Recon Federation of Club Penguin adds Three Ranks


Commander Prior Bumble has added three ranks to the army: Corporal, Sergeant, and Major.

These ranks and the originals were accompanied by new epaulettes and insignias.

The reason for the additional ranks is complex. Stated simply, more ranks motivates soldiers to reach their goals in the army. It also closes some wide gaps (such as the gap between Lieutenant and Colonel discussed only two blog posts ago). Prior asks that you study the new ranking ladder and become familiar with it. The process and rationale for promotion has not changed.

The officers in the command room still begin with Colonel and above.

Below is the list of ranks, in descending order, in the colors that they are listed on Discord and their symbols. Upon promotion, each solider will now receive a vector file of their epaulette which they can wear on their profile pictures like so:

Commander-in-Chief — 5 gold stars, 6 stripes, wings, and snowflake emblem representing command of all of Club Penguin

Commissar — 4 gold stars, 6 stripes, small snowflake emblem with wings embracing it (symbolizing how this rank supports the Commander-in-Chief)

General — 3 gold stars, 6 stripes, star emblem representing military excellence

Colonel — 2 gold stars, 6 stripes, diamond emblem representing earned leadership (this is the first officer rank to earn a place in the command room channel)

Major — 1 gold star, 5 stripes

Lieutenant — 1 silver star, 4 bars

Sergeant — 2 silver bars, 2 stripes, 1 snowball emblem representing combat

Corporal — 2 stripes, 1 snowball emblem representing combat

Ice Agent — 2 stripes

Agent — 1 stripe

With that being said, Prior wants to use this post to announce exciting promotions!

Tumbling has been promoted to Major

Lucky Quinn has been promoted to Corporal

Rareaninal has been promoted to Corporal

jakemoody has been promoted to Corporal

HamsterloverL has been promoted to Ice Agent

Redbackwards has been promoted to Ice Agent

Kailey310 has been promoted to Ice Agent

And Prior has one more announcement tonight at Lucky’s. See you there.

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