Sunday Fun-Day: Vol. 5, Issue 8

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–It’s been another artistic week for RFCP. Have you ever wondered what’s on Prior’s playlist? Memes and puzzles, too!

Weekly Recap

Happy Sunday, fans of the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP)! This week, the army focused on artistic endeavors. For Maj. CC, it included creating an absolutely unnecessary abundance of Commander Prior Bumble and Commissar HamsterloverL fanart. On a similar note, T.H.R. Microwaveable Hamster has been working on creating the Commander’s music playlist! It has 411 songs, and this week access to the list went on sale at the #rfcp-store for just $275 BB! Tuesday’s Counting Bot Day goal was 400, but, thanks to a very mischievous Ice Corporal DUSK, the streak was foiled (intentionally?). On Wednesday, Casino Night’s Truth or Dare turned into an impromptu lesson on Bumble Bucks, since one of the players asked what it is, and Prior freaked out. The participants groaned. Thursday’s recruitment reaped one new soldier. The army, otherwise, supported each other these week as soldiers faced various hardships.

Perhaps the biggest news of the week other than Prior’s playlist occurred on Saturday, when Capt. Killua won what we believe to be the biggest raffle pot in RFCP history–85 (!!!!) tickets were sold, resulting in a pot of $850 BB!

This Week in History

Soldier of the Week



Prior BumbleRFCP extends its heartfelt sympathy and thoughts to those who perished on both the Titan submersible and the migrant boat.
D0leIf you’re 18+, check out D0le’s new music which he creates himself and posts on YouTube. DM him to hear his newest song just released yesterday!


Papa Prior attended an Ed Sheeran concert yesterday. Find his penguin in the crowd! Remember that all SDFD puzzles can be submitted complete to #contest-submissions for $10 BB.

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What did YOU think of Prior’s playlist? Let us know in the comments!

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