CPA IS NOT UNITED! RFCP Launches Movement to Achieve Equality, Respect, and an End to Prejudice

We hold this to be the truth: The CPA community will never truly be united until the hate towards RFCP, a large and historic army that isn’t going away, stops.

– Shallissa

“We, and I, have a lot to give to CPA. But overcoming this discrimination will be one of the greatest and bravest things we as a people ever do.”

– Prior Bumble

Following almost ten “open letters” defaming our army, RFCP Brigadier and respected former CPAM reporter, SupremeP0wer, submitted a rebuttal article.

His article addressed allegations raised by CPAM’s most recent RFCP editorial (written by Jack283) with evidence against appalling claims made about us and points to consider about our achievements as a war machine. It was well-written and brief. Supreme was rated almost in the Top 10 overall reporters for the massive CPA news distributor, and is a veteran of almost nine years. 

The article was rejected. 

They said it was too pro-Prior Bumble and left the readers with “nothing” to walk away with. 

Yet, as Supreme pointed out, Kailey’s letter published by CPA, Jack’s letter published by CPAM, were all given the thumbs-up.

Negative media is constantly published against us, but professional articles rebuking their claims with evidence are silenced. 

RFCP believes these double standards are symptoms of a deep-seeded prejudice and discrimination against a group of people on the basis of the colors of their flag. While some are absolutely aware, it is possible that others don’t even notice their prejudice. 

Negative narratives in the media are powerful and promote disdain and ostracism in hundreds of CPA members who have not even met us. “I’ve never met an RFCP, but I’ve heard they’re bad” is a phrase we are certain is common among regular soldiers. 

So here is what we are saying: We’d like to meet you. We’d like to show you who we really are and prove wrong the narrative you’ve been fed. We do not believe all consumers of RFCP hate propaganda are bad people and we believe with a little communication and hearts determined on acceptance and love there can finally be a united CPA.

But with RFCP in Ukahala isolation, meeting people and getting our truth out, is difficult.

A few days ago, General Shallissa and Brigadier SupremeP0wer teamed up to write two articles that offer a counter-narrative to the media of CPAM/CPAH, the media that paints a villainous image of our army. Sha spread her letter through DMs, and it was read by dozens, including Pookie, Hidcre, and Koloway. 

SupremeP0wer was hoping CPAM would make good on their verbal agreement that he could write a rebuttal to the charges against us.

But CPAH (Club Penguin Army Hub, CPAM’s successor) silenced him. 

Now, the Recon Federation has launched a movement to achieve equality and respect from the community. With these two documents serving as the basis for the movement, the army seeks allies to say “enough is enough” on the unbridled hatred and unkindness RFCP endures from the community.

“We cannot even sit in silence at the iceberg without ten or more members from CPAM/CPAH showing up in clown attire, insulting us, mocking us, and goading us,” said Prior. “The army community doesn’t need to be this way.” 

Key RFCP officials have set up the “RFCP Supporters Server.”

There, visitors will find links to the “real open letters,” Sha’s and Supreme’s, which debunk the outrageous claims against RFCP and address and apologize for the old mistakes we’ve learned from (but for which, we argue, we do not deserve to suffer for relentlessly).

The server behaves as somewhat of an information pamphlet. It includes an FAQ. 

It also includes a channel for booking an appointment to speak with Prior Bumble (who is heavily guarded, with DMs turned off) and a “Be Our Friend” channel with ideas on how others can be an ally to RFCP equality. 


We need good people to now make a brave choice to stand with us despite the intimidating mob that threatens to punish them for it. This movement does not seek to just gain support of the leaders and the handful of loud voices in the community. It seeks to gain the support of the good people in low ranks, the new recruits stepping into the scene of an older generation’s pain, and the grassroots power that can be achieved when ordinary people with differences agree on one thing: human decency.

All we are asking is for the judgment, the cruelty, the harassment, and the discrimination to end.

Please spread the word of our new support server and ask yourself if you can be our brave ally in our quest for equality and human decency. 

“When it comes to it, putting the person before the penguin.”

— The First Value written in the Constitution of the RFCP, composed August 9, 2019

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