Channel Revived! What You Can Expect in #study-time!

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–A new enemy has targeted RFCP soldiers, and is draining their…productivity???? The horror!  Read on to find out how RFCP is fighting back!

Welcome to a day in the life of Commissar Hamster!  Today I have a huge and very boring essay to do for my English class, the thought of which makes me feel as if I would rather spend an eternity in the cursed forest of Ukahala instead!  As the deadline grows nearer, it seems like the almighty procrastination will win this battle…

*writes one word*

Phew, that was a lot of work, definitely deserve a break.  BREAK TIME!

As the sun sets, I begrudgingly turn on my computer again and open the Google Doc (no open letters here, don’t worry hehe).  I check the time…wait a minute, WAIT A MINUTE!  It has been exactly…22 minutes since the last time I ate?!?  This won’t do, how do you expect me to work on an empty stomach??!!!??

Okay everyone, I am back after some nutritious Puffle Pizza (do Puffles even have any nutrition content? Lemme Google that up real quick…) and hydrated with some refreshing Fiji water (this is your official daily reminder to drink water!).

Just need to put on some study music to keep my mind focused as I write.  Let’s see…oh how about the How to Train Your Dragon soundtrack?  Or hmm…unless I have the Hamilton soundtrack so I can write like I’m running out of time!  HAMSTER GET BACK TO WORK, you ARE running out of time!

*insert Discord notification alert sound*

Wait, what was that sound?  A ping from the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP)? Must be important; I have to see what my pocket friends were up to while I was gone being very productive.

Such a riveting and enlightening conversation!

Okay, okay, no need to be so harsh about it…sheesh…

Well, I better get back to work now!  I have until 11:59 p.m. until the essay is due. Plenty of time, right?  No…?  One hour left…?  Ah…well, I did spend the whole day working on the essay so I should have SOME work to show so far, correct…?  

…Excuse me while I go cry in the corner; we’ll be back after these messages!

If you or a loved one has been in a similar situation, you may be diagnosed with PROCRASTINATION!  (Hamster certainly has…) The following message is for you!

RFCP’s latest revival of the #study-time channel is sure to help you accomplish your goals on time and combat the procrastination monster!

For a basic introduction to the channel, we asked Commander Prior Bumble for comment.  

#study-time first debuted on August 30, 2020. It was primarily used by the RFCP Navy under ex-Admrial Pyxel, but shortly after was archived. From the start, its purpose was to be a space for RFCP soldiers to study and work on in-real-life obligations. There was even a role one could request that would lock them in the channel to reduce distractions during a work/study session until they were done. The channel is a representative of RFCP’s commitment to promoting in-real-life success.”

Cmdr. Prior

Its first-ever message was a link to concentration enhancing music.

But when the army dusted it off and pulled it out of the archive on June 20, 2022, Cmdr. Prior added a new twist. So how does the latest version of #study-time work?

  1. First, set a goal for yourself!  This should be a challenging goal, but the goal can be related to academics, work, exercise, hobbies, or anything else!  It will then be pinned to the channel so you can keep yourself accountable and help motivate your friends on their goals as well!

2. Then, once you achieve your goal, report it in the channel to receive your prize–the 10% off coupon! (Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post about this coupon, which is a new addition to the bank!)

Of course, things had to be slightly customized for Prior Bumble’s #study-time goals. A 10% coupon doesn’t really help the man who pays for the merch in our store anyway! It was decided that he’d simply declare what RFCP would reward him with for completing his goal.

He achieved that goal, and we sure did DM him times he was a bad ass–but it was hard to narrow it down…isn’t that all the time?

Fighting the procrastination monster is not easy!  So remember, you don’t have to go at it alone!  Your RFCP friends are here to give you a boost! 

The motivational poster also pinned in the #study-time channel.

Gnor lyat fjor. RFCP never kneels to anyone, not even procrastination. So now is the time to do that thing you’ve been putting off (Like this blog, Hamster…).  

Are YOU ready to combat the procrastination monster?  Let us know in the comments what goal you want to work on!


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  1. Hey, Exsavitator here. my acc got disabled. can I get the rfcp invite link?

  2. hey, I’m Exsavitator. my acc got disabled. can u send me the rfcp invite link

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