RFCP Silences Rebellion with Silence: Debut Blog Post by New Reporter!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Brand new RFCP Reporter, and ex-CPAM Reporter, SupremeP0wer, editorializes the first battle of the RFCP Civil War, which turned into RFCP vs. CPAM, as usual.

“My soldiers are ordered to silence right now. Because we see no LFA. Only harassers. We see Pookie, Tylund, Cobra. We see no LFA.

Prior Bumble

Legendary Battle Review: RFCP v “LFA

             Just hours ago, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin and the army claiming to be “LFA” logged on to battle upon the grounds of Club Penguin Rewritten’s Beanie. During the meetup, Water Viking (WV) raiders reared their ugly beaks in the island’s Town, and later on, RPF leader Crazzy, DCP Leader-In-Training Pookie, and ACP soldier Maddiecw were caught fighting in LFA, Amelia’s army. Because of this, the event progressively spiraled out of control. In this blog post, I will review the battle, determine the winner by means of logic, and then announce RFCP’s next rebellion-quenching move to the public.


             Around 19:30 EST, RFCP soldiers slowly trickled into the Docks of CPR’s Beanie in preparation for battle and reached a max of 30. When the clock struck 20:00, Water Vikings joke bombed the Federation’s meetup room. From there on, complete chaos broke out. Amelia decided to arrive five minutes late, while RFCP remained silent as Commander Prior discussed the unplanned and somewhat alarming developments.


             In hopes of losing the raiders and giving LFA the chance to battle fairly, the two armies officially relocated to Zipline’s Beach. RFCP entered the room, joke bombed, deployed a V formation, and eagerly waited for their competitors to show. After a minute or so, their challengers entered the beach, but to Prior Bumble’s surprise, CPAM regulars such as Crazzy, Pookie, Tylund, Cobra, Games, Dino, and others, battled as LFA.

Solemnly, RFCP remained silent as what turned into an army of CPAM harassers paraded around insulting RFCP leaders and supporters. Even civilian bystanders called out our opponents for their rudeness.

RFCP officers relayed Prior’s orders to “Stand your ground” while Prior continued to demand answers in the leader/judge group chat.

Twice Amelia was asked by the judge to communicate, twice she deflected.

With each room the two armies entered, the insults worsened. What was RFCP’s response to their personal attacks? Silence. Not one soldier performed a single word or emote tactic as the harassers brutally attacked them. Intensifying the harassment, an “LFA” soldier would then shout doxxing information. Proof provided upon request to prevent further publication of it.


Several days before tonight’s battle, both Prior and Amelia agreed to specific war terms. If either army broke these terms, the result agreed upon was an immediate forfeit of the battle, leaving the opposing army with the victory. One of the terms agreed upon, named the DBAD (Don’t Be A Dick) Clause, stated the following:

Because section D of the DBAD clause and the no allies rule were broken by LFA in tonight’s battle, Amelia hereby forfeits the battle and RFCP rightfully receives the victory.


             Despite blatant use of allies from almost every army, and those allies violating the DBAD Clause, both which Amelia agreed to, CPAM Judge, Max, “voided” the battle because of the mass shenanigans that lead to RFCP’s silence. Tonight, RFCP declares its victory regardless, and another battle against LFA’s rebellion. It is scheduled for Sunday, June 28, at 23:00 EST; the CPPS to be CPR, Beanie, and the rooms Cove, Iceberg, Arcade. Amelia was notified in DMs before the 24 hour deadline.

RFCP Blog Reporter

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  1. Wow! This is amazing. How did you become such a wonderful reporter?

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