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BLOG! Quarterly Statistics for the RFCP Website Released

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Behind-the-scenes data regarding the RFCP blog. If you love the RFCP blog, you’ll be fascinated to study our latest stats.

In our recent post taking an in-depth, comparative look at the PRA and the RFCP, we noted that the RFCP blog just recently surpassed the PRA in total website traffic. Now, RFCP blog releases an official update on the statistics observed by the website, including graphs of our site visitation and overviews of our audience patterns. Because we find this so interesting (and we know you’re all blog fanatics), we will attempt to publish quarterly updates.

To view the last official stats report, click here.

Charts and Tables

Our first table is posting activity–in other words, how many blogs there were per month. Note how November and the end of January–early February were the slowest months. This may correlate with the absences of Prior Bumble, as he had distanced himself from armies in both occasions at those times. The heaviest months were May and August (August with slightly more), both summer months with high soldier engagement and community interest.

The next two graphs are website views per month, and the daily averages of views per month, respectively. Note how May achieved the highest views, but according to the first chart, August had slightly more posts than May. It is possible that World War 8, which occurred in May, bolstered May’s visitation numbers past that of August despite having fewer posts. Overall, RFCP is seeing almost 40% more visitors in 2020 than we had in 2019, consistently for every month except October, which has not yet completed.

Let’s focus on the word count in this table. Our blogs have accumulated 57,020 words in 2019, and, so far, 75,106 words in 2020 (before this post!). The traditional length of a commercial novel is between 60,000-85,000 words. Speaking in industry norms, RFCP has essentially written two whole novels with its blog posts. While 2019 saw less words (and remember, we only were founded halfway through 2019 in June), the average word count for the post was higher at around 700 words to 2020’s 600 words. Did we just learn to communicate in memes in 2020 better than in 2019? Maybe so.

The most popular day and hour has shifted since our last stats publication. Previously, Tuesdays at 9:00 p.m. EST held the most attention of our readers at 17%. Now, you can see the day and time has changed, but the percentage remains the same.

The “Best views ever” was July 30, 2020. Why? Simple! That was the day we held the I-SPY Scavenger Hunt on the blog, which tasked readers with clicking all through the old posts to find hidden RFCP flags! Those clicks added up!

RFCP blog insights does show some areas of weakness–namely, we continue to average only 0.02 comments per post (meaning our readers do not frequently comment), and we have 7 followers–including one CPAH Reporter, Max. Hi, Max!

Some goals of the blog are to not only post once a day, but thrice a day; increase commenting engagement; increase subscribers; and, of course, keep providing the highest-quality writing and army news.

What do YOU conclude by analyzing this quarter’s statistics? What stats not shown here are you curious to know about? Let us know in the comments!

(Seriously, let’s get those stats up!)

RFCP’s Awesome Autumn “Eventmas” Results

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP kicked off the fall season with a second “Eventmas.” Now, the results are in. How did your team rank in our festival of fun events and friendly competition?

Last week, RFCP entered the fall season with a series of fall-themed events, echoing the first “Eventmas” the army held back in the summer. Officers were appointed as team leaders to both plan activities and get their teams active to achieve points.

The teams are as follows:

On Sunday, the 11th of October, Eventmas kicked off with a fun game of Skribbl, hosted by the Silver Ghosts team. We hit a max of 7 for the starting event and had a great time.

On Monday, October 12th, the Silver Ghosts hosted a game of Among Us and reached a max of 7. The teams had a great time figuring out who the impostors were and working together as crewmates.

On Tuesday, the 13th of October, team Bobbin’ For Hamsters hosted a wholesome Bob Ross painting event. We sat down together and followed along to a Bob Ross “Autumn Glory” painting tutorial and attempted to keep up with the professional artist. We maxed 6 and had a peaceful evening.

October 14th started off with a training event hosted by team Marine Gang, maxing 9. We sharpened our skills and had an awesome time.

Following the training event, the Silver Ghosts hosted a Spooky Stories event, maxing 5. For the event, we all gathered at the cove and listened and told scary (and kid-friendly) stories.

October 15th was the biggest day of Eventmas, packing in a total of three events into one day!

We kicked of the day with a Monsters, Inc. style practice battle, hosted by team Bobbin’ For Hamsters. We maxed 7 and had scary good fun.

