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NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA– Can you believe it’s been FOUR years of RFCP?  As June festivities come to a close, read on for a recount of all the anniversary celebrations!

Every June, the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP) has a week-long celebration of its June 5th, 2019 founding!  This June marked the FOURTH anniversary, so naturally Commander Prior Bumble wanted to go even BIGGER with the celebrations. The Commander commissioned the creative Commissar HamsterloverL to create a calendar for the events (try saying that ten times!).

Day 1

To ring in the first day of the celebrations, soldiers fittingly renewed their the RFCP oath, which every new recruit says upon their enlistment to RFCP.  Each soldier who recited the oath received a snazzy “4 Year Celebration” role which turned them purple! The color was ever so SLIGHTLY off from the Commander’s iconic purple role, but made all enlisted look as one.  

Soldiers rushed to be re-oathed, to a point where it became like a “zombie plague” where each re-oathed soldier would be authorized to administer the oath to another soldier!

As you can see, the role was temporary!
Everyone purple!

Day 2

Day 2 featured two special occasions: 1) An historic read-aloud of the RFCP history page, and 2) A 50% off sale for the entire RFCP Store! The massive sale was met by a horrified Hamster, who, as the banker, would be responsible for all the purchases during this time (totaling 7 purchases, just that day!). [Editor’s Note: Yeah, Ham, I’m playing my tiny violin for you after I had to actually BUY all the stuff… – P.B.]

Each anniversary, it has become a tradition to have an RFCP “book club”, where volunteers read aloud chapters of the RFCP history page in voice chat.  This year, Commissar Hamsterlover and Major CCJay recollected the origin of the RFCP to both old and new soldiers alike.

Day 3

The army spent Day 3 making anniversary cards for RFCP!  Coincidentally, Discord unveiled a new activity where server members could draw together on a digital whiteboard in the voice chat.  Several soldiers took advantage of this for a group card-making session and created the following piece of artwork!

Our soldiers are unbelievably talented artists!  Take a look at some other RFCP Anniversary-themed art pieces!

Can you find all the soldiers?

Major CCJay created this wonderful drawing of a humanized Prior Bumble! (Could an RFCP webcomic be on the horizon?)

Day 4

The Recon Federation returned to its days of reconnaissance on Day 4, when we had a (very fun) reenactment of the Elite Penguin Force roleplay that RFCP was known for in June 2019. 

During the meeting, those present reported in on their findings in each sector of Club Penguin Island.

“The eastern sector is still to the east,” said Col. Randomplayer10. “I can’t say the same for the northern sector.”

It was later brought to the Commander’s attention that suspicious ninjas seemed to be traveling through the sewer systems of the island. The Commander directed agents to investigate, all the while pulling individuals aside to go underneath the headquarters and discuss who should and should not be trusted.

Halfway through the night, something strange happened. Prior’s bow tie began changing color. It seemed to be a glitch between alternative dimensions and alternative Priors…

Someone must be out to get him!

Then, the Commander went missing into the multiverse! He left behind the following cryptic note, which soldiers had to pursue.

Love how Prior forgot to click away the edit box.

The agents did eventually find their Commander…

In the alternate plane of AoW225, in his Great Grey Bear form!

To be continued…!

Day 5

Ever wanted to get a RFCP tattoo?  Well, now your RFCP trading card can!  Yes, I said that right–real collectible trading cards are being created for any soldier who wishes to be on a card.  Creating your own card is as easy as using an online trading card generator and “tattooing” onto it a line from Prior Bumble’s own text of verses called the The Art of Warfare.  

As evident above, soldiers used the Art of Warfare bot commands to find a quote that they felt most attached to.  

Day 6

Day 6 marked a new RFCP anniversary tradition known as “Sustainment Day.”  While we all know the Commander is an autocrat and tends to be the sole decisionmaker, he always wants his soldiers to be happy, especially with his leadership.  Each soldier had the chance to submit a ballot to either “sustain” Prior Bumble (and the current slate of officers in a second ballot) or not, to make their voices heard.  And those voices were a resounding acceptance to sustain the Commander and Officers!

If the overwhelming majority vote in favor of the Commander wasn’t enough of a sign of RFCP’s pure love of Prior Bumble, then perhaps this campaign poster showing his progress in the last year would!  Between monumental blog milestones to an incredible increase of soldiers, it’s clear RFCP is making the right decision in their choice of Commander!

Day 7

June 5th, here at last!

To commemorate the date of RFCP’s anniversary, the final day of the anniversary week, June 5th, was spent holding the sacred ground–literally! Soldiers partook in the somber 24-hour Watch of the Iceberg, which is considered sacred ground in RFCP culture.  Prior Bumble arranged a SignUpGenius where soldiers could sign up for 1-hour slots to have their penguin stand guard, in uniform, on the iceberg of Ukahala.

This very solemn event originates from the original 24-Hour watches of our server capital, Northern Lights, on Club Penguin Armies: The Game. RFCP conducted these 24-Hour watches during its anniversary in the past, as well as during times of harassment, where we needed to stand strong together. Those watches were silent–and Prior Bumble set a record for standing watch for a straight eight hours while haters threw things at him, mocked him, and wore clown uniforms around him. It was an incredible, beautiful moment of indomitability [Editor’s Note: Yes, that was Prior’s word. — P.B.].

So, on this 4th year anniversary, soldiers solemnly stood on the Iceberg in uniform honoring the history that occurred there. Officers were authorized to wear their most formal dress white uniforms.

Maj. CC, during this Watch, attempted to recreate Prior Bumble’s legendary record. She made it to approximately 7 hours and 42 minutes when her internet lost connection. Notably, Ice Corporal Dusk, a Navy soldier, contributed several hours of watching, and without his service, coverage during the overnight/early hours would not have been possible.

During the Watch, Capt. Killua organized an unscheduled “Love Raid” on Discord to keep everyone going!

At the end of the evening, on the final hour of the Watch, the Commander retook his Commander Oath on both Discord and on the sacred ground of the Iceberg. Ice Agent Hiba swore in Prior Bumble in the #news channel (the Ice Agent was given special temporary access to type in the channel), which was an honorable privilege for both Commander and Ice Agent alike!

Commander Prior Bumble renewing his Commander Oath in dress white uniform.

Right before the end of the anniversary, several Officers expressed their thoughts on this sentimental occasion:

Shortly after, the Commander himself completed the last Watch shift, thus ending the anniversary Watch.

Ever since the last anniversary and up to now, the RFCP Times-Dispatch has been as busy as ever!  During the chaos of the anniversary, the division needed a break, so a meme edition of the Sunday Fun-Day was produced by the Commander and Editor-in-Chief himself! It contained some fire anniversary memes. (Resident graphic designer Hamsterlover decided to take over the production of the Sunday Fun-Day covers at this point to prevent any further upside-down publications).

A few days after the end of the anniversary week, on June 7th, the much-anticipated Fourth Anniversary Medal debuted. The medal will progressively be awarded to soldiers as they reach their four-year enlistment milestones in the army! Quite a big achievement!  Naturally, the Commander was the first recipient.  

While RFCP has returned to normalcy, we are busy as ever, upholding a regular schedule of events each week. The next big event is right around the corner as RFCP will celebrate its semiannual Feddies Award Show in August!  Stay tuned for updates!

What was YOUR favorite day of Anniversary Week?  Let us know in the comments!



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