The Marines Respond!

UKAHALA, NORTHERN LIGHTS–Wowza! That didn’t take long at all! Vizconde Don has issued a response to Brigadier Dab0n’s Air Force Declaration….!

This topic is HOT!

Viz. Don, M.S., who currently heads the RFCP Marines (Spanish-speaking division), has clapped back at the new Air Force Declaration with a bold statement of his own. He highlights the fantastic potential of the RFCP Marines while discussing its most pressing struggles as well. And, a first in RFCP history, his document is entirely in Spanish:


Official Marine Response On DabOn's Return

It's been a long and very hard few months for the army. The return of DabOn will be a very fruitful thing for the army and all the officers will agree on that, however this is an opportunity to highlight the struggle of our division.

For a considerable time, the Marines have been the only active division in the RFCP; Taking this into consideration, it is my opinion that the leaders of all three divisions (Marines, Air Force and Navy) have the same rank, this being 3ic. It doesn't make sense that just by sense of seniority the other two divisions have higher rank than us, especially considering our desperate but continuous attempt to emerge stronger.

Getting members for us is even more complicated since the Spanish-speaking community is practically fed up with armies; and several others think that we are a roleplay server. We hope that despite these difficulties we will be able to stay on our continuing mission to bring more cultures into our family.

To conclude, I want to extend the request for support both to our Commander Prior Bumble and the future Red Baron as well as to the entire army to return to the heads of the equal divisions.

Att: Viscount Don

Without a doubt, there are parallels between the Vizconde and Brigadier Dab0n. Like Dab0n, Don is also an RFCP Black Star recipient (the army’s 3rd most prestigious medal) for an almost identical reason. He received his medal on September 16, 2020, for expanding the Marines division. This comes just twelve days before Dab0n received the same medal for expanding the Air Force…

We caught Viz. Don just in time for a quick interview regarding this counter-declaration.

1. Vizconde, will you be contacting Brig. Dab0n and working alongside of him?

If he wants my help Ofc!

2. What can other RFCP members do to help you in your mission for the Marines

Welp If they are in contact with any spanish speaking person I would appreciate if they could recruit this person. We are always glad to receive new members

3. What do you hope everyone remembers about this counter-declaration you have made?

The fact that marines are really trying their best to rise again.

4. Your counter-declaration included a very specific request for Prior Bumble. Do you think he will respond? If so, how soon do you hope to receive an answer to your request?

Well I dont want to hurry things up, its a very important idea I,ve been fighting for a year or so, I think its better if he takes some time to think about it.

This is a developing story! Stay tuned for more updates as not one, but TWO iconic divisions race for glory.

What do YOU think of this rivalry? Is is all cooperative, or is a serious Air Force vs. Marines competition afoot?

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