Imitation is the Sincerest Form of Flattery

RFCP has finally made it into the big leagues, as its leader, Prior Bumble, has impersonators. Just like we saw how Perapin attracted an impersonator named Berapin, Prior now has nuisances that go by “prior sumble” and “prior mumble.” He notes how they lazily didn’t bother to capitalize…

The imposters feigned a desire to negotiate. Prior Bumble replied, “I do not negotiate with terrorists.”

Earlier, RFCP, in keeping with its agreement to RomanPrincey, defended the Cove from mafia presence. The battle was successful; RFCP’s volley of snowballs drove out mafia lord, Moto. Dr. Tripple and Dr. Red treated patients afterwards in the ever-upgrading laboratory.

In other news, RFCP grows! We have added three members to the discord just today, and we welcome them, namely Android King, Zane, and heyyyitslex. They have the makings of great soldiers in them. This blog also has tripled in traffic in the past 24 hours. We are on the rise.

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