The Great Schism

Today a great schism arose in RFCP. SgtSpoon (the former second-in-command), Thurman45, and Blonde_icon mutinied and became separatists, with Spoon claiming to be the new Prior. Brave RFCP loyalists such as Nellie Ruby, DatBoiRiven, doctors Tripple and Red, Crazy, and Ping and Peng held the army together. An emotional battle was fought at the iceberg. Prior Bumble took the high ground and fired snowballs at the invading separatists. Between throws, he was heard saying, “You broke my heart, Spoon.”

The separatists continued to harass the RFCP inside the command room, to the point where it needed to be evacuated. Pushed to no other choice, Prior called a meeting with SWAG PENGU1N of Omega Security to negotiate aid in securing the command room once more.

The loyalists watch as Prior engages in a ten minute negotiation with Swag to secure assistance. After an intensely diplomatic dialogue, an agreement was made. Dr. Redovyco addressed Prior when Swag left. “Sir,” he said, “that negotiation was inspired.”

A new second in command and colonel was named: DatBoiRiven.

Prior is relieved as well to see the laboratory of Doctors Tripple and Red prepared for research, and ready to receive the wounded in the dark days to come.

The dedicated RFCP doctors in the lab

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