After the practice battle, team Silver Ghosts hosted a sled racing tournament, maxing 7. We had a lot of laughs as we took turns racing each other to see who the best sled racer was.

Immediately after the sled racing tournament, the teams headed to MicroHamster’s igloo for a game of Bobbin’ For Bumble Bucks, hosted by team Bobbin’ For Hamsters. The teams picked water tanks each round to determine how many Bumble Bucks they won. We maxed 8 and everyone in attendance was a winner.

Friday, October 16th, was another big day for RFCP. We started out with a Ghost Hauntings event hosted by the Silver Ghosts. With our max of 11, we put on our ghost costumes and roamed around haunting the island.

Shortly after the haunting, RFCP members headed to a costume party hosted by team Bobbin’ For Hamsters. We had a max of 7 and had a lot of fun dancing and hanging out in our costumes.

October 17th we saw a max of 11 at a training event. We practiced some new tactics and formations and sharpened our skills.

Following the training event, we headed over to do the candy hunt held on CPArmies, hosted by team Bobbin’ For Hamsters. We maxed 6 and filled our baskets with all the candy we could find!

October 18th was our final day of Eventmas. For the last event, we headed to the stage for a performance of Night of the Living Sled. We maxed 5 and gave the performance of our lives.

When all was said and done, our total max for all of Eventmas was 89; averaging in at about 7 penguins for each event. By now it is clear that the two real contenders in this contest were the Silver Ghosts and Bobbin’ For Hamsters. Did their aggressive performances scare off the other teams from trying to catch up? The results are as follows:

1st: Bobbin’ for Hamsters (Hamster)
2nd: Silver Ghosts (Shy Guy)
3rd: Team Priority (Josh)
4th: Vampire Knights (Anilia)
5th: FEDDIEGATE 2.0 (Coffee)
6th: Marine Gang (Don)

Congratulations everyone! We hope you all enjoyed RFCP’s Awesome Autumn Event Contest, otherwise nicknamed Eventmas. Happy fall, y’all!

Leave a comment below and tell us what your favorite event was!


More RFCP Puzzles!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Patriotic crossword, word search, and word scramble games for our soldiers! Erat ipso sacra!

Can you figure out all these fun RFCP puzzles? Print them out or paste them into Microsoft Paint to play! Click to enlarge.

5 Things Club Penguin Armies Taught Me

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Commander Prior Bumble reflects on five things CPA has taught him–for better or for worse.

There’s no doubt that Cub Penguin Armies was a larger and more transformative part of my life than I ever could have imagined. Below, in no particular order, are the top five profound lessons I learned through this experience.

  • 1. Tribalism will form anywhere people gather
The Christian Mandate to Subvert Tribalism | Christianity Today

I’ve spoken academically to fellow leaders in this community about man’s underlying nature that Club Penguin Armies demonstrates. Tribalism, groups bonding and adopting “us versus them” mentalities, happens wherever people gather. This experiment of mostly adolescents turning a bright and colorful Disney game into a warzone proves it. Currently, I’m authoring a nonfiction book about CPA and the history of armies*, and the key pillar of the thesis is that Club Penguin was never intended for armies. In fact, my writing on it is not about a game at all–it’s about a community that hijacked the game to carry out their own tribalistic goals. Our community is Lord of the Flies made digital. And it’s nasty. It’s meaner than it needs to be. When I created Club Penguin Warfare in January 2020, one of my main slogans was, “Armies don’t need to be this way.” We don’t need to take our pathological dualism as far as doxxing, unimaginably offensive language, open letters, and vilification. But we do. Because tribalism happens anywhere people gather.

*This book will be in hardcover on Amazon and it will be gifted to the community.

  • 2. Love doesn’t always work.

Some darkness is too deep. Some cancers are too embedded.

Before engaging in this community, I truly believed that if you loved others, they wouldn’t betray you. They will. I truly believed that if you don’t dox someone, they won’t dox you. They will. I truly believed if you treated someone with tenderness, they would treat you the same. They won’t. I truly believed loving heals all. It doesn’t.

Do it anyway.

  • 3. I Chose the Right Patron Saint.
Prior’s statue of St. Peter on his desk. You can see WWI and Civil War soldiers in the background.

