News, and Big Events Upcoming

Much of note in RFCP is classified information at this time. What can be stated is that monumental events are in strategy right now with RFCP officers that will get the army on the map.

White House, in purple, is our territory. We plan on seeing much more purple soon…

According to, RFCP has been assigned the server called White House on Club Penguin Armies: The Game, and as far as I understand is our territory unless defense is needed.

We expect to be flying this awesome victory flag Colonel Boi created frequently in the near future, and the flag will be featured on every post that contains a major victory.

Yesterday saw little action, but much development. RFCP now has its own hospital in addition to its laboratory. The hospital is located at Lieutenant Sha’s igloo and can be seen below complete with gurneys and IVs, as well as a spare command room.

In Blizzard, Mopia seems to respect the boundary of the iceberg. Another”gang” has popped up, Moose Gang, but upon conversation with Prior, the gang seemed cooperative to RFCP demands.

RFCP uniform has been updated and has become more homogeneous to make it more easily enforceable. Please see the uniform tab. Our official colors are BLACK AND PURPLE.

The tentatively alliance between SWAG PENGU1N of Omega Security and RFCP has been peacefully absolved.

All for now.


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  1. Dear Prior Bumble
    I dont understand on the map when it says cpps the game. Is that another cp website or game?

    From Dr/Engineer, TrippleA06

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