Prior Names Redovyco Commissar

A significant moment of RFCP history, Prior Bumble has named Redovyco as Commissar and second-in-command of the army.

Redovyco formerly served as a doctor and counselor to Prior and the troops. He has been instrumental in navigating Club Penguin Army politics at Prior’s side, and is also the recipient of RFCP’S Medal of Initiative. That he has been promoted to the position of Commissar without any previous military rank in RFCP is unprecedented.

Commissar is the highest rank except Prior’s, and holds nostalgia for both Prior and Red. In his former army in 2008, the PRA (People’s Republic Army), Prior rose through the ranks to Commissar before retiring. Red, as well, has served as Commissar for another historic army.

When asked about his promotion, Redovyco had both humble and serious remarks.

“This position feels nostalgic, and is special due to Prior being Commissar before me. When he once followed, now he leads and I follow in his footsteps. I hope not to fail at it.”

Only one penguin may serve as Commissar, and the responsibilities are many, including both battlefield and diplomatic authority. Most gravely, if Prior were to fall, Redovyco stands as next-in-line to the helm of RFCP.

Please join your brothers and sisters in arms in supporting our new Commissar in this very heavy role. Prior reminds you all that his door is always open to you if you have any questions, and now Commissar Redovyco’s door is open as well if you need to talk about the direction, events, politics, and leadership in RFCP.

A ceremony for Commissar Red will be held next week. Congratulations once more to Redovyco.

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