I’m a Roman Catholic (most days…). On Confirmation, young faithful choose a saint as their patron, usually of their own gender, and usually a saint they feel a likeness to, because the Bishop will address you by the name of your patron. I chose St. Peter. Back then, I’d deliberated between St. John and St. Peter. John’s gospel is by far the most loving; the most humanistic. I do have a side deeply akin to those characteristics.

Peter, on the other hand, is full of love, too. But darker. He’s a natural leader that founded the largest army–I mean, church–in the world, but his famous temper saw his sword drawn in Gethsemane and lobbed off the ear of a Roman guard. He walks on water, but slips into its waves when fear overtakes him. Dripping wet, he still climbs back into the boat. And he, like me, couldn’t bear to look when his best friend died.

Y’all caught me. My temper is legendary. My darkness, too, maybe. But so is my love. Peter was the right choice.

  • 4. Refusing to Kneel Won’t Make You Popular–Choose

It’s one or the other. I guess my choice is obvious.

  • 5. How to Be a Good Man When You’re Trying to be a Great One

It’s not the same.

RFCP taught me how to be a good man.

I still desire to be a great one. But it’s hard to pursue your dreams, ones that require aggression and swung punches, when you also want to father a family to protect, provide for, and nurture.

You don’t need to be a good man to be a good leader. I know there are some readers out there who think I’m an absolute son of a bitch but who’ll concede I’m a good leader.

Still, RFCP, by loving them, caring for them, and being their patriarch, taught me how to be a good man. How to be a man, period. We’ll see if I’m ever remembered as a great one.

What has CPA taught you? What do you think of Prior Bumble’s top five? Let us know in the comments.

A Story From my Life

I do not know how to communicate with this audience anymore without being accused of emotional manipulation because I share my emotions, or being accused of being creepy/unstable/in it for something sinister because I share my love. If you are one of those people who think this way, I ask that you just not read the post. It’s a story from my life I want to share with my soldiers and a message of love from a personal experience I’ve lived. No one is forcing you to read it. Let me speak to my soldiers, and you are free to pass it over.

When my brother died, we planned a funeral. This is usually what people do.

The issue was that my brother hadn’t been to church in years. I wouldn’t say he didn’t believe in God, but he was scared that no God exists, and I think he gave up hope searching for answers that aren’t really there. Especially after the pain he had been through in his time on earth: a hell that I’ve prayed to understand more, if only so I can be closer to him. Looking back on some recent events in my life, I’ve realized that maybe that prayer has been answered in a few small ways.

When I saw his urn on the Roman Catholic altar it filled me with confusion. I guess my brother all the sudden is a Catholic again? Okay.

But all of us sort of never did this before. You know, there’s not a SparkNotes for burying your 26-year-old brother. So we just scheduled the Mass. I don’t know. What else does one do?

Instead of having an organist and a cantor we didn’t know, though, my mother asked a great favor. Through work, she’d befriended a young singer of immense talent who lived at least 10 hours away. He is a person of color, and could sing with deep soul and authenticity. My brother valued nothing more in life than realness. He had no patience for courtesy in the audience of someone who never knew agony. He would not fold his napkin on his lap for you if you’ve never known what it’s like to use nothing but that napkin to keep you warm at night.

This singer decided to make that 10 hour trip to attend the funeral, and his music brought to a very stiff Catholic Mass a level of that authenticity that we all knew my brother would approve of. Many of you might recall I too sang for my brother at the end of that service; I doubt I’d have had the courage to do so without the presence of this young man at the microphone behind me.

A year later, this talented young musician invited my mother and me to visit his family. His father is a pastor, the head of his own Christian church, and, I was told, devoted to strict tradition. I was aware of the religious, cultural, and racial differences between our two families, and filled with nerves to meet them as guests in their own home. I didn’t want to say or do the wrong thing.

We ate dinner together (the best fried chicken you’ve ever had) with some nervous laughter and many sincere questions and compliments. We avoided the topic of my brother. The Pastor indeed was a man of deep faith. Black, tall, bald, and bearded. He was sweet and patient to me. I’m sure he could see my nerves, and my every sin as if I wore them like tattoos. But he didn’t let on.

After two hour’s visit, we headed back to our car in the driveway. The family followed us out. We said our goodbyes–with bear hugs to our musician friend. Before getting into the car, though, I turned to the Pastor. From my pocket I pulled out a bracelet. I’d made it. It was a simple band with a Christian symbol. It reminded me of the cross my brother had made out of two pieces of long grass once at his first rehab.

