Look Out, RFCP Air Force and Navy! Here Come the Marines

Is it just us, or does the RFCP oath sound different?

That’s because, today, more than a dozen mergers pledged to say it in Spanish. At approx. 4:15 p.m. EST, former Penguin Army Force (PAF) and Wild Ninja (WN) 1ic, Kerx, came out of retirement and joined RFCP. Both armies were the two largest Spanish-speaking entities in CPA.

The former CPW Admin and longtime supporter of Prior Bumble accepted the same rank as his old Wild Ninja co-leader, Jeremito: Vizconde, which means “Viscount” in English. It is the equivalent of Colonel and makes him 4ic.

“I didn’t plan for this,” said Cmdr. Prior, “but after Kerx swore in, things just sort of mobilized in Command Room. I figured while Kerx was online, I’d ask if he could drill ahead some progress with the Spanish division Jeremito set out to start. Within moments, we were in two separate meetings with Alex42152 and Amelia9543, 1ics of the current Spanish armies.”

Alex, who is attempting to revive Wild Ninjas, listened as Kerx and Prior tried to persuade him to merge his army into RFCP’s new Marines division.

“En mi caso,” said Kerx, “serĂ­a una buena idea e incluso podrĂ­as regresar a la comunidad de armies mĂĄs fuerte.”

In my view, this would be a good idea [for Wild Ninjas] and would bring you back to a strong army community.

“RFCP tiene mucho que ofrecer,” Prior echoed. “Tenemos nuestros propios cpps, una familia grande y amorosa, y generalmente tenemos un mĂĄximo de alrededor de 30.”

RFCP has a lot to offer. We have our own cpps, a large and loving family, and we generally have a max of around 30.

Alex, while friendly, was not convinced.

But Amelia was.

Enter LFA, a Spanish-speaking army of around 15 soldiers led by Amelia9543. The combination of already being in search of a positive merger and of having good previous relationships with Kerx and Prior made for a quick acceptance.

But Amelia had one stipulation. She added Prior’s oldest ally and Brazilian brother, EGCP 1ic Edu14463, into the group chat.

The group celebrated.

“God it was good to see him again,” said Prior.

Amelia made an announcement in her server and the merge into RFCP, and the huge boost for the Marines that came with it, was official.

Hello! I want to say come to this army. We have merged with them, which means that LFA now agrees with RFCP, and all members will join it. Here we will follow LFA events and enjoy more users and more fun. It is led by Prior. Everyone who joins will thank you. LFA will still be alive; your name will be there. I wait for you to join. Upon joining, they will give you directions to enter the real server. Thank you so much for being with the LFA community and keeping it alive for a long time. But, I feel that there, [in RFCP,] LFA will be better. I will be there, doing events and so on. Please join me.

One by one, Amelia’s soldiers trickled in to RFCP and Vizconde Kerx oathed them in in Spanish.

Can you please say the following?” [Then the oath was rendered].

Yet more are expected to arrive tomorrow.

But not only mergers were made Marines on this day. Previously enlisted like Corporal Hirijo, Major CC, Corporal El Hauchimingo, Colonel Pixie, and Brigadier Aqua were assigned to the new division as well.

Why, you ask? What makes an RFCP Marine?

“Anyone who can speak Spanish comfortably, without a translator,” said Cmdr. Prior. “One exception being me!”

The RFCP Marines made a big splash with a new channel in RFCP Discord accessible only with a new Marines role, just like the Air Force (headed by Red Baron Jamie) and the Navy (headed by Admiral Pyxel) do. This division will be headed by the two Vizcondes, Kerx and Jeremito, with the help of Amelia9543, who accepted Major. This makes it the only military-branch division headed by 4ics rather than 3ics, like Admr. Pyxel and Red Baron Jamie.

In addition to the channel, an entire RFCP Marines server was made. It is a Jr. RFCP server with limited identical channels like #rules, #army-basics, #announcements, and #event-alert but entirely in Spanish.

“The RFCP Marines server is NOT meant to segregate Marines from the main Discord,” Prior clarified. “We are all ONE, no matter our language, creed, or background. Marines are expected to primarily use the main RFCP Discord, but the Spanish server is a great resource for them to get a large amount of information in their language.”

We are one!

Welcome! This is the center of the RFCP Marines, our
Spanish-speaking division of the military. We have both a server and a channel in the main RFCP discord. I am Prior Bumble, your 1ic and leader of the RFCP. I use a translator, but everyone else in the channel and the server speak Spanish. Viscount Kerx and Viscount Jeremito are the founders of the Marine Corps. I am very happy that you are here and I hope that soon you feel the love of this army. It’s the best army of all and it’s even better now that you’re in the family. Long live the Marines! Long live the RFCP!
With my love,
Commander Prior

RFCP blog would have liked to interview Kerx, Jeremito, and Amelia for this post, but regrets that they have normal sleep schedules and were not available.




Practice Battle

Location: Ukahala.

A merger welcome party will be held on Friday at 5:00 p.m. EST.

The bandera, or flag, of the Marines is as follows:

Viva Marine Corps!

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