It’s Flipper-Lickin’ Good! RFCP’s Choice of Chicken Revealed!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA— Why did the chicken cross the RFCP server?  To answer a very important poll, the contents of which could dictate someone’s dinner choice...

On Monday, June 20th, 2022, Commander Prior Bumble released a random poll to gauge the soldiers’ preferred choice of chicken.  The crispy contenders were Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) and Popeyes.

Almost immediately, there was a quick onslaught of supporters for KFC, which led with 5 votes to Popeyes’ 1:

The tally eventually grew to 12-6 for KFC:

One of our honorably retired soldiers, Joshafter, posted a statement in general chat. “It’s Popeyes. How is this even a debate?”

Commissar Coolj opposed as well.

However, the people’s choice seemed to disagree with them, as droves cast their ballots for KFC.  Colonel Sanders was represented well by the colonels of RFCP, since we even had two of them voting for KFC in fashion! 

Soon Josh returned to the chat to defend his position with, “Popeyes has a better chicken sandwich. And they have rlly good Mac and cheese,” while Col. Random fired back with, “They have fights in the parking lots.”

After this poll, it might seem like Popeyes needs to join Josh in retirement, as the soldiers have spoken. (But actually, Josh should unretire ;)).

Be sure to pop in soon to check the status of this poll. It’s bound to soar…

Oh wait, they are chickens. Never mind.

Reporter in Training

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