Everyone turned to the Pastor and me, confused that I’d stopped.

I placed the bracelet in his hand, and I tried to speak. Nothing came out, but they waited.

“Sir,” I said. All those fears of religious, cultural, and racial differences froze in my throat. And then, tears overcame me. I couldn’t say more. Instead, I bowed my head and rested it on the Pastor’s large hand. I closed my eyes against the skin of his wrist.

And I stayed there.

“Oh my,” said the Pastor. His voice shook with emotion. I heard sniffling from the others watching.

“Thank you,” I finally said.

“Oh my.”

I lifted myself. He looked at me with reddened eyes. We all didn’t need to say my brother’s name to know he was in that moment. “I love you,” I warbled.

The Pastor touched below my chin. “Precious child,” he said.

I’ve never met him again. But I think of that moment all the time and still wonder what it meant.

I share this story with my army to remind you that you’re more than soldiers of a Club Penguin game. You’re individually precious sons and daughters, of God, of your parents, and of me. I want the pains in your life to be contradicted with moments of love that stick with you. Sometimes you won’t know what to say; sometimes it’ll all be too much.

But no matter who you are, where you come from, what your religion is, your color, your culture, old or young, you can say to me exactly what I said to the Pastor: “Sir.”

And if that’s all you can utter, if something in your life is making saying one more word too painful, I will take your hand immediately and bow for your hurt too.

Please be strong. Know that I think of you each daily. We are an army; but more. You are more.

Prayer of St. Francis of Assisi

“Make me a channel of your peace,
Where there is hatred let me bring your love,
Where there is injury your pardon Lord,
And where there’s doubt true faith in you.

Make me a channel of your peace,
Where there’s despair in life, let me bring hope,
Where there is darkness, only light,
And where there’s sadness, ever joy.

O Master grant that I may never seek,
So much to be consoled as to console,
To be understood as to understand,
To be loved as to love with all my soul.

Make me a channel of your peace,
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
In giving of ourselves that we receive.
And in dying that we’re born to eternal life.

O Master grant that I may never seek,
So much to be consoled as to console,
To be understood as to understand,
And to love as to love with all my soul.

Make me a channel of your peace,
It is in pardoning that we are pardoned,
In giving of ourselves that we receive.
And in dying that we’re born to eternal life.

Make me a channel of your peace.”

What Would You Do? Commander for a Day!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP Reporter-in-Training, General Sillabye brings back the popular “What Would You Do” segment!

This week’s “What Would You Do?” question is:

What would you do if you were Commander for one day, and one day only?

We asked Ice Agents to Officers this question to see all the different responses!

Dani – “Keep business as usual and make sure the army survives that day.”

CoffeeBean – “1. Make Canada a division lead by Sillabye (Who hails from canada) 
2. Make coffee the national RFCP beverage.”

AquaStarr – “Change our name to the Recon Furbies of Club Penguin.”

Reap – “I’d give myself 83746262727 bbs (Bumblebucks).”

Djchoruskid – “Pass a decree stating that I am the permanent commander.”

Anilia – “I’d get everyone to recruit (we need to recruit everyday lmao), build our army so we can max high, plan some fun events, get everyone hype for just life in general, spread love and positivity, and have good fun family times with RFCP while recruiting ofc. Oh did I mention…more recruiting?”

Ariel Aries~ – “I would probably have like a training or something.”

JustinTFC – “Hm… I’d give everyone 50 Bumble Bucks (sorry Hammy and Silla).”

Shy Guy – “Really all I would do is let the soldiers have fun. I can’t think of anything they would do I’d also make a Canadian division if anything”

Blueback99 – “If I was Commander for a day I’d go mad with power, force everyone to change their skin color to blue, then declare war on everyone else in a mad bid for 24 hour world domination. All hail Blue, Blue is good, Blue is life.”

MicroHamster- “I’m not really sure. I’d like to think I could live up to Prior’s legacy, but I know that is impossible. I’d probably get us stuck in a war in the first 24 hours though, because I don’t know when to shut up sometimes lol”

What would YOU do if you were Commander for a day? Let us know in the comments!


