Sunday Fun-Day: Volume 3, Issue 2

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA─As the Recon Federation of Club Penguin celebrates Father’s Day for Papa Prior, the RFCP Times-Dispatch is here with your favorite Sunday paper! Read on to for a weekly recap, comics, games, and inside information about last Thursday’s top secret (re)oathing ceremony!

Weekly Recap

On Monday night, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) started a new semester of RFCP University! Nine people attended the first class of the term: a class on RFCP meme culture taught by Prof. Commissar Coolj. The class covered the history of our army’s memes and different types of inside jokes. It ended with a quiz for all of those in attendance.

Instead of our usual Minecraft Monday, we hosted a Minecraft Tuesday! Four people logged on to Bedrock to block the night away. Capt. Chocolateyness had created an incredible Minecraft environment fused with RFCP themes, including two enormous statues of Commander Prior Bumble, shown below. Choco uploaded this world from the Java edition to the Bedrock one, adding features along the way. Amazing!

Wednesday, RFCP had its weekly casino night led by Prior Bumble. After a few brief technical difficulties, 4 people went online for a Cards Against Humanity match. F.M. AquaStarr ended up on top with a total of 6 points. One of the cards was “A circle of chanting cultists.” The winning card for this match was “Where do you turn for love and support?” It was brilliant… 😉

Following the game, 4 people raced off to play TypeRacer! Capt. Krispy ended up winning most rounds by a narrow margin against Choco and Aqua, earning the wrath of the latter, who came in at a very close second. No one beat Prior.

The evening concluded with some RFCP trivia! Five people joined the trivia game led by Prior Bumble, totaling a max of 6, and everyone received Bumble Bucks (BBs) for each correct answer.

Thursday was easily the biggest day of the week, and arguably the second biggest day in RFCP’s recent history. Activities started off with 6 people playing a fun game of Uno in RFCP’s Uno server.

Following the game, everyone logged on to our home CPPS, Ukahala, for a surprise oathing ceremony. Eleven people were online to welcome Gen. Tumbling back into our ranks. Celebrations erupted across the RFCP Discord server.

Once Gen. Tumbling was sworn in, everyone thought the surprises for the evening were done. However, Prior Bumble had another up his uniformed sleeve! Immediately following the ceremony, we were all told to report to our #orders channel for a practice battle to be led by our very own, Gen. Tumbling!

To read more about the ceremony and the surprise practice battle that followed it, click here!

After the practice battle was done, everyone flocked to RFCP’s historic party-central location, Lucky’s bar. Later in the evening, members gathered in our voice chat channel to party the night away. Despite the late-night/early morning hour, there were still 8 people in attendance!

After the eventful evening the night before, everyone decided that it was best to keep the vibe relatively calm on Friday. Col. VoidWalker hosted the weekly movie night by broadcasting Ratatouille (2007). Six people gathered in our streaming channel, KrispyTV, to watch the Disney animated film.

Saturday night will go down in RFCP history as the night we started our newest copypasta. When technical difficulties resulted in a medal ceremony going haywire, Capt. Chocolateyness summed it up by saying:

The phrase quickly caught (hypothetical….put down the Fiji water, Prior!) fire in the server, resulting in the medals being given out in our copypasta channel, which had been renamed to fit the occasion. To read more about the ceremony and all of the antics, click here.

Tumbling In To RFCP

In honor of our newest Officer being (re)oathed in, Commissar HamsterLoverL sat down with Gen. Tumbling to get the inside scoop on how he’s feeling about his return, and how everything went down.

Hi, General Tumbling! Firstly, congratulations on your re-enlistment as 3ic in the army! How does it feel to be back in the command room with that fancy yellow on your name?

Honestly, pretty good! After that surprise training battle right after re-enlistment, it really felt like I came back in full force and was truly welcomed to a familiar home.

Of course, there have been many changes around the army since my departure, but I’d like to think I managed to stay on top of things relatively well, even if some things still require clarification now and then.

Won’t lie, I am going to miss the neat little violet name color, but ultimately I am excited to be back.

The army has changed a lot in the past 3 years; it’s been a while since you’ve been here! What made you finally return to RFCP?

