The Treaty of Soap

New horizons rise for RFCP. A historic treaty was met on Sunday, June 16, 2019, between Recon Federation of Club Penguin and the Mopia. In this treaty, RFCP agreed to cease and desist infiltration of the Mopia, and in return, Mopia has agreed to:

  1. Stay off the iceberg on Blizzard server
  2. Never invade a server controlled by RFCP

The agreement is a monumental success for the RFCP, and we are glad to seek peace over conflict. The Mopia representative, Sage, has the respect of Prior and the entire army for calling the summit himself and seeking harmony. The treaty is perpetual and known as The Treaty of Soap.

Before this treaty was signed, RFCP battled Mopia on the Blizzard iceberg and found an ally in Moose Gang. Two Moosers joined arms with RFCP, and later decided to join us! We welcome them. Our numbers continue to grow.

Unfortunately, Prior and Lieutenant Nel were gravely wounded in the battle. Still, she selflessly took over command while Prior was incapacitated. Her strength is honored. Recovery was slow, but complete.

Soldiers gather at the bedside of Prior

Lastly, RFCP prepares for an enormous invasion tonight of Beanie server at 11 p.m. EST. After days of negotiation, the Prince, Roman, and his knights have agreed to don RFCP uniform and aid in the assault.

An uninvited Prior finds Lee at the beach and sits next to him. Lee, steward of the Prince, and Prior then gaze into the ocean and discuss their potential alliance.

We waddle to victory.

— PB

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