Canada: The World’s Best Kept Secret

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: All seems normal in the RFCP server, except there’s a smell of maple syrup in the air…

The Recon Federation of Club Penguin server has been blowing up lately with the demands for a mysterious brand-new division.

Yes, a Canada Division. The questions now arise…where did this idea come from, and, more importantly:

Thank you for asking the hard-hitting questions, Anilia.

What is this mysterious place that seems to be the USA’s hat? Does it really exist? We don’t think so. However, we questioned RFCP’s resident Canadian, General Sillabye (The Queen of Furbies and Canada, who hails from Canada). 

That was… informative? Sorry, eh? Well, for those unfamiliar with Canada, we shall give a brief history!

Canada was founded in 1867. It is often called the “Great White North” because of the false belief it is eternally winter there. We have seasons, you know? Unless you live in Nunavut, but no one remembers Nunavut. Out of the six people that live in Nunavut, I doubt any of you are reading this, anyways. (For legal reasons that’s a joke.)  Home to Moose, Hockey (Papa’s favorite sport), and Maple Syrup on a stick, Canada is often overshadowed by its obnoxiously loud older brother, except when it comes to kicking their butts in the Winter Olympics. But Canada will be overshadowed no more!

Maple syrup on a stick is real. Beat that the rest of the world.

As you can see, Canada is dearly beloved in the RFCP. Many soldiers have mentioned their wish to visit/move there, even the occasional person dreaming about the brilliant country. 

Is Canada even relevant to RFCP? Or just in general? Well the answer is clear:

Canada really is “v relevant” though.

It seems the country of Canada has infected the server, but how deep does this go? It seems the newest channel to the server, #ohgoshwhydidweletsillahaveafurbychannel, somehow is in Canada. We’re not sure how that works either.

But where did this idea of a “C A N A D A D I V I S I O N” come from? Well, this hard-working reporter was able to find the first mention of this mysterious division.

Through our investigation, we were able to find out a few details about the division. First of all, this division will be called the RFCP Mounties. The division will be composed of Canadians only. The division will recruit by asking Canadians politely, who will be too nice to say no, to join. The motto of the division will be, “We’re sorry aboot that, eh?”

Now you must be asking, who are the Mounties? Well, you uncultured swine, here is an image of the magnificent mountains:

Mounties, these glorious Canadians, are members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police or the RCMP (which is close to RFCP, so obviously this is a match made in heaven). Unfortunately, no, they do not ride moose or polar bears, despite how cool that would be. Instead, they’re stuck on a dumb horse. Seems like a fail, Canada, hurry up and change that. The Mounties are the pillar of every Canadian community. Despite their horrible implications of the founding, they are seen as one of the most defining things about Canada. Honestly, these seem faker than Canada’s monopoly money, but we assure you the Mounties are real.

Try to tell which is real, because we can’t.

Canada’s money is so famously weird, there’s a whole song about it. It is ritually sung to Canadian children in schools, so they are able to learn what the names of all their money is.

Despite the obvious support for the division, is it possible? Could the RFCP really have a Canada division? Well, first reports from Commander Coolj showed a possibility, however nothing had been confirmed.

But there is also evidence that Commander Coolj may be against a Canada Division, perhaps even Canada as a whole.


We reached out to Commander Coolj to get confirmation on whether or not this division was happening . This is what he had to say:

Well there you have it folks, after October 16, 2023 (or earlier, Canada doesn’t have a set election date and it’s confusing) the RFCP will have its own Canada Division, a first for Club Penguin armies! We can’t wait to see what comes from the Mounties!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving to all our friends in Canada!


How Similar is the PRA and the RFCP?

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Using evidence from historic PRA sites and documents, the blog examines just how comparable the RFCP is to Prior Bumble’s original army.

Recently, the Recon Federation website, established 2019, surpassed the site traffic of the original People’s Republic Army, which has been live since 2007. This is an enormous moment for the RFCP, which can interpret these numbers as eclipsing the reach of what many consider to be its predecessor. Granted, the PRA website suffered serious losses of data, allegedly at the hands of Army of Club Penguin hackers long ago (after Prior Bumble’s retirement), making it hollow and bare.

