A Look Back at RFCP’s “Snazzy Summer Event Contest”

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA: RFCP Reporter, Arne, chronicles the absolutely ludicrous event contest held by the army last month that saw a total of 59 events in 7 days.

Summer. The shiniest days of the year–even if we don’t have seasons in Colombia, and it’s been cold and rainy all month. But here at the Recon Fed of CP, we had the definition of a summer party. Even our lovable Field Marshal ShyGuy traded his profile picture and changed his name for the occasion.

And the brilliant minds that thought of the Kiwi Loaf events and the cult marriage parodies decided to throw the biggest competition in RFCP history (I’ve always wanted to be a sportscaster!).

It’s in the title. You already did it.

The Snazzy Summer Event Contest

Every soldier was assigned an officer until the whole army was divided into several teams. The teams chose names and would be tasked with planning and attending army events in exchange for points–a strategy hatched by hicom to increase overall activity in RFCP. The team with the most points at the end of the week would receive $1,000 BB for each member.

We know how it ended.

But it’s time to once again look at our mud-filled flowered shirts from all the the events we had before shoving them right into the laundry alongside the hockey equipment and the giant kiwi costume. Now, I wasn’t here while it all happened, and I would have needed a lot of research, but some gentle souls came to the rescue: y’all know who you are; y’all are epic; here’s your chocolate milk; thanks for that.

The competition started this 16th of June, and ended the 22nd, with Team Feddiegate (Led by Col. Sillabye) comprised of Silla, Nagito Komaeda, Raider, Randomplayer10, Tbearz, Don Huachimigo, and Matt! winning the prize of 1k Bumble Bucks, and Team High Ground (led by Red Baron Jamie) being the runner up and winning $500 BB.

We had a grand total of 59 events that week in the army!

The ridiculous event calendar for that week. RIP Col. Hamster

Teams were awarded points mainly by getting their members to plan and attend army events. Seven events were mandatory (such as Cmdr. Prior’s mandatory war training), and thus gave extra points. Perhaps this is how the Red Baron’s Team High Ground snagged second place: they went to all seven of these critical events.

Despite her team not placing, Good Ol’ Colonel Hamster went berserk and won most of the games (like Find Four/Mancala, etc.) at events anyways, and Sillabye just randomly attended almost every event, whether her team planned it or not. So, uh, SUMMERGATE!

The events took place all over the place. There was skribbl.io, Animal Crossing, in-chat, Club Penguin, and overall it was kind of insane.

Now, to end this post properly, I interviewed the one and only Col. Sillabye, captain of the winners, Team Feddiegate, and the Red Baron Jamie, captain of the runner-ups, Team High Ground. (Wait a second, I’m just getting the joke of his team name. IS THAT A STAR WARS REFERENCE??)

Arne: Hello, Sillabye!

Sillabye: Hello!

A: How was the Snazzy Summer competition?

S: It was great! Really hectic, but I had lots of fun! It was awesome to spend so much time with everyone.

A: What was your favorite moment of the competition?

S: It feels really good; my team worked their butts off, so it felt like we really earned the win!

A: Thanks for your time!

S: No problem!

And now, the interview with Red Baron Jamie.

Arne: Hello, Jamie!

Jamie: Hello.

A: How was the Snazzy Summer competition?

J: It was interesting. I thought the competition as a whole was quite innovative, and it really engaged all of RFCP’s troops with their competitive side.

A: What was your favorite moment of the competition?

J: Probably the mandatory training. It was only a few days into the competition and it got out that if your entire team was there, you would get a massive bonus. The hype was tangible (in the end only our team had our entire team on).

A: Who were your epic crew members?

J: Hmm…I think it was DabOn, Opino, Prragya, Libby, Bobewoodwork, and CoffeeBean.

A: Thanks for your time!

J: No problem!

I have no clue why, but then right after this Jamie asked me about my opinion on cheese. I like cheese.

The Snazzy Summer was sure a creative and innovative competition, driving RFCP to never-seen-before activity levels. Like, Jesus Christ, y’all averaged around nine events a day. Who the hell does that?

None other than your local Recon Federation.

But what do YOU think about the Snazzy Summer?

Discussion is always open.

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