DOUBLE FEATURE: Sunday Funday Volume 5, Issues 10 & 11

NORTHERN LIGHTS, UKAHALA─ Taylor Swift, bingo blunders, and many memes!  Read on for a double feature of the Friday Sunday Funday!

Weekly Recap

We began each week with what could only be described as MEME MONDAY MADNESS!  In a frenzy of meme posting between Monday July 10th and Monday July 17
Total Memes: 
Monday July 10: 91 memes (In 1st Place with 38 memes is Microham, in 2nd Place with 30 memes is Killua)
Monday July 17: 51 memes (In 1st Place with 17 memes is FourthGearVibes, in 2nd place with 12 memes is Prior)
Top Memers:

Micro Ham – 43 memes in 2 weeks

Killua    – 39 memes in 2 weeks

FourthGearVibez – 24 memes in 2 weeks
Even the Commander totaled a whopping 14 memes across the 2 weeks!.

Random’s Raffle Lottery:

The raffle rewards just keep going up!  This week we awarded the BIGGEST prize we’ve had in a raffle with a total fund of 1,000 BB to none other than Capt. Killua


Conquistador Don’s Bingo:
Conquistador Don hosted a Bingo event for Casino Night on July 12th, which ended in a lot of laughs! 

Somehow, since Maj. CCJay and Captain Killua did not know how to play bingo the session became a mini RFCP-U lesson on how to play bingo!

They got the hang of it eventually, leading to a fun bingo night where CCJay even won!

A new video was released on RFCP’s YouTube this week as well, chronicling the history of RFCP in under a minute!

Taylor Swift Concert:
The most anticipated event that happened this week was the July 14th Taylor Swift concert!  Taylor herself sent a Twitter post last week mentioning how she would be adding an Eras concert date on AoW225, just for RFCP!

Read more about it here.

This Week in History

  • July 14, 2019–The Council of the Auroras takes place. This was a meeting among the hicom of RFCP during a challenging time in the War of Smoke and Sour, which we eventually decisively won. The Council of the Auroras regrouped the army and clarified early RFCP policy. A little-known historical event.
  • July 9, 2020–The RFCP Civil Rights movement–a campaign to achieve equality and better treatment for RFCP in the army community–begins.
  • July 10, 2022–RFCP released three new coupons to be used in the merch store.

Soldier of the Week



Prior BumbleAcross much of the U.S., air quality has been poor and smoky due to Canadian wildfires (thanks, @sillabye and @randomplayer10). Please consider wearing a mask outdoors if you are in these areas to protect your lungs. Papa loves you.


Submit your answer in #contest-submissions for $10 BB!

Now let’s make this a little harder…

Count THESE penguins for $10 BB!


What do YOU think about this week’s events?  Leave us a comment below and give us your thoughts!

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