It is nonetheless significant that RFCP in less than two years amassed more hits than the PRA in thirteen years. Below are the records at the time of this post’s publication:

People’s Republic Army:

Recon Federation of Club Penguin:

This occasion prompts us to look at the two armies and compare their characters. Soldiers of the RFCP are long used to hearing about how the PRA heavily influenced the RFCP (or, at least, influenced the RFCP more than any other army). But can they speak with confidence as to why that is the case? This post hopes to make some key arguments.

Governmental Structure

First, we will look at the governmental structure of the two armies. RFCP and PRA both follow a structure entirely unique to them: one first-in-command, one second-in-command. That is to say, only one person may occupy the role of first-in-command and only one person may occupy the role of second-in-command. As far as we know, no other Club Penguin Army ever held this structure.

While other advantages to this structure can be debated and theorized, such a system clearly benefits autocracy. Having one Commander, who chooses only one Commissar (second-in-command), certainly one who aligns with his vision, protects the Commander from heavy pushback among other officers.

The People’s Republic Army is a Communist People’s Republic, in which all power goes to a supreme ruler. There can be only one of these rulers at one time, and he makes all major decisions.

– From the 2013 PRA revival website.

The rank names were slightly tweaked from the PRA to the RFCP, however.

Did Prior Bumble follow the PRA’s structure out of reverence for his old army? Others might argue that the autocratic nature of Prior Bumble would have led him to form an authoritarian governmental structure regardless. Curiously, CollinZfresh described the PRA on the original 2007 website as not a Communist republic but a “Democratic Republic,” although none of his policies or governmental structures reflected this.

Contradicting statements

On the contrary, Prior Bumble has been pretty open about being an authoritarian.

Western ideologies often promote democracies and decentralized power as the only moral government structure. Perhaps it is too broad a stretch to add Club Penguin Army governments to the evidence of real-world nations, but in the scope of military institutions, democracy is seldom heard of. What makes authoritarianism in an army environment complicated is how most Club Penguin armies also seek to function as micronations, with no separation between citizen and soldier. Although not as vocal, other authorities in the community have sided with the style of Prior Bumble. RPF Rebel Commander Elmikey functioned much the same way as Prior Bumble while in charge, and DMT and Cena have both drawn likeness between the two leaders. Cena likewise operated in a similar fashion as Commander of Shock Troops.

“I distinctly remember a conversation with Lord Pain in which he said democracy among Club Penguin armies does not work. I tend to agree.”

– Prior Bumble

Further debate on democracy vs. autocracy in the Club Penguin Armies universe deserves its own post.

Comparisons Between Prior Bumble and CollinZfresh

Personality comparisons between Prior Bumble and CollinZfresh have been drawn. Both men were regarded as well-spoken and charming. Both men have been observed losing their temper; although, be it for lack of sources or true nature, CollinZfresh appears to have had better and more consistent composure.

Both leaders also wore profile pictures that advanced their statecraft, Collin with a photo of the U.S. Capital dome and Prior with an naval officer’s hat, rank O-7 and above.

Prior Bumble

Of course, in-game, Prior Bumble carried on PRA legacy by wearing the red PRA helmet as part of his Commander uniform.

Now, RFCP soldiers refer to CollinZfresh as Grandfather Collin, advancing the RFCP’s system of patriarchy. Patriarchy seems to be a feature exclusive to RFCP, as there is little evidence that the PRA made fatherly or with kinship the positions of high ranks.


Below is a screenshot of the original laws of the 2007 PRA. Highlighted in yellow are laws that have similar counterparts in the current policies of the RFCP.

PRA’s laws seem to be more focused on environmental roleplay than truly enforceable server rules. However, Rule #1 of no violence corresponds to RFCP’s policies against cyberbullying/racism, etc. Rule #4 corresponds to Prior Bumble’s infamous crackdowns of spinoff servers with RFCP members, both with the interest of keeping traffic centralized to his main server and to combat conspiracy and trash-talk. Spinoff servers were usually approved by him if a trusted officer presided in the server. Rule #5, likewise, is strictly echoed in the RFCP’s Constitution. Rule #8 reinforces the Prior Policy that excessive challenging him on his decisions will not be tolerated.

Regarding rule #6, RFCP never has collected money from its members, and Prior Bumble has allegedly spent over $2,000 USD of his own money on supporting his soldiers or providing merchandise to those who purchased them with Bumble Bucks.

Rule #7 would be unlikely to appear in a Prior Bumble administration, although the army’s communal discussion channel, #rfcp-summit, often welcomes and respects the voices of its enlisted.

