Declaration of the Continuation of the RFCP Air Force

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–The RFCP Air Force is one of our most renowned divisions…read on to see what unbelievable plans are in store for it!

Brig. Dab0n, M.S., popped into the server on June 18, 2022, when he noticed how alive and active it was. He continued to monitor the chat, growing more and more inspired by its renewal.

Finally, and after a prompting from the honorably retired Joshafter, he could hold back his enthusiasm no more. He posted:

And so, even though it was past midnight for the brigadier, he began drafting the document which would state his official intent, and which would be titled “Declaration of the Continuation of the RFCP Air Force.” He presented it in the DMs of Commander Prior Bumble that evening. A few revisions were made, and then….it was signed.

As our readers can see, the document asserts that our EU soldiers can expect good things to come for their division. Indeed, for too long now our Air Force members have stretched their sleep schedules tight to make it to all the exciting army events.

Does Brig. Dab0n have what it takes to make good on these promises, though? Well–he is anything but inexperienced. In 2020, Dab0n was the last RFCP soldier to raise the Air Force numbers (from 0 to 5), a feat for which he earned the RFCP Black Star (designated at M.S.) back on September 28 of that year.

We sat down for an exclusive interview with this Air Force veteran to learn more.

1. What made you decide to return to activity to revive the RFCP Air Force?

I was inactive for a while to sort out my life and mature a bit, I’ve developed my social life and I am doing well in school. So I’ve decided to return the favour to the family that gave so much to me during the tough times of covid.

2. “The favour”! We love to see that EU spelling. You’ve made some bold promises in the Declaration! What is your key strategy for delivering on them?

Recruit, recruit, recruit. Get in every single European member there is and train them well, make them feel a part [of RFCP]. We will also do loads of training and fun events, I was thinking of doing Uno and Poker again. Who knows, maybe even a certain hokey league wink wink.

3. What is the legacy of the RFCP Air Force? Why is it so special?

The Air Force has hosted many great soldiers and officers and it has helped the enlistees who had to adjust their sleep schedule have some fun during normal times for them too. The Air Force also has been a home that I have loved watching grow, and ive decided to help grow the Air Force again to help the people who have to stay up late for events and show the army what a great division the Air Force can be.

4. Any other comments?

I look forward to it, and European or not, I hope you can all enjoy the benefits I will try to bring to the airforce. 🙂

Thrilling words, to say the least–but it’ll all come down to action.

We at the blog are following this story closely, and are interested in the parallels between Dab0n pledging to raise the Air Force back up, and Viz. Don pledging to raise the Marines back up. Is it a race? Will a competition brew? Or will they join each other in the pursuit of division equality? Viz. Don has been voicing his opinion that Conquistador, 3ic, should be ratified as an official RFCP rank so that the Spanish-speaking division head is not stuck at 4ic and can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Admiral (AUSIA) and Red Baron (EU).

Will it take a Red Baron Dab0n to make it so?

What do YOU think? Let us know in the comments!

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