Latest Events and Server Wars

First, a few notes from yesterday. RFCP met and defeated a vagabond monarch named RomanPrincey at the iceberg after the Prince and his followers refused to honor the sanctity of the burg and spit in Prior’s face (I got it all off, it’s cool). RomanPrincey fake surrendered, then bolted off. RFCP chased him down. Prior caught him in the boiler room, and negotiated an agreement:

Roman Princey and his followers will stay off the iceberg and lend aid in RFCP battles

RFCP will defend the cove for the Prince in return.

RFCP surrounds The Prince

Mopia was not engaged with.

A second mysterious package, possibly from the King, arrived in the command room.

Dr. Tripple and Dr. Red created a laboratory in their igloos complete with an infirmary for the wounded after battles.

Later in the night, Prior met with SWAG PENGU1N of Omega Security in his igloo. SWAG remains an ally, but is to be carefully watched. He knew about RFCP plans almost minutes after they were made. How?

Agent P guards Prior as he plays the piano at the meeting, backed turned to SWAG.

Recruitment to RFCP remains a top priority. RFCP also plans to expand to more servers to collect resources.

Onto the Server Wars. RFCP has officially registered and signed up with and joined their server wars. RFCP and other armies will be assigned a server randomly to defend. We will be able to invade other servers as well. This is good to get us on the radar of armies and to form relationships with other organizations.

In’s Top Ten List of Armies, Mopia is #3. Unacceptable.

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  1. […] Alright. So I was hanging out at the cove with some of my penguin friends. And this penguin comes up to me and told me his master wanted me to see him. And I was like alright. So I went with him and that’s where I met prior and he was like stay away from the ice berg and I was like. Never. I spit on him. And we fought or whatever. He chased me down and I reluctantly became an ally. There’s a blog post about from back in June. […]

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