“Number three [law] is cute,” said Prior. “I’d add that, maybe with an Int’ai’uto conservation spin.”

Below is the 2013 PRA revival code of law. Highlighted in yellow are laws that have similar counterparts in the current policies of the RFCP.

There Can Be Only One Law strongly echoes RFCP’s autocracy. The Recruiting Bill is similar to RFCP’s policies of centralization of activity to the RFCP server (enlisted must be in the server!). The Ground is the Limit Law is similar to RFCP’s no dual-enlistment law, except RFCP takes it much further by prohibiting ALL soldiers, not just the 1ic, from dual-enlisting.

Most striking to us was the Allies Neutral Bill, which permitted the PRA to enter an isolationist state at any time. This is remarkably similar to the RFCP’s policy of Ukahala.


The PRA had a division of body guards for officers Lieutenant and above. This is comparable to RFCP’s Priortorian Guard.

From the ranks page of the 2007 PRA
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image0.png


The People’s Republic Army was a small army with a big leader. CollinZfresh never achieved major army status but was inducted a full CPA Legend for his grand ideas and personality, and for being deeply intertwined with the politics of original army leaders. Some might consider Prior Bumble’s status almost identical. The armies these two men created were uniquely firm and autocratic in a landscape of armies with highly mobile social ladders. Evidence of correlation between policies and character exist, but, as the numbers of site traffic attests, it could be argued that the RFCP has surpassed the PRA in terms of breadth and identity.

What do YOU think? What other similarities and differences do you see between the PRA and the RFCP? Comment below!

The Spirit of Fall

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: As RFCP prepares for Halloween and Fall, General Sillabye, who hails from Canada, interviews soldiers for their thoughts on the season and holiday.



Don’t worry, there’s nothing scary in this blog! Well, aside from Sillabye’s Canadian spelling.

That’s right, soldiers, it’s the month of colour-changing leaves, pumpkin spice lattes, ghosts, and other spooky things. So now it’s time to pull out your flannel shirts (RIP Papa’s Hawaiian shirts), light a scented candle, pull out the pumpkin-carving tools, and get ready for the season of tricks and treats!

In the RFCP server, things have already gotten spooky. Members have strode into the season’s spirit with some fun nicknames and Halloween-themed profile pictures!

Thank you to Sergeant Cookie for coming up with the amazing nicknames for Microwavable Hamster and CoffeeBean!

In the spirit of Halloween, we decided to interview some of our soldiers and other familiar faces in the server about Fall, Halloween, and all things spooky!

Are you happy Fall is here?

“Fall is great. I love the colors of the trees. I sometimes forget leaves can change colors 0.0” – Joshafter

“yes!! it’s always been my favourite season, I literally started decorating my room for it in early September” – Ot_ter

“Yep! Been waiting a while for it. :)” – JustinTFC

“Pretty much.” – RandomPlayer10

“Yessss because the leaves are changing colors which makes it so pretty outside:” – Bearz

“Yes Im very glad its fall! It gets nice and cool!” – CandyCorn

“Kinda, miss summer where you can grab an inflatable pool and just chill.” – DabOn

So what are you looking forward to the most this season?

“Im looking forward to halloween, i’m dressing up as an among us character” – Joshafter

“Ooh for sure all the seasonal food that comes out. I literally love seeing what people manage to come up with, plus they’re normally delicious” – Ot_ter

“Halloween, and hopefully peace towards everyone and armies.” – JustinTFC

“it’s a nice set of months, but definitely s p o o k y m o n t h.” – RandomPlayer10

“Pumpkin carvings and haunted corn mazes (if covid didn’t happen)” – Bearz

“I am looking forward to the rainy weather.” – CandyCorn

“School break and HALLOWEEEEEEENNN.” – DabOn

Who has the best spooky nickname (in the server)?

“Microham, Micrograveable is a great spooky name. I also like cereal killer because I do be eating that cereal. OH WAIT CHANGE MY ANSWER TO DEMON FOR BEST NAME” – Joshafter

“MicroGRAVEable Hamster LMAO, like I’m sorry I laughed at that for a good 20 minutes shjshdjdjd” – Ot_ter

“Hmmm… MicroGRAVEable Hamster probably.” – JustinTFC

“Who knows? Off to check. Maybe Josh.” – RandomPlayer10

“Joshafter mannn he kills cereals dudee.” – Bearz

“Hmmm Def Microwavable Hamster.” – CandyCorn

“Spooky because he always has spooky in his nickname” – DabOn

What is your favourite scary movie?

