An Interview with the Commissar

Commissar Redovyco is the esoteric and elusive second-in-command of the RFCP. His reserved and intellectual nature helped negotiate RFCP into the powerful position it is today. The Commissar’s close working relationship with Commander Prior functions mostly behind closed doors. Therefore, an interview with him is rare…

No photo is offered of the Commissar at his request.

Q: What are your special skills at RFCP?

A: My special skills at RFCP are analysis and planning

Q: What makes RFCP special?

A: RFCP is persistent and family-oriented – small and organized unlike bigger fragmented groups – while keeping true to its objectives

Q: Tell us about the most fun you’ve had at an RFCP event

A: I had 2 good instances of amusement in the RFCP. The first was when Prior had an encounter of a unique kind and some of us were watching him, getting our personal amusement as he gave us a good show. Some of us know what I speak of, so I say for him to keep up the good “action”.

The second event was likely yesterday, where he discussed the future of our alliance yesterday, while lucky quinn’s bar was lively thus giving me a good time to enjoy myself. Ty to Quinn for the good occasion yesterday.

Q: Many people brush over the word “Recon” in the army’s name, Recon Federation of Club Penguin. As Commissar, tell us how you, and the army, handle reconnaissance and secret work.

A: Prefer not to answer.

Q: Let us clarify. The the question was not “what is the secret work” but “how does the army handle secret work.”

A: Ruthlessly and methodically.

Q: What is your favorite color?

A: Red.

Q: Prior is known for staying in character and being rather militant. Knowing him as his soldier, what is something about him that surprised you/would surprise our readers?

A: Prior is very charismatic and enigmatic, traits rarely seen in people

Q: What is your vision of the future of RFCP?

A: I am not an oracle to tell about RFCP’s future but I can tell our will is stronger than ever. We must stand side by side, and together united with our allies, we can prosper.

Q: Anything else you want to say? This is your podium.

A: Subservient soldiers are the most precious resources an army can have and in times of despair, they become a precious resource to have at hand

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