NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP will put down insurgent rebellion. Traducción Española: aquí.

The Recon Federation of Club Penguin


on the rebels formerly known as

LFA (Los Facheros Army)

whose leader, Amelia9543, broke her agreement and promise with Prior Bumble twenty-four hours after RFCP made them their own server and division called the RFCP Marines. RFCP opens its last article up for public inspection to see the great hospitality and welcome Prior, Kerx, and Jeremito extended to the LF army.

We schedule the following battle:

Saturday June 27, 8:00 p.m. EST on Beanie (CPR)

Beach, Berg, Forest

It shall be called the RFCP Civil War

although LF insurgents made up less than 5% of the army.

No allies. Battles only on, CPR, or supercpps. Abide by our DBAD (Don’t Be a Dick) Clause.

As always, if the defending rebels are cowardly and no-show, there will be further and more creative consequences to drive home our point.

We consider this an internal problem and therefore in keeping with Ukahala isolation. However, RFCP is certain the typical tomatoes will be thrown our way because how dare we “punish” people who decide not to be in our army! RFCP is certain Amelia will be showered with praise among our critics for seceding, which she already has been. This is NOT a case of a soldier joining and realizing it’s not for them, which we graciously accept. The truth is that Amelia broke a promise and was extremely disrespectful in her conduct. Her word meant nothing to her; our extreme lengths to welcome her mergers meant nothing to her. It took RFCP an entire day to make all the arrangements for her soldiers. She brought disgrace to Vizcondes Kerx and Jeremito’s new division, which is still surviving. We are so glad that RFCP is not an army that merges and unmerges and reforms and dies and rebrands as she does.

The rebels will be taught a lesson.

RFCP War Training today
RFCP War Training today
RFCP War Training today

You want to be your own army? Be one. Fight us.

Commander, 1ic
Commissar, 2ic
Vizconde, 4ic, Division Head of the RFCP Marines

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