Recruitment Protocol and Events This Week


Our events this week are:

RECRUITMENT: Wednesday, June 26th (tonight), 8 p.m. Blizzard server. Meet in HQ.

TRAINING DRILL SESSION: Thursday, June 27th, 9 p.m. EST. Beanie server (CPR). Meet at iceberg.

BATTLE! Friday, June 28th, 8 p.m. EST. Antarctica server (CPR). Meeting places TBD.

Here is the recruitment protocol:

For those working in the FIELD advertising to penguins:

  1. Go to crowded locations, like the Town, Mine, etc. Flock together and dance/emote/chant RFCP and tell interested penguins to go to DatBoiRiven’s igloo to enlist in our army.
  2. I will also ask these penguins to GREET ANY NEW MEMBERS WHO JOIN THE DISCORD on discord.

For those working in the RECRUITMENT OFFICE (Colonel Boi’s igloo):

  1. Approach appearing penguin and welcome them
  2. Tell them to follow you to a seat
  3. Thank them for their interest and tell them about RFCP (“We are an official army on Club Penguin. We have battles, events, and ranks. Currently we own three servers and have a battle on Friday.” Etc.)
  4. Ask if they have any questions, then ask if this sounds suitable to them. Remind them that it is a commitment.
  5. If they want to enlist, be excited! Then swear them in. Tell them to repeat after you:
  6. THE OATH: “I, [say penguin’s full name], swear my allegiance to RFCP and to my brothers in arms. I will follow orders, defend, and serve with all my honor, and all I am.”
  7. IMPORTANT!!! Refer to the discord for Step 7, found on the “missions” channel.
  8. Once that is done, be sure to buddy them. Tell them they may meet Prior if they wish and buddy him too. They are free to go, but remind them that we will see them at the training session tomorrow.

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