LFA Leader Surrenders Her Power; RFCP Declares War Victory.

LFA leader Amelia9543 has surrendered leadership of her army.

She has not once shown to any of the battles where CPAM/CPAH fight under her alias. And RFCP declares this a solid victory of the Civil War. Our opponent 1ic, Amelia, has been unseated thanks to our force.

The first battle in the RFCP Civil War, now recognized as a war against CPAM/CPAH, was covered by our new reporter, SupremeP0wer.

Since, there have been three other collisions in which CPAM/CPAH embarrasses itself in a vortex of unprovoked hatred, personal attacks, and mockery.

The second battle occurred Sunday, June 28, at 11:00 p.m. EST. For this battle, RFCP outmaxed CPAM/CPAH with 30 to their 21. Commander Prior led from his phone and Puffin. In fact, history will note that for most of this war, he’s brawled as his renowned alt account, Marxatt (today, when CPAM/CPAH’s tactic read, “WHERE IS YOUR LEADER?” Prior, as Marxatt, pressed W and silently waved).

However, RFCP voted in #summit (the army’s hidden channel for important nation-wide meetings and decision-making) to refuse speaking to the harassers in their own language. Instead, the second battle was done entirely in Penguin Latin.

The above phrase translated to, “[We] do not understand your hatred.”

Next, LFA scheduled two battles on RFCP: one for 9:30 a.m. EST and one for 6:00 p.m. EST on Wednesday July 1st. RFCP Navy under Admiral PyxelPranav deployed with a strong AUSIA max of 18.

Neither LFA nor their CPAM/CPAH impostors showed.

7.5 hours later, RFCP amassed for that day’s evening battle with a max of 29 soldiers. The usual gang headed by Pookie437 and Crazzy, after using an entire league to advertise opposing attendance to our battle, managed to scrape up only 23.

In this battle, RFCP remained silent as it did the first time harassers ambushed them with hatred. Our army formed a protective wall at the berg, a peace sign at the stadium, and a heart in the mine interior.

RFCP, counted in light green, at 29. Vizconde Kerx’s name circled for confirmation. CPAM/CPAH army of harassers counted in black, at 23. This is a collection of RFCP haters from several armies with dual enlistment combined. They still are outmaxed by us. We have circled two spectators from CPR in red. Even if CPAM/CPAH claims them as their troops, they are still outmaxed by 4.

While RFCP held the formations, no Recon soldier was watching the foolery of the enemy. Instead, their eyes were glued to the #orders channel, where Commander Prior delivered a spontaneous speech.

And he never WILL dox.

“I love you,” concluded Prior Bumble, before spamming RFCP.

The officers joined in.

And then…

General Sha, for the first time in RFCP record, opened up #orders to all ranks. Agent, Ice Agent, Corporal, Sergeant. All of them flooded in with “RFCP.”

This powerful moment moved the whole army, and all the enemy succeeded at today was making us closer.

With Amelia herself admitting she has been unseated, and with the fact that true LFA has not once attended battle, and with RFCP outmaxing in every battle anyway, RFCP declares total and unanimous triumph of the Civil War of Summer 2020. It will consider any other attempts to skirmish with them invalid and not legitimate battles.

We are the real Marines. We are the RFCP. And we’ve fucking owned this war.

Victory. Victory. Victory.

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