“IT” – Joshafter

“I don’t really know if it counts as scary? but corpse bride because emily” – Ot_ter

“I’ve never been allowed to watch them, so, I guess Club Penguin Shutdown: The Movie” – JustinTFC

“My old home videos, scariest thing ever recordedI don’t really know. I might have to watch more movies.” – RandomPlayer10

“Well I like the comedy series called scary movie lol but for actual scary I like those paranormal movies like poltergeist etc.” – Bearz

“My favorite scary movie is Hocus Pocus”. – CandyCorn

“Idk I haven’t watched any, I’m too scared lol.” – DabOn

And what’s your favourite monster?

“Can clowns be monsters? (Silla (S): yes) CLOWNS! Bruh they scary but I love them” – Joshafter

“Legoman (S: i-) LMAO” – Ot_ter (S: for legal reasons this is a joke)

“Don’t include this because it’s not my legit answer yet, REDACTED (S: AHHHH) Know what… Actually. Yep. Screw it, favorite monster is REDACTED” – JustinTFC

“Ummm the dude from Sinister i think his name is Bughuul”- Bearz

“Does Billy the puppet count as a favorite monster?” – CandyCorn

“The one under my bed that comforts me when I’m crying at night” – DabOn

What is your Halloween tradition?

“Buying candy because I’m too old to get some from the houses around me” – Joshafter

“I’ve actually stopped doing Halloween, I just get Chinese with my mom and maybe dad while my brother messes around with his friends.” – JustinTFC

“Going out of town to get a candy, trick or treating is great.” – RandomPlayer10

“Setting up halloween decorations and carving pumpkins” – Bearz

“My halloween tradition is to make chocolate cake for my family.” – CandyCorn

“Trick or Treat. I never do it, I love giving the chocolate out to the little kids though.” – DabOn

What Fall or Halloween events would you love to see the RFCP do?

“Spooky story time in VC” – Joshafter

“honestly I’m not sure! but I know that RFCP HCOM probably have so many great things planned, so as long as I’m pleasantly surprised hehe” – Ot_ter

“Pumpkin carving contest! :)” – JustinTFC

“Maybe something in animal crossing, it needs more love.” – RandomPlayer10

“Oooo a costume contest or a pumpkin carving contest” – Bearz

“I would love to have RFCP do a Halloween movie watch together. :D” – CandyCorn

“Halloween party, we all dress up as skeletons or something spooky and just vibe, like a dress up party but Halloween.” – DabOn

Final question: Are you ready to get SPOOKY?

“YES!” – Ot_ter


RandomPlayer10 just sent in a JoJo meme with the word “Yes” dozen of time.s

“Yesssssss!” – Bearz

“Yes! More than ready!” – CandyCorn


We also decided to also ask RFCP’s residential spooky expert, Captain Spooky, how to keep the Halloween spirit alive all year:

Since your name is spooky, you must be our spook expert! How can we keep the spooky spirit alive all year?

Spooky: the secret to being spooky is to take in all lowercase no matter what. also make sure to use sarcasm to the fullest, also take cool lessons. i own the cool class dojo

Anything else?

Spooky: randomly send letters in chat and phrases. pretend you have discord nitr, .be an egotistical. pretend you’re funny. that’s all.

Thank you for your time.

There you have it: the RFCP server is ready for the month of haunts! HICOM is also prepared to make the most of this fun month with the Recon Federation of Club Penguin’s Awesome Autumn Event Contest! More details about this super fun event will be released soon!

Also, who is that behind you?





A Message from Prior Bumble to His Soldiers

Vei’u da ere varu, ere rahuk’juks, ere huks. Dre wurvan granvar sch’ock, sum rec, x al jukkin chu’alk vei’u. Coolj teyon wess.

Er vhe ush mir wey:

Granvar sum vei’u f’yo al T. Nuvar lanu. Granvar sum vei’u.

R granvar? 2,100.

Prior Bumble granvar meyar RFCP, x RFCP granvar meyar Prior Bumble. 

Erat ipso sacra.