BREAKING! Two Official Army Seals Established!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–At last, the army has adopted an official seal. Click to see it!

On July 30, 2023, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) published its newest nation symbol: the Great Seal.

But that’s not all–the official seal of the army’s Department of State was revealed alongside it. Both are full of symbolism and gorgeous artwork courtesy of the Commissar, M.M.; Gen. Microwaveable Hamster, M.M; and Commander Prior Bumble.

In an RFCP blog exclusive, we’ll break down the components of the new seals and discuss how they impact the army.

The Great Seal of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin

The Great Seal of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin, or just the Great Seal, is a classic symbol of statecraft. It boldly represents all we are as not only an army, but a nation–a state, an independently-governed entity.

Such symbols in the physical world appear on podiums when leaders speak, or are worn as pins on presidents’ lapels. We can probably expect ours to appear on some merch soon, too!

The blog interviewed Commander Prior about the meaning behind this seal.

“I love this seal,” said the Commander. “I am blown away by its power–and our power–every time I look at it. There are thirty-eight stars total, which represent the thirty-eight servers we held on Club Penguin Warfare (CPW), the league we created. That is the most land our empire ever held at once. The bird is a penguin, of course. The banner bears our motto in Penguin Latin. On the bottom of the seal, in the deep purple border, is my hat, which symbolizes my protection and my stability encircling our state.”

Also noteworthy is the seal’s resemblance the the Great Seal of the United States. Our seal, with the penguin holding our flag as a sideways shield, harkens to history. In 1782, Charles Thomson, the Secretary of the Continental Congress, said the shield, otherwise known as the escutcheon, is “born on the breast of an American Eagle without any other supporters to denote that the United States of America ought to rely on their own Virtue.”

“I cannot think of a more fitting metaphor for RFCP as well,” said Prior in response to this. “Our difficult journey has proven that we must rely on ourselves and what we know is true and right. So many try to assault this virtue, but we need no supporters, especially not them. We stand boldly alone. As one.”

The Seal of the Department of State

You will find this seal affixed to all official Ambassador and Diplomat papers. Just as in the case of the U.S. Department of State seal, RFCP’s Department of State seal is very similar to its Great Seal. There are only two differences:

  1. The purple border color is lighter, denoting how this is the less senior seal among the two.
  2. Prior’s hat in the border is replaced by two additional stars on the left and right.

“Those border stars symbolize potential,” said the Commander. “They are outside of our current sphere, but represent the possibility that our empire could grow, our friendships could expand, and we may find peace and prosperity rather than opposition on our left and right. The Department of State stands for this expansive potential.”

This is an amazing and historic establishment for our army. Honor the new seals with pride! Erat ipso sacra.

What do YOU think of the new seals? Let us know in the comments.

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