Battle of the Berg

Yesterday the RFCP met Mopia at the iceberg to commence Day 1 of Battle of the Berg. Throughout CP army history, the iceberg has been critical battlefield for armies to claim dominance. Mopia had been given several warnings not to invade the berg. They refused cooperation. RFCP began strongly with taking of the higher ground and a battle speech from Prior. The battle then commenced with a firing squad commanded by Col. Spoon, and followed with a charge led by Prior at Mopia. Mopia dispersed. Many of RFCP soldiers were injured and retreated to Commander’s igloo to be given medical attention. Nonetheless, Mopia returned to the berg, and RFCP struggled to maintain control and were quickly outnumbered. Reports were that after Mopia left, they disbanded. It is unclear whether this is true, or whether, if true, this is a direct consequence of the heroic actions of the RFCP. The campaign is expected to continue.

Notable events following the battle:

Dr. Tripple and Ping, R.N., received gold stars for their tireless medical treatment

Karmic was promoted to Lieutenant

Thurman was promoted to Ice Agent

Lt. Nellie succeeded in an undercover mission to lure Mopia to the berg.

Mopia being warned at RFCP headquarters
Firing squad at the high ground
RFCP surrounding Mopia after a successful charge

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