I guess the only real (or at least the main) reason I left army duty was because life was getting busy, but a good part of why I believed it was high time to come back was the practice battle I participated in beforehand prior to my notice of re-enlistment. It was basically a return to the first days of my joining of RFCP: Back to Club Penguin, back to large server gatherings, and back to a variety of community like the army.

Plus, I figured there were few better times to rejoin than 1. summer break and 2. when Prior’s already coming back, so yeah it sounded pretty good to me Imao

Prior really put you on the spot there during your oathing in when you had to lead the soldiers in a practice battle! How did it feel to lead a PB after so long?

I’ll be real, I did not expect going immediately straight into a battle after getting my officer rank back, so this was a genuine surprise to me. The last practice battle I had, I kept my mouth shut on the subject of dispensing orders and respected our officers’ positions, and I’m glad I did, because let me tell you, it’s not an easy job in the slightest.

Battles may fly by fast when you’re a soldier, but between the considerations of diversifying chants and formations, never sticking with one thing too long or too short of a time, and just the general concept of thinking up orders on the spot-I never planned out my orders beforehand during my former time as a General, and obviously I didn’t plan them out beforehand here–battles can seem like they’re going for a long time. But that’s not to say they’re not exhilarating, absolutely not!

Watching our soldiers waddle into formation, seeing near-perfect execution of tactics, and just running with the super smooth flow from orders-in-text to live actions, all of that is basically what I live for when participating in a fight. It’s one thing to think of and give orders, but it’s an entirely different thing to see them done in front of your eyes by the people you command.

If any of you have ever led a battle, or a practice battle, I’m sure you know exactly the feeling Tumbling is referring to. We hope to have many more in the future under your lead, General. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we are thrilled to have you back with us!

This Week In RFCP History

  • On June 13, 2021, RFCP pretended to be ants in an ant colony for a day. We did things like L I F T when scary leaves fell in the server. This event led to a full year of jokes about it. Seriously, we’re still talking about it!
  • On June 16, 2021, RFCP held a silent watch on the Northern Lights Iceberg to see the end of CPATG. When the website shut down, Prior Bumble was there to see it through to the end.
  • TODAY in RFCP history: On June 19, 2019, RFCP and the Mopia signed the Treaty of Soap. This marked the end of the first war in RFCP history, and saw that the Mopia would stay off of the Iceberg on Blizzard and would never invade another RFCP-controlled server.

RFCP Honors Prior Bumble This Father’s Day

As everyone celebrates Father’s Day with their real-life father figures, several of our soldiers have reached out to give messages to and about our RFCP father figure, Prior Bumble.

“Happy Father’s Day Papa Prior!  RFCP is so lucky to have such a loving and amazing father!  Er feut Dre ulm” – Commissar Hamster

“Awesome guy 10/10 on yelp” – Col. VoidWalker

“I’m glad am not the only person in the server that plays golf lol” – Viz. Don

“Prior means a capable leader that can carry us through the toughest fights, while still being there for us at any time. Like the new Ford F-150.” – RandomPlayer10

“Despite not being a biological father to all of us, Prior Bumble perfectly embodies every trait a good father should have. Thank you for being a father to those of us who don’t have a reliable father figure.” – Gen. MicroHam

 “Papa prior is an excellent father figure for people that are fatherless.” – Brg. Exsavitator

“One time i had a complete breakdown and him and i had an hour long chat at 1 am about my mental issues so hes been a great help to me. idk how anyone dislikes him.”- Capt. Chocolateyness

“Prior, You are someone that is always there for us whenever we need you, and you are an amazing father figure to anyone in the army that needs one, on behalf of us all. Thank you.” – Maj. DJChorusKid

“Hes a friend, a father figure, a mentor, and our fearless commander 😀 he will be there when you’re down and celebrate with you during ups! Definitely the catalyst for creating rfcp’s familial bond.”- Capt. Krispy

 “Happy fathers day to thee absolute best and welcome back!” – Commissar Coolj

Make sure you check our event calendar to see all the wonderful ways you can celebrate Father’s Day with Papa!

Puzzles and Games

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