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From Canoes to Battleships: Navy Admiral Introduces New Point System That Invigorates the AUSIA

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: Brand new RFCP blog reporter, Arne, writes on an innovative system of points introduced in the Navy, turning what used to be RFCP’s weakest division into one of its most active.

Admiral PyxelPranav has been the leader of the RFCP AUSIA Divison–a.k.a. the Navy–for a few months now. And most of us can agree he has done a pretty good job, driving it from mediocrity to major success. He is now a key pillar in the RFCP leadership. Another major RFCP pillar is the Bumble Buck currency, an attractive reward method that motivates recruits to come to events in exchange for in-chat, in-game, or in-real-life rewards, and it has done wonders for the army.

Pyxel sure wanted some of that rewards-driven attendance for the Navy, and a few minutes’ worth of brainstorming resulted in the Navy’s brand new point system.

Table by PyxelPrranav. Navy Points (NP), much like Bumble Bucks (BB), can be “spent” to gain prestigious division-exclusive ranks

Some of you may have heard of it already, or seen a couple announcements in the #rfcp-navy channel, but you may be confused on how it works. So I interviewed PyxelPranav and a Navy soldier to show everyone the process. So, uh, here we go!

Arne: Hello, Pyxel!

Pyxel: Hello!

A: I’ve heard you established a point system for the Navy. How will that work?

P: Yeah, there’s actually a lot of stuff that was released last month, under a policy called ‘New Navy’: a point system, timetable, penalties, special events, fun events, Navy ranks, etc. So Navy Points is one of the changes that took place in the policy. Navy events are divided into two categories: Important events and Critical events.

New AUSIA schedule marked with event categories
Above are the penalties for missing an Important event vs. a Critical event

There’s also a Minecraft Events category, but that’s just for fun, not for Navy Points. A troop gets Navy Points by attending a Navy event. If a troop has enough Navy Points, he can rank up to the next Navy rank. It’s pretty simple. That’s all.

Balances as of June 25
Balances as of June 28

A: It all sounds pretty neat. How do you think this system will improve the Navy?

P: Well, numbers are fun, which is why clicker games work. The Navy max has increased a lot after the implementation of this system as people have a reason now to come for events, and some people even compete in NP [against each other]. We went from maxing 3-4 to maxing 10 and above. I’m still trying to optimize the system as much as I can; like, for example, I added a Navy Point reward for recruiting a Navy troop.

Some events that Admiral Pyxel marked Critical included invasions of the RFCP Air Force on the army’s HTML5 cpps. Red Baron Jamie and Admiral Pyxel have engaged in a running rivalry for some time now, played out on a custom map:

The Navy declared Fjord its capital

Who better to explain the new system other than the creator of the system himself, am I right? But now that we all know how it works and are on the same page, what does a regular Navy troop think about the changes? To find out, I decided that to make this article “perfectly balanced, as all things should be.” I interviewed X_Ry, a Navy Ice Corporal. So, here it goes:

Arne: Hello, X_Ry! Can I have a minute with you?

X_Ry: Yeah!

A: What do you think about Admiral Pyxel’s new point system for the Navy?

X: Oh yeah, I think it’s pretty cool. I like the idea of leveling up with points. Pretty epic.

A: What’s your opinion on what Pyxel has done for the Navy?

X: I think Pyxel’s done a great job improving the Navy, making it way more active and better than it used to be. At least from what I’ve seen in my four months in RFCP.

A: Thanks for the interview!

So, now we all now what’s going on “down under” in the Navy. And, to quote X_Ry, it’s “pretty cool” indeed. The Navy will sure become bigger and even more successful than it already is thanks to these awesome new inventions.

What is your opinion though?

Discussion is open in the chat and the comments!

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