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The Council of the Auroras

Following RFCP’s defeat at the fifth battle in the War of Smoke and Sour, the Battle of White House Return, named after the fact that RFCP soldiers are native to White House, the officers held a council. The council is known as the Council of the Auroras, for having been held within Northern Lights, our new capital.

Prior did not argue for a tie with LGA at last night’s battle, for we trailed by at least two penguins in each room, and we were sleepy.

“I was not as fast as I’d have like to have been tonight,” said Prior, “and I take a good deal of blame.”

So instead of debating with the LGA, Prior and the officers commenced this council immediately to address “areas of the ship that need to be tightened.”

Topics included:

  1. The goals of the war
  2. The procedure of the officers during battle while Prior is running the orders channel
  3. The rules of procedure for when an officer fills in for Prior during his absence
  4. Ideas for addressing recruitment needs
  5. The security of our Discord
  6. Clarification of the ranking system
  7. Strategy for upcoming battles

Some of these outcomes are confidential, but below they will be discussed to the greatest extent that they can be.

  1. The goals of the war

While much of this is confidential, officers can confirm that the war does not have an anticipated end at this time. RFCP will only walk away when it feels it is ahead and has made significant gains.

2. The procedure of the officers during battle while Prior is running the orders channel


3. The rules of procedure for when an officer fills in for Prior during his absence

The issue arose last night of: What would happen if Prior was not here?

“If I retire, it will come suddenly, without warning, in the form of a blog post as my leader did before me,” said Prior. “However, I can say that I do not want to give up my seat.”

Still, if RFCP is to endure past the summer, Prior will have to lean on the strength of his officers. For example, Prior said,

“What would have happened if I broke my hand on a run fifteen minutes before the battle we just had and needed to go to the hospital?”

It has been worked out that if Prior does not show for anything, it will be understood as an unexpected emergency and the next highest ranking officer will smoothly take control until if and when Prior returns. Everyone should remain calm and not be disoriented by this unlikely event, carrying on as planned with the understanding that we are prepared for this.

Nonetheless, the following rules were decided for those filling in for Prior:

Anyone leading in Prior’s stead has NO power to:

  1. Declare/end war
  2. Promote
  3. Demote
  4. Change rules/procedures of RFCP

They WILL have the authority to:

  1. Give orders
  2. Give medals
  3. Negotiate in the battle room
  4. Schedule non-combat events (this stands for all officers at all times, even while Prior is present)

4. Ideas for addressing recruitment needs.

RFCP has been losing to LGA mainly for being an average of just TWO penguins behind on them. The outcome was unanimous that recruitment needs to be our main priority in this war and we will be trying some new and creative methods.

5. The security of our Discord


6. Clarification of the ranking system

Prior answered a soldier’s question this morning that is good for everyone to refresh on.

Ranks are earned in the RFCP in a variety of ways. Only Prior may promote or demote.

Soldiers defer to the orders of the highest ranking soldier present, and should show respect to them. However, Prior in turn requires his officers to treat ALL ranks with dignity.

Ranks are harder to earn as you climb the ladder.

Agent, Ice Agent, and Lieutenant are awarded for involvement mostly. Once you reach Lieutenant, there is a much wider gap between you and your next rank, Colonel.

Colonel, General, and Commissar (there may only be one Commissar) join Commander Prior in the Command Room, a private channel here on RFCP. They make political and war decisions, as well as discuss operational procedures in the army. It is top secret.

These ranks are reached also with involvement, but more heavily require that you demonstrate passion, leadership, trustworthiness, and, most of all, consistency in all of the above.

The word “soldier” typically refers to Agent-Lieutenant, the word “officer” refers to Colonel and above, but sometimes soldier can mean all of RFCP enlisted.

7. Strategy for upcoming battles

Confidential at this time.

If any RFCP enlisted has questions or comments regarding the Council of the Auroras, please contact an officer.

Other News

As stated above, Northern Lights is our new capital!

We have made the CPA Top Ten List for the fourth week in a row, and are the highest ranked we’ve ever been at #5!

Gallery of the Battle of White House Return is below. Note especially how diverse the rooms in this battle were, per Prior’s strategy.

:30 Gift Shop (Prior used this as a way to reinforce the joke of LGA appearing naked, and chanted, “THIS IS WHERE YOU BUY CLOTHES.” “PLEASE BUY SOME.” And “DID YOU BUY CLOTHES?” just before switching rooms.)

:40 Iceberg

:50 Pool

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