The Ecuador Crisis: A Real-Life Event Impacting RFCP’s Beloved Vizconde

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA–As Ecuador currently undergoes a social and economic crisis, our hearts go out to all those affected.  One of those is our very own Vizconde Don, 4ic of the RFCP. Read on for an exclusive interview with the Vizconde about this pressing situation.

Vizconde Don is a staple of the RFCP family. As the current head of the Marines, our Spanish-speaking division, Don lives in Ecuador.

It is a beautiful country–but lately, not the safest one. Political disagreement (which goes deeper than this post can afford to explain) has caused uproarious protests to take hold of the nation. The tensions are increasing such that Don even had to cancel his participation in the recent Fire vs. Water practice battle because protesters were expected to storm through his own neighborhood. These scary times have elicited so much concern and empathy for the Vizconde among his RFCP brethren. Commander Prior Bumble made it a point to educate the soldiers of the happenings so that they could better support his Marines division head.

The blog and one of its editors, Commissar Hamsterlover, sat down with the Vizcodne for more details.

Hamster: Hello Vizconde Don, thank you for letting me interview you, especially during this difficult time. How are you doing?

Don: I’m doing good thanks.

H: Firstly, can you brief everyone on what exactly is going on in your country?

D: Sure, it’s quite simple. The indigenous organization CONAIE is protesting against the government’s attempt to improve our economy, and with the help of some congressmen, they are trying to stage a coup.

H: What is the organization’s reasoning for protesting and what is currently at stake for them?

D: Their main reason is that their leader Leonidas Iza has practically brainwashed them. The only thing they are going to get from all of this is even lower gas prices.

H: How has their protest affected Ecuador?

D: There have been economic losses of more than 400 million dollars. There have also been many acts of vandalism that have left entire streets destroyed.

H: That is truly awful to hear.  How have citizens such as yourself been dealing with the crisis?

D: We are doing our best to show our support for the government and the police.

H: What measures has the government taken to combat the protests and violence?

D: A state of emergency has been declared and the military forces have come to the streets to fight these terrorists.

H: Is there a way for Ecuadorian soldiers who are interested in helping to assist with relief efforts in any way?

D: They are trying their best but it’s difficult when they are under constant attacks. 

H: I understand.  Is there anything else that you would want to say about the situation to the readers?

D: Yes. Don´t believe everything you read on Twitter lol. [or in open letters]

H: Good advice, there is fake news everywhere, so it’s important to think for yourself before you believe, especially with something as serious as this crisis.

Well, I thank you for allowing me to interview you about this sensitive topic, Don.  The army is praying for your safety and the safety of all of those in Ecuador.

D: Thanks to you Ham!

Remember, RFCP stands together and supports each member until the end. “I swear my allegiance to the RFCP, and to my brothers in arms…” That includes the dear Vizconde. Let him know you have his back!

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