Taylor Swift Adds AoW225 to the Eras Tour

BLIZZARD, AoW225–It’s official: the world’s biggest pop star loves RFCP! Check out the highlights from today’s huge concert!

Shown above is the coveted ticket to the Recon Federation of Club Penguin (RFCP)’s very own Taylor Swift concert!

And, unlike at her other venues on The Eras Tour, tickets did not cost thousands of dollars. Soldiers paid $20 BB to attend the show!

News of the event first broke on July 8, 2023, when the musical queen herself tweeted about the new concert date!

Of course, ticket sales in RFCP coincided with the tragic hilarious experiences of Commander Prior Bumble, who on Monday stayed up until 7:00 a.m. to get tickets to Swift’s United Kingdom venues…only to be disconnected.

Hype grew for the show as the day, July 14, 2023, and time, 1:30 p.m. Eastern, arrived. Part of the anticipation came too from the fact that the army’s very own boy band, Boyz 2 Boyz, would be Swift’s opening act.

While soldiers scrambling to make accounts delayed things a bit, Boyz 2 Boyz took the stage at last!

“When I say ‘Boyz,’ you say ‘2 Boyz!'” shouted the heartthrob front man, Prior Bumble.

The boy band was HAWT and dropped some SICK ASS rhymes, such as:

I woke up today in RFCP

So many things to see

And things to be

But wait

Hol’ up

Hol’ up

DJ is busssssyyyy

[Referring, of course, to the running joke in the army that Field Marshal DJchoruskid is always telling us he’s busy].

The beat went on.

At this performance, Boyz 2 Boyz also unveiled their newest member, Agent Fresh Juice!

When the opening act said goodnight, excitement rose to unbearable levels. Soldiers waited in voice chat in the server as their penguins gathered in the dance club in-penguin on AoW225.

Then, the first notes of “Love Story” began…

And Taylor Swift herself entered the dance club singing the first lines!!!

Not pictured, attending via voice chat: Capt. Killua, T.H.R. Microwaveable Hamster

It was a banger–everyone danced and sang along.

The pop star even changed outfits halfway through the show, just before “Illicit Affairs,” the Commander’s favorite song.

The entire setlist was:

Note: These songs were played live in the voice chat!

Maj. CCjay earned the award of superfan maxima, belting out literally every single lyric of every single song.

After the encore ended, Swift’s goodbye met tears of elation.

Too bad Prior missed it.

Also Prior:

What was YOUR favorite song of today’s concert? Which masterpiece did she leave off? Let us know in the comments!

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