal would earn 200 points, and a bronze would earn 100 points. All medals and their points would be shared within the team, and the team with the most points would win the Olympics!

Click to enlarge

Before the start of the competition, 28 soldiers joined each team. There were 6 soldiers each for The Bumblenators and Team Erat Ipso Sacra, and 9 each for Art Club and The Vuvuzela Raiders. Team Erat Ipso Sacra featured a blue uniform, Art Club wore Pink, The Vuvuzela Raiders wore orange and blue, and The Bumblenators wore sparkly purple–and they even had a logo!

The first event took place on the 8th of February, and it was a fun Skribbl.io competition. Naturally, it was won by Art Club, with Anilia claiming the gold medal, while the silver went to Maj. Aqua from the Vuvuzela Raiders, and the bronze medal went to good ol’ Sgt. Krispy, from Team Erat Ipso Sacra. Also I had a stroke while drawing on my phone during the event.

Two hours later, a four-way practice battle took place, which was won by Team Erat Ipso Sacra, followed by The Vuvuzela Raiders, and then the Bumblenators, causing a tie for first place between the Vuvuzela Raiders and Team Erat Ipso Sacra.  This ended Day 1 of the competition with The Bumblenators rock bottom and Art Club in third place.

Day 2 started with the 100 Meter Scroll. While there was a general confusion about how it would play out in the beginning, the rules became more clear during the event.  On the 100 meter scroll website, you had to scroll downwards an excruciatingly long amount. The gold medal went to Aqua, who completed the scroll in just 3 seconds, prompting some controversy, and the silver medal went to his teammate Maj. Randomplayer10, both from the Vuvuzela Raiders, sending them 500 points clear off the top. Uncle Satchmo got a second bronze medal for The Bumblenators.

At 9:00 p.m., soldiers were greeted with another race, this time across Club Penguin Rewritten Island. Participants would race from the Cove all the way up to the Mountain, and then back down again. Agent Stitches was the hero of the round for Team Erat Ipso Sacra, hitting the top 3 twice and earning the Gold Medal. Retired Field Marshal JoshAfter scored a silver for the Vuvuzela Raiders and the Bumblenators received the bronze thanks to MicroHam.

Gunshot! The race begins!

Day 3 started with a tie for last place between Art Club and the Bumblenators, while Team Erat Ipso Sacra sought to dethrone the reigning Vuvuzela Raiders. A wild Jackbox party took place in voice chat at 7:00 p.m. EST, in which the Vuvuzela Raiders lighted the game up, winning 700 points and the gold medal for their efforts, while the Bumblenators won a silver medal, thus beating Art Class for third place, and lastly, Team Erat Ipso Sacra received the bronze medal.

A surfing competition on Ukahala took place 2 hours later, and participants were required to play in competition mode, take a screenshot of their score, and submit said screenshot to Commissar Hamsterlover or Commander Coolj. The deadline was 2:00 p.m. EST the following day to accommodate different time zones. The gold medal went to The Bumblenators, thanks to Colonel MicroHam, earning their first gold medal. The silver went to the Vuvuzela Raiders and the bronze went to Art Club, being their second medal in general.

Day 4 had an intense start with a typing competition from 7:00-9:00 p.m. EST, and you’d think I would do moderately well, being a blogger!  Unfortunately, not the case! The winner was Gen. Anilia from Art Club at a whopping 85 words per minute, followed by Josh from the Vuvuzela Raiders, and Team Erat Ipso Sacra rolled in for a bronze medal. Except we must report, a mysterious user named Rick Riordan beat Josh in one instance…

The Vuvuzela Raiders had already crossed the 2200 points barrier, and a victory for them could finish the other team’s chances at winning the competition, but when a Jet Pack Adventure competition for the highest score rolled around, they got their first bronze medal, as the Bumblenators won the gold, while the silver medal went to Team Erat Ipso Sacra, allowing both of teams to cross the 1100 points threshold, thus tying them for second place.

Day 5 started off with a recruiting competition, where the format changed slightly.  Instead of medals rewarding points to each team, every new soldier recruited would award the recruiter’s team with 100 points!. It lasted for a whopping 48 hours to accommodate the difficulty of recruitment as well as those in various time zones! A server called the RFCP Invite Party with the Userphone bot in it was created to make said efforts easier for teams.  Each team received their own server where they could DM recruit soldiers.

But while it happened, a dancing competition took place in Ukahala two hours after the start of the recruiting contest. The winners were Team Erat Ipso Sacra, thanks to an inspired Hamster bringing 8000 points in, followed by Random from the Vuvuzela Raiders, who didn’t do too bad with 6000 points. 

Day 6 would end the competitions with a sled racing tournament at 9:00 p.m. EST. Team Erat Ipso Sacra brought the heat to Ukahala, as Club Penguin Rewritten’s Sled Racing minigame was still under development (Ukahala 1, CPR 0). They brought the gold medal home, while the Vuvuzela Raiders in typical fashion went home with the silver, and Art Club got a bronze medal.

The Olympics Closing Ceremonies took place the 15th of February at 7:00 p.m. EST, garnering a max of 16 soldiers. The recruit points were tallied up and a count was made. The results? Well, I could tell you what they were, but I’ll let the scores speak for themselves!

Looking past the salad of reactions, the Olympics came to a close, the winners celebrated, and everyone congratulated each other.  The Vuvuzela Raiders had surpassed the competition with a whopping 2700 points!  In second place came Team Erat Ipso Sacra with their 1800 points.  The Bumblenators were in third place with 1100 points, and Art Club painted their way to last place. The Olympics proved to be a great success, raising maxes, bringing in new soldiers, and stood as an example of how RFCP loves friendly competition!  No matter who wins or loses, we always place the importance of our family first! 

What did YOU think about the first ever RFCP Olympics?  Leave us a comment below with your thoughts!

Senior Reporter