Sunday Fun-Day: Volume 3, Issue 3

*This issue published on Monday, due to the circumstances*

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA─ As the Recon Federation of Club Penguin labored through a
hot week of June, the server heated up, too…This edition is too hot to miss, so
read on for all the steamy details!

Weekly Recap

It may have been a hot June week, but the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) raised the thermostat on the server with even hotter events! Monday started out with an RFCP-U course about Prior Bumble’s very own publication, The Art of Warfare. This was a very fitting topic, considering that this June marks the book’s one-year anniversary! A total of seven soldiers listened to the Commander lecture about the significance of the various quotes on power, war, leadership, and love.

Afterward, things took a rather… disastrous turn, as our Discord erupted into a server-wide fire!  

We regret to inform you that the cursed forest has been engulfed in flames. The channel is now #copypasta again.  

In an effort to put out the fire (since Commander Prior Bumble wasn’t around…), some soldiers began to flood out the server instead! This led to Commissar Hamster’s realization that we not only needed fire insurance, but flood insurance as well.

Prior finally returned after the hooplah.

Tuesday’s main event was the riveting courtroom trial, Krispy v. Voidwalker, where as much as $700 BB was on the line. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post about this wild event! Our associates are viewing the transcripts now…

However, Bumble Bucks weren’t the only thing fought over that day, as the army also debated what was the superior chicken, KFC or Popeyes! Which side was the literal winner-winner-chicken-dinner? Read here to find out.

That same evening, a new battle led way to a fierce night of competition. Six people logged on to RFCP’s home CPPS, Ukahala, for a Water vs. Fire practice battle. Team Water was masterfully led by F.M. AquaStarr, while our returned Gen. Tumbling took over as leader of Team Fire. Tactics were fired off rapidly from both teams, and while we opted not to choose a winner, one thing was certain: GG, RFCP win!

Wednesday night was casino night, and the newly-introduced featured game was Codenames. The winning team received $50 BB each! We saw a total of 5 players.

As activity increased in the army, the Air Force and Marines seemed to take notice. Brg. Dabon and Viz. Don each created a document pledging their efforts to increase the activity in their respective divisions! The army that never sleeps is about to get a lot more international!

Thursday was supposed to be the date of the previously postponed Father’s Day golfing trip, as last Sunday there was a tree-mendous issue! Unfortunately, it seemed that the aftermath of the forest’s curse still remained as technical issues prevailed.

As Hamster spun the wheels of her mind trying to save her dying laptop, those of us who were already online did a few tactics to pass the time.

While Hamster was still facing a mixture of blackouts and white screen blizzards, it seemed another rodent was scheming…

So while the Father’s Day golfing trip must be rescheduled again, the army did improvise that night by going to voice chat and playing “Putting Party” on artificial turf. But don’t worry, the real event WILL happen soon!

With all of the excitement through the week, everyone decided to keep things chilled down on Friday night. Since Col. Justin was unavailable to stream for our regular movie night, RFCP had a voice chat music party instead.

Saturday was full of wishing Commander Prior safe travels on his whirlwind business trip across the country–DC, Baltimore, Dallas, and Denver in less than 48 hours! To make his flights, he had to get up even earlier than Commissar Coolj.

(at 3:10ish a.m.)

Soldiers had a blast speculating on what he was doing.

Hopefully there’s a cool front coming in this week, because this past one was too hot to handle!

This Week In RFCP History

  • June 19, 2019–RFCP took control of Beanie over the Tuba Army.
  • June 23, 2019–RFCP successfully defended Beanie against an invasion from Pizza Federation (PZF).
  • June 23, 2019–RFCP made the Club Penguin Army‘s Top 10 List for the first time!
  • June 24, 2020–The RFCP Marines branch made their debut! I don’t believe in coincidences, but considering the announcements about the relaunching of our Air Force and Marines that came earlier this week…Well, I’ll let you decide.
  • June 25, 2020–RFCP declared war against Los Facheros Army (LFA), igniting a Civil War.
  • June 26 in RFCP History–Prior Bumble named Redovyco as the first ever Commissar of the RFCP.

Puzzles and Games

Click to enlarge.
Click to enlarge.
Note: all of the words in the puzzle above are court themed.


What do YOU think about the hot week RFCP had? Leave us a comment below and give us YOUR thoughts (especially if you’re an